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Lady GaGa vs Katy Perry: Whose New Song Is Better? Vote HERE!

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Two brand-spankin' new songs are out today! One from Katy Perry, one from Lady GaGa.

Are you all out ROARing today or have you raised your hands to make them touch in Applause?

U decide which is better by voting in the poll (below)!

Which Song is Better?

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Which Song is Better?

  • Lady GaGa - Applause (60%)
  • Katy Perry - Roar (40%)

Total Votes: 84,061

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[Image via Cousart-Rayne/JFXimages/WENN.]

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161 comments to “Lady GaGa vs Katy Perry: Whose New Song Is Better? Vote HERE!”

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  1. armando says – reply to this


    perez Hilton is cheating why is he such a bitch to gaga is he mad that gaga could never get criticism not her fault shes perfect

  2. Leigh Boho says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga just doesn't seem to know what she is doing anymore… Katy's song isn't great But it makes more sense than Gaga's

  3. k-phuck says – reply to this


    I hate to say it, Mother Monster has lost her touch. It sounds like one of the crappy Madonna from Ray Of Light. But worse. She had a few good hits but now it all sucks. But of course more rabid fans are going to say they like it but deep inside they know she lost her momentum. Im not going to follow a singer just to follow them..a year or two even her hardcore fans will get tired of her overblown ego and blah talent. I had a feeling she waa a one trick pony when i was shelling out big money on her first tour, she is fucking David Bowie!

  4. Leigh Boho says – reply to this


    And for all of you people hatin' on Perez - Why do you read his site if you hate him so much? It makes you no better than him To say the things that you all "have to" say
    Would be nice to know where good people and their respect for others have gone - Didn't your parents ever teach you If you have nothing to say Than don't don't say anything at all Or are your parents drop outs too?

  5. LegihBohoIsAHypocrite says – reply to this


    Re: Leigh Boho
    "Didn't your parents ever teach you If you have nothing to say Than don't don't say anything at all Or are your parents drop outs too?'
    Gee, Leigh…that wasn't really a nice thing to say, now was it? Heed your own advice, hypocrite!

  6. jimmy says – reply to this


    LOL What kind of question is this? APPLAUSE OF COURSE

  7. JC says – reply to this


    Re: GGW
    Right. Like the Katy fans are just voting once. smh

  8. Andy says – reply to this


    Re: d.
    You're pathetic. Haters have been saying this bullshit for almost 5 years. Gaga is not going anywhere. Get over it.

  9. Andy says – reply to this


    Not at all. You're obsessed with these Madonna comparisons. Applause doesn't sound like anything Madonna did. And I'll tell you this: if GMAYL had sounded like Applause, it would have not sucked so much.

  10. tina says – reply to this


    GaGa is better <3

  11. Maria says – reply to this


    I prefer Katy Perrys song as it does sound better I've been a fan of Lady Gaga but really don't think this song is one of her best

  12. Tito says – reply to this


    I'm a Britney fan but i used to love GaGa on the Fame Era and i was hopping that she goes back to something more like the fame on this album, but this song it's reallly basic and nothing special, Roar sounds like something from TD but at least it has lyrics that can easily be related to anyone and an anthemic that will make it very successful on the charts all over the world unfortunately this is clear victory for Katy obviously till Britney comes with her SMASH and slay them both XD

    nature that will

  13. becky says – reply to this


    no disrespect to katy perry roar is a good song but applause by lady gaga is the best it slays baby its amazing :)

  14. roaralltheay says – reply to this


    shut up appaluse is crap gaga fans are an absolute pile of bullshit artpop is going to flop

  15. FUCKYOUPEREZ says – reply to this



  16. jo says – reply to this


    lady gaga's song is TEN TIMES BETTER than katy's generic piece of poo

  17. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Considering I have zero interest in what either one is doing, you'd have to post the links to the songs for me to bother listening.

  18. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Ok I searched the songs and gave them a listen; couldn't finish either song. My vote is for Katy Perry. Not that it's great or even good, but it's the least worst out of the two.

  19. 119

    i voted katy because she wasnt put on the site for 2 years she has had to build up her own fan base without help and shes much better looking and her song is way better …gaga is dead

  20. @shekasuxx says – reply to this


    Lady samba na tua cara bicha!

  21. Bitch_radar says – reply to this


    why vote? your just making them fight and also they're fans….fuck you bitch!! your really pathetic

  22. Big Jack says – reply to this


    I use to like Katy Perry until she started banging the racist. Yuck.

  23. Somoene says – reply to this


    I voted for Lady Gaga just to annoy Perez.

  24. 124

    Re: Andy – Gaga is a one trick pony and she won't last

  25. 125

    Gaga is ripping off Nina Hagens now I see.

  26. W/e says – reply to this


    Perez, you're such a whiney bitch.

  27. newyorkty says – reply to this


    shouldn't have to be who is better

  28. nando says – reply to this


    Everyone, calm down. Remember that this doesn't matter. This rigged poll is irrelevant. The Billboard charts are the real deal. That's where we'll know for sure which single is best.

  29. CAA says – reply to this


    You probably thought Gaga was going to lose, but your plan bit you in the ass. It's amazing how much of a hypocrite you are. Remember when you used to kiss Gaga's ass? You even dressed up as her! Putting others down doesn't make you a better person, and no matter how much you bash Gaga, it will not change anyone's idea because your opinion is shit. And when you said "Sounds a bit too weird for [US]," in your other article, please speak for yourself. You're pathetic, Perez.

  30. ANVMO says – reply to this



  31. Jackie says – reply to this


    Uh-oh! This poll will disappear soon. Gaga is leading Katy 2 to 1. Don't you love when things blow up in your misogynist face, Mario?

