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Justin Bieber Keeps His Shirt On To Hang With Jay Z! See The Pic HERE!

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justin bieber hanging with jay z

We're sure Jay Z appreciates the gesture!

Somehow Justin Bieber managed to do the impossible keep his shirt on while hanging with a total legend. Yup, even more of a legend than the Biebs himself!

From Will Smith to Jay, the Biebs is getting in tons of A-lister time!

We're not sure what the hellz he might have been doing with Jay - possible collab? - but the Biebs sure did seem to have a good time chilling with him and Kevin Hart.

He posted the threesome pic of the three on Instagram and proved he's apparently got some street cred!

Although, considering the other guys are happy to look at the camera, the Biebs seems a little poser-ish making sure he's facing away.

C'mon Biebs, smile for the camera!

Ch-ch-check out more pics of the Biebs hanging with other stars (below)!

[Image via Instagram.]

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36 comments to “Justin Bieber Keeps His Shirt On To Hang With Jay Z! See The Pic HERE!”

  1. CutiePatutie says – reply to this


    Wow, that kid looks high as hell.

  2. george09 says – reply to this


    Re: CutiePatutie – expected an ignorant hater of bieber as always saying dumb as hell stuff, if that's high for you then they're all high in this picture lol delusional much?

  3. gogo says – reply to this


    Jay Z is the MAN. I hope he will give JB some advices or do a song with him , after hearing his latest songs JB goes hard I'm starting to like his music !!

  4. Kippy says – reply to this


    Neither have stood the test of time yet and it's a little early to call either "legends".

  5. timeraz says – reply to this


    He more likely photobombed into the frame. Why on earth Jay Z would want to hang out with this little annoying karaoke kid?

  6. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: timeraz – Jay has his arms around him just like on Kev, so he obviously was ready for the picture with JB and not everyone finds him annoying, Jay treats people how they treat him if JB was annoying and rude he wouldn't even get into a car with him and hang out even more so…

  7. 7

    Re: george09 – it's a statement of fact. He looks stoned. And yes that is what stoned looks like.

  8. MichJB says – reply to this


    Dumb and Dumber

  9. george09 says – reply to this


    Re: Nic-Nak – well it's your own stupidity if you think this is how high looks and you've never been high then kid.

  10. puffs says – reply to this


    Re: Nic-Nak – Bieber always does that face and he is just looking on a side, he isn't high it's just the face he makes most of the time with his eyebrows up, you're saying it just because it's Bieber but this isn't the high look dear.

  11. 11

    Re: george09 – I'm 28 years old. Don't call me kid. I smoke weed. I went to a college that is known for pot. Don't make assumptions about me. I'm not saying he's stoned but he looks like he is.Re: puffs – Don't use that condensing tone with me. If that's how he looks then he looks stoned. It is possible to look that way with out being stoned.

  12. happygurl says – reply to this


    Hey Justin, Leif Garrett called and he says he's saving you a seat on Worlds Dumbest.

  13. lololol says – reply to this


    Re: happygurl – And you're retarded gurl

  14. 14

    Yo yo yo , biebhra be hard like a real nigrah, bra…. He done be a black man trapped in a white childs body. Shizzle , lil twist, real ganstras of bev hills, fo shure' . word to ya motha….OUT!!

  15. 15

    come on, where are my posts???

  16. rb says – reply to this


    Justin hanging with the top boys like; P Diddy, Jay-Z, Will Smith and others tells me he is a well respected young man by his peers in the entertainment industry and has earned the right of passage. Please don't make irrelevant ridiculous raciest statements; "he's trying to act black or he thinks he's black!" By the definition of a legend, Justin is more of a legend that Jay-Z, in fact Justin is a megastar in comparison to Jay-Z is just a superstar!!

    The difference between a Superstar/Megastar:
    Entertainment Superstars are greatly known artist for his/her work field, and are known in a particular country or worldwide. Superstars in music are people like: Madonna (POP), Rihanna (R&B), Taylor Swift (CM), Jay-Z (RAP); etcetera…

    Entertainment Megastars are superstars that have been recognized to a much higher degree for their work field such as: being inducted into the entertainment hall of fame, state awards from the state's highest authority, world recognition such as the noble prize. In music they are people like: MJ (POP-HOF), Elvis (CM-HOF), Beatles (ROC-HOF), Sir Elton John (POP-Knighted), Justin Bieber (POP-Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal), Sir Paul McCartney (ROC-Knighted); etcetera…

  17. biebs says – reply to this


    Re: rb – rb ? please be who I think it is :$

  18. 18

    Re: rb – 60,000 people are being awarded the Queen Jubliee Medal in Canada. That doesn't give someone "megastar" status. It also was created just last year, given to different countries that fall within United Kingdom rule. Pretty much for the Queen living and ruling as long as she has (which is a pretty impressive length) but considering the Queen and the royal family are pretty much figure heads with no political rule, I don't see the point of the medal. That could be the American in me speaking. What is really sad is that 11,000 members of the Canadian forces were also given this medal but without the coverage Justin Bieber got for it.

