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Why Katy Perry's Roar Is A Greater Song Than Lady GaGa's Applause!

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Breaking it down for you!

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200 comments to “Why Katy Perry's Roar Is A Greater Song Than Lady GaGa's Applause!”

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  1. mike says – reply to this


    You're pathetic

  2. 2

    Why have you suddenly stopped kissing Gaga's ass? Are you a woman scorned? Try driving your car through the wall of her house like Betty Broderick AND MAYBE SHE'LL NOTICE YOU AGAIN, LOL.

  3. anon says – reply to this


    wow…just wow. Perez please stop, for your own emotional an mental health. Move on dude!

  4. Caoimhe says – reply to this


    You have summed up the issue perfectly! #Roar

  5. Amanda says – reply to this


    Who started this rival between Gaga and Perry anyway? Their music does not sound remotely similar, they are both just pop stars. People comparing the two and making a rival of it, graduate from the second grade please!

  6. Michelle says – reply to this


    I actually prefer Applause to Roar. I find Applause more original, and coming from a music background, more complex than Roar. Being a feminist also, I find Roar appeals to tweens much more than adult women. The concept of "Hear me Roar" is unoriginal and has been done by pretty much every pop diva out there already. Truth be told it made me roll my eyes inwardly a few times. However, I dislike pop music and have no loyalty either way to Gaga or Perry. That being said, I'm pretty disappointed in you Perez. You state a bunch of times that you're 'objectively' speaking, but you really aren't. I was so happy when you turned over a new leaf, but you've been bullying Gaga non-stop for the past couple of weeks. I'm afraid if this doesn't stop, I'm going to find my celebrity gossip elsewhere and I think a lot of people will be doing the same.

  7. danny says – reply to this


    omg who cares? both lady gaga and katy perry want you to shut the hell up

  8. Sa says – reply to this


    we know YOU think that but I really do like Applause better…lol. How long is this "Katy is better than Gaga" campaign going to last? Boring!

  9. comparini says – reply to this


    Stop being stupid. We notice that you are madder, stop being envious of the great success of Lady Gaga with Applause. No more drama bitch

  10. 10

    I heard that Perez is pissed at Lady Gaga because she refuse to let Perez borrow her boyfriend for his birthday. Now he's throwing a hissy fit about it.

    Sad little monkey man.

  11. Juan says – reply to this


    I think u are wrong. The song is amazing, better than Roar

  12. Daniel says – reply to this


    This should be called "Why Lady Gaga's Applause is not good enough for me."

  13. ARTPOP BREAK RECORDS says – reply to this



  14. 14

    Hey Perez! I have followed you for years and enjoyed coming to your site. Lately i've been so disapointed and apaulled by your hatred for our beloved Gaga the one you once loved. I have followed Gaga from the begining and honestly she's one of the most talented artist full rounded i've seen. Now saying that i don't always agree with everything artists do these days being a mother of a young child but then again its seems that it's now our society. I ask of you for all monsters out there please LAYOFF the gaga trash it's so unpleasant. We love Katy Perry! but you are not helping putting a wedge between… Gagas APPLAUSE is amazing and so many people around me that have not necessarly enjoyed all Gagas music are just so in love with it's upbeat tempo catchy on repeat all day so compared to ROAR!!! i gotta say HUGE difference… Thanks for listening…. ps the less Gaga trash the more fans you'll start to get back… kinda losing a lot of respect for you wether u care or not…

  15. Sarah says – reply to this


    Not every song has to be relatable, artists do not always have to write songs that people can relate to. As an entertainer and a human being, she is allowed to write a song for herself, and how she feels. You can tell through her lyrics that she is discussing how people try so hard to pick apart all of her lyrics and make something out of nothing. She's talking about the pressures of being an artist that is such a forward thinker, and all she wants to do it bring people together, have them love her music, because through applauding it's not necessarily about loving her but about loving the music, and in the rawest sense, that is what she strives for.

  16. Hope says – reply to this


    Perez, I don't understand, in this video you have just bashed GaGa. I don't see you give any reasoning as to why Roar is a better single. It's very obvious that if the tables were turned, and Roar was a GaGa song and Applause Katy's, you'd still be saying the exact same thing. 'Objectively' I also don't see any rivalry between the two divas, and feel as though you're adding fuel to a fire that doesn't exist.

