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Queen Latifah Is Making A Mistake By Not Addressing Her Sexuality

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She's not talking about it on her new talk show, and here's why that's a bad idea!

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33 comments to “Queen Latifah Is Making A Mistake By Not Addressing Her Sexuality”

  1. cee says – reply to this



  2. 2

    Not everyone wants to be "out" to the whole world, unlike some people. As long is she is honest with herself and the people closest to her, that is ALL that matters. You have a habit of outing celebs whenever you get a chance and expecting them to be flag wavers like yourself and though that is good for you, it is not for everyone.

    I don't get this idea of wearing your sexuality on your sleeve like a badge? Equality for ALL! And let's just move on to love and live!

  3. Rjsehm5 says – reply to this


    As someone we all know and respect said "Its not her time" and it may never be but that is her decision to make and nobody should ever judge.

    By the way Perez…..Your baby is so beautiful! You are an incredible daddy…

  4. blahblah says – reply to this


    The way i see it is the more we make a big deal about people being gay,the more being gay is going to seem different. Gay people want equality and i agree they should have it but give it a rest, we got it. She doesn't owe anyone any detail of personal life. it has nothing to do with her as an artist

  5. 5

    Re: Queen Bee 36 – Well said.
    I will add, that a person doesn't get defined by their sexual orientation.

  6. Quenepa says – reply to this


    Perez….NOT every gay person has the need to ANNOUNCE to the World something that MOST people consider PRIVATE. MIND your own business for ONCE!!!…..That's what really bugs me..What Normal person walks around saying hey I'm straight? Why must Gays feel the need to tell people they are gay like it's a MEDAL they just won..What you do in your private bedroom is no ones business but your's and your partner..Have some RESPECT for peoples PRIVACYYYYYY!!!

  7. 7

    No, it's a fine idea for her to keep to herself something she may not want to share. Her sexuality is a very small part of who she is, and maybe she has more important things to do and to think about than pandering to an ape-faced, hypocrite bully like you. Nobody cares what you think, and I'm guessing that Queen Latifah cares least of all. You need more productive things to do with your time; I suggest you get a real job.
    Re: Rjsehm5 – His baby is fugly and Mario is a shitty parent. You're a total idiot. Please stop breathing immediately and permanently, dumbshit.

  8. cindy says – reply to this


    yes, let's get away from being defined by our sexual orientation. just love her for being her. no matter what gender she's attracted to!

  9. 9

    Why the hell should she "address her sexuality"? It's her business, not yours or the worlds. Don't start harassing her like you do everyone else. But if you do, I hope she squashes you like the little insect you are.

  10. Kristen P says – reply to this


    I am a huge QL fan (like HUGE) and I was in the audience at a QL show taping last week. This part probably wont air, but her guest, Will Smith (he's also a producer of the show), mentioned all the rumors about him being gay and asked something like, "how many kids do I have to have before people shut up?" and QL said, "Believe me, not having kids doesn't help either!" there was a big laugh from the audience. I do kind of agree with Perez, but I also respect her decisions because I think everyone has to come out on their own terms. I really hope her new show is a big success… I guess we'll see!

  11. Tom says – reply to this


    Why is it a 'mistake' not to address her sexuality!? It is no ones business. I do not talk about my sexuality to people that I am not friends with and I do not know many people that do. So why should celebrities. Should we all walk around and tell people that we are either straight of gay! You are an idiot.

  12. beach says – reply to this


    First of all, the whole world already knows. She doesn't need to talk about it to pacify people. It's her private life and her private decison; NOT YOURS PEREZ. You're so weird.

  13. KC says – reply to this


    It's not a mistake. You're just pressed because she's not waving your rainbow flag around.

  14. 14

    Perez I think need to shut up, this is her life not yours….you already outed her.
    Maybe she doesn't want to be defined by her sexual preference.

  15. sarah says – reply to this


    And really, when celebs use their sexuality as a gimmick to get more viewers or whatever, it's not helping the movement at all. Why does her sexuality have to define her? Why can't she just be an awesome bad ass lady without anyone questioning her? Coming out SHOULD NOT be a business move.

  16. 16

    she's a dyke. what to talk about. she doesn't want to be you, perez and thats a good thing.

