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Johnny Depp shocked many when he announced his split from babymomma Vanessa Paradis. He stunned even more when he stepped out with his lady love Amber HeardRead more…

79 comments to “Johnny Depp's Girlfriend Amber Heard Talks About Her Sexuality & More In New Elle Interview!”

  1. 1

    She's a pretentious, talentless whore. Shut up about her already, you stupid deviant.

  2. Finish girl says – reply to this


    They will are not founding family yet, I guess when the influence that the
    Amber wants to advance in their careers. I do not know if he can act?
    Time will tell. I do not see that he is next Angelina Jolie (:

  3. 3

    I can totally see why famous actor Johnny Depp would go after Amber to be his girlfriend. I think she's one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood these days. She seems to be a confident, fearless kind of girl. Gotta have that to make it big as an actress. Type in "Amber Heard Clashes With Paranoia Costar" on YouTube.

    She got annoyed about famous actor Richard Dreyfus from the movie "Jaws" forgetting her name a bunch of times. She looks "hot". Since she's "bi", I'm sure guys and girls both would like to take her home for the night. I bet Johnny Depp is going to have a hard time keeping her … especially at his age.

  4. happygurl says – reply to this


    Everyone in Hollywood knows that if you can't make it on your own talent, then you can fuck your way up. Its called fucking association fame. There's quite a bit of "stars" out there, that got their fame by F.A.F.

  5. happygurl says – reply to this


    Correction: It should read Fucking Fame Association, F.F.A. and we aren't talking Future Farmers of America. Moo

  6. smart says – reply to this


    she is just smart…Bi sexuality is just hot and trendy these days because gayness is old news. people do all to get famous and she is one of them. not a great actress and average looking…lets see if she gets the roles she wants..that's only for the established actors to pick the roles they prefer to play. up till then she better sticks to Johnny to stay in the spotlight. when he is old she will kick him watch my words

  7. missliss says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot
    Yeah, I'm pretty sick of hearing about this snotty home wrecker. She just uses people, that's what gets her by, not her "talent". And I'm so tired of the bi sexual bit that girls play to get attention.

  8. missliss says – reply to this


    And Its too bad Johnny Depp doesn't see what a silly twat he looks like trying to keep up with her.

  9. Rosemary says – reply to this


    I wonder if she will be anything other than "Johnny Depp's Girlfriend".
    She sounds like a dullard.
    However, to end on a positive note, Olivia Wilde surprised me with her interesting comments (and, yes…I have no life).

  10. the public says – reply to this


    they arent dating stop with the lies

  11. the public says – reply to this


    if shes gay she needs to be with a chick then instead of being sucha annoying smut

  12. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Re: the public – I agree. I think that Johnny needs to come out of the closet once for all. He must be bisexual too or in a gay phase. Marilyn Manson lately told things in an interview that let us understand that something was going on between them. Johnny also kissed not once but 4 times Jimmy Kimmel on the mouth during his show and one kiss is a joke, but 4 kisses display your preferences, man! Johnny should be honest and his team shouldn't stop him from coming out. I don't believe that he never experiment anything with a man in his life, come on, it's evident he likes men also, so his farce with Amber is evident. He's not okay about that, he always felt frustrated when he had to do staged thing and his relationship with Amber is a staged thing. Amber is a lesbian, and I bet they're helping each other through an agreement to get some straight publicity because they both need it for not damaging their career. The fact is that a lesbian would never date a man unless he's gay or bisexual too and need just like her some heterosexual credit for the public because otherwise nobody can explain the reason why Johnny accepted this stage relationship with her. If he was really straight he had no reason to pretend of dating her.

  13. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Re: the public – There's something they're both hiding and trying to sell to their public and they aren't even that good to do that because they can't hide how this staged relationship get them sick. He always look unhappy and forced while being with her somewhere. He always hated staged things and now he has to take them just because he can't come out with his gay side.

  14. Biscuit says – reply to this


    I heard that in show business many gay or bisexual men and lesbian women sign agreements about pretending of dating for a while because since they're both gay, they're perfect to cover each other's real sexuality because a full-straight person wouldn't have any reason to accept of being in a staged relationship with an homosexual person. Especially one like Johnny who can have all the woman he wants wouldn't have no reason to date a lesbian woman. He's probably dating someone of same sex lately and he's using Amber as a decoy and I bet she's doing the same, that's why she has been seen with her girlfriend last month, because they could be still into each others. The fact that Johnny says of being private and we rarely see pictures of him in his private moments should make us understand that he's so interested in his privacy paying lots of money for it because he knows he's not allowed to be seen with a man, so he has to hide all the time what he's really doing, where and with whom…..

