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True Blood Finale To Feature 'Multiple' Characters Deaths! Eeek!

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true blood s6 finale

No one in Bon Temps is safe!!!

The upcoming True Blood Season 6 finale is so close, we can TASTE it!

But this Sunday's episode has one vamp VERY nervous about how fans will react to all the action!

Rob Kazinsky, who plays the faerie/vampire Warlow admitted he was super anxious about what's about to go down on the show! Rob explained:

“I’m nervous. There’s a lot happening this Sunday, especially with Warlow and Sookie. There’s a lot of scary things that have to happen this Sunday to tee us up for next season. It’s been a fairly action-packed season. We’ve already lost a lot of characters and we’ve seen a lot of gore. There’s been a lot of crazy stuff and we have one more episode to finish everything off and I think it’s the most action-packed episode of the season.”

Oh. Em. Jeeze!!! What the hellz is going to happen?!

We already saw the deaths of Terry Bellefleur and Steve. And fans should set their faces to STUNNED again for Sunday's ending! According to Rob, the body count isn't over yet! He confessed:

“[The finale has] action, sex, flying, death, biting, blood. It has multiple deaths! It has everything you could want.”

We want to hide under a blanket! That's what we want! This be some scary shiz!

But being scared is half the fun!!! We CAN'T wait for Sunday's finale!!!

Who do YOU think is going to bite the big one in the last episode of the season?!? PLEASE DON'T SAY ERIC!!

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6 comments to “True Blood Finale To Feature 'Multiple' Characters Deaths! Eeek!”

  1. 1

    Seriously??/ SCARY????? Are you a 4 year old girl??? NOTHING about True Blood is scary!!! I love the show but it has NEVER scared me. It is WAY off from the book series and is so far off that track it is unrecognizeable. The show is FUNNY and campy - hardly scary!

  2. 2

    That show has been such a let down for the past two seasons. I hope they all meet their true death and any survivors set on fire.

  3. 3

    Re: ericmtl – More like the last five seasons. Don't know why I still watch.

    What an annoying gif of Eric

  4. 4

    Terry and Steve were hardly 'major characters'. Their deaths are meaningless. My guess the same for Sunday. On my Dead Pool List of Useless if Longtime Characters are:

    Tara's mother
    Holly (freeing up Andy to be with Arlene if she doesn't die)
    Sam (love the guy but his deal is done and the actor is getting a ton of good roles in other things)
    oh and Warlow (not long time but the guy is an asshole no matter how you cut it)

    Oh maybe they'll SHOCK us and kill off Pam but still she's always been second fiddle to Eric and I am fairly certain he, Bill, and Sookie are not going anywhere. They are the Kirk, Spock, and Bones of the show. The Three around which all the others circle.

  5. Meh... says – reply to this


    The main characters (Sookie, Bill, and Eric) all signed for 6 seasons. They didn't know if season 7 would be a go so if one actor has a load of stuff coming up this year to film, they may not come back. I don't think Sookie or Bill will go unless Stephen Moyer wants to go completely behind the scenes, which I doubt.

  6. pinoymix says – reply to this


    Season 6 is really boring..I'm already anticipating for season 3 of American Horror Story.