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A Statement On Lady GaGa's Lies

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From Perez Hilton:

I have long had plans to return to New York City more permanently. New York was my home for 6 years in the mid 90s, before I moved to Los Angeles. I also lived here for 3 months last year while doing an off Broadway show. I’m a new father and I am primarily focused on my family and where we will be most happy. I love New York and that is where me and my growing family want to call home right now. Sunday, my realtor showed us a list of possible apartments to rent. I learned only after the fact that Lady GaGa lives in one of the buildings we looked at, and she was across the country in Los Angeles when I viewed that building. After a day of innocent house-hunting, I am devastated and my heart hurts that my former very good friend, a person I used to call my "wifey" and traveled the world with, is making very public and very untrue allegations about me on Twitter. While it is still too painful for me to go into detail about why I chose to no longer make her a part of my life, I will say that I am a critic and not a “stalker”. Any allegation that I am stalking her, based on a day of house hunting with my baby boy and my mother, is utterly false, defamatory and now appears to be putting me and my family in danger. I will continue to be a critic - in a way that is not mean or involves name-calling, and I will continue to have an opinion and talk about music and songs, like GaGa's "Applause". I hope her fans stop sending me death threats, as the suggestion that I pose a danger to Lady GaGa is preposterous. If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady GaGa, they should buy her music. Notwithstanding my feelings about our personal relationship, I do wish Lady GaGa happiness and continued success and I assure you my family house hunting has nothing to do with her.

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760 comments to “A Statement On Lady GaGa's Lies”

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  1. 501

    Perez claims he's scared and can't sleep - why because of the threats frm the monsters (which is ridiculous) - so what does he do —- he keeps tweeting. You keep poking something with a stick you're gonna get bit!

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 1m
    Despite her best efforts, @LadyGaGa's comeback song continues to drop on @iTunesMusic in America. It's currently #8!

  2. Kebs says – reply to this


    No matter t no one deserves death threats. He has a baby boy to find a home for and that during his house hunting will have been his main priority not that he wanted to stalk Lady Gaga. So please stop sending him horrible messages which can be very damaging to a person and have often been the root cause of so many tragedies. Don't let yourself be corrupted and become responsible.
    Even if something has/had happened it is none of your business it is between the two individuals involved and Lady Gaga has always said how much she values acceptance and love for EVERYONE. So has Perez. Please. Stop. x

  3. jamesINcambridge says – reply to this


    This Mr. Hilton, is called karma. You're getting what you deserve for being a hateful, hypocritical pig. You're always the first to attack someone for calling you a homophobic name…remember when you used to call Samantha Ronson saMANtha Ronson? Again, all the hate directed towards you is your bull and the evil you put out coming home to roost. You are one of those people that is so hideous on the inside, it shows physically on their outside.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    If you hadn't aimed your little love darts at her all week or more, her tweet wouldn't have been typed.

  5. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Daniel – Are you in this world or you just fell from the sky? Perez has spent the past weeks bashing Lady gaga… ON DIALY BASES! I'm no Gaga fan, i actually like K.Perry, but gosh Perez just went too far! way too far! I was praying Gaga would wake up and actually attack his sorry ass in court for all the damages being caused. I have gay friends who are drama queens but Perez Hilton, you just went to show you really have no life being a bitch and botching on people till they die or end up in the hospital.. or worse.. How could he expect to tackle gaga like he did and get away with it scot free?
    Over the past years he's spent his time and energy bashing artists, people who've worked hard to impose their styles! Good s*** or not you don't have the right to bash on someone to a point they can't take no more!
    Gotta tell things like they are. you are reaping what you've sown Perez, so enjoy it. i do not feel sorry for you at all!

  6. christa says – reply to this


    Don't feel sorry for you one bit, you're always slagging off this person or that person. You deserve all the hate.

  7. etuxdp says – reply to this


    Mario, you turned a HUGE corner even before the birth of your son. Please DON'T listen to the haters. Live YOUR authentic life and ignore the hate. You have a beautiful life! Don't EVER forget that, Daddio! oxoxox

  8. Kelsey says – reply to this


    all of you people calling perez a bully need to realize this is a CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE! it's his job to report about all the dumb, smart, and scary things celebs do. why send hate either way? most of the people commenting are as much of a bully as he is. and the best part is you all say what a piece of shit he is, but you're all here taking the time to comment and read his blog.

  9. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – Bizarre situation huh??? Let's see, have some twat like Perez Hilton insult you everyday for two weeks on the row then you'll show your dragonishi side without anyone asking! i wonder how you cna even ask such a question.

