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54 comments to “facebook-new-hair”

  1. ImAnita says – reply to this


    Okay, it's official now. You are a creep. Congrats on the newly achieved sex offender look!

  2. 2

    I like it. Is your hair thinning, is that why you had the shag? Looked like it. Try fresh rosemary, or rosemary oil. Caster oil works too. Look them up.

  3. 3

    stop posting pictures of yourself. Nasty. Get a face lift you freak

  4. gigi says – reply to this



  5. 5

    Love it!

  6. luvly says – reply to this


    ¡Muy bonito! You make a great blond. Don't listen to these hatin bullies. Especially Destroza who shouldn't be talking about facelifts!

  7. 7

    You are trying way too hard, Mario.

  8. Catherine says – reply to this


    You look so amazing!! I love your hair :)

  9. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  10. catton says – reply to this


    sorry Perez, you keep doing this to yourself and child, no valid media outlook will take you seriously. idol? nope. view? nope. just stop putting yourself and the child out there and get back to the gossip.

  11. 11

    And then he opens his mouth, words come out, and it's all ruined…

  12. funbaby says – reply to this


    And I thought SJP looks like a horse!
    We got a winner here!

  13. 13

    Dayum! That is awesome.

  14. 14

    If only Charlton Heston wasn't so busy with his gun club, if can capture and imprison you, Ape-Man.

  15. itlngirl3381 says – reply to this


    You know what, I don't get it. I am really happy for you that you have all of this self confidence now and all but it seemed like your style, including your hair, were better when you were heavier. I don't get it. I like you site, but honestly, sort of sick of your videos. This is a step above your last hair style, but still way off the mark. It does show your thinning hair a little too much.

  16. Seto says – reply to this


    No, just no.

  17. tempe says – reply to this


    Can something be done about the face ?

  18. sonny says – reply to this


    Glad you finally took a bath. You're still fugly and self-absorbed.

  19. Titi says – reply to this


    When did this site become all about YOU? People come here to read gossip about CELEBRITIES. YOU are NOT a celebrity. Plus, you're ugly as FUCK. Goddammit, that face is just….. NO

  20. LookatYou says – reply to this


    This identity crisis you're going through is for naught. Just accept it you are a sasquatch looking guy. It's in your genes. Just look at your mom. The hazy lighting isn't going to change that. Losing a lot of weight doesn't make you hot, just a skinny ugly guy.

  21. 21

    Cool!! I like it!!

  22. Marcus says – reply to this


    Better than before but your hair is too thin to attempt this look.

  23. lisa says – reply to this


    Bring on the 80s bb, cuz you are channeling Duran Duran with this one!! Actually it's not that bad. You pulll it off well.

  24. Stefanie says – reply to this


    You are ugly, inside and out. You always blog about how bullying needs to stop…you are the king of bullying. You are jealous of ANY celebrity (especially the wonderful Gaga) and it is completely pathetic. Go scratch!!

  25. 25

    Fuck you are ugly.

  26. 26

    I like the new 'do.

  27. Arlene says – reply to this


    Not a good cut for a long face. Makes your face look even TALLER. :-O

  28. Tallnyc says – reply to this


    King of hate and bullying. I hope you teach your child better than what you preach. Your a hateful horrible desperate human being. and everyone knows it.

  29. Reese says – reply to this


    Thank you for cutting that hair. It's looks great!

  30. 30

    Very nice.

  31. shaun faris says – reply to this


    you look haggard on this photo..

  32. adorejunk says – reply to this


    It is about freaking time. MUCH MUCH better. I was hoping you would not walk around New York looking like you did yesterday. No mans for Perez if you did.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Better. The top could be a tad shorter for a better blend to the shorter sides , and still maintain the style, but it's hard to really tell from this pic. Playing around with it until you find THE style that works for a year or two is fun, anyway.

  34. lol says – reply to this


    you look like a fcking monkey

  35. Me says – reply to this


    people say horrible things on here.

  36. 36

    again i think u look great. a little magical even but different from what i said about the other style lol and i think it's meaningful that your kid's growing up getting to see its fun to look how you want and just rock it. that's why there can be rock star in us all x wish i had parents more like you frankly, that everybody let each other be the person in their dreams too 4 that matter

  37. 37

    You look like that small guy in Game of Thrones - Peter Dinklage

  38. 38

    …much better!

  39. Meh... says – reply to this


    Re: gigi

  40. 40

    Nice, now keep it washed

  41. Mike says – reply to this


    It makes me laugh that this guy thinks anyone comes to this site and wants to see a pic of him. No one cares about your new hair cut or that you lost some weight. No one wants to see your damn abs. Your weight loss doesn't matter … you are still GROSS!

  42. Bette says – reply to this


    hair looks stupid. have you even had a boyfriend before?

  43. 43

    Waow , some of them really dont like you, but they read you none the less.
    As for the hair…. No.

  44. James Miike says – reply to this


    Perez, you've truly out-gayed yourself.

  45. 45

    Midlife crisis? Orange doesn't suit anyone, and the top should be shorter.

  46. bri-job says – reply to this


    tru, other media outlets will laugh at u., selfies are for handsome men which of course u are not. even Geraldo rivera is hotter than u at 70.

  47. Starla says – reply to this


    I like this much better than the long hair you were rockin, plus a clean shave

  48. kim says – reply to this


    Why are people so mean .. it is not your hair, it is not your face, it is not your child.. So why cut him down..I think it looks nice

  49. rosie says – reply to this


    looks fantastic !!!!!

  50. ohmy says – reply to this


    Did not think it was possible for your pig nose to look any bigger…sadly I was wrong.

  51. val says – reply to this


    i actually really like it

  52. alex says – reply to this


    u look like DEXTER so hott

  53. crt13 says – reply to this


    You have a midget face.

    That is all.

  54. 54

    much better - maybe a bit shorter