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Robert Pattinson Feels "No Regrets" About Kristen Stewart Relationship!

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robert pattinson kristen stewart relationship breakup

Robsten might be but a mere memory now, but that doesn't mean Robert Pattinson can't look back at his romantic days with Kristen Stewart fondly.

Besides the obvious fact that R-Patz and KStew shared the same appreciation for the grunge look, they totez had plenty of shared interests like dive bars, hanging with their dogs at home, mexican food, and concerts.

However, most important of all, the twosome of five years both respected one another and inspired each other to take risks.

A source explained:

"The thing that Rob loved and admired so much about Kristen is her ability to be absolutely herself and not care what others think. She is fearless, and this is what has always captivated Rob. She always encouraged him to be fearless. To follow his own path. To believe in himself. To take risks. To do something every day that scared him."

While the relationship might've gone sour, we have to admit that's still pretty adorable. No one could deny how happy they looked together — even if they usually refused to smile. LOLz!

What's not so adorbzies??! Rob blames HIMSELF for his ex GF's infamous affair with Rupert Sanders.

The source continued:

“Rob blamed himself for the demise of their relationship. But what he has learned is priceless and he is grateful for this. He has no regrets. And yes he has forgiven Kristen, but more importantly he has forgiven himself.”

Well, thank goodness for that!

Rob shouldn't feel grief about ANY dramz that went down. Evidently, he gave their relationship every ounce of care he could and he was an AHmazing BF.

…We're sure Michelle Rodriguez, Dita Von Teese, and the rest of his admirers would agree! HA!

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20 comments to “Robert Pattinson Feels "No Regrets" About Kristen Stewart Relationship!”

  1. JJ says – reply to this


    obviously this is made up bs….forgive himself??? He did nothing wrong. She is the one who cheated…he did not try to carefully piece it back together……as he did nothing wrong in the first place….

  2. Jodi says – reply to this


    Rob should have regrets over the way he handled things with Kristen because he has been acting like an immature litle boy not a man! And the media is not helping by portraying Rob as the wronged party! Yes, something happened between Kristen and Rupert but we don’t know how far it went. When the photos were published Rob simply walked away; no statement, no trying to handle things with dignity – nada. I think Rob was hurting and wanted Kristen to suffer so he did it deliberately. Rob and Kristen eventually reconciled but Rob’s heart wasn’t in it because he didn’t love Kristen enough to forgive her and Rob’s ego can’t handle the idea that people were calling him a wimp for getting back together with her. Rob made Kristen jump through hoops to show he could trust her, he wouldn’t let her visit while he was shooting in Australia because he needed his space and eventually Rob left again and stole the dogs! Rob had to go to Toronto on business and he could have left the dogs with Kristen who knows the dogs and loves them but instead Rob chose to leave the dogs with friends to hurt Kristen. Of course, it also hurt the dogs who I’m sure miss Kristen but Rob doesn’t care!

  3. Jodi says – reply to this


    Rob should have regrets over the way he handled things with Kristen because he has been acting like an immature litle boy not a man! And the media is not helping by portraying Rob as the wronged party! Yes, something happened between Kristen and Rupert but we don’t know how far it went. When the photos were published Rob simply walked away; no statement, no trying to handle things with dignity – nada. I think Rob Now Rob is moving to Beverly Hills and I doubt it’s to get away from Kristen – it’s because Beverly Hills is the right image and there are lots of parties and Rob likes his parties! I feel sorry for Kristen because I think she is the one being real and the media just keeps bashing her and Rob sits back and enjoys it. Rob needs to grow up and man up!

  4. pams says – reply to this


    You are one INSANE bitch.. No wonder Kstew is so damn immature, selfish If she has fans like this.. SMH.
    Stop with this foolishness.
    why the hell are you people justifying her cheating on the man she supposedly "loves" with a married director?!! How the f*ck anyone can defend her and blame Rob for her affair? I mean seriously?? What kind of fucked up world are these Kstew fans living in?!
    Her fans should be just grateful that Rob did handle everything with class, It was a major humiliating situation.. Anyone in his position would went crazy! He even saved her ass during last Twi promo by taking her back. Her supporters are really nutjobs.

