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Lord Of The Rings Actor Dominic Monaghan Not So Merry Of A Texter! Harassed Girl Reveals Vicious Messages!

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Sending mean texts seems to be a rather nasty Hobbit for Dominic Monaghan!

This Lord of the Cringe-worthy messages in question apparently sent a barrage of texts to a 25-year who claims she turned him down for sex.

The Lost star called this girl — who wishes to remain anonymous — a "ghetto tramp," and a "dumb dumb" that was "riddled with herpes!" Wow. The only insult left in the English language would be to call her an "orc!"

The two reportedly met at her work over 12 months ago and exchanged numbers. This is when things started to go south according to her:

“Soon we talked about going out on a date, but he got mad when I wouldn’t find my way to him. I told him the gentlemanly thing to do would be to pick me up for a date. He told me he wasn’t a ‘taxi service’ and that I’d have to earn that with him.”

According to her, Dominic just wanted to stick his Wizard's staff in her hobbit hole and/or Mouth of Sauron.

Here's what he said in some of the text messages he sent on August 9th:

"Ahhh baby. You need kisses. "Chase" —let me explain when some ghetto tramp keeps texting me out of the blue that's called "chasing" - Box office n tv poison?

Can you do math? My movies have made over 3 billion dollars. The show I'm currently on that I created plays in 120 countries. When did I ever say I wanted to have sex with you?! You appear riddled with herpes n smell odd. I couldn't invite you to one of my three houses I'd be nervous you would steal sh*t. Fired in brain capability.

Vegas?! You seem smart. I have 20+ million in the bank. How you living? Erase this number. N stop crying over me n replying. I'm not your ticket out of your (cut off)

You don't want to hang out n yet you keep hitting me up even when I treat you like dumb dumb you are. Take. A. Hint. And a wash."

WOW. Just wow. And we thought Sauron was the villain from The Lord of the Rings.

When asked to comment, Dominic CONFIRMED on Monday that these were his texts messages and had this to say in his defense:

"I wonder if you are aware that she has been calling me for over two years when I have repeatedly asked her not to…Today I told her again via text that her behavior was troubling to me and for her not to contact me.”

If she has been calling repeatedly, Dominic, you could have always blocked her number, or even thrown your phone into Mount Doom! But your texts crossed a line, sir!

Hmm. We wonder if these revealed messages will turn out to be the new Weiner-gate…

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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24 comments to “Lord Of The Rings Actor Dominic Monaghan Not So Merry Of A Texter! Harassed Girl Reveals Vicious Messages!”

  1. 1

    :( I was a huge fan of his, too. But I think we're not getting the whole story as well. It seems the girl is trying to come off as the victim. There are always two sides to every story, but he was a bit mean.

  2. Never trust a hoe says – reply to this


    Who cares? People fight over text messaging all the time. People have said meaner things. She wouldn't leave him alone and obviously failed at playing hard to get. If she could publish his texts why couldn't this broad reveal herself? Lol, pathetic .. it says a lot about her just through that.

  3. rc says – reply to this


    It honestly sounds like he's trying to be extra mean [on top of being a little vain] to get rid of her. Clearly she can't take a hint.

  4. 4

    OMG how is trying to get rid of someone who won't leave you alone mean? If she failed to get the hint then she really is dumb dumb. And funny she releases these. All I smell is someone trying to get her 15 minutes of media coverage which Perez is always so eager to give….

  5. anon says – reply to this


    If you have an iPhone you can't just "block numbers", you have to actually go through a ridiculous process and call up your cell phone provider to get them to block the number. But it's easy for everyone else :/

  6. 6

    Maybe he'd been nice all along and she wouldn't get the hint. She sounds like a stalker and a fame whore.

  7. Alright says – reply to this


    Sounds like a phone stalker. Even in his texts he is saying he wants her not to contact him anymore. He probably has no idea how to shop for himself, let alone how to block calls. On the other hand, he came off pretty uppity announcing how much he makes every year. It sounds defensive, but understandable since she obviously was attacking his career.

  8. Hardly says – reply to this


    Unlike Perez, who bullies people on a public web site.

  9. Amanda says – reply to this


    Well when someone is harassing you like it seems to be here, you wouldn't be exactly peaches and cream to the person who keeps texting you who won't catch the hint. Good on him for standing his ground.

  10. 10

    His texts didn't cross the line at all, especially since you have no way of knowing what she said to cause such a response. Kind of unfair to base your opinion of him on his texts, when you only see one side. Totally sounds like he's fed up with her. You shouldn't have to stoop to the level of blocking a number, which is not exactly an easy thing to do on certain phones. Telling someone not to contact you should be enough. Sounds like she couldn't respect him telling her not to call, so she got what she deserved. I've worked with him a couple times and he's always been respectable and very kind. She seems like some kooky broad who is an attention whore and didn't get what she wanted, so now she's trying to make him look bad.

  11. Stepy67 says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – exactly. I was just thinking, of course she didnt reveal HER texts to HIM. who knows what she was saying to provoke him.

  12. Me says – reply to this


    Sounds like he thinks a lot of himself and like a very nasty person. She very well could be a nasty person too. But even if she was, that doesn't justify his own behavior. I'm kind of shocked by teh responses that are making up excuses for this little dillweed. What are you all? Part of his press team?

