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Katy Perry's Roar Pounces On Even MORE Records, Set To Pass One Direction & Robin Thicke!!

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Katy Perry's Roar is even louder than we thought!

While we first thought Katy's new single was set to sell 450,000 digital copies by the end of its first week on the airwaves, it is now projected to hit a whopping 525,000.

That's no tame lion! LOLz!

Not only is that a personal record for the prowess diva, but it also means she will surpass opening numbers for Robin Thicke's song of the summer, Blurred Lines, AND One Direction's digital debut of Best Song Ever.

…and we thought Katy's Firework was fierce with 509,000 in digital sales its first week!

With this kind of success from just the first single, Prism will undoubtedly reflect the competition come its October 22 release.

This ferocious feline is unstoppable!!!!

Download Roar on iTunes HERE!

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19 comments to “Katy Perry's Roar Pounces On Even MORE Records, Set To Pass One Direction & Robin Thicke!!”

  1. 1

    I cant believe it. The fucking song is awful!!!

  2. lokita says – reply to this


    where is this gif from????

  3. jnp says – reply to this


    It's a song, get over it. Seriously is there a need to have over 30 posts about one stupid song?
    And btw, stop linking people to Katy Perry's youtube video for Roar. We all know you're obsessed with getting her view count to pass Lady Gaga's view count for Applause. Seriously dude you're in your late 30's and you have a child, these are the antics of teenage girls …. get professional help.

    And no I'm not a Little Monster Gaga fan.

  4. 4

    This is hilarious! Look at this link, Perez!

  5. NE1 says – reply to this


    ooh is that the video?? looks fabulous!

  6. MAESY says – reply to this


    What is wrong with USA? This stupid copied song is so average!

  7. 7

    Her music, if that's what we must call it, is average at best, and she doesn't deserve the hype she gets. You're only as into her as you are, you ugly homo, because Caca dropped you, and you're reacting like a preteen girl. You think Caca is jealous over your fake love for KP? You're a fucking moron.
    She needs to back off the dark hair dye. It looks as fake, and as bad, as when she goes into pastel hair colors. She's looking like a cheap hooker these days, and while that's probably pretty much what she is, does she need to be so obvious about it?

  8. KW says – reply to this


    I despise Katy's music. Her voice just grates me. But I really believe you should stop trying to drag her into your little feud with GaGa. I'm sure she appreciates the plugs & free promo, but you're too transparent, and pretty soon she's going to catch on to you, if she hasn't already, and will tell you to "F**k Off," and then you'll have a beef with her as well.

  9. 9

    I bet Katy has at least 3 more big hits on her new "Prism" album that is coming out in October. Gaga fans that don't like Katy for whatever reason better get used to seeing Katy dominating the Billboard and iTunes charts … just like she has for the last five years.

  10. 10

    I can't stand this generation! Overrated garbage gets celebrated far too often! This song is mediocre at best and has absolutely no originality.

  11. Casey says – reply to this


    Katy is an amazing singer. This song is so fun, I love MANY styles of music believe me but nobody does fun pop like Katy and yes get used to it little monsters because she's not going ANYWHERE.

  12. Josh says – reply to this


    I don't get it. In a world of beer, she's Budweiser. In a world of cheese, she's Velveeta. Mediocre at best and too terrible of a singer to even be a guilty pleasure.

  13. angela says – reply to this


    katy perry is amazing!

  14. anonymous says – reply to this


    It's what people like, nothing too complicated. It's got a good "hook" which is also important and a "feel good" message in the lyrics which people love and relate to. Basically, it's got everything going for it. Call it "bubblegum" but that's what sells. BTW I listened to Brave again by Sara Bareiles and "Roar" is nothing like it.

  15. Quinn says – reply to this


    Re: lokitaRe: NE1 – This is the commercial for her fragrance "Killer Queen". She does look incredible in it, it's worth a watch.

  16. 16

    Kind of funny how everyone thinks that EVERYONE is so up Katy's ass with this song. Hasn't it ever dawned of any of you people that some of the general population just wants a simple, upbeat song to sing along to without the pretentious, overreaching themes of certain other artists? There's a HUGE reason why Taylor Swift and Adele are huge sellers, it's because they have songs that people across different generations and backgrounds can just bop along to without having to think about the lyrics too much. It's simple pop music for the masses. No one ever said Katy Perry was the second coming of Michael Jackson or Madonna (like Gaga thinks she is).

  17. 17

    Katy's creativity is dead.

  18. flz says – reply to this


    I'm sick of this pop culture control freak. Along with Lady Gaga, they two don't have a true brand. With Katy, she used to have this sweet tweetums with bright colors and fruits image and now, a totally different one in the form of dark colors and wildness…reminiscent of Lady Gaga's dark style. Ugh can't stand these two. Props to Rihanna for staying true to herself all throughout her career.

  19. Aaron says – reply to this


    Go ahead and let Katy dominate the charts because all that dominates the charts these days anyways is mediocre garbage. Gaga's music is too good for the pop charts and does not belong with the rest of the crap on there.