  15. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Johnny looks uncomfortable with Amber because he feels miserable while pretending of dating her since he's probably dating a man instead in real life. Nobody knows what he's really during in his private life because he's seen and photographed just during public events. My advice is to come out. Come on, he should stop of hiding so much his real sexual preferences because people are starting in any case to hate him because of Amber, so if he would come out it would be more honest and true at least!

  16. _ says – reply to this


    Johnny's name shouldn't even be dragged into this post, it doesn't concern him and I refuse to take his "relationship" with this deep-as-a-kiddy-pool bimbo seriously. I cannot stand this vapid, pretentious, opportunist whore who thinks that she is more talented and intelligent than she actually is. Amber's "acting" is insufferable and she looks so damn smug in every picture.

  17. Amy says – reply to this


    Is anyone going to see Paranoia? I love Gary Oldman but the fact Amber is in this film is a total turnoff. I've seen a few movies with Amber and every time she just ruins it for me. I saw The Informers a few days ago and I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life. I will not spend $12 on this and would rather see that money go to The Butler.

  18. safon says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – Biscuit, you are totally right! People started hate him, he lost a credibility, and all those stories about retiring … its sad and naive. Amber is abomination and people mocking him because of she. Should be better for him to tell the truth whatever it is

  19. tega says – reply to this


    Anyone who judges Johnny for what happens in his personal life was never a fan to begin with. He always has been and still is loved and admired by millions of people all over the world.

  20. 20

    Re: Amy – Nope, not my kind of movie, sorry.
    I am retired and live on a fixed income so have to pick the few movies I can see per year carefully.

  21. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – This is ridiculous. Some people talk about the Johnny obsession with young women and now he's cabinet gay. What's next? Johnny flies to the moon.
    I do not think that Johnny gay. He loves women. I do not buy. I want evidence.
    And do not say when Johnny kissed three times Jimmy. It was fun.
    As soon as Amber said that she bisexual, so people will start to move your imagination.
    foolish speculation about

  22. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – You can think what you want Finish girl, but my opinion is that Johnny is gay or bisexual because his behaviour is very odd lately. He jokes too much about being gay since several years and can anybody give me just a good reason why he should date a lesbian woman? Amber is still a lesbian and still seeing her ex girlfriend, I saw a picture of them lately and she hangs out only with gay people and the most important thing that proves that their relationship is all a farce is that both of them look in tension and uncomfortable when they are together. He looks like he feel forced to be in the spotlight with her. He never smiles when he's with her but he's often smiling around his friends and fans. How come that he can't smile around the woman he's supposed to love? Because there's no love between them and also Amber can't hide the fact that she's unhappy while being with him. She never smiles neither when she's around him. They both look forced and miserable in each other company and how you could explain that? This staged relationship annoy both of them.

  23. Biscuit says – reply to this


    They should simply stop to keep this farce and tell the truth. Are they gay? Well, then they just should tell it but don't pretend of being something they're not nor they should pretend to be into each other for love when there's no love in their eyes when they are together, nor happiness nor complicity. Almost anybody is buying this farce or that they're in love because it's easy to perceive how annoyed they look when they have to do some public appearances. Johnny never look so nervous with a woman as he looks with Amber everywhere they go. It's evident from how he looks when he's with her that he feels FORCED and FRUSTRATED to be out with her for some reason and this reason it's because it's all a sham and he hates staged things since ever, so he should come out with his real new love: a man if it's a man, there's nothing wrong after all. Why he forces himself to be so miserable pretending something that it isn't real???

  24. Biscuit says – reply to this


    When he's with Amber he never looks at her with love and Amber always looks down when walking with him also. They both look uncomfortable, they never smile. Can anybody see happiness or love in their eyes when they are together? No. When he was with Winona Ryder you can see in their pictures that there was love ans sweetness in his eyes when looking at her, same things in some pictures of him and Vanessa or even in pictures of him and Kate Moss you can see sweetness in his eyes when looking at her. Only with Amber we can't see that. How can you explain that? What has of different this relationship that Johnny looks so uncomfortable and nervous when he's with her? The fact that it's all staged and he's maybe tired of pretending to be what he's not. He doesn't even wanna say a word about Amber in interviews and that's something that he never did in past. He always talked about his girlfriends, he always formalized his relationships with them, while now he's not going to do any of these things maybe because he got to a point where he is tired of pretending that he's not into men also. Maybe that's why Vanessa wanted to split with him at some point, because she couldn't share him with men and he was tired of pretending a relationship that was over since long even with Vanessa, so now he's not able anymore to pretend of being happy in staged relationships.

