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Kanye West Said To Be Kranky Over Kardashians Calling Paps For First Family Outing!

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Don’t mess with West!

Kanye West reportedly believes it was baby momma Kim Kardashian’s OWN krew who told the paparazzi this week about the new parents’ visit to the doctor with their baby daughter in tow!

No wonder he’s allegedly trying to seize kontrol!

Says a source:

“He believes that a member of the Kardashian clan tipped off the photographer. It’s no secret that Kim works with several media outlets and has been known to tip off the press about her whereabouts…. He feels absolutely violated and is just angered that their privacy was invaded.”

While Kanye may be kuckoo over his daughter, his relationship with his would-be in-laws is known to have been less than klose at times, as the Kardashians kourt the media while Kanye mostly klocks them.

The source continues:

“This won’t be the last time that Kanye will clash with the Kardashians. He just doesn’t understand the entire families obsession with being in the media spotlight. Kanye knows it wasn’t anyone in the doctor’s office or the nanny that leaked the visit, and the circle of people that knew about the appointment was very, very small.”

We hope Kanye and the Kardashians can keep the konflict to a minimum for the baby’s sake.

But either way, we’ll be Keeping Up! LOLz!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Kanye West Said To Be Kranky Over Kardashians Calling Paps For First Family Outing!”

  1. 1

    Isn't it ironic how Kim wanted to be with a man that understood her lifestyle and the paparazzi and ended up with a man who is the exact opposite if that….

  2. 2

    he really hit the jackpot with that family. they care more about maintaining their underserved "fame" than any relationship. no way they marry. HER MOTHER SOLD THE SEX TAPE SO SHE AND THE WHOLE FAMILY COULD BECOME "FAMOUS".

  3. Misfit says – reply to this


    What did that no-talent ass expect when he knocked up a Kartrashian?

  4. Vreeland says – reply to this


    They so deserve each other

  5. Brooksie says – reply to this


    Hahaha! Kim is such a namby pamby and has no backbone at all. You know it was Kris who probably tipped them off. Gonna be a big struggle for control between Kanye & MamaK. Can't wait for the custody battle over that baby either!! Idiots with too much money - all of them!!!!!

  6. Courtney says – reply to this


    what did that half wit expect when he hooked up with a fame whore like his baby mama. in a public place like a hospital garage you have no expectation of privacy so him complaining about being photographed is a moot subject in July 2008 Joanne Woodward was photographed wheeling Paul Newman out of a cancer treatment and never so much as said anything about the paparazzi invading their privacy and he passed away 2 months later and the tabloids sent paparazzi to their home in Westport Connecticut to photograph her going to vote on election day and again she totally ignored the cameras but when those photos hit the tabloids her loyal fans felt bad that the paparazzi had taken advantage of her in that vulnerable time so soon after her soul mate had passed away

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's famous for his music. They're famous for systematically perpetuating media fame from a reality show. Different M.O.

  8. BoBo says – reply to this


    "He just doesn’t understand the entire families obsession with being in the media spotlight. "


  9. 9

    Oh come on, he knew what he was getting into when he got involved with her, or should have. Personally I have read heard he is a control freak and I could never live with a person like that. JMO.

  10. lemonbird says – reply to this


    He'd be crazy to marry her. She wants the publicity as much as her family does. That's why she got pregnant. She wants the attention and the $$$$, and she will go after him for a LOT of child support. If she gets him to marry her, she'll demand he support her too. Ugh. I never thought I'd actually feel sorry for Kanye. IMO, he is trying to be a mature man and protect his kid. Kim and her family have no sense of privacy at all. And her family depends on her to make sure they all stay famous. If she faded into the background her family wouldn't be as popular as they are now.

  11. greetingsfromyonkers says – reply to this


    No sympathy for Kanye, who really should have seen this coming. First, he is a celebrity in his own right. Then he has a baby with a member of the most publicity-hungry family in America. Really, what did he think was going to happen?