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Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Parody Could Inspire San Diego Mayor To Quit? Watch HERE!

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Robin Thicke may think he's boosting feminism with his hit Blurred Lines, but the empowerment isn’t just for the ladiez.

Even NEWS ANCHORS can get in on the naked chicks action!

U-T TV in San Diego, an online news outlet associated with the San Diego Union-Tribune, released a Blurred Lines parody video this week, not to mock Robin’s women’s lib aspirations, but to persuade accused sexual harasser, Mayor Bob Filner, to resign.

Because one thing that makes creepsters penitent is boobalicious female news anchors bouncing around. LOLz!!!

The news team even seems to be doing their own singing.

So Bob’s not the only one getting a run for his money!

Watch your SexyBack, Robin!

Check it outttttttttt …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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8 comments to “Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines Parody Could Inspire San Diego Mayor To Quit? Watch HERE!”

  1. nh says – reply to this


    fucking hilarious! resign you douche bag!

  2. mick says – reply to this


    Oh do you mean boosting feminism as in he created a completely sexist music video used only to objectify women further and thus pissed off feminists everywhere and boosted feminism? I think that's what you meant.

    Here's the real parody where the gender roles are reversed so you can see the objectification from a different perspective:

    Maybe until you understand what feminism is and what the supporters of such stand for, you should stop making wild claims that the rest of the community (i.e. feminists) don't agree with. Until then you're simply furthering an unrealistic standard of beauty for women as well as furthering the detestable idea that women are simply there for men's enjoyment and that they all know we…"want it." SO what you're really saying is "PerezHilton thinks that sexism and the perpetuation of rape culture is alright if you're famous! Just like domestic violence is ok if you're famous!"

    I'm simply requesting that one thinks before blatantly LYING, or speaking out about something they OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. But with American press the way it is you're all awarded and revered for perpetuation of sexist ideals and rape culture.

    Here's to another great point that will be ignored! CHEERS!

  3. 3

    i can see this video going far, just add the finishing touches and make it about another minute long.

  4. 4

    Re: mick – mick, I think Perez's site no longer allows you to post links, which is a good thing because it got rid of all the spammers. you might be able to spell it out using spaces and stuff like dot.com

  5. 5

    Re: mick – So the parody objectified men? Guess what, we still don't care lmfao. I wonder when feminists are going to realize everything they put out or complain about is always ill-thought out. Yes, let's totally make a vid objectifying men, when they don't even care they get objectified in the first place! That'll teach em! Feminists are stupid. Always have been since the 2nd wave.

  6. 6

    "Maybe until you understand what feminism is and what the supporters of such stand for" what's funny is I don't think most feminists even know that. Feminism was always about equal rights. Now since you cannot name me one right men have that women do not in any developed country you're sOL. Feminism is just not a serious movement. You're too busy whining about music videos and magazines without even giving any solutions. But yet feminists think they can achieve their goals in countries where they have zero influence? LMFAO ROFL LOLOL

  7. mick says – reply to this


    Only one right that men have that women don't……hmmmm lemme think so long and hard on this haha. How about women no longer have the right to back out of an unwanted pregnancy whereas men can run away and even get out of child support if they're lazy enough. MEN continue to violate women's rights pertaining to their own body, that's not enough for you?
    Ok well women also still make 28% less on the dollar than men do. How about the rights violations in the ARMY alone when 26,000 reports per year on average of sexual assault within the ranks are covered up simply because they're soldiers.
    Next you're going to be telling me that the MRA or Straight Pride is a real equal idea.
    It's simple minded, entitled, ableist, misogynistic pricks like you perpetuating violence on women simply by dismissing them that is the problem
    But I really wouldn't expect someone who has no real argument themselves, other than "feminists are stupid cause all they do is complain" to ever truly be able to comprehend the damage they can do by simply being ignorant and spewing that ignorance upon the masses.
    You probably still think that your government is 'for the people by the people'.
    You probably think you're a REAL american for christ's sake.
    Are the Muslims still out to get you?

  8. mick says – reply to this


    Simply entitled american male ego is all you've presented me with.
    Feminism is still about equality when represented correctly. Notice how I never once in my previous post said that ANYONE was stupid, nor did I say that womens rights are more important than mens.
    I simply stated that Robin Thicke's wild claims of empowering women were being ignorantly furthered and thus perpetuated by this site/person.
    Now please take your time picking apart my argument so that you might ignorantly throw another "you're too busy whining to do anything real" my way because I know you will. Then after you've done that you can try to find some statistics somewhere that debunk my 'claims'. There now I bet you feel good about yourself. Another win for the patriarchy son? Job well done.