  17. YUCK says – reply to this


    This one gay guy is TOO ANNOYING. and YOU LOOK HOMELESS.

  18. 18

    Not everyone has to publicly come out. It's her choice. Just let her live and be happy…love who she wants. That is all that matters

  19. VV says – reply to this


    Her show will do ABSOLUTELY WELL! Stop bullying people into doing what they are not ready to do. Trying to poison people's minds into anticipating a bad start for her show because she isn't ready to discuss her private life is not the right thing to do. Leave her alone! Use your social platform to inspire people and not bully or influence negativity towards others. Leave this topic alone!

  20. Gina says – reply to this


    What works for you doesn't work for everybody. Last I checked it is HER sexuality.

  21. 21

    No, it's not a mistake. Yes, if she came out she could be a wonderful advocate, especially in the black community where its still very much not as comfortable yet, she could inspire plenty of young women struggling…but that's not her responsibility. If she wants to keep her sexual preference private, that's up to her. As long as she's open and comfortable with those close to her, its really none of our business. At all.

  22. Snotsie says – reply to this


    It HER sexuality she can do what she wants about it - come out or not. Would it be better? Sure. But that's for her to decide not the entire gay community. Leave her alone and stop the bullying.

  23. AnneM says – reply to this


    I have always enjoyed her movies. She is NOT making a mistake by not addressing her sexuality. Not everyone is comfortable taking about sex and it's nobodies business! Worry about something else.

  24. 24

    Someone's sexual preference is NOT anyone's business but their own and their partners! Just because you seem to want her to "come out" to "help the cause" does not mean she is making a mistake by not doing so. She apparently wants her private life PRIVATE and she has every right to that! It is you who choose to make the spectacle of yourself! WHo cares if she is gay or bisexual or whatever!!! Does that make her a better or worse talk show host, actress, singer????? I don't tbink so!!!

  25. 25

    Stop it.

  26. Queen Latifah Fan says – reply to this


    Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
    Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

    For speaking bad vibes on the great manifestation of her show- you are hateful
    And a negative being of light. Queen Latifahs show will be a Huge Success because
    Of the unconditional love she has for the World, and her Bright Illuminescent Light
    That exuberates from her being embracing those that have been lost in darkness.
    She will change the lives and hearts of many a nation, and bring together people of all color, creed, belief,sexuality, religion, and class…she brings forth togetherness while you insist on seperating what can never be apart.

    We ARE ONE. Spread LOVE.

    You should be congratulating and RESPECTING her for the 30+ years she worked her ass off in this industry, And Thanking her for bringing something Uplifting for the consumers of daytime tv.

    How dare you try to speak that into existence. Your making a Mistake. Karma is inevitable.

  27. Meghan Sharma says – reply to this


    Hey! JUst wanted to let you know that under the Usher video its actually the same queen latifah video as this one.

  28. 28

    I like her in movies and also liked when she was doing smooth jazz, rap not so much.
    I personally do not care about her sexual preferences, that is her business.

  29. hm says – reply to this


    Queen Latifah shouldnt have to talk about her sexuality everyone knows…I can't wait for her show…Hopefully, Kris Jenner show will be OFF THE AIR…someone with NO CLASS GO QUEEN L. Now she's got class

  30. 30

    Mind YOUR OWN business you nasty piece of shit..and sweet jesus u look like the Elephant Man…ugly bastard

  31. 31

    Re: Rjsehm5 – Incredible Daddy? Are you fuckign SERIOUS?? He is THE WORST example of a parent I could think of…

  32. Derre says – reply to this


    who are you to tell her what she should talk about on HER show?

    not everyone is comfortable with talking about their sexuality..gay or straight.

  33. ALTHEAdickerson says – reply to this


    Dear Perez Hilton,I understand your angst with Queen Latifah's unwillingness to come out of that 'dat-blasted' closet The entire "G.L.T. B." community would benefit , but a little insight from a well- known proverb: No man(or woman) can do EVERYTHING! Our wonderful Queen or should I say King(G.L.B.T. Lingo , of course) is no exception to that rule. She's already accomplished so Gol- derned much , what else do we ( the public require)? She simply is not wired for anything that is not a total guarantee of simple security, soooo let each and every one of us fill in the blanks to our own individual lives and justice-related causes G.L.B.T. style, yes? yes!