  25. Biscuit says – reply to this


    He doesn't want to say a word about Amber in interviews because he doesn't have anything to say this time since it's a farce. This is maybe also the reason why he wasn't telling anything anymore even about his love for Vanessa in these latest years, before rumours they were in crisis were spread off all over the world, because he maybe was into men, so he hadn't nothing anymore to tell about his relationship with Vanessa because there was nothing anymore between them. He rarely talked about her in interviews indeed since several years. He just told she was a good mother and a wonderful woman, but he wasn't talking anymore about his feelings for her or how their relationship was. And Vanessa after all even told in her first interview after their split that she was not going to tell the reason why they split. Never. Ahahaha, this could be also a clue that she has something quite awful to hide, something that she can't tell because they have an agreement about her silcence maybe, something that the public shouldn't hear I bet…..

  26. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Vanessa also told she has children to protect and that she can tell the truth maybe for them because maybe they would feel bad hearing the world mocking Depp because unfortunately homosexuality is still mocked and disliked a lot in this world…. but I bet his children know more than we believe, that's maybe why Lily Rose often played Barbies with him and he even admitted in serveral interviews and she also likes often to paint his nails… ummm, can't you see? There are lots of clues that he passed on the other side of the field since a while. Then just make a research on Johnny and Marilyn Manson ambiguous "friendship" and read what Marilyn often told about him and about sex with men in general and read all the things they always do together while they hang out to figure out that they could be something more than friends. Maybe they are dating in real life and everybody ignores this.

  27. 27

    Re: Biscuit – You are so right and I suspect you know him in real life you know way way too much to be just a fan. hmmm do I know you too?

  28. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – Come on, nobody believes to your words anymore. I read that in past you told things that were proven to be wrong, you're a fake insider, otherwise you have to prove of knowing for real a friend of Johnny….. just tell us something about him that will happen soon and that nobody knows. For example he's really going to do a cameo in Amber's new movie? You should know this if you're an insider or you can ask soon it to his friend. Can you tell us even if it's true what the national enquirer wrote on him and Amber? I mean the story that they are on the rocks and that she argued with him during their promonial trip of the lone ranger because she wants more help from him for her career? And is it true that he's okay about her still bedding women? Or they are all bullshit because the national enquirer is well known since ever for making up stories? You should know what's true or not if you're insider, so please, just tell something we don't know. Answer to my questions because if you know a friend of him you should also know how is going their relationship but I guess you know nothing!

  29. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – The thing that makes me think you're a faker is that not long ago you told in another topic here that Johnny cheated Vanessa with Amber and started a relationship with her when he still was with Vanessa and now you're telling that Biscuit is right and knows too much for being just a fan, so you confirmed the story told by him about the fact that the truth is that Amber is lesbian and that her relationship with Johnny is only a farce and this is a total contradiction about your previous stataments about Johnny cheating on Vanessa with Amber….. just think about it, it can't be that Amber is a lesbian who has a staged relationship with him if he cheated and dumped Vanessa for Amber, you're in contradiction and lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – Your theories are absurd! Johnny told long time ago in an interview that he thought that gay people should come out of the closet because he knew people who didn't even had the courage of telling they were gay to their family and that this was terrible wrong. He also told that if he was gay, he would tell it right away because he couldn't stand of feeling miserable and I believe him simply because he's the type of man who always did what he pleased in his life. He never hid of having experimented all kind of drugs and he never did anything just to please his public. Lately indeed he's surely aware of the fact that the public is starting to hate really bad his disney movies and the fact he's accepting to play lots of sequels and other garbage but he keeps doing that anyway. He even signed for Alice in wonderland 2 even though he knows his public is going to hate his choice.

  31. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – He doesn't really care about what anyone can think or if public starts to be upset, he keeps doing what he pleases and doesn't give a shit of people disappointment, so this is enough proof that he never does anything just to avoid his fans disappointment. He always does what he feels to do. Even with Amber. He's aware that most people doesn't like him with her and that he's getting an awful reputation since he's dating her, but he really doesn't care about his reputation. He likes her and he keeps dating her anyway and he doesn't give a shit about fans hatred about this. He's always been a rebel who never did and does anything just to make happy his public. And his relationship with Amber isn't staged because if it was they will publicize it far more than they're doing because they don't even talk about it in any occasion and this is enough proof they aren't interested in publicizing it and only true relationships aren't for publicity because what you said is really contradictory: staged things necessarily need publicity to get people buying them.

