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Why Is Eminem Still SO ANGRY???

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Can't he make happy music???

What's he mad about these days???

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45 comments to “Why Is Eminem Still SO ANGRY???”

  1. 1

    Why does he have to make happy music? Because you command him?

  2. 2

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  3. Sants says – reply to this


    clearly you don't listen to his entire albums….since every song he makes is not angry. but eminem is regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time mainly for his intense voracity when he raps. And seeing as how he is one of the most successful muscicians of all time in general, with one of the longest careers, and an incredible amount of grammys….I'd say your opinion just about counts to a piece of shit.

  4. Joey says – reply to this


    Re: Sants – I am an Eminem fan, I like everything he does. However, I think you are a rude child who needs to stop sprouting so much negativity in the world. Perez wasn't talking crap, he didn't even say anything mean, you took it there. If you don't agree with him or like his page, why do you go to it? Just to be an ass? Seriously, go spread your negativity in your own life.

  5. luvEm says – reply to this


    His formula works - it sells records. Why change it?
    'Real' people can personally relate to the frustrations regarding policy, government, family and relationships. Especially since he doesn't publicly project himself as 'Jesus' who flaunts his billion dollar bank account and megalomaniac Ego.

  6. Christina says – reply to this


    the song is about being a survivor… refusing to quit… haha whats more uplifting than that? Perez apparently can't relate to music that isn't synthesized or processed…. Please have him stick to talking about the Kartrashians…music isn't his forte. f*ckin idiot.

  7. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    "cant he make happy music" uhm who the fuck do u think ur talking about? eminem is a rapper, not a pop star.. get ur shit together perez. eminem will make happy music when u stop bullying ppl on ur website

  8. PopStatuz says – reply to this


    u challenge him to make an uplifting or fun song? im not afraid, beautiful is uplifting.. 7 fun? are u kidding where the fuck have u been his whole career.. what about the real slim shady, my name is, just lose it.. those are fun songs! eminem is not a pop singer, he isnt gonna make uptempo songs, get over it.. u have no music taste at all perez.. u call his music rehashed but ur praising the shit out of katy's very reductive song.. her new song sounds like all her other songs plus sara b's song.. PLEASE STOP! ?YOURE SO TRANSPARENT! plus that haircut is so 2007.. it sucks!

  9. m.juv says – reply to this


    you want fun happy songs? how about The Real Slim Shady and Without Me?? those are the most happy fun hilarious songs of all time! plus who are you to talk about a talented artist like eminem?? I say stick with your look alike clowns like lady gaga, nicki minaj and kesha. and leave eminem alone! we are happy soooooo happy about eminem's music, it's truly touches us deeply.

  10. 10

    I thought clicking on the video would give me a portion of Eminem's song. Instead, I get ANOTHER unwanted video of Perez, this time pontificating as if he has credentials as a music critic. STOP making these ridiculous videos, or at least label them clearly so we know if we click we will be just getting YOU. Ugh.

  11. JAZ says – reply to this


    three words: My Name Is

  12. 12

    i don't know who has a more grating voice, eminem or perez.

  13. Chelsea says – reply to this


    Perez, just stick to celebrity gossip and stay away from music, because you obviously have no clue about what you are talking about. Upbeat, redundant lyrics, and synthesized voices do not make a good song.

  14. Laurent says – reply to this


    You really need to shut the hell up. You're a disgusting human being and no one wants to listen to you talk. The gossip posts are interesting, but I feel like impaling myself on a giant metal spike every time I hear your voice spouting out the most pointless and hypocritical arguments. Rehashed? Have you heard Katy Perry's new song? And comparing Eminem to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? WTF? He isn't a pop singer, why even make the comparison? Stop critiquing on music, you suck at it.

  15. 15

    YES WE CARE! Are you freaking kidding me? He's extremely talented and he has made VERY fun songs, it will never be in the POP genre though because he is a rapper not a pop artist. Many of his songs are uplifting just fyi "I'm not afraid" was extremely uplifting and he reached out to his fans and shared his experiences.. I don't feel like you should be talking about him whatsoever, what he does is great, he's very successful and his awards and support from fans all around the world show that. He's one of the most real "celebrities" you'll find, and honestly he lives his life well out of the public eye except when it comes to sharing his music. The song is great, and I bet you anything its going to do real good on the rap music charts. So Perez on this one just shut up. I usually like hearing your opinions but you couldn't be more wrong and really disrespectful "does anyone care" kind of a rude question to ask, I'm positive his fans care.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yeah, I'm glad he's back. Creativity and work is good. The alternative can lead down dark alleys. Em is everyman angst and rage at the machine, even if he's other things now as well, and everyman appreciates the hell out of that, and buys his art.
    You forgetting his comedic snips in vids?

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lol @ 'happy music.' Can't you make happy postings about Gaga?

