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A Statement On Lady GaGa's Lies

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perez hilton lady gaga

From Perez Hilton:

I have long had plans to return to New York City more permanently. New York was my home for 6 years in the mid 90s, before I moved to Los Angeles. I also lived here for 3 months last year while doing an off Broadway show. I’m a new father and I am primarily focused on my family and where we will be most happy. I love New York and that is where me and my growing family want to call home right now. Sunday, my realtor showed us a list of possible apartments to rent. I learned only after the fact that Lady GaGa lives in one of the buildings we looked at, and she was across the country in Los Angeles when I viewed that building. After a day of innocent house-hunting, I am devastated and my heart hurts that my former very good friend, a person I used to call my "wifey" and traveled the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter. While it is still too painful for me to go into detail about why I chose to no longer make her a part of my life, I will say that I am a critic and not a “stalker”. Any allegation that I am stalking her, based on a day of house hunting with my baby boy and my mother, is utterly false, defamatory and now appears to be putting me and my family in danger. I will continue to be a critic - in a way that is not mean or involves name-calling, and I will continue to have an opinion and talk about music and songs, like GaGa's "Applause". I hope her fans stop sending me death threats, as the suggestion that I pose a danger to Lady GaGa is preposterous. If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady GaGa, they should buy her music. Notwithstanding my feelings about our personal relationship, I do wish Lady GaGa happiness and continued success and I assure you my family house hunting has nothing to do with her.

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760 comments to “A Statement On Lady GaGa's Lies”

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  1. Mona says – reply to this


    So sorry about your problems. I am beyond confused. I love your column. Showing my age here and calling your blog a column! Don't you love that all us old grandma types read your column every day. It is difficult when friends turn your back on you. Keep your chin up. Baby Perez is the cutest baby ever. Not as cute as my grandsons but really really cute. You are so lucky to be blessed with that little boy. You are a dad not and life is good. Don't ever forget that. And you are better than that!

  2. Jessica lia says – reply to this


    Re: Return to Reality

    Yes, I'm thinking there may be some sort of cool-down timer to prevent spammers, but I if that's the case, I hope he implements something that tells you how long you've got to wait between posting.

  3. jayforgaga says – reply to this


    Re: MerzhookerRe: tempe – ok u dont know anything shes not a floop shes has sold more records and singles and is #1 on itunes in 50 difftent countrys she not a floop at all u need to stop

  4. Jessica lia says – reply to this


    Re: Return to Reality

    It was what someone on another crappy news site said, I tried to post straight after saying that in the hope that gaga fans would see what they claimt o be a part of but it wouldn't post, idk why, maybe a cooldown?

    I know, I feel like a fool for posting it now because now it looks like I've actually said it. Hopefully I can help you believe me by using logic, if I was really going to do something as fucking vile as that would I tell the internet? No. I really feel for perez and don't understand why gaga is giving hims o much shit. He is a critic, his job is to critise and sometimes exaggerate. I really HATE how people think he has some sort of vendetta against gaga because she is JUST ONE of the MANY celebrites he talks about in his work, you could also argure he was on a hate crusade with justin bieber, but that's obv bullshit. It upsets me that people can not see what he's doing to gaga is exactly the same and it's his job,

    If anything, I find it digusting that he can't walk out of his own house and carry on with his personal life and not be accused of stalking lady gaga, it's a joke, if I was him I'd just ignore her from here on out.

  5. *** says – reply to this


    Re: oohdirtysecret
    Says the one hurling insults and hiding behind a screen.

  6. bothsuck says – reply to this


    Save your personal drama for social network sites - way to keep business separate from personal

  7. 407

    Your grammar is horrible. I have offered to correct your language skills free several times in the past, before you post with mistakes, but you never responded. It is not "me and my family". . . That being said, you are not credible at all.

  8. jayforgaga says – reply to this


    perez leave lady gaga alone ur a lieing fool u need to stop the drama and grow the fuck up ur a gross humanbeing ur crude and u lie when ever u have a chance soo bitch karma is on her way i hope she teaches au a lession

  9. walter says – reply to this


    ur a psycho and you said that you were gonna try to bash GaGa to damage her career….. And you did this because she ignored you? you're crazy

  10. Dee says – reply to this


    Beyond obvious Hilton's career is fading and he is playing victim for the attention. The video of him crying like a helpless person is coming soon. I like Gaga's song however I don't I ow how well it is doing. Regardless Perez going up against her is like an ant doing up against a lion.