  32. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – Staged relationships without a big publicity are nothing. Most staged couples indeed always try to be in the spotlight, they always take advantage of interviews to publicize what they're supposed to have and they always call paparazzi when they're out somewhere but Johnny and Amber never do this. They were seeing each other since almost 2 years and although there were sightings of them he avoided as much as he could to be seen or to be photographed with her until last april and this prove he wasn't interested in selling anything otherwise his behaviour would have been different. And if you don't see them never smile when they're together is just because as many other people before me noticed, there's nothing to smile when paparazzi are chasing you asking 1000 questions and anyway you exaggerated telling that they always look nervous and uncomfortable. That's not true.

  33. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – In airport in Tokyo, when Johnny was signing autographs to his fans, Amber was looking at him pleased, with a half smile on her face and while paparazzed when walking hand in hand together through Berlin street once in another occasion, they looked very relaxed and calm, not nervous at all. There are then pictures of them in Moscow with her friends while spending an evening together when they are smiling and looking like they were having a good time. Amber often extended her hand towards him in pictures even when she wasn't next to him and the way she did it looked very romantic and affectionate. There's one picture where they looked at each other with a sweet and amused expression and all these pictures with her russian friends were private. They were posted in private accounts of these friends of her and someone who hadn't the right posted them on the web and they were spread even though these people didn't want it and asked soon of deleting them because they didn't want to be seen on the web because they weren't celebrities but it was too late, those pictures were spread already on many sites….. so you're wrong, in private moments Johnny and Amber look relaxed and happy. Moreover, they look nervous when paparazzi do crazy things like putting their camera into his car as soon as he gets into it with Amber…. would you be able to look relaxed and comfortable if this happened to you when you were with you girlfriend, uh??

  34. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – I'm not finished yet. Vanessa told she's not going to tell the reason why they split but maybe only to journalists. Only with them she doesn't want to talk about what's happened but she explained that in an indirect way in one of the songs of her new cd. No matter if she denies that the song is about him because she can't publically admit it is of course. She told that her last cd contains the genesis of her private love life and even though she didn't write the lyrics of the songs it's evident she collaborate to do that come on, we're aware of it as we're aware that Johnny cheated on her and that she felt the need of telling it in a song because such a specific song can't be casual or written without any purpose. It wouldn't make sense because it wasn't a general song on cheating. It was specific and report a specific dialogue between two people. Vanessa simply took it out.

  35. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – Who do you think that would write and sing a song about having been cheated soon after a break up of a relationship lasted 13 years? Only someone who was cheated indeed! ….About Marilyn Manson, everybody knows that he's quite crazy and a half pervert who does odd things since ever like mimicking fellatio on the stage almost everytime and with all his musicians. Maybe he just likes to do these crazy jokes or maybe he's bisexual for real but not Johnny because he's the one who tell ambiguous things about sex with men and not Johnny. Anyway, Manson, about his relationship with Johnny only told that they had a "bromance" and that they have been close like 2 brothers who share things. He also added that Johnny is very naive because he wondered why women went to him asking about his relationship with Manson. He was surprised that women thought he could have something more than friendship with Manson because he knew that it wasn't anything like that. Manson also told that wishing of having sex with Johnny doesn't make you gay, yes, but Manson told million of crazy things about everything and everybody that it would be not possible to count them all, so we should just don't pay attention to him. He says crazy things all the time, just make a research on him and about all the crazy things he has always done and you'll realize that he's a little bit insane so you can't aspect he says normal things either.

  36. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – And finally, about the Jimmy Kimmel 4 kisses nobody on the web and any tabloid insinuated that Johnny did it because he's gay. He's knowm by everybody by now for doing crazy things and that he has got a great sense of humor. He kissed him 4 times to be more original than the other guests who kissed him just once and anyway 2 kisses were on the cheek and the other 2 were only on the right side of Jimmy's mouth. More than someone noticed and explained that on the web. If you watch the pictures paying attention, you'll realize that he he was kissing just a little portion of Jimmy's lips, it never was a full lip-lock and the last time he tried to kiss him he did it assuming a maniacal expression on his face and this proves he was just having fun and joking while doing that, so don't read too much in it and then there's an important detail that proves he didn't enjoy for real their kissing, a detail that many people didn't notice: his body language. Body language never lies, right? Well, after he kissed Jimmy on the mouth the first time, you can clearly see that Johnny sat down and started to talk with him cleaning soon his own lips with one hand…. well, this is something that he did spontaneously without thinking about it too much and reveals that actually he felt a little disgusted about kissing another man because otherwise he wouldn't have cleaned up his lips with a rapid and spontaneous gesture.