  10. natti says – reply to this


    lady gaga shouldnt flatter herself to think that someone has the time or energy to bother to stalk her ??? TEAM PEREZ on this one!!!

  11. Bewildered says – reply to this


    Freaked out that people like GaGa (or whatever her real name is) are so insulated from the real world that they think everything that happens has something to do with them. Delusions of reference. Most disturbing.

  12. Lalaa says – reply to this


    Stfu, you all acting as if you were there when it happened. This is between Gaga and Perez. She said it herself she can "fight her own battles" and that she doesn't want any negativity, so shut up an stop commenting like some freak stalkers.

  13. GGK says – reply to this


    Perez, you call yourself a critic, why not call yourself a father first?

    Positive Energy Always Corrects Errors. Peace, man. Stop the drama and pointing fingers, focus on your family.

    Also: why are so many people being rude to him on a website that belongs to Perez, what do people gain by that? They probably are so frustrated with their own lives or being bullied themselves in the past, that they feel the need to speek up.

    Reality-check: no one cares.

  14. Courtiger says – reply to this


    Roar! Gaga's trust fund must be running out. Otherwise why else is she whining like a baby if it's truly only for the "applause"
    PS does anyone else remember Nadja Auermann?
    Whomever thought imitation was the sincerest form of flattery doesn't know "Lady Gaga"

  15. 515

    Perez i like you AND Gaga, and i didn't hear about the all appartment thing, but admit it: you're hating her publicaly, bullying her by posting only negative things. As we say in France: On récolte ce que l'on sème…

  16. mwlee says – reply to this



  17. Kevin says – reply to this


    Fucking idiot

  18. Beck says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga is a try hard. Her newest single has been the biggest flop in a long while and that's got to hurt when you think you're so fucking amazing that you even write a song about how everyone should applaud you anyway. It's dumb. She's now trying to get back into the public eye and noticed by causing shit with people who are more successful at the moment. Step down Gaga, your 15 minutes is up.

  19. Maggie says – reply to this


    I am on Team Perez: I really don't like her anymore, especially after all the stories of ill treatment of staff.

  20. Beck says – reply to this


    Re: fdfd – Disgusting. Re-assess your life you little scrotum.

  21. Fran says – reply to this


    I just wonder, is the real reason why you won't say what happened between you and Gaga because you haven't been able to fabricate a ridiculous enough tall tale that people might believe to give you the unwarranted sympathy you think you deserve? I don't give a rats ass about Gaga. She's about as pretentious as they come, but you have ragged on her for over a week. You deserve what you get. You can't be a bitch to someone behind a computer screen and be surprised when they call you out. You've made a "career" out of talking shit, so reap what you sow. The only person in this whole situation that I have the least bit of sympathy for is that child. You are clearly not mature enough to be fit to raise a child. They're not accessories to pack around town. If you want something to love since nothing will love you back, get a damn dog like normal people!

  22. iluminati's muppetsho says – reply to this


    In this case, all I see is.
    - A person terrorized by the evil influence of a famous blogger.
    - On the other hand, I see a blogger who has the right to be very afraid of what gaga's fans are able to do with their insane love for her.

  23. LaFondue says – reply to this


    Youre not a critic your a blogger and were all tired of your bickering and bullying!! Ive had enough of this website, time to find a better one i think.

  24. Tasha says – reply to this


    I've just looked back over the last few days of posts on this site about gaga. The most offensive thing perez seems to have said about gaga is that her song isn't very relatable or radio friendly. Especially considering she is somebody who he has fallen out with I would say those are not very strong criticisms or in any way personal, they're just opinions. I think sometimes people see what they want to see

  25. jam says – reply to this


    Re: LaFondue – i don't know what you expect from celebrity gossip sites, but to me they're all the same

  26. sid says – reply to this


    She clearly has a lot to hide from her gullible fans….just like in her current lawsuit for being a nasty thief, druggie and gay basher.

  27. sid says – reply to this


    Don't worry about Gaga fans, they can't cut a b!tch with a crayon.

  28. truth says – reply to this


    ok here is my issue…you make it a point to talk shit about people all the time on your blog. So when a celebrity decides to fight back, and do what you have done for years. Use their fan support, and let it defend them. You now have an issue. You talked shit about her, and she decided not to let you get away with it. She called you out. So basically it's sit the fuck down perez.

  29. MischiefManaged says – reply to this


    Perez, I do love this site. Mainly because you're always first in with celebrity gossip and news. However, your recent slamming of GaGa, almost incessantly, hasn't gone unnoticed. What you have been doing isn't critique! You've clearly had a falling out, don't air your dirty laundry in public, it only looks bad on you. Please stop. Be a critic, not a bully.