  11. Jessica lia says – reply to this


    Re: B.Light.

    We don't know anything about anything on the internet really, the person who posted it could be a Perez fan trying to make gaga fans seem stupid. I think there's a cool-down timer between posts and that's possibly why it didn't post straight away.

    Still, I think gaga fans and gaga alike are overacting massivly at a little bit of critism, she can't expect people to give up thier jobs so she can "stop the drama and start the music". Tbh, I wouldn't mind little fights here and there but people don't have the capacity to not go OTT and they end up sending messages like the one I quoted, so I really do think the celebrity and the critique have to remain separate things which do not intertwine lalala I'm tired and just want this crap to stop. I feel sorry for both of them, but Perez even more so as he has a son.

  12. Sara says – reply to this


    Re: Flopplause – Your screenname made me lol. <3

  13. What? says – reply to this


    I read you. You are intentionally mean sometimes. Just saying

  14. Jessica lia says – reply to this


    Re: jayforgaga

    Gaga knows the dealing with it publicly is going to cause slightly over obsessed fans to overact and that's obviously what she wants for Perez. She needs to calm the hell down and sort it out privately or insulting and being rude to him.

    Perez, stay strong, ignore the hate, we love you.

  15. bd4three says – reply to this


    Re: Lena – flop??? #1 in 45 countries is not a flop.

  16. Liam says – reply to this



  17. 417


  18. who care says – reply to this


    Lady GAGA who??? Last time i checked she doesnt own new york city. if anyone should be consider a creep she should be since she stole Madonna's image and tried to be shocking like her because thats the only way people would pay attention to her.

  19. Imy Blinky says – reply to this


    You're a cystic blemish on the face of humanity, Perez. Resorting to stalking Gaga is just felonious and creepy, not to mention the apparent cyberbullying over the course of the past 2 years. You're an absolute disgrace, really. Clean up your act or go into hiding.

  20. Bee says – reply to this


    I'm so sorry you are going through this! Keep it positive and keep it moving! This entire environment is so nasty and non conducive to starting and having a healthy family really just being happy! Invest your funds in other ventures and hire others to work this silly madness.

  21. Daniel says – reply to this


    Wow, everyone's comments are deplorable. Perez doesn't like her new song, he stated his opinion, now be quiet. I find it hypocritical of GaGa fans to even lambast him over his negative reviews, when GaGa's fans personally crucified Christina Aguilera a few years ago when Perez hated on her. Perez has an opinion, so do you. If you were true GaGa fans, you wouldn't be shouting such hate and violence in your comments.

  22. JesusW says – reply to this


    Its cool, I found this fake innocent character in many Gay.

  23. FF says – reply to this


    i love gaga and i don't really like you much, but can you two kiss and make up already?

  24. happygurl says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, Don't let this crap bring you down. You are very lucky to have your beautiful baby boy and a wonderful mother. My dear friend you are on the way up, in more ways than one. Even though people write crap, there are those of us who still really care for you and your cute baby a lot. Remember artists need publicity when releasing new music. You were but a means to get more publicity. Ignore that silly person and enjoy your life. How exciting New baby,New York, New home, New life! You were a good friend to her, its her loss.

  25. Kimmi says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga is quickly becoming a one hit wonder, so this is her way of getting attention. I think she realizes people are seeing her for who she really is, a fake and a fraud.

  26. 426

    Anyone who remembers your old posts knows that you helped hype her and got her a lot of attention. Now she's biting the hand that fed her. Perez is a tabloid writer and doing what all of them do. She is off on this one & trying to get attention for her new album and that's it. Sad.

  27. jay says – reply to this


    you lady gaga-diehards need a life. your on the same level of one direction fans. gaga doesn't care about you, your only part of her machine

  28. Crunksta says – reply to this


    God, I hope you're son doesn't turn out like you.

  29. Gem says – reply to this


    Perez, I ask you to please watch your interview again with Ellen and ask yourself, "Am I keeping my oath to not be a bully anymore?"

  30. FUCK says – reply to this



  31. Jeff says – reply to this


    You started perez with all the trash talk. You need to look in the mirror and practice what you preach. I'm sure she feel hurt by what you've done so stop playing victim. You are a bully and just cause your using it in a different way still makes you a bully. Maybe you should stop saying poor me and ask yourself what part you had in this. You were very mean to as a fan whenI tried to say hi and I was a fan at 11 in LA and discounted me and rolled your eyes at me when I said hello and I was fan so I'm sure your not innocent at all in this.