  37. 37

    Re: Mandy – You sure do spend a lot of time on here defending in hopes he will read your comments and come and thank you for it. Get a life and get a job. He wouldnt date some middle aged woman who sits on the computer all day long reading others post. I will say what I want when I want. Never complain or explain. Some days I feel like a nut sometimes I dont. Today is the day you must face the truth and know he is the same. Sometimes he does and sometimes he dont.

  38. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Biscuit – You need to get over this obsessive illusion about Johnny being gay. He lets Lily Rose do his nails because he's dad and doesn't want to say no to her. As for him and Amber having no love, maybe you ought to see the pictures of them with friend in the hotel room in Moscow. Johnny hates and always has hated the paparazzi. The pictures of him smiling with friends are not taken by paparazzi. As a matter of fact, one the photographers that attends events with him is Susan Allison, who happens to be his ex-sister in law from when he was married a long time ago.

  39. Matte says – reply to this


    LOL at the comments about Johnny being gay because he kissed Jimmy Kimmel…then also Charlie Sheen and Ben Affleck (and he has kissed him on lips and all every time he has been at the tv show), and many men more for what I remember, are also gay because to kiss Jimmy Kimmel is like a tradition now!

  40. YO! says – reply to this


    Bryan Austin Green (Megan Fox's husband) also kissed Jimmy Kimmel on the lips :D

  41. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Teenybits – The one who needs to get a life is only you that are here since more time than anyone of us writing about Johnny and pretending to be a friend of one of his friend. You only write stupid things and when anyone (not just me but anyone) asks you to give a proof that you're really an insider, you avoid to answer or disappear. What you tell is often in contradiction with your own words and now the fact that someone slagged you, upset you, doesn't it? …..Can't you see that nobody here believes to your delusional words and tales? Nobody even cares or responds anymore to anything that you write about Johnny being gay because I think they know you're just a repressed gay man that dream about having a chance with Johnny someday and that hopes he will be like you sooner or later just because he's not homophobic and enjoys a lot gay jokes and he's not afraid of having gay friends…. get a reason, Johnny will never stick it in your ass or vice versa.

  42. Connie says – reply to this


    Excuse me for the intrusion but Mandy is right about the fact that Teenybits is a liar and a false insider because I remember well that in another topic on this site someone asked him not long time ago, if Johnny had ever experimented something with a man and Teenybits replied "no" and that Johnny simply liked to have fun and asked his girlfriends to use dildo to him and now Teenybits changed his story confirming Biscuit theories about the fact that Johnny is gay and having a staged relationship with Amber… my God Teenybits, you're also the same that told that Johnny dumped Vanessa for Amber cheating on her and that Vanessa found out it reading some text messages on Johnny's phone and now you suddenly agree with Biscuit that his relationship with Amber is staged instead and made up to hide his homosexuality? You're just a faker and not an insider! Who the fuck you think is gonna buy your words since one day you tell a thing and another day you tell the opposite?

  43. Bling says – reply to this


    Amber looks like a porno actress in those pics. Did she make this kind of movie?

  44. Nathan says – reply to this


    Amber has one philosophy- herself, herself. She isn't bisexual she is everything that can give her attention. She betryal Tasya, she is a cheater and a homewrecker.

  45. Nathan says – reply to this


    Re: Nathan – *betrayed

  46. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Bling – I don't know. Amber did some movies where she plays naked all the time but they weren't porno movies, I think

  47. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – One of those movies is The Informers. I've seen it and she's naked in pretty much every scene she is in. She is terrible in that film. The film in a whole is awful. Winona Ryder is in it also. That's the reason I watched it. Even Winona could not save that film.

  48. Biscuit says – reply to this


    Oh calm down people. I didn't mean to offend anybody with my comment. I've just told my opinion on Johnny Depp relationship with Amber and I won't change it, no matter how much someone can try to convince that they're happy together and not just pretending to be a couple. For me it's all a sham and they're both gay or bisexual. Maybe it's true they had sex for a couple of times or maybe they have sex just sometimes but I don't really buy that they're in love or in a relationship. They're not dating, they saw each other occasionally just to have sex I think and that's why nobody of them thinks it's the case of announcing publically of having a relationship because there's no relationship between them to formalize at all. Johnny always formalized all his relationships in past and talked about them. He never replied: "no comment" when asked about them and now he's doing that and this proves that this "relationship" gets a different treatment because it's different indeed. They can be only occasional fuc….ng buddies but nothing more. I bet he's seeing a man too actually. He wanna be free, that's why it couldn't last with Vanessa.