  19. 19

    Re: lololol – fuck off cry baby

  20. Alison says – reply to this


    Damage control. Sorry but Bieber still is a POS! Jay-z can't change that.

  21. lol says – reply to this


    Time to pull the black card…

  22. 22

    Considering Justin Bieber is an international A-List celebrity in his own right, I don't see what the big deal is in him hanging out with other A-List celebrities. Plus he has known Jay Z for a few years now.

  23. 23

    Re: Nic-Nak – Jay Z is known for smoking pot too, so what is your point here anyway? They probably smoked a few joints before that picture anyway….LOL

  24. 24

    Re: rb – Jay Z has been in the business a long time and is considered a legend in the hip hop community, Justin has a long way to go yet before he is in the same league. This is coming from a Belieber, I agree that Justin is a mega superstar and right now is more popular than Jay Z and is known better by the youth than Jay Z. Just don't try to cause any more trouble for Justin ok?…LOL

  25. 25

    Re: Nic-Nak – "To hounor significant contributions and achievements by Canadians" is what the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded for. Thus we had people from all walks of life who made contributions to Canada and abroad who were awarded these medallions in recognition of the Queen's 60th accession to the throne. It was good to see Justin get this for his achievements in the music industry world wide and not based on his off stage persona. I don't think anyone in their right mind can deny Justin Bieber has made an international impact in the music industry…Sales and shattering and setting new records don't lie.

  26. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – Why are you spending time to talk to some typical sheep Bieber hater who doesn't know half shit they are talking about whatever good you say about Bieber they will respond with their moronic bullshit and find something bad in it ? Just leave them with their pathetic little minds and living in their basements. I swear on Bieber's posts on this dead site I find the most retarded comments and those aren't by his fans. I'm talking about those little sheeps who follow each other and think they're cool cause they hate him. Fuck them !!

  27. iliminati's lucifer says – reply to this


    Jay Zee , I can't wait to see you in hell motherfoker!

  28. God says – reply to this



  29. Kylie says – reply to this


    Justin is such a bad ass! LoL

  30. 30

    Re: ok_then – I'm not saying he hasn't made an impact musically, I'm saying that this award doesn't make him a "megastar" according to the rules that this person put forward. An award that has just been issued last year is no where near being knighted. Thus the argument was made invalid. The people that he/she were comparing to Justin are artist whose careers and achievements span decades. Justin's career is just beginning and he's not there yet. I think he has the potential to get there but as of right now he's not. Re: Hov – Calm your tits. I never said I hate him. I was pointing out an inconsistent argument. Please don't make assumptions about me. I'm not responding with "moronic bullshit" just facts. Also I own my own home and it doesn't have a basement. A crawl space yes, but it's quite cramped and has limited Wi-Fi. So I'll continue posting from living room.

  31. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: Nic-Nak – I see you on every Bieber post pretending to be a smart ass but only sounding dumb every single time. Why you keep trying anymore kid ? Go back sucking your mother's tits. You secretly in love with Bieber so you comment on his every post ?

  32. 32

    Re: Hov – I post in a lot more however my post have been deleted recently. Maybe because I've been pointing out how much Katy Perry's new song sounds like "Brave". As far as sounding like a "smart ass", I'm going to need you to clarify. Smart ass as in sarcastic or smart ass as in sounding coherent when I write? For the last time I'm 28 years old, so please stop calling me kid. As for sucking on my mothers tits, it would be a little awkward. Probably because she stopped breast feeding me 27 and a half years ago but mostly because she died 4 years ago.

  33. rb says – reply to this


    Re: Nic-NakRe: Nic-Nak – The point is; "state awards from the state's highest authority"!! Sir Elton John (POP-Knighted), Sir Paul McCartney (ROC-Knighted) by Queen Elizabeth II which is as you say "is a figure head"!! You can get a state award and not be a megastar because you haven't reached superstar status. Other governments also give out awards. Go back and read the definition!!

  34. rb says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – I am not trying to cause issues, but it takes a lot to be a league! To me a league is some that has died, and is remembered 20 years later; not because someone has been in the music industry for a longer period of time or is considered by a single group of people. Jay-Z has a lot of money; also he's been nominated 97 x and won 29 x. Justin on the other hand was nominated 187 x and won 105, and this is not to include the records in music that he has broken. So what is league?

  35. BAN THE BEIBS says – reply to this


    makes sense. he is a talentless little BITCH and Jay did make it clear that bitches aint his problem…

  36. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: rb – That has to be one of the most absurd statements I have ever heard . I understand his fans desperatly wanting to defend him, but with statements like that you do him and youself as a fan no favors. Anyone who has any understanding of music history woul laugh at the fact you put Justin Bieber in the same category with the other artists you mentioned. I understand in your mind you consider him to be , but that is only in your reality. If they are still playing Justin Bieber's music twenty, thirty or even forty years into the future, then and only then will he deserve to be mention in the same breath as people like Elvis, the Beatles