  32. happygurl says – reply to this


    I'm sure you don't read all of these. You would feel bad with all the terrible stuff people write, I feel bad for you and I only read a couple. Perez, seriously why do you post all the super horrible comment people write? It just encourages more assholes to come forward.? They are just ignorant, ranting creeps. You being gay, should not give these ignorant homophobes a platform to spout there poison. Anyone using a derogatory, gay reference should not get to post. Love you, stay strong. Be happy!

  33. Edwarth Evans says – reply to this


    You are pathetic Perez! First wanted his death, his failure thousand negatives and now want their success? YOU ARE SICK! NEED HELP!

  34. lisa says – reply to this


    sorry, I am done perez. Good luck.

  35. happygurl says – reply to this


    P.S. You dress a lot better since you quit hanging out with her. Your gold pictures were amazingly fierce!

  36. sean says – reply to this


    There are eight and a third million people in NYC. Sorry we don't believe you just "happened" across GaGa's building. #bye

  37. Bully says – reply to this



  38. bridget says – reply to this


    honestly i don't see how this isn't manufactured drama to bring up her sales. i find it hard to believe she lives in a building with such lax security that it takes a fan of hers, who apparently was just hanging out outside, to notice Perez (inside) to get him removed from the premises. that just sounds laughable really.

  39. pj says – reply to this


    Live wherever you think you and Lil' P will be happy. If Gaga doesn't like it she can move. Her 15 minutes will come soon enough.

  40. sean says – reply to this


    PS, it's "my family and I," not "me and my family." Not to be a grammar nazi, just most real journalists care about that, and if that's what you aspire to then I'm happy to help xoxoxo

  41. 441

    Lady gaga and her fans are all crazy like nuts. seek help it is out there for you, the death threats have to stop this is crazy.

  42. 442

    I'm not a fan of Gaga's. Never have been. But - I think you spent many, many years bullying celebs and earning money off of their mistakes. This is called KARMA - for you both. You made the mistake of believing that you were "one of them". You're not. Welcome back to the world of reality. Learn something from it. And say no more on this subject. If she's truly the one lying. . . let her hang herself w/her own rope. She's already losing popularity with the public - she won't need your help.

  43. Raul says – reply to this


    Re: Merzhooker – i agree!!!! She is pissed cause she isn't getting her #1 for Applause

  44. Ken K says – reply to this


    So sad. The negativity you put out there came back to bite you in the ass. This move to New York should be a happy and exciting new time in your life. The way you have been acting over the last weeks, like the old Perez, has brought all of this mess into your life and tarnished not just this new phase in New York but all the hard work you have done becoming the better person we all now enjoy. We all learnt, through your great example, that people can change. Don't let us down. Please stay safe.

  45. Raul says – reply to this


    Re: Ed – Insults? He is critiquing. Just because Gaga's new song isn't a great comeback song he was hoping, doesn't mean he is insulting her. He has CRITIQUED other artists before so stop with this nonsense!!

  46. Kyra says – reply to this


    You figuratively dug your grave with your passive-aggressive and bias posts about Gaga and eventually you will have to lie in it (again figuratively). I know you think you're a critic but you don't have the credentials to be one.

  47. 447

    My tongue….!

  48. 448

    I will still turn her over and stick my tongue in her ass. She will be happy. Really.

  49. 449

    This seems like a bizarre situation for all involved. Judging from Lady Gaga's hysterical response to this and to another critic who didn't like here new single Applause, I am seriously wondering if there is not something wrong with Lady Gaga. She never went off like this before no matter what was said about her in the past. I hope we are not witnessing the mental breakdown of Lady Gaga like we seen before in the past with Britney Spears and more recently Amanda Bynes… This is not like Lady Gaga at all!

  50. 450

    "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Maybe you should stop writing about her, Mario, to show that you're truly leaving her alone. It does seem like bullying to me, what you're doing.

  51. ivan.a1328 says – reply to this


    Okay i think this has gotten out of hand. If you didnt have an obvious personal vendetta against her, you would not receive the amount of hate you get everyday. Obviously there are delusional fans in every fan base, and Im pretty sure Gaga has said a true fan of her does not spew hate. I guess its just a trendy thing for people to hate on her. And applause has been out for barely a week, im pretty sure a song on the itunes top 10 is NOT a flop. People like to call her a flop because of Marry the Night not making the top 10 on billboard, when ALL of her singles have except two lol

  52. Tenille says – reply to this


    Dont listen to them Perez, i agree with you completely.
    All you have done is report the news, you didnt lie or bully anyone. all you did was stay true to yourself and your work. Reading Perwez hilton religiously everyday is so theraputic and i couldnt live without my fix!
    From what i can see all the way from oz is that your an amazing father and person, you admitted ur faults years ago and im proud to see how you have grown and evolved along with ur business. Im not the biggest fan of gaga as i love my rock/Metal but when someone is wrong they nedd to be told. And in this case, you are definately RIGHT!
    Like i said i thouroughly enjoy reading ur stories and look forward to watching you continue to flourish and grow! You are amazing!!