  49. Biscuit says – reply to this


    He likes to stick his thing into both genres (in men more maybe in this latest phase of his life) and no Teenybits, I'm not an insider. I don't know Johnny nor anyone close to him, I'm just expressing my opinion. Yes, I'm a fan of him (I'm totally straight) and I have an open mind about sexuality. I don't judge bad anybody just because he's gay or bisexual. My best friend is gay for example, so what? It's not sexuality that changes what people have inside. I think Johnny should just stop to hide what he really is. For me it's evident he had or has something more than friendship with Marilyn Manson and I don't care if people disagree. This is my opinion and I'm not gonna change it. Yet some fans should learn that there's nothing wrong if their idol is bisexual. Their obstinate homophobia and reject that he could be bisexual is what stop him from telling openly that he likes men also and that his relationship with Amber isn't real. There's not love in their eyes nor in their body language and only a blind wouldn't notice that.

  50. 50

    Amber is full of BS….she changes sexual preferences to whatever casting couch is most advantageous for her to sleep on. She is the worst actress I have ever had the displeasure of having to set through any movie that she was cast a scene in. She has no talent at all. Con artist is the only art form she practices. She is not fooling anyone. Take a second look at the pick of her holding hands with Johnny. Appears the only hot vixen he is checking out is the hot blond in black in red standing to the left. What a player. Another thing, when since has Perez Hilton become a member of her PR staff. Terrible attempt at cleaning up her terrible image. Johnny is a quarter of a century older than her. He will tire of her quickly.

  51. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Gigolo – Ok Gigolo - are you saying you wouldn't be looking at Tracy Lords even if you were with someone else?????

  52. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Gigolo – The hot blonde in the red and black dress was his co-star in the movie and well known porno actress - and don't tell me you wouldn't be looking at her or else your name here wouldn't be "Gigolo". I don't think Johnny will tire of her al long as he is getting what he wants. She may tire of him but he'll hold onto her as long as he can and when that's over that he'll get someone else…and then everyone will hate that person too b/c nobody will ever be good enough for Johnny.

  53. 53

    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – You say you are tired of Amber but yet you have commented on every article about her.

  54. 54

    Re: _ – UnlessRe: Biscuit – What has give you the impression that Johnny is gay? There has never been even a rumor or a hint that he likes men.Please don't bring up that he kissed Jimmy Kimmel 3 times as proof that he is gay, it's obvious he did that in fun like other people have said.

  55. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    LOL Johnny isn't gay that is like saying Amber is straight which simply isn't true, the only thing these 2 have in common is that they both like women, I look at them and I don't see a couple a couple that are in love. They look bored when they are together and it has nothing to do with them being annoyed at the paps.

  56. Venezia-Italia says – reply to this


    What? What? What???
    Johnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! We have to talk!!!!!!!!!! Urgentlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Venezia_Italia says – reply to this


    What? What?? What??????
    Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! We have to talk!!!!!!!! Urgentlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – You're dreaming. Amber is straight and she's just another fake lesbian like Angelina Jolie and others who came out with a lesbian relationship when they were unfamous just to get publicity. It's how it works now for many unpopular and young actress that need to do something to get public attention when they're not able to do that with their talent of course.. Sorry but it's not a farce. Johnny was never in any farce in his life. He always did what he pleased and he has any need to pretend of dating Amber because he could date any woman he wanted. He's still fascinanting and many other beautiful women would replace Amber in one moment if they could, so everybody just should stop telling it's a farce because he has no need to be in a staged relationship. He could be in a real relationship with any woman he wanted even more beautiful and more talented than Amber but he chose Amber because I guess she must please him very much in bed. That's what I heard and yeah, it's not love. It's just sex. They like each other and that's it. She likes him for what he is and represent and he likes to stick his thing into her young pus..y, that's all.

  59. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Ambelina – LOL Amber isn't straight, You are the only person who believes that even the most ardent supporters of this so called couple admit she is bisexual and that it wouldn't surprise them if she goes back to women after this so called relationship ends.

  60. Venezia_Italia says – reply to this


    The details do make a difference here…… yeah right…!
    Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! We have to talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – And you would be the truth sayer? Ahaha, you're only the dream sayer!!!! Now I got it. You're one of her repressed lesbian fans who are upset of her "straight" relationship with Johnny Depp and that doesn't wanna believe in it because you decide in your heart that Amber is lesbian and that she's too hot to be bisexual, but come on, her relationship with him isn't fake (they don’t do staged things as Amber did with Tasya when she used to call paparazzi everytime she was somewhere with her and if you deny that she did it well you’re lying to yourself) because he wouldn't have any reason in the world to have a staged relationship with her since (as Popeye said in another topic here and I agree with him and I quote and report everything he said) he could have at any moment a real relationship with a young and beautiful woman completely straight. Women are still crazy about him, no matter what, so why he should pretend of dating an unpopular actress when he could date all the women he wanted and even far more talented than her? He wouldn't get anything pretending of dating her. If he's paying the price of losing fans with this new hated relationship it's just because he really likes her otherwise he would be crazy in being in such a farce that is only damaging him from many points of view. Hollywood is full of beautiful women who would replace Amber in a second my dear.