  30. WAKE UP!! says – reply to this


    503 comments on team perez or team gaga yet noone finds it the least disturbing that THIS happens today of all days and guess what? Today is the official release of Gagas album! A fan tweeted her about her appartment and she didn;t find it weird that a fan knows where she lives?? And you pink head way to promote the hell out of a person you are supposedly frustrated with. This is show business, everything is staged people!

  31. Sammy says – reply to this


    They're both manipulative, bullying, attention seekers desperate to crush other people's positive press. You can never trust a gossip columnist and you cannot trust a Queen who would fight to be at the top. Ugh to both of them.

  32. Sammy says – reply to this


    How can you call Lady Gaga authentic when everything she does is just a re-run of the 80s. Nothing is original. How can you call Perez authentic when he takes names from z-grade celebrities and makes money off lies and gossip? Who cares, they're both a waste of earth's air.

  33. Mark says – reply to this


    I will celebrate the day, when a fucking pest like you dies. Leave the celebrities alone!! i hope your son is never able to walk outside and will always be unable to live a private life. Unless he decides to live in a box.

  34. MissPiggy says – reply to this


    @PerezHilton and @Ladygaga - TELL EVERYONE THE WHOLE STORY. Don't say vague comments and statements. TELL THE WORLD WHAT REALLY IS GOING DOWN.

  35. LOL says – reply to this


    The irony of all the haters posting on here is what is actually entertainment. All these awful posts about this guy who started this website, insults, personal attacks, accusing him of being a bully etc. Yet you all do the exact same. Live and let live. Yes he used to be insulting, and we all enjoyed it, otherwise this wesbite wouldn't have reach the hit count it did, and he would not have become famous. And then he changed tactics. So what?

    You all keep him in business and you keep him famous. If you hate him as much, why are you on this site every single day? I avoid that which bothers/upsets me. It's really THAT simple.

    None of you are any better than that which you accuse him of.

    Also, he brought celebrity down to a level of mortal, we all know their flaws now.

    Stop being so vile.

  36. Annie says – reply to this


    Re: michael – He admits he was at her building. He didn't say he wasn't. Can you read? I've run into exes at the grocery store, at the club, etc. Does that make me (or anyone) automatically a stalker? No.

  37. Halow says – reply to this


    Perez, I SUPPORT you!

    You are right, the TRUTH will come out!

    Stay strong and positive for your boy.

  38. ChrisO says – reply to this


    you're a bully, and it's so sad :| get a life Perez, that amazing kid you have deserves it(not everybody is blessed to have a kid and I wouldn't raise mine in this shitz you're creating around you)…

  39. Lynni says – reply to this


    Perez, you are the one that is trying to be a celeb. Write about celebs and so jealous about everything they do. Who is more famous you or Lady Gaga?
    Everybody in my office in Cape Town, South Africa knows who Lady Gaga is and I went around in my office and noboby knows you. lol.

  40. P.S. says – reply to this


    As per all the comments of Perez bashing Gaga, the truth is, all I have noticed is him saying her song isn't doing too well and that perhaps she's trying a little too hard. How is that bashing? He didn't call her a "whore" or a "fake" or anything derogitory at all in fact. The mere fact that her name gets mentioned on this site does not equate to "bashing". Do you even read?

  41. 541

    Mario, I stopped visiting your site a year ago because I could no longer stomach your sycophantic fawning over GaGa. I just stopped by today in order to say I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME! You ARE a creepy stalker and you know it! I hope you live in constant stress and grief, SCUMBAG!

  42. lexi says – reply to this


    Perez your a lier dont call Gaga a lier she never lie you perez have been stalking her trying to get a apartment in her house perez dont lie again u horrible person and a horrble text message is called cyber bullying perez ur a pig

  43. 543

    Don't use your mail order infant as a human shield. You went looking for trouble and deserve all that comes your way. If you were smart, you'd have done all you could to protect your rug rat. But you're not smart, so you deserve to live in fear!

  44. lynni says – reply to this


    Perez even named himself Perez Hilton. (Paris Hilton). Desperate to be a celeb.

  45. anna says – reply to this


    GAGA is a thing of the past
    get over monsters!
    with stupid music to match
    The worst and most bizzar entertainer of all time!
    Kill yourselfs! its about time x

  46. Katrin says – reply to this


    Wow, Gaga's fans are as crazy as her… No-one sane believes her story, Perez; she's a failing popstar on her way out, clinging to any bit of fame and attention she can get. It's sad, really, and I feel sorry for her; if anyone's in danger here you are, and I hope the police get involved if she continues to make insane and defamatory accusations. You're doing a wonderful job with your beautiful little boy, he's a credit to his dad! I wish you and your family the best.