  13. Shannon says – reply to this


    I honestly don't feel like he did anything wrong. If this girl truly was harassing him then he has the right to tell her off and even if she wasn't, what he wrote to her wasn't that offensive.

  14. 14

    Yeah, it's clear all of his messages were REPLIES. As in it appears the girl started trash talking him, only to have him retaliate (because that's normally what you do) and of course she just copy+pasted what HE SAID. It's easy to look like the "victim" when you edit the convo and take whatever you said out that looks like you're the one starting it.

  15. 15

    she's probably a stalker BUT look at the douchey way he tells her how much he makes…lame.

  16. Sally Chloe says – reply to this


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  17. TaylerRae says – reply to this


    I think it's hilarious that this article was obviously written to show how much of a tool he is… But nearly all of the commenters can see past the poor attempt at making him look like the bad guy.
    If anyone else has dealt with phone or social media harassment, they get it. It's not as easy as one may think to just block somebody. People can change phone numbers, create new profiles, etc to continue harassing someone. It's more difficult to block someone than it is to get around being blocked.
    I don't think that he said anything even remotely out of line. She was probably acting thirsty as Hell, which makes his, "you appear riddled with herpes," comment understandable.
    His texts do seem to be RESPONSES to what she has sent him. I'm sure him talking about his fame and fortune was in defense… Girls like to go for the ego when they're rejected.
    Were there more mature ways of handling it, such as filing an anti-harassment order? Sure. But most of us will go his route BEFORE trying to involve police. Most of us will try to handle it ourselves, try to make it stop without the police. Which is all that he did.

    Bottom line is, he's still a bad ass. Still a great actor. Still my favorite hobbit. Still my favorite character from Lost. And still has my respect as much as he ever has.

    Bitches ain't shit(:

  18. 18

    I am pretty shocked by the comments here. People need a reality check, he is 36 years old, not 13. Guess what? It is not cool or acceptable to conduct oneself in the manner in which Dom did, regardless of whether he was provoked or not. He has revealed himself, time and time again, to be a nasty, vulgar and bitter person. His fans were applauding what a "brave" whistleblower he was for calling Matthew Fox a chronic woman beater, which has turned out to be completely baseless. Turns out the real misogynist is Dom himself.

  19. 19

    Re: Me

    I couldn't agree with you more. His messages are very telling of the type of person he really is. Countless of real celebrities have been stalked or harassed, yet they would never conduct themselves the way he has. I think his fans just need to accept that he is an A-list Douche.

  20. CheekyAnon says – reply to this


    I feel the need to burst this particular bubble, having known Dom in the same kind of context. He definitely has a bit of an ego and is obviously only interested in casual relationships/sex right now, but guess what? He's an adult. This girl was clearly insulting him and he was simply retorting. Not once did he ever pretend he wanted a girlfriend or anything serious, not once did he continue with anything that was unwanted. He can come on a bit strong, but he's an outspoken, honest, animated guy, and she totally left out her side of the conversation, showing me she has something to hide. He wouldn't just start going off about how he has 20 million dollars in the bank unless she provoked that kind of attack (albeit, that's a really terrible response and makes him look like an asshole). My only worry is that this is not the first time something like this has happened to him. He really needs to stop putting himself in these situations with younger, starstruck girls. He handed out his number and sent pictures way too easily. For all he knew, I was yet another psycho who would leak those pics onto the internet or do this kind of bullshit. She got mad because he didn't want to marry her/wine and dine her. I just feel the need to defend him. He's a good-hearted, creative, caring, fun, intelligent, intellectual guy and doesn't deserve to be portrayed like this.

  21. 21

    o.k. I applaud Dominic for taking ownership of the txts, but please! He is too talented to be such a a hole. As a side note, there is a cure for herpes. People used to call me herpes ridden, but then a friend told me about Viradux-AU and the virus cleared from my body after use. I know he was probably making the comment in jest, but someone who actually is herpes ridden may find this useful. Thx.

  22. 22

    Re: CheekyAnon

    Yes, those texts are clearly evidence of an intelligent and intellectual guy. It doesn't matter if she was a stalker, if he had ANY class he would not send texts like that. He would have handled it with some discretion and dignity. PERIOD.

    Get some self-respect and stop worshipping a misogynistic douche,

  23. PsychGirl says – reply to this


    Re: CheekyAnon – Yes, let's defend a grown man who is clearly an egotistical narcissist. Anyone who is truly secure with himself wouldn't feel the need to state how much money he has in the bank, the "success" of his shows, and how he owns three houses, but would've simply ignored the barbs, regardless of what she said to provoke him. The best part of this entire story is that I didn't even know who he was, but had to look him up. Based on all the stories that have recently been published about him- I.e. claiming to help women with their careers in exchange for sex only to drop them off at the nearest gas stations afterwards, merely proves that he is a disgusting pig. The only thing he has going for him is his money- certainly not his Hobbit-like appearance- which he is clearly aware of, hence why he continuously makes reference to his bank account. So sad.

  24. A.Raquel says – reply to this


    He seems to really dislike this girl he met,but still he did not politely
    talk with her to sort out their differenced,women never should be
    insulted. He obviously did not communicate well and did not want to be with her. I also think that he doesnt want anything serious with women nor help them in any way. He
    is not ready for a serious relationship either,she wasn't rushing into anything.