  62. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – Depp has a lot to offer her while what the hell you think she has of special to offer? Her beauty? Come on, beauty doesn't last forever (she is also losing it because she's gaining weight and she has got wrinkles on her face, I saw them in one picture) and it's a very poor thing in show business when you don’t have any other values. Let's face the truth: Amber isn't talented, she's boring and not charismatic and if you think she had other values than beauty, well you're the only one as you're also the only one to think that she will come back soon to women because even her lesbian 'fans' (that are just a bunch and they like Amber just because she's hot since they don't watch and don't give a shit of her movies indeed because nobody of them went to watch Paranoia for example) on zeta boards are all losing this hope by now. You're the only one who is still in denial and making a fool of yourself because you don't like and you can't accept the truth. Amber is a home wrecker who is suc***g Johnny Depp's di*k everyday to keep having her chance to change her life and I doubt she will waste it because Depp is the better thing that happened in her life until now. Do you have any idea of how many women still like him and would like to get the chance with him? Not everybody got the fortune of dating such a hollywoodian powerful, still fascinating and rich man so Amber won't be so stupid to waste her chance.

  63. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – And if you think that Amber will leave him as soon as she got to be an A-list actress, you keep dreaming because Amber will never be an A-list actress. Talentless actress don't go too far neither if it's Jesus Christ in person that tries to help them because when you don't have talent nobody can do anything for you, not even the miracle of making you becoming soon talented. And Hollywood is merciless and very selective by now because there are many young and hot women that try everyday to become appreciated actress, but only a bunch of them that are really talented succeeded in this. I know from sure sources that Amber is trying hard with his help to get good roles in good movies, but most of producers and directors aren't that interested in her when they audition her because they don't see talent in her and that's why she keeps getting only the femme fatale role or the girlfriend role because she can't do anything else.

  64. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer – What do you think is gonna happen when she won't be that young and even not hot anymore? She won't be casted anymore anywhere because hollywood directors and producers aren't interested in talentless women that aren't even hot anymore. I've been told that Johnny has been helping her to get roles since 2009. I know from sure sources that he was the one that helped her to get the role of Piper in "Drive angry". Still, after several years and with his help she didn't succeed yet to become an appreciated actress and you know why for the last time? Because she has no talent and she couldn't get anything important without him so the best thing she might do to become rich and to be in the spotlight as celebrity (not as actress) is marrying him and making some babies with him. Otherwise she should renounce to a life in the spotlight because she can’t do it just by herself.

  65. 65

    Re: someguy2621 – why would a johnny have a hard time keeping her? she could only dream of being with him. and now that she is with him she won't let him go EVER.

  66. 66

    Re: missliss – you are the silly one here because you don't know what the hell you are talking about. keep up with her? honey, they are together since 2 years and not 2 months.

  67. 67

    Re: The Truth Sayer – so called relationship? ahahahahahaha they are together SINCE 2 YEARS. the model she was photographed with in 2012 was just a sham. and this "so called" relationship is not going to end anytime soon.

  68. 68

    Re: The Truth Sayer – maybe because they are the most REAL couple in hollywood? its not a fake PR relationship that requires faking it up to the paps. they are in love and have been for 2 years.

  69. 69

    Re: Biscuit – OMG too too funny! johnny is gay? ahahahahahahaha! he looks uncomfortable because of some strangers flashing their cameras at his face.

  70. 70

    Re: safon – who started to hate him? Oh do you mean the gossip trolls? and what credibility did he lose? and what is this truth?

  71. tega says – reply to this


    testing website

  72. Skins Fan says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – They are together for now but no one knows what will happen in the future so don't make it comments like that.

  73. MM says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – The Marie thing was true, except it was just a one way street Marie seemed to be in love,Amber probably just thought of it as a fling.