  5. raiza says – reply to this


    couldn't agree more..
    Disgusted by how ridiculous some of the people defending Kristen's actions sound. Now Rob is to blame? that's f*cked up when the ones hurt, betrayed and humiliated are the ones at fault. So bizzare..

  6. kirra says – reply to this


    Robert Patterson needs to grow up he acts like a spoilt child.He is no gentleman the way he carried on at the end of the relationship.It took him 5 min to pick up 2 of her girlfriends, BOTH of them having boyfriends.how dose that make you better than Kristen? Your Ego is so huge it must get heavy any one who has to break up with someone because Mummy and sisters dont like them,has not grown up yet,and the way you flirt all the time I'm not surprised Kristen looked for attenion else where.You may think you are great when you look in the mirror,but your true colour is on the inside,that person is a very selfish person who only has one interest that is him self. you dont think Kristen was good for your career and that is why you dumped her as soon as you could,she will grow up and be better off with out you.keep working out or all that vanity will make you fat.

  7. JK says – reply to this


    They got back together!

  8. cheri says – reply to this


    I have to laugh every time I see the comments from the fangirls who absolutely know the private lives of these 2. I had no idea Rob and Kristen had so many close friendships with the people on this site. They know what they're thinking; what their doing; who they're doing, why their doing it. Amazing.

  9. cheri says – reply to this


    Re: kirra – I'm sure Rob will apologize to you for his behavior once he reads your rant.

  10. mb says – reply to this


    Re: Jodi – Open your eyes. He did something or she would never have done what she did. KP was always in the picture try to deny that. He said open relationship so how could she cheat?

  11. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: kirra – Its one thing to break up - its quite another to go after your ex girlfriend's friends. It speaks to REVENGE - not forgiveness. More & more his behavior is a complete 180 of when he was with Kristen. Think he's been bit by the "bug". The same one that bit Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justin Bieber. They all initially are grateful for their success then they start get a little crazy. I just hope he can get over this before a DUI or rehab becomes part of his resume.

  12. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: mb – Exactly. The change seemed to have happened when BD wrapped. Was reported that he asked her to stay away when filming 'Cosmopolis'. When she was filming SWATH it was reported he did not want to see her which was odd given that filming was in the UK where his own family resides. He was papped out with KP on Bieber's party bus but he DID go see her after the pics of him out with Sarah Roemer. That may have been spin control. But think there was a LOT more to the story than was reported. We're starting to see a very different Rob lately.

  13. Someone's daddy says – reply to this


    I hope all your future posts have this kind of tone. You are evolving; it's great.

  14. glo says – reply to this


    No regrets! Isn't that large. Maybe he should return the Saga royalties and live off of Ashes, Cosmopolis, and Remember Me monies. Probably pay for his new foyer. Who the F ..ck does this this guy think he is? Unlike the majority of his Brit and Aussie peers with talent, he has now become Joe Shit the Rag Picker to me. His PR people made a really bad semantics move on this story.

  15. Shelley Wills says – reply to this


    Re: Jodi – Jodi you are so right! I agree with everything you just said and more.. He will be sorry for letting her go and she will move on without him. James Franco already said the would take Kristen in a heart beat…

  16. KC says – reply to this


    Usually there is something wrong in a relationship that causes someone to cheat. I have never cheated but have been cheated on, and when I looked back there was signs that something was missing. We worked out the problems and have now been together for 15 years.

  17. jeremy says – reply to this


    Re: JJRe: JJ – oh? then what is this?

  18. Jessica says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – he cheated on her constantly and now he is moaning because she got sick of his BS! Just go to the jezebel.com website. it has lots of info on his BS!

  19. Jake says – reply to this


    Re: JJ – If you believe he is innocent of ANY wrongdoing then you got a lot to learn. He was always stepping out on her. It has been better hidden by his "people" that's all.

  20. Lance says – reply to this


    Re: pams – Jodi
    You need mental help if you think Rob is innocent in this whole thing. ROB cheated on her all the time. She finally got sick of it and gave him a dose of his own crap! I guess he can dish it out but cant take it. Do as I say not as I do?? huh? try going to jezebel.com and read it. its all there.