    X x Tenille x X

  53. 453

    fuck her perez, she's a washed up piece of shit now anyways!!! she's trying to get attention AGAIN with this!!! what a stupid big nose whore she is!!!!!!!!!

  54. over perez says – reply to this


    Perez, you started it. You've been acting like a bitch for a week now. Doesn't Roar sound just like Brave by Sara Bareilles, how come you haven't pointed that out???? Really over this site.

  55. Jay says – reply to this


    It's amazing that so many people are so gullible and don't understand that most celebrities put on a "persona" for the public. Lady Gaga does not practice what she preaches to her "Little Monsters". Perez try not to get too upset about all of this nonsense. You have an absolutely beautiful son and a wonderful mother. All this other stuff is just noise trying to disrupt your life. Don't let it. You know the truth and that is ALL that matters. Focus on those in your life that are truly loyal and forget those that have shown their true true colors.

  56. Shelby says – reply to this


    Okay, to the people that are constantly asking (along the lines of) "why were you in her building acting like a creep?!" Did you not read how he went to look at one of the apartments in the building? If he didn't know she lived there at first, and she wasn't even in New York, then how can he be stalking her? I don't agree with a lot of things Mario has said in the past, but you can easily tell that hes not so hateful and a bully anymore. To come on his website and comment about how much you hate him, etc. etc. shows that you're nothing but bullies too. look at yourself, before you judge him.

  57. mamr says – reply to this


    i find it ironic that you are constantly saying how anti-bullying you are when in reality, you are the biggest bully of them all.

  58. 458

    Upload your crying vid, Perez.

  59. MM says – reply to this


    I'm very sorry that what should have been a happy house hunting trip turned into something ugly and threatening. I am a fan of Gaga's music, but I do not know her as a person, whereas you have. And I know that if a person hurts you that can deeply color your thoughts and opinions about their art or music or anything else they are involved in. People will still come to your site— your snark and sarcasm add a personality and an edge to gossip and fashion that are not found on other sites. I hope you and your adorable son and your mother stay safe and stay happy! Little Monsters— we're AGAINST bullying, so shape up!!

  60. 460

    Re: Shanni – He makes you 'ill' but here you are reading his page and commenting. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  61. J. Martinez says – reply to this


    PEREZ, PLEASE READ THIS FROM A REASONABLE PERSON: I am so saddened to hear that you are receiving this backlash. I don't know if you sent LGG that picture, but regardless, I think that any reasonable person can see that someone doing apartment hunting does not equate to "stalking." That LGG would take to the airwaves to accuse you of that, knowing that it would enlist her fan base to whirl into a rage against you, is, I think, UNCONSCIONABLE. It makes me sad that you would even have to write what you did to offer clarification.
    It is an abuse of power for someone in her position to hurl accusations like that without some substantial evidence, especially when she knows a legion of people will throw trouble your way. How can a person say that they stand for no bullying, etc, when they do that? She did the same thing to Kelly Osbourne. She hurled pious accusations and her fans turned on Kelly. Anyone with an iota of a brain can see through this. If she really stood for all the things she claims, she would pick up the phone or write a private letter. The truth is that her behavior was IMMORAL and UNCONSCIONABLE. And if I am the only reasonable person to stand up and say this, then so be it.

  62. 462

    Can I just say… WHO THE F*CK CARES?? Gaga is over. She clearly can't accept that. Perez, don't give in. Take care of your family and leave the drama in the past. You'll be all the happier for it! Your son is all that matters.

  63. 463

    Realtors have a legal right to be in buildings and to be bring prospective buyers into suites. I can't possibly see how anyone could have a prospective buyer removed from the building when no crime has been committed. Lady Gaga did not have a restraining order out on Perez Hilton nor does she own the entire building. I smell bullshit here from who ever is claiming Lady Gaga had Perez removed. Under who's authority would Perez be removed either than the property management or police? And under what grounds?