  17. Fifi says – reply to this


    OMG you are kissing Katy Perry's ass the way you used to kiss Gaga's. I remember when you used to talk lots of shit about Christina Aguilera and say she was copying Lady Gaga. LOL You are pathetic Mario. You are in your mid 30's acting like a 16 year old little girl. Grow up ! I've never been a huge Lady Gaga fan, but you not liking her is making me like her more.

  18. Jay says – reply to this


    I absolutely LOVE Applause. In true GaGa style, the song is unique, high energy and fun! On the other hand, we have heard songs like Roar from various artists (including Katy Perry herself) repeatedly in the past.

    Perez - stop ragging on GaGa. She has worked so hard for her fame and her fans. She's done more for her gay fan base than ANY other artist I know (attending rallies, Pride parades, protests etc). Hopefully you will realize sooner than later that your biased and selective reporting of GaGa only serve to call into question your own morals.

  19. 19

    Re: Michelle – WELL SAID!!!!! besides gaga has had so many meaningfull inspirational music/lyrics it's kinda nice to hear something neutral of her.. of course we applause her she's fucking fabulous

  20. Ceee says – reply to this


    Haven't watched it but is this really necessary???? When did music have to become a competition? And why did you love and now seem to hate Gaga? LAME. Grow up.

  21. Jane says – reply to this


    Lady gaga's applause is so orignal, up-beat with high-energy. a great dance track! Katie perry's new song is so bland …. sounds similar to all of her other songs…

  22. Rosie says – reply to this


    You never said anything about how Roar is a "greater" song than Applause in this…

  23. Toto says – reply to this


    "Objectively speaking" LMAO You are NOT objective, you hate Lady Gaga. You can't be objective when you dislike someone and have personal bad feelings for them.

  24. Ceee says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – Really. Perez probably started it! haha "graduated from second grade."

  25. Gabrielle Davis says – reply to this


    While I always respect your opinion Perez, I feel like your love/hate relationship with GaGa is where your opinion is really coming from. I think the new song is of gratitude to her fans that give her the admiration and "applause" that she loves and lives for. It just seems like there's at least three posts a day on something negative towards her. You're using your power to tear her apart and it all feels so immature of you. I'm not GaGa's biggest fan but its starting to REALLY annoy everyone. Please, for the sake of your own image, drop it for a little while…

  26. Ceee says – reply to this


    Many of Gaga's songs were about her obsession with fame…this is nothing new.

  27. DoubleEE says – reply to this


    I really like the new song by GaGa, i cant get it out of my head!!! I like katy perrys song too, but gagas is way catchier!!!

  28. Kristina H says – reply to this


    I am usually such a big fan of yours, and now I just don't know what happened.

    You were such a huge supporter of Gaga, and whether you guys are friends outside of the criticism and social media, doesn't matter, because what matters is if it is good or not. If you haven't already noticed, someone's in trouble with Roar because it's a clear rip off of SARAH B's BRAVE, just like TEDER ripped of HALO with ALREADY GONE. SO, NOT original, and not cool. Also, BRAVE is a lot better than ROAR.

    Also, if you know anything about GAGA, at ALL, and read between the lines of her lyrics (which as someone who is educated on the collegiate level in the creative arts and writing I ACTUALLY CAN DO) you would see that APPLAUSE is about the FANS. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT HER FANS and how much she can't stand being away from them! But it's not too catchy to sing "I live for the FANS, the FANS, the FANS", now is it?

    You really are a woman scorned, and you're digging for half-assed excuses as to why PERRY is better than GAGA when they don't even come close to one another on the music scale.

  29. Eli says – reply to this


    Geeze you'd think you would grow up no that you have a child, Woman Scorned lol! he cant get over Gaga! Its funny how he isn't even relevant to her anymore. Move on Perez your looking ridiculous now!