  74. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: MM – You're really naive if think that Marie and Amber were dating. Marie just served as a decoy. Didn't you notice that everytime that Amber dumped her as soon as she came out with Johnny? They weren't seen together anymore when Amber didn't need her help anymore. Marie also knew that she was part of the game to help Amber hiding what she was really doing. Everytime that Amber was with Marie indeed paparazzi were called, how come? Do you really think that paparazzi were interested of following two unfamous people like them? Come on they were called by Amber because she was trying to sell something to them. Amber gets followed by paparazzi only because of Depp otherwise paparazzi aren't interested in following her and she has to call them. She called them everytime she was with Marie because she needed a decoy to hide that she was dating Johnny instead and there's even evidence that when she went in France with Marie, also Johnny was there last January. So if he was there it's clear that Marie was only a friend who wanted to serve as a decoy for Amber.

  75. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: MM – You know, on January 08 indeed there have been tweets of people who saw them in Paris, having a dinner together in the restaurant of Bristol Hotel. The next night it was reported they were seen at "1515" restaurant in Paris (in past Johnny was one of the owners of that restaurant together with Sean penn and John Malkovick). Also a clerk of Bristol hotel confirmed t-w-i-t-t-e-r reports stating that Johnny and Amber were really in Paris for a few of days and he told that they were holding hands and very cozy. It was explained that they were there because Amber had an appointment that week with someone whom she had to discuss about "Three days to kill" a movie she was about to film. Johnny just accompanied her maybe because he wanted to help her about taking the role and also to protect her with his security team from french people that could have harassed her because of rumours that she was his new girlfriend, so he made sure tha nobody took pictures and even a Tv hostess confirmed of having seen them and reported this on t-w-i-t-t-e-r. Moreover also some serious and not gossip french magazines as 'Gala' and 'Premiere' reported the news that Amber was seen there with him and that it was confirmed by the tv hostess and by a clerk of Bristol Hotel.

  76. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: MM – You want more proof that Amber was still dating him in January and not Marie that was only her decoy and coverage friend? Well, on 14th January, Amber was spotted in Los Angeles (there's a picture on web) getting into his car in West Hollywood. She was alone but from the picture it could be seen that she was wearing Navajo bracelets he gave her, so she was still dating him and not Marie because when you split with someone you don't wear his stuff right? It would be senseless and even less you would use his car…. come on, the truth is that he and Amber never split since they started to date and no matter if some people don't believe they were together in France last January because there were too many reliable witness that confirmed their presence there. People like you though, have been always in denial about those kind sightings, as you and others were in denial about sightings of her and him in Creede, in a LA club and at the Petty Festival. You decided of not believing in sightings always proved to be true at the end just because your lesbian heart wanted to believe that Amber was into Marie while she was only into Johnny instead, no matter what rumours of some stupid tabloids told because evidence and witness worth much more than rumours that Amber herself tried to spread at the time with Marie help, to hide what she was really doing.

  77. aww poor Tega. says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Poor Tega, always to the rescue, taking up for her man Depp. Are you at all affected in your admiration of him by his predictable and shallow behaiviour as of late? I am just curious as to why you spend so much time defending this man. i like him as an actor, well i used to love him, but his roles are stale these days. His personal life is extremely shallow. i am not alone in this observation. Are you part of his PR team or just a young fan in in love with an image you have been sold? All due respect to you. I am not hating on you dear, I am just curious.

  78. Lacey says – reply to this


    Is Perez on the Depp PR payroll now? Come on Perez, I know that you know how shady Johnny is and how his fans are dropping like flies. We all see this for what it is. A huge PR stunt to TRY to get Amber some sort of career…she can not act and is losing her looks fast. Depp is ridiculous for dumping his family for this no talent bimbo. Maby they are really in some strange relationship, they dedffinately have benn skrewing each other since late 2008-09. She is using him for money and fame and he is using her for sex and to try to seem young and virile again. It is so not working..so typical and despicable. We all thought johnny was better than all of this nonsense. I know you thought so too Perez!

  79. FAMEWHORE ALERT! says – reply to this


    Heard is the biggest hypocrite. She trys sooo hard to play every angle and trick in the book to pretend she does not want fame, attention or celebrity. She claims she is an artist.She claims she is gay, then not, then Bi then don't label her! yeah right. All the while she is calling her publicist for pap opportunities, Like the fake hiding of the ring Johnny gave her, then showing it. Like saying she wants to be like Angelina jolie in one interview then in the next says she would never want to be like Angelina. (As if she could ever hold a candle to her!). there are so many contradictive statements and actions on her part that it would take the whole page for me to point them all out. but i know you guys all know what i mean. She does not want to be a celebrity but has an affair with a taken, 50 year old, A list celebrity and helps to break up his family! She is nothing but a famewhore and a disgrace.