  18. Someone says – reply to this


    Seriously??..Some blogger that makes his money off celebrities with no talent what so ever is questioning a man that actually has talent? I guarantee what you have to say to him is irrelevant, You're probably just hoping that he will somehow chew you up and spit you out in one of his songs. Yeah good luck with that.

  19. eminemFAN says – reply to this


    Because marshall mathers has been through some messed up shit in the past 8 years, a 2nd divorce from kim, drug addiction, near death experience, lost his best friend, his tour bus crashed a while back,falling out with his nan over ronnies mix tapes, im sure you would be happy as Larry if you went through this…

  20. Lizzie says – reply to this


    This just really annoys the heck out of me. Eminem is the greatest rapper of our time, his songs have meaning and are relatable. And he did a fun song recently….C'mon Let Me Ride.

  21. 21

    Never liked this boy never will.

  22. nana says – reply to this


    Re: kylielover02 – and he don't give a shit about you LOSER

  23. riri says – reply to this


    eminem the best !!!

  24. giggles23 says – reply to this


    That has ALWAYS HAS BEEN his thing-being angry- He has made up lifting songs- —did you EVER hear the song 'I'm not afraid' ? THAT IS A VERY UPLIFTING SONG!

  25. Celene says – reply to this


    I like his music, and I don't think he has to change his style. It MAKES him who he is, and that's what makes him great!

  26. ... says – reply to this



  27. Rastah says – reply to this


    Isn't that why we love him!!!!

  28. Uday says – reply to this


    Really…..ur comparing EMINEM with minaj..gaga and miley cyrus….??? Out of ur mind…?
    Happy song rt…go listen to every first single of his albums before recovery…uplifting…rt…go listen to not afraid ..beautiful..or for that matter lose yourself…and u think that no one cares..?????he is eminem..no one cares about ur fuckin reviews….go get a life..

  29. chris says – reply to this


    Re: Joey – you're just as negative as the person you're accusing, who actually wasn't being such. He gave an opinion. You're just being stupid.

  30. KAC says – reply to this


    You may be entitled to your opinion, but you are not qualified to give a multi-Grammy winning, multi-million selling artist any career advice, And I dare you to challenge Eminem on ANYTHING. He will you eat you alive, and I would love to see it. Stick to Stanning (yes, that's an Eminem reference) to Katy Perry's generic music.

  31. Jackson says – reply to this


    Because it helps those who are angry inside and have no outlet. Are you ignorant to believe that rap music should be happy and for the masses? Rap music is for those that have struggled. Much like rock was created for angry rebellious teenagers, em came to give all the angry poor white kids of suburbia a voice. That's not to say he has no black fans. Don't be so ignorant. Clearly thought Hilton, you haven't heard jingle balls. Look it on YouTube. Happy enough for you? Besides would you be happy with the life he had?

  32. Shauna says – reply to this


    Was at his concert last night in Slane 83,000 people at it clearly people love his songs and can relate to it!! best concert

  33. ShadyFan says – reply to this



    WHY DO YOU FUCKIN LIVE ??? :@:@:@:@:@:

  34. Aoife says – reply to this


    He played Slane last night in Ireland. He didn't interact much with the crowd and played for circa 1 1/2 hours, many were disappointed with this. Still great concert though:-)

  35. KC says – reply to this


    Eminem always went against the mainstream. He never tried to be pop or dancey, nor tried to compete with other artists.

  36. stephanie says – reply to this


    I care I'm from Michigan he used to be my neighbor and any fan of eminem knows his best work is when his angry that's what we love about him (maybe he has bi polar his lil brother sure does ). Still either way i love his new stuff even if it sounds like he old stuff . i hate when artist change there music dramatically i think he should stay with the angry marshall

  37. LSUU says – reply to this



  38. ceridwen says – reply to this


    What's up with your outfit. Can you at least make yourself look proper when you take videos?

  39. Matt says – reply to this


    God Perez your an idiot!

  40. greg says – reply to this


    just re-watch that video and you will know why he is angry. pop culture is garbage these days. makes me want to punch through a wall!

  41. 41

    he's mad cuz you keep dissing Lady GaGa

  42. Courtney says – reply to this


    There's more to Eminem than anger, you know. I think any fan would agree that he is also a pretty funny guy… Maybe you should steer clear of making any comments about his music because you so clearly have no clue what you're on about. Idiot.

  43. kAyla says – reply to this


    Just lose It defiantly always made me happy! lol Heck YES we care he's back Perez!!!!!!!!!!!! Music needs help these days!

  44. raven Flower says – reply to this


    em is talented truly Talented and his Music is so unique and different and he has his own Style of Doing Music I know when he first Started his Music little Different from what he does now mostly Poetry about his life but I would not want him to Sing Pop Music oh goodness no in his life yes to be happy

  45. Hemanth says – reply to this


    Man he is awsome whatever he does
    And if u want a happy song BERZERK is the answer
    Obviously everyone cares he is back