  30. Jaymes says – reply to this


    Anyone else feel like Perez is kind of back to being a blog bully? I could care less about how one song is better then the other because in my opinion people are going to listen to whatever song they personally like regardless of what a blog tells them. I just don't understand why he keeps fueling the fire and really feeding into this Gaga vs Katy stuff that I doubt each artist is even giving any thought to. I like both Gaga and Katy but when I come to this site I see how Perez seems to find a way to jab at Gaga every time he gets the chance. The first few times I was whatever about it but now that its been going on for a few weeks now it has me thinking that Gaga must of done something to have him writing so many little digs at her. I understand that if something bugs you on a site then don't go on it. I do like this site and I will still go to it for celeb news but lately I just feel like with some people, topics, and little words that are "crossed out" Perez is slowly falling back into his cyber bully ways and that makes me sad cause I really started to like him .

  31. Ray says – reply to this


    Lol It's because Lady Gaga is in the Illuminati. It's not what she's singing about, it's about the message she's trying to send. #RiseAgainsttheIlluminati

  32. kacper says – reply to this


    Katy perry just makes more acceptable music for the audiance so it's clear that the radiostations will play her song more often than lady gaga's . We are still living in a society where being different or doing different things is not liked. bitch please katy perry is just basic

  33. Sarah Beeson says – reply to this


    I couldn't agree with you more Perez! You make a really good point that not many people can relate to the song since its about having applause and being rich and famous..and that its very "alternative club" like. It's gonna be interesting to see what things Lady Gaga does to "shock" us all this year ;P haha

  34. Shi-Hulk says – reply to this


    Why can't they both be good songs? Why are you making this a competition? You're behaving oddly on this subject Perez. Simmer down and enjoy the music.

  35. 35

    LOL. This is so fucking transparent.

  36. daynetaylor says – reply to this


    I'm sorry Perez, but I think Lady Gaga has a better song

  37. nikki says – reply to this


    If none of you like Perez or what he says/posts on his blog, instead of bitching him out on here, don't visit the site anymore. Perez isn't the pathetic one, its all of you who are leaving bullying comments because of someone expressing their opinion.

  38. 38


  39. Justin says – reply to this


    The headline is misleading. You barely even mentioned Katy in the video. The title should be “Why I Think ‘Applause’ shouldn’t be a big hit.” Only Americans would worry about songs being relatable or weird. In the UK, they love eccentricity.

  40. Lee says – reply to this


    Dude, you have got to chill with this anit-Lady gaga stuff. It's getting old. I enjoy both Katy and Gaga so I have no preference, but this is just annoying.

  41. 41

    It seems to me that the message of "Applause" is that Gaga is like a needy girlfriend. If she doesn't get the attention, love, and applause she expects from her fans she might have a breakdown or something. It's a "me, me, me" song like most of the rap songs out there are. She should have done different lyrics because the keyboards sound cool and the beats are pretty good.

    I think Katy Perry's song "Roar" is the opposite. The message is similar to her mega hit "Firework". Millions of people can relate to it. Katy is trying to help the listeners by passing on things from her own life that she has learned. Fans like that as long as it isn't too preachy.

    One of my favorite empowering rock songs is by 80s band "Triumph" for their song "Hold On". When they are done right, they can be massive hits. I think Katy understands this.

  42. youwillneverno says – reply to this


    CAN YOU STOP THIS SHIT,YOU ARE CRAZIER THAN AMANDA BYNES. Remember when you went on ellen and told the whole world you were going to be a better person (GUESS NOT).All you are is BULLSHIT.Everything,your life,your work and your face just annoys the shit out of me. Katy Perry's roar song sounds ok but Applause is different and better on every level. YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN BEING. I get why you were friends with Amanda Bynes. You guys should sniff pills together and talk bad about Lady Gaga. BTW she still makes more money than your ugly ass face. You dont even no what good music is. so go put a banana in your mouth cuz thats the only thing that accepts you as sexy….a bowl of fucking fruit and go pleasure yrself with it becauz you need to get laid from an ugly face like yours. I think the world agrees with me!!!!!

  43. 43

    Even with all your backhanded ways to trick people into clicking on Roar, didn't work. As of this writing on Thursday, GaGa had over 9 million views and Katy had 7 million. You are persistent in making a feud happen where none exists. For the record I like both Katy and GaGa, but you are not helping Katy with all the posts.