  64. 464


  65. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Tranny Gag-Me has and always will be a waste of space. SHUT YOUR HORSEY FACE SLUT.

  66. 466

    You DON'T have GAGA money so what the heck were you doing in her building? You obviously know that you are on her alert list at her building and that should you ever show up there she'd be contacted.

  67. beth says – reply to this


    Ignore Gaga, Perez. She made a shambles of her career and is too immature to admit nobody cares any more, so now she's making something out of nothing to be noticed. I hope you and your beautiful son have a wonderful like in NYC;)

  68. Patricia says – reply to this


    I lost respect for Gaga a long time ago. She always bullies and gets her "little monsters" to harass people on her behalf. It is disgusting how she claims she is so anti-bullying. I don't care what Perez did, he does not deserve death threats and people making fun of his innocent son. I am a mother and cannot believe what Gaga's fans are saying to him. I wish someone as cruel as her would not be famous..she doesn't deserve it. Shame on all of you to take your angry out on an innocent baby.

  69. katie says – reply to this


    Wow grow up Lady Gaga monsters!! You all love the drama but it isn't your business. I love Lady Gaga but why are her fans talking about his baby being ugly and killing him? That is taking things way too far folks. If you don't like him you don't need to be pulling his child into this mess.

  70. OnlyFair says – reply to this


    It's been a long time coming for this pathetic media bully, I hope he never publicly recovers from this It's only fair and is what he deserves KARMA! Honestly I can't see him being a good father that poor child and the hate and oddness it will grow up with

  71. 471

    I don't trust you Perez. You cant change your nature. Baby or not.
    keep on pimping your child out. SAD

  72. Haha says – reply to this


    GaGa GaGa please be my baby mama, haha he probably was stalking her, hes got them creep eyes ya know 8D

  73. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    1. A good majority of the people's posting today, don't even care for gaga. We all have our own reasons for not caring for her, but we have in common, that we are not little monsters. That said, lets move on to number 2.

    2. We the people, who have commented negatively regarding Perez, have watched how suddenly he was posting stats on how poorly gagas new work was being received. We also noticed the dripping sarcasm, and identified, this was 'personal' and cruel, and that Perez was using a position of 'power' to start a movement amongst his readership to speak cruely about her and that her past successes were 'bought' by gaga, implying they wouldn't have been hits on their own merit.

    3. We have seen him treat people like this hroughout his career. He is a petty little man, a tyrant. I can imagine he throws tantrums and 'gets even' if he feels crossed. We don't have a dog in this figh, but we believe in telling the truth.

  74. 474

    You made your millions via name calling, bashing, bullying and being plain mean. Now that those millions are tucked away in the bank you want to be close to some really talented people. You're a god damn stalker. A stalker of fame. You always have been. You always will be.

  75. 475

    Lady gaga is a attention seeking little whore and is a waste of space in music like wtf she think she is I don't even like perez hilton because he is just as fake js but atleast he isn't like the backstabbing btch she would prob throw you in front of a car if she could and like shes trying to stay relevant and her music is trash.//

  76. xtinafan1814 says – reply to this


    I find it funny how unattractive he is. No wonder he had to adopt a child by himself.

    GAGA has talent, you have a blog, I think GAGA wins.

  77. Bye Gaga says – reply to this


    Well Gaga lost another fan. Can't believe what she & her monsters are doing to you. You should tell the police before a cray fan attacks you or your son. Ignore the haters Perez, be strong & look out for your boy.

  78. Joe says – reply to this


    Perez, you are jealous and bitter of Gaga's success. U are desperate to make headline. Stop using GAGA's fame to make yourself famous! You loser bitch!

  79. liza burk says – reply to this


    Read Kelly Osbourne's latest tweet. She can't believe how mean Gaga is and I can't either. She can't fight her own battles so she gets her loyal fans to bully other people. What is wrong with this world when someone that insane can make millions? She attracts other insane people I guess which explains why this abuse from her fans is happening AGAIN to someone else.

  80. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    In conclusion we know that many of you supporters 1. Either do not visit that often and know Hilton, or 2., that you are being asked to fake positive comments about Perez by Perez because it is finally dawning on him, that people actively do not like him and taking his side and that as a result, he will not be invited onto talk shows to cry about how picked on he is for him getting his feelings hurt from somebody with power telling him she saved every psychotics email he wrote to her. I'll bet he's going to lose more celebrity fans, because knowing the type, he probably talked trash about them, whilst he was sucking up to LG. so I hope LG posts those comments. Karma is a bitch and so is Perez.

