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23 comments to “Naya Rivera's Not Sorry About Big Sean's Twitter Ranting Ex!”

  1. stephanie says – reply to this


    Man… that girl is too pretty and talented to go around calling ex's out like a classless teenager. who does she think she's dating? He's talented but he aint that good looking. And its pretty immature of him to co-sign and be featured on a song dissing his ex's… how old are these people, 17?

  2. Sarah says – reply to this


    Absolutely Pathetic. I was a big fan of hers back when she was famous for her own talent, now she's becoming a useless, trashy, piece of arm candy for a misogynist sub par rapper. No doubt her songs will be a huge success as are Big Sean's, but she could've really made a difference in the lives of young girls.

  3. 3

    That's just tacky. The ex that responded made a good point about not disrespecting your fellow woman especially over a guy.

  4. Jen says – reply to this


    Nobody would have even known that the names Naya dropped were actual people they knew if it hadn't been for Brytni ASSUMING that the line was about her… If she hadn't gotten involved everyone would have thought that the names were just random, but NO, this Brytni chick just had to assume she's relevant enough to get called out! I hope she enjoyed the attention she got from this smh

  5. 5

    Re: Sarah – She has made a difference in peoples' lives, young and old. And she is extremely talented and that is why she has written and sang her own songs

  6. 6

    Re: stephanie – To be fair, we don't know any of these people personally or what went on with the relationships. People always assume it's the guy's fault the relationship goes wrong, but maybe these girls did something so Naya called them out defending her bf. We don't know and personally I don't mind because I'm proud of her for writing her songs, singing them, and doing amazing both on Glee and doing her own thing

  7. karri says – reply to this


    Naya, strong women to not have to bash each other, and it shows a lack of maturity, and as a big Glee fan you are looking really thin.. not a good look!

  8. Crystal-Adair says – reply to this


    Re: Jen – Um, Hello, look at how Brytni is spelled. I don't think she had to assume the line was about her, because it's pretty obvious.

  9. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: Crystal-Adair – People are only spelling it "Brytni" in the lyrics now because of what happened… Doesn't mean that the original lyrics that Naya wrote was also written that way

  10. Des says – reply to this


    If she didnt state the names in the song no one would've even known but due to the fact that she openly disrespected several women using names and specific situations, BRYTNI had a right to say something back! Sorry but she had all rights to say something and was very classy about what she said and how she handled it

  11. Miss.Me says – reply to this


    "Sorry” Sean, that’s not how a true lady deals with BS. She needs to take lessons from Bey, and Amber Rose. The sad part of it all is how sh***y you’re gonna feel after this “relationship” dies in the public. Especially after you joined in on this mess lyrically.
    #Sad #Theygonehave #Agoodtime #ChoppinyoAssup #IntheBreakupParody.
    #Sometimes #Its #Best #To #Jes #Walk #Away #AndEnjoyYoShit
    You from the D you should know better

  12. 12

    “Sorry” Sean, that’s not how a true lady deals with BS. She needs to take lessons from Bey, and Amber Rose. The sad part of it all is how sh***y you’re gonna feel after this “relationship” dies in the public. Especially after you joined in on this mess lyrically..
    Not to mention the fact that you just set your career back about $2 million. A bad b***h wit a big mouth equals a short relationship with a long breakup. #AskUsher

    #Sad #Theygonehave #Agoodtime #ChoppinyoAssup #IntheBreakupParody.
    #Sometimes #Its #Best #To #Jes #Walk #Away #AndEnjoyYoShit
    You're from the D you should know better

  13. 13

    Re: Trey418
    Whatever, a happy, secure Lady/Woman knows that having the man is reward enough. If you notice, whether they're near perfect or not, true winners don't waste time reacting to dumb ish. They enjoy what they have and become wives. If Sean decides to marry vindictive self absorbed beyoch, he will live to regret it.
    #withtheexceptionofhisboys #ofcourse

  14. 14

    Ok, sorry about the double posts. Didn't think the first one registered (miss me & mrs_mee)
    Let's jes go with the "Mrs_Mee post"!

  15. 15

    She is smoking hot!

  16. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: Trey418 – I agree, we dont know what happened and i dont know these people personally. But there is so much hate between women these days. The last thing young girls need is to hear, what could be a great role model, bashing other women over a guy. Such a petty thing to argue about. Unfortunately some people dont mature as quickly as others, I have a feeling she might look back on this song and think 'i could have made my debut with a stronger message". Their lives though. Just hope no young girls start taking notes from this.

  17. KL says – reply to this


    People take things too seriously now. It's a song and a good one that's good to sing. When I was 12 years old I listened to songs with lyrics way worse than this but I didn't care about what they said, I just liked the beat or singing it. So you guys need to get over it and realize Naya can do whatever she wants and young girls will not take the song so seriously, they will just enjoy singing it.

  18. karl says – reply to this


    The song was in production before Big Sean and Naya started dating, he was asked to come on board after they got together the names are not an attack they rhythm. The spelling of Brytni is unusual and not how it's spelled in the song:
    Amber, Brittany, Tiffany
    Heather, Ashley, Stephanie. Also you only have 2 out of 6, so to those saying it's wrong and offensive, learn to think for yourself!

  19. CecaPr says – reply to this


    Brytni shouldn't have commented cuz it just makes her seem bitter. She's lucky Naya included her in the song (if she was even referring to her) cuz now she's getting more attention and views than she would have had the song not included her. Plus she just brought more attention to the song and Naya's debut.

  20. Lets Be Honest says – reply to this


    Okay, Brittany was spelled the original/common way. This song was made BEFORE they started dating.
    Most people are just hating that she's with Big Sean. He's not ugly .-.
    Some females WILL take the name calling the wrong way, but it isn't even certain that it's the same Britt because of the spelling. She brought more attention to herself. His high school sweetheart ASHLEY didn't make a tweet. T_T
    People just need to stop complaining about him because he is a black rapper. -_- They're just being stereotypical and racist. They act like it's a sin or something!

  21. tori says – reply to this


    omg, you guys are so stupid it's hilarious. naya stated in an interview she was just calling out random names, she was singling out the ex. she could care less

  22. jasmine says – reply to this


    Sean is not a man, a man would move on without trashing his ex. Naya is very naive girl, young and stupid. If a man trashes his ex to me, i know he would do the same to me. Naya's turn will come and she'll be so imbrassed. I think he is only using her to upset Brytni, I think he wants Brytni back and he'll cheat on Naya. I feel sorry for her. They are a very immature couple, that engagement will not lead to marriage. Naya, a promise is a comfort to a fool. 0_0

  23. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: DesRe: Jen – Lol, I guess she didnt Call Ashley either or maybe Naya meant an Ashlee. It was obvious she was aiming at his exes, Be real.