  44. Oliver Koons says – reply to this


    Lol, you already know which one WE think is better Perez. Just look at the poll. (61% of your website disagrees with you.) This is another desperate attempt to try to change the fact that Gaga's won - not against Katy, but against YOU. Face it, you've lost. She's back. You're irrelevant, she isn't.

  45. 45

    Can anyone else not see that these posts are only to get comments on this site bc none of his other stories have any?

  46. jr says – reply to this


    BRAVO!!! PEREZ!!!

  47. 47

    Re: Justin – Most people don't give a shit. It's just the crazy population that don't have anything better to do with their time.

  48. gaffawebber says – reply to this


    Wow - you really are as ugly on the inside as you appear otherwise.

    What a sad, bitter old queen you are! Grow up - you're a father. This is embarrassing already…

  49. KennyC says – reply to this


    I can think of hundreds of artists whose songs are either weird, self-centered, or non-relatable (Hello! Stevie Nicks!!!!). It’s not about whether you can relate to a song. Anyone can write a self-empowering anthem, and that’s been done too many times. It’s about the ability of the artist to take you into their word and into their mind. I also don’t understand how you praise “Bad Romance,” when that was actually weird and somewhat cryptic, but then you say “Applause” is more literal (which it is not) and too weird for radio.

  50. JOSENYC says – reply to this


    I don't understand how you are complaining about her wanting to be worshipped? Didn't you you to worship her? Hypocrate.

  51. ohmy says – reply to this


    Your end is near.

  52. alissa says – reply to this


    Perez I know Gaga won't adore it when I'm doing ugly to you but please STFU!

  53. Sam B says – reply to this


    and where's Roar in this video? I don't get it when people are talking about applause saying it's a good song and it's better than katy's or the opposite, they never talk about how amazing Roar is.. duh this is just a waste of time.. I like applause and roar, both and so much.. I like applause ’cause it's fun and I like roar ’cause it kinda give me strengh.. and I really love Avril's Rock 'N Roll ’cause it give me every good feeling :)

  54. Koré says – reply to this


    Do you know the meaning of "objectively speaking" ? I'm not sure. Good luck in your life.

  55. Dan says – reply to this


    Are you and GaGa on the outs or something? Katy Perry's Roar is a better song. It took one time to listen to it before I liked it. I've listened to GaGa's song over 5 times and I still don't like it.

  56. ROAR says – reply to this


    Re: ARTPOP BREAK RECORDS – lol roar is #1 in 60 countries

  57. Kendall1968 says – reply to this


    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! So Lady Gaga is not your friend anymore. WE GET IT!!

  58. KennyC says – reply to this


    *into their world

  59. GoodBoyNC says – reply to this


    You have a very narrow-minded view of what should and shouldn't be a hit on the radio.

  60. Mike says – reply to this


    So how much is Katie's camp paying Perez?

  61. Becca Jones says – reply to this


    I seriously wish you would remember that you're no longer a bully, have changed your life, and would stop pitting artists against each other. It's juvenile. I'm starting to not like your site. Not that you care, but seriously. The cattiness needs to stop.

  62. 62

    In her lyric video for this song it says "One second I'm a koons Then suddenly the koons is me". What the heck does that mean? I just looked up Urban dictionary and "koon" is a derogatory term for black people in the South. In Arabic it means "ass". More Lady Gaga weirdness I guess. Not too surprising anymore.

  63. Llalalalalalalalalaa says – reply to this


    Katy will flush Gaga's new single back to the Haus of Sewage Pump !!!!!! :D

  64. 64

    Perez makes a point here. Applause is a decent song. Should it have been a first single, NO! Will it play well at the clubs, of course what song doesn't? It will also play well on the radio but it will ultimately die out. Everyone wants to make it a Katy vs Lady Gaga battle royal and each fan base can argue that one is better than the other and rightfully so. They've both sold millions and are both huge super stars! Now comparing both songs is hard because one song is a dance track the other has a more radio friendly pop fuse. In this case, and in almost every case the radio friendly song will ultimately be played a lot more on the radio, will get remixed and played at the clubs, thus leading to it becoming hugely popular and ultimately selling on ITunes, and that's why Katy Perry is selling big in the US. Lady Gaga must go back to her days when she was doing songs like Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance; those were good radio friendly songs, that can still be heard today.