  81. The Truth says – reply to this


    I was wondering why you of all people hated Lady Gaga's newsong. Now I know. She probably just drop you like a hat because she no longer needs you and she famous worldwide.

  82. D says – reply to this


    All you monsters out there need to take a look at the bully you are following.

  83. 483

    I would hire an apartment there just to spite this mentally sick woman and the rest of you "Perez haters" here. Go for it, mate!

  84. 484

    Not a fan of either person, particularly, but I do know that when you're househunting, you go where your realtor takes you.

  85. Jules says – reply to this


    Still @ the bottom… you sir are no Critic. You survive off of the crumbs that celebrities leave behind… you are a parasite and scavanger…and now a stalker! Congrats How are you gonna feel in a few years when no one cares about your shitty scribbles over pictures ? Brush up on your barista skills because you started as a servant and will end up the same.

  86. lee says – reply to this


    Perez you are a talent less bully- You invade others privacy and then flip out when your is invaded ? Hypocrite. And also how could you not know gaga lived there ?? WTF- sooo over perezhilton.com - your website is going down.

  87. Daniel says – reply to this


    If you never posted that fake post saying Gaga covered Like a Prayer, none of this would be happening.

  88. 488

    Re: RDylan – Amen

  89. @v@ says – reply to this


    I saw this coming, and especially in light of your move. Why do you think I reached out?
    A coupla rings around the trunk brings that ability to see what could possibly play out.
    It has. Now you can only go move by move. Would have been nice to stem things earlier.

  90. goperezhilton123 says – reply to this


    i believe you perez. Gaga needs to be swept of the planet

  91. marmar says – reply to this


    Seriously, you've made your money off expoliding people more than anything. What you do to people's career does not require talent but requires to be trash.

  92. Dax says – reply to this


    There's more to the story than anyone on here knows, so anyone defending Perez or calling GaGa a liar aren't really qualified to do so. I'm sure GaGa has a lot shit on Perez (and him on her) to justify her concerns about him being in her apartment building. After all, he did giddily taunt her fans by telling them he still has her number. Sad that some of her fanbase had to resort to death threats, but Perez knew how they were all along. He's the one who used to get them riled up when he was friends with his former wifey.

  93. 493

    I don't know if this comment will even get posted, since half my comments (and always the ones that call Perez out for who he is) mysteriously don't end up getting posted. I'll admit that I obviously don't know Lady Gaga or Perez/Mario personally. Maybe she really did do something that I would consider "horrible" to him. I'll never know, as I wasn't there. However, Perez should consider how he looks in situations like this. For the rest of his life, he is going to have to live down the "boy who cried wolf" image. He seems to get peculiarly emotional over some of the strangest things, and he is certainly no innocent, well-meaning fellow. The whole "turning over a new leaf" thing was never going to stick. Perez got into this business and has the reputation he has for a clear and simple reason: he thrives on drama. I don't really understand why he posted this letter when he wasn't willing to talk about the supposedly-horrible thing Gaga did to him. Why withhold what is apparently your strongest argument? This just looks tragic and smells fishy. But come on…those of us who have visited Perez's site since 2010 should be feeling a strong sense of deja vu. This would be exactly like his childish 2010 war against Christina Aguilera if he weren't opting for passive, childish digs against Gaga over the all-out hollering and cackling of his anti-Bionic crusade.

  94. walter says – reply to this


    Re: fdfd – true story

  95. Natasha Kennedy says – reply to this


    Best thing you could have done is separate from the sad pathetic* d*uchebag that is lady gaga (lady gag)
    Her fans can only be as pathetic as her, so carry on and hold your head up high.
    Consider that a building that would accept someone like lady gag is not a good place to live..

  96. 496

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 46s

    Drugs don't just ruin lives.They run friendships and careers too. Stay away!!!!

  97. 497

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 2m

    Yes, I'm eating my pain and feelings away right now. I just had some cheese and crackers. It is what it is. I will deal with it tomorrow.

  98. Anouk says – reply to this


    Gaga is arrogant and thinks she's the most important person in this world.
    Her music sucks! And she can't take it. She wants to be the queen of the world.
    It's all about her now. It sucks what money and fame can do with a person.

  99. Johnny says – reply to this


    Perez, it's time to grow up. You are a bully.

  100. Vonda says – reply to this


    Too little too late. You're only doing damage control now and playing the innocent victim so he fans don't come after you. You need to take what you dish out, bitch.

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