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Princess Diana's death is still one of the most tragic, and now it might be even more tragic than we ever thought. Her death is back in the news as it's … Read more…

23 comments to “Princess Diana's Death Back In Focus As NEW Allegations Come Out! Find Out What HERE!”

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    I knew that the day she died. The Royal family was not about to have a muslim as step-father to Prince William and Prince Harry. not gonna happen.

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  3. texasannie says – reply to this


    Let this woman rest in peace.

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    Re: shaygirl1309 – That's exactly what I thought too. She even told her butler, Paul Burell that Charles wanted to get rid of her and she said that he wanted to make it look like a car wreck. Google it. So sad, she was so caring to the poor and sick.

  5. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: happygurl – I agree and think she was murdered. RIP!

  6. Twilight says – reply to this


    These allegations were made at the time of Diana's death. A former MIA operative stated that the manner of her death–ie high speed chase into a tunnel and clipping the corner of the car was a well known scenario used by the MIA. Who in the Royal family is close to the MIA? Prince Phillip. Now Diana's diary referred to tapes that Paul Burrell had in his keeping. He called authorities that he had been robbed, and while the police were investiging, some of Diana's personal belonging were found in his home–but the box with the tapes/diary were stolen. Strangely enough Paul Burrell was put on trial for having Diana's things—but when he was about to reveal what was IN THOSE TAPES–the QUEEN stepped in and claimed to know that Diana had indeed given the personal belongings to Paul. Laws in England preventing the contents of the tapes from being published in England, but Scotland has different laws. The contents were an interview Diana had with a man in jail who claimed that a high level ROYAL had sexually assaulted an employee (same sex). Almost IMMEDIATELY, the Queen allows Prince Charles to marry Camilla despite previous refusals!!! Public attention is then drawn to a Royal Wedding, fickle public forgets that they were about to learn something very scandalous about , well, YOU know WHO! This is old news, several articles were written on this YEARS AGO!!!!!

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    Here is something. Never ever, ever get into a car when the driver is impaired. Never ever. Never ever. Be a douche, be a nerd, be an outsider, be a chicken, be a coward, be a loser, be a loser. Be alive.

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    Here is something. Never ever, ever get into a car when the driver is impaired. Never ever. Never ever. Be a douche, be a nerd, be an outsider, be a chicken, be a coward, be a loser, be a loner. Be alive.

  9. happygurl says – reply to this


    Really Perez, you'll post this crap, but you won't post my Justin comments?

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    You're horrible!

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    Re: happygurl
    I can reply to you but not to the Hillary's blah blah blah posts. Anything is possible. Were they forced to leave the hotel? Were they coerced into getting into the car? Were the pap's in on the plot? While they did not know their driver was badly impaired, they both knew they would be sought out by photographers. Lovely people wasted by fame, not by murder.
    To Hillary blah blah blah
    Muslims are not bad people. Violent Muslims are.
    BTW: Here's what I heard. You will take multiple cocks of any color in every hole while you scream Allah. Is that true?

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    there should really be a way to report people in the comments section

  13. Casey says – reply to this


    This is SO common with these royals. I got into reading royal biographies for a while and was SHOCKED at how corrupt and unloving they are. The saddest one I read was Anne Boleyn. Omg sooo awful. Henry VIII was tired of her and wanted a new wife so he brought false charges against her and she was incarcerated while still the queen, and she had a nervous breakdown because of stress and she didn't want to die and leave her daughter Elizabeth I. I mean, it wasn't THAT long ago! Prince Phillip prob had something to do with it. He's a nazi mofo. Diana even said that Charles was going to try to kill her and make it look like a car wreck. Will and Harry are better than their father. They're so much more like Diana, especially Harry.

  14. Casey says – reply to this


    I meant to say Henry VIII had his wife BEHEADED just because he was tired of her. I'm not surprised AT ALL. It's horrible if it's true.

  15. 15

    Re: thelmalouise – I have always wondered why they changed their minds and left the hotel, all they had to do was go to their room.

  16. 16

    Re: cokoyoko – agree!!

  17. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: happygurl – No idea if this is legit info or not but I read somewhere that someone in her posse that night was involved and told them they had to leave the hotel because of security reasons.

  18. 18

    The Princess Whore Diana's ROYAL STORY was no HAPPY FAIRY TALE ENDING…..

  19. 19

    Re: Casey – Wow that's really interesting. For me, she was like my J.F.K. I remember where I was, and what I was doing when I heard about her death.

  20. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: happygurl – yea, it's really interesting. I'm pretty sure it was a uk article, it had some really interesting info, like the white Fiat that they never found. The guys father came out and said it was his son and that he had spray painted the car red just a few hours after the accident. he thought his son was involved in some way.

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    YES IT would be good the princes find out who was behind the mothers murder …

  22. Heath says – reply to this


    Check out Amazon for this novel, "Princess Diana The Day She Didn't Die." It's the first ever book to consider how Diana's life may have been, had she survived the car crash.

  23. 23

    No one killed her.
    She died because the driver of the car was drunk and lost control while being chased by paparazzi.
    That is the true original story and no BS report is going to change that.
    Case closed.

    George Vreeland Hill