  65. The Meltdown Begins says – reply to this


    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
    APPLAUSE…SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

  66. white roses for Lupus says – reply to this


    *************RIP Gaga************

  67. John says – reply to this


    I have to be the only gay guy in America that wishes Lady Gaga never came back. The song is desperate, her pleas to buy the record are desperate….Offering prizes and intensives to those who buy multiple copies….VERY desperate. Add to the fact that her financials are trouble due to bankruptcy and it all adds up to she is running on empty. I supported her in the beginning fully. Now I am sick of myself and the rest of the gay community being her meal ticket. The song just isn't good. Keep holding onto that dream little monsters.

  68. The Edge of Coffin says – reply to this


    Applause- the worst Gaga's song in her career !!!! :(

  69. 69

    I love how you said nothing about Katy's song in this video lol just what you felt about 'Applause" you know what tho, you're right, like its catchy and makes you wanna dance like you would in a club but I don't think it can have longevity on the charts, it's just a "now" song. I like it, but it's nothing that I'll obsess over. All and all, this gives her the opportunity to have a very colorful video and VMA performance and I honestly think that all she cares about with this single.

  70. JS says – reply to this


    You know, for someone who preaches anti-bullying and positivity and posts "Pereizms" like you're a goddamned Buddha, you're awfully vindictive and nasty. Maybe you should act like a grown man, a father, a more respectable person and let whatever BS happened between you GO. You preached and preached about how you were moving away from being a bully and you're bullying someone who was once one of you closest friends. It's pathetic and shameful and you're proving yourself to be a real piece of shit. Going out of your way to try to hurt someone's career and LIFE is a really sad waste of energy. You are not practicing what you preach and I find you disgusting. Be a bigger person, eh? I'm done coming to your site.

  71. Himmy says – reply to this


    Mate, when you say 'something' is greater than 'something'… make some comparisons! It is alright for you to express your precious blah blah blah opinions on Applause, but please do not be pathetic and drag Katy Perry and her Roar into your little bitter pond. They are both great artists and I have been listening to both songs one after one, what is the matter? Your video does not deserve an applause or a single roar, you are just a little little bit #Arghh.
    P.S. I was prepared to like you too.

  72. Mojito says – reply to this


    Applause= Judas pt2 !!!


  73. FLOP HER SOON PEREZ says – reply to this



  74. Ger says – reply to this


    I'm not the biggest fan of either Katy or Gaga but you seem so biased Perez! Your petty issues with Gaga are holding you back from being honest. This isn't a great example to set for your child.

    Maybe you should stop with this obsession of bashing Gaga for the sake of your own mental health.

    p.s. your hair is really thinning in this video

  75. Ririyonce says – reply to this


    A—R—-T——-F——–L————–0————————P !!!!!!!!

  76. Godney Spears Fans says – reply to this


    We love you Perez !!!!!!!!!!!!! Muah.

  77. Smudgemonster says – reply to this



  78. Lady Yucky says – reply to this


    Gaga is so last 5 years ago.
    Time to stay home and change her smelly tampon.
    Her hype is getting old and smelly.

  79. Jones19 says – reply to this


    GaGa's music is going downhill. Sad but true. Bad Romance is her best song by far.

  80. raunar86@hotmail.com says – reply to this


    Keep telling the truth Perez. Monsturds are too stupid and low IQ to pay attention to. Even baboon in the zoo won't share the same cage with Monsturds.


  81. Hail says – reply to this


    ++++++++++++++++++God bless the Queen of Blogger- Perez Hilton++++++++++++++++++++

  82. Chriscostick says – reply to this


    I respect your opinion on this Perez, I personally prefer APPLAUSE to ROAR. And I am a dedicated little monster. I actually think you are being fair here, obviously only the charts will tell but thanks for not being so one-sided and bias against Gaga. The reason people are complaining is because if the title, which sound a lot more harsh than you are being. But you have to make the title sound like the story is worth reading, I get that.

  83. sara says – reply to this


    its so sad that nobody seems to agree with you not even a bit! Roar was just another lame song for lame teenagers that live in a world filled with candy rainbow and unicorns. Lets be honest .. gagas song showed how she actually appreciates her fans and how she doesnt write songs about just another fail relationship in her life like katy always does. So cut the crap perez and move on.. gaga made it again and you hate to admit it.