  32. alexis says – reply to this


    UPS, YOUR NAME IS HYPOCRITE OR PEREZ HILTON, UMMM… They have the same meaning

  33. 133

    Katy made the mistake of releasing a slow song as her debut single for Roar, its slow, boring, you can't dance to it, its not hype for a debut single. It fell flat for me, Applause is much more exciting.

  34. 134


    I also think Katy is a better songwriter. She doesn't need to go soooooooooooo over-the-top just for publicity. It just naturally attracts to her. The Prism truck was kinda interesting though, but it was fun! Katy's lyrics have more depth in them. But of course, this is just my opinion. Love you KATY!

  35. 135

    hmmm weird… I wanted to vote for Roar, but it didn't count it.

  36. Jay says – reply to this


    That's because you already voted and it only counts your vote once. You can't stuff this ballot box, KatyKats. The APPLAUSE are too loud to hear the ROAR.

  37. Jinnna says – reply to this


    Both somewhat weak, but Applause beats the crap out of Roar.

  38. Julia says – reply to this


    Applause is FAR better. GAGA Forever.

  39. Tito says – reply to this


    Re: Tito – *and an anthemic nature that will make it very successful on the charts all over the world unfortunately this is clear victory for Katy obviously till Britney comes with her SMASH and slay them both XD - See more at:

  40. paws up says – reply to this


    Seriously what da fuck with the comparing? Lady Gaga rules!

  41. J.C says – reply to this


    I'd prefer Katy Perry's Roar than the mess of Gaga, Gaga is trying hard to step up but she can't , people are tired of her, she showed everything she is capable of at once so now everyone sees her normally not amazed like beore, Gaga has shown us she wants to be Madonna the unique Queen of pop…. Madonna will slay Gaga with her new secret project.

  42. beyonce says – reply to this


    applause is SAd i expected something that showed talent. Which gaga lacks… Roar is so much better. Katy you rule gaga you suck

  43. 143

    J U D A S

  44. James says – reply to this


    What's most interesting is that this exact same poll appears on tons of different sites, and the spread of votes are almost identical on all of them. Gaga at ~60% and Perry at ~40%.

  45. Sarah says – reply to this


    hmm, today I think I'll pick Katy for my best friend! Maybe Gaga didn't want to hang out with him and now he's butt hurt about it. Katy Perry sucks no matter what how many times you post about her stupid new song, lolol

  46. fuckgaga says – reply to this


    nice job katy . bad job gaga hate you forever .

  47. franco says – reply to this


    ROAR i like so much and defenitly is my selection but i like applause :)

  48. Lady Gagarbage says – reply to this


    APPLAUSE= a garbage of the year !!!!!! :(

  49. Roar The Best Pop says – reply to this


    RIP GaGa
    Katy Perry #1 on iTunes……!!!!!!!!! LOL

  50. Roar #1 says – reply to this



  51. HANDSUPMAKEEMTOUCH says – reply to this


    I really like Roar, but It sounds WAY to much like every pop song ever fucking made, Applause, well Gaga has NEVER repeated herself. We always know what to expect with Katy…Never Gaga. Now put those hands up MAKE EM TOUCH !!! :D

  52. ARTPOP says – reply to this


    Applause is betten then roar !!! fuck you bitches #roarisshit

  53. Steve says – reply to this


    Perez and Gaga used to be buddies, now you can tell they must not be anymore.
    Gaga was called out for "Born This Way" sounding like Madonna's Express Yourself….but no mention that "Roar sounds just like "Brave" by Sara Berallis. Why anti Gaga now Perez?

  54. Laura says – reply to this



  55. BeauforPerez says – reply to this


    All the dumbasses above me, are clearly the horrid godawful little monsters, who somehow think they are one step closer to being gagas friend by following her every demand and kissing her ass. Gaga isnt reading your comments little idiots….

  56. 156

    GAGA you spiteful prick.

  57. Dilara_Hudson says – reply to this


    What is your purpose Perez Hilton? Start a war? Stop it! Little Monsters and Katycats are brothers! MonsterCat! <3

  58. Will W. says – reply to this


    If you prefer Katy Perry because your mind is simple. It yearns for the constant melodic patterns of Katy Perry's self-empowerment anthems that she will seemingly never stop producing. She is a striped down, sterilized, conformist version of pop culture.
    "Scared to rock the boat and make a mess…
    …forgot I had a choice…
    …stood for nothing, so I fell for everything"
    "Roar" while the lyrics suggest one thing, the style and composition fail to express what the song is titled. There is nothing harsh, emotional, or otherwise expressive about this song. Simply put, where is the ROAR? If this song is meant to be what I have understood from the lyrics then in my opinion if fails.

  59. Will W. says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga is the antithesis of Katy Perry. While Katy Perry's work is simple and the lyrics are straight forward you really need to know the references and illusions Gaga subtly adds into her work to understand what she is actually trying to convey. In "Applause" she takes the risk of offending her fans and others by demanding applause from them. At face value, she comes across as vain and selfish. Stylistically the song is rough, abrasive and laden with a heavy beat which matches the lyrics. The meaning as I understand it, is a reflection and answer to the symbiotic relationship between herself and her fans.
    "If only fame had an IV, baby could I bear
    Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here"
    There is more to this song than just a commentary of her need for her fans and our need for her. "Applause" is the amuse-bouche for her album ARTPOP. Pop is meant to be deliberate and extracted at face value. Gaga's take I believe, will be to re-address what defines something as pop art and force use to look deeper than the surface.
    "One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me
    Pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture in me"

  60. erft says – reply to this


    this really isn't helping your cause perez

  61. Wait Guys! says – reply to this


    Wait guys it DOES say now that Applause is 60%! Thank God!

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