  84. Medoner says – reply to this


    Please Gaga…take a break. Your music stinks just like Artpoop.

  85. Alice B says – reply to this


    I usually don't get involved in things like this but, I just wanted to ask why people can't like both songs? I'm a Gaga and Katy fan and I adore Applause while also loving Roar. I've purchased both and listen to both. Applause gets my hyped while Roar is empowering.

    I don't like it when anyone compares artists of the same genre because I believe every artist is unique and an individual. Perez just took this comparison to a whole new extreme. I don't know why you're fuelling this war between Gaga fans and Katy fans, it needs to stop. They are different. Also, trying to get people to like Katy over Gaga to reduce her success is ridiculous. She will always be better than you, she is a successful woman who makes money by making music, not acting strong and powerful behind a computer screen and hating on other people.

    Grow up and stop bullying people.

  86. JJL3 says – reply to this


    You are a rat Perez…. Once a rat, always a rat. Why don't you go and try to make a friend with social interactions than with shameless promotion. You are going to be the downfall of the empire you created.

  87. Taylor S No1 Fan says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus has outsold Gaga's new song Applaushite on UK iTunes…. :)

  88. Queen Bey Unbothered says – reply to this


    Applause stinks just like Gaga's smelly STD zits overused pu$$y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Condolences Monsters says – reply to this


    Applause is horrible 1st single. Imagine the album would be.
    Gaga should try….acting or take a break. Her creativity is running out. Oh well..

  90. Rude Boy says – reply to this



  91. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    No not all of us can relate to the song, BUT it is FUN to listen to, is as catchy as many of her other hits and is danceable. I'm sure Katy's song Roar speaks to more people, and that's probably why it's #1 right now.. buuuuut it's not as fun to listen to. It's not as inspirational and original as Firework. You really just can not compare Gaga and Katy b/c they are both completely different types of pop music. Nobody does candy pop like Katy, and nobody does forward thinking, danceable, edgy pop like Gaga.

  92. 92

    What the hell happened between Gaga and Perez? It had to be something really nasty. Perez, you're a gossip columnist, tell us the deets?

  93. Lady BlahBlah says – reply to this


    Gaga is a garbage meh just like her music, image and art. This clown should be sent to hard labor for polluting the airwaves. Sick of this Xerox machine shouting LOOK AT ME…just bla bla bla with no message. Just noise. Pathetic.

  94. Tara Savelo says – reply to this


    I love Roar ..at least it has message unlike Applause..a song for a cocaine addict !!! :(

  95. 95

    The real reason you think Roar is a better song is because you don't like Gaga anymore. It's just a fact. You can try to act like you are judging the songs fairly but your aren't. It's no secret that you had a falling out with Gaga and now you are being bitter about it. If this was 2 years ago, you would have been praising Applause so much and saying it's groundbreaking. And now, no matter what Gaga does you are going to say it sucks.

  96. Queen Kathryn says – reply to this


    Thank you Americas, Katy will get her 8th Number Ones…soon. Keep buying and forget about GaGa. She is just a bloody copycat art theft. :(

  97. Sheldon says – reply to this


    Why Katy Perry's Roar Is A Greater Song Than Lady GaGa's Applause ?
    ..because Gaga nose is bigger than her boobs. Nobody like a Gladiator Helmet face !!!!

  98. Xtina Army says – reply to this


    Bravo Perez..keep telling em the truth, bro. :D

  99. Jen says – reply to this


    @piggsie: I was just wondering the same thing. I noticed you(Perez) have really been hating on Gaga and posting a lot more negative things about her since last year. Why is that? I like both of their new singles (if you ask me, Roar actually sounds a lot like Sara Barielles' single "Brave", but I still think it has a good message). Perez, just come out and explain why the negativity toward Gaga? Is it something personal? Or just your own objective criticism of her bizarre behavior and her tunes aren't as good as they used to be?

  100. Lambs4Life says – reply to this


    Perez, you are the best. I hate Gaga and her Moronsters. They are vile and pathetic fan base ever. So low class, so rude and uneducated just like their fugly Mother Donkey named like CaCa. Time to expose her and support genuine pop song.

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