  47. Jessica says – reply to this


    TEAM PEREZ! You people are forgetting Perez Hilton is a CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOG! His job is to blog about celebrity gossip, issues, news etc. He is not the only media outlet whom is criticizing her current failure of her new song and her likeness to Madonna.
    Obviously there is a big issue between the two that resulted in them ending their friendship and she is taking her comments to far.

    Lets face it her new song is TERRIBLE! And she is completely UNORIGINAL!


  48. MissBozz says – reply to this


    This isn't the first time, Lady Gaga have sent her minions after somebody. And that is a really, really strange thing to do, when she usually claim, that she is SO anti-bullying. She must know, that by sending all her fans like that, will result in them attacing the person.

  49. londonboi2013 says – reply to this



  50. ParsifalSA says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga is obviously scared, obviously nothing is going right. So what's a little violation of her own "beliefs" and becoming a bully.

  51. ONIT says – reply to this


    "If her fans want to send a message of support to Lady GaGa, they should buy her music."

  52. hannahpez says – reply to this


    Gaga really needs to control her 'fans'

  53. conkers310 says – reply to this


    I've not read all the ins and outs, but all the "little monsters" that saw him in the building, do you have a legitimate reason for being there, or were you also "stalking"? The real disgusting thing is the hold Gaga has over all of you, it's appalling the lengths people seem to go to these days to supposedly protect a celebrity that feels nothing for them. I understand that feeling of obsession with a singer/actor or whatever, we all get it, but when it gets to the point where people are sending death threats to people, children even, over something they know nothing about, just because their self appointed leader is pissed off that they dared to call their new attempt at a comeback shit? That is just wrong, and anybody that can't see that is just beyond help.

  54. p.s says – reply to this


    i'm with you perez. you need to expose gaga for the manipulative snake she really is.

  55. Steve Travolta says – reply to this


    I completely agree with your critique of Lady Gaga's "Applause' Somehow she seems to have confused the term art with "Gimmick, " which is unfortunate because she is talented enough to write a track on par with some of the classic music artists she constantly references.

  56. LL says – reply to this


    Quite shocked about some of the comments here. Regardless of whether you are team Perez or Gaga, stop it with the hateful words! Some of you are mocking one or the other's bullying ways, but look at your own comments!

    Perez- I enjoy reading your website, it's entertaining and a good distraction. I don't understand how people can post such negative comments on your website when they obviously follow your work religiously. If they don't agree with what you have to say, then they just shouldn't visit your website.

    This is the first comment I have ever posted because quite frankly I was shocked by some of the words I read. If you don't like what you read here, then just go on someone else's blog or fan page. Don't go spreading your hate where your words can be extremely harmful.

  57. calin says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – not every reader, i can't stand gg!!

  58. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – He cant leave people alone. He has mental illness that pretty much makes him fixate on one person and become obsessed. He did it to Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and now apparently Lady Gaga. Any friends he makes soon want nothing to do with him, because he is mean and mentally unhinged. You cant help people like this.

  59. calin says – reply to this


    Is so sad to see these little monsters ( ann those who comment Im not a fan but leave her alone Mario, yah right Im not a fan) defend their mother monster. Life must be so hard these days since there alot of negative articles, comments etc, about her, get use to it!! She's nothing but a fake, once those documents she got sealed get release one of this days you will see what an imposter she really is.

  60. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Jason – EXACTLY! I remember the Britney thing so well and he made me sick. He was all over her problems and humiliating her daily. He is a parasite and now he has gone after someone who is calling him out. I think all famous people should shun him. He is like the fat kid who wants to come to the sleep over, but wasnt invited. Show him the door and be done with it.

  61. Bubbk says – reply to this


    I support you Perez !

    I remember at a award show Britney was given an award and gaga was presenting it … When brit got on stage she couldnt even thank anyone because gaga was taking all the spotlight ! Shes not humble and I wouldnt be surprised that she wuld sabatage other artists ! I believe u when u say it just happened u went there how is going to an old appartement even stalkiing ? Lol

  62. shamrock says – reply to this


    You're both kind of being d*bags to each other. You both need to stop using your fame as a bully pulpit and live your lives. I understand you were just responding to her claims, which I think is fine, and good for you for setting the record straight. But over the past several weeks, it's been clear that you've been using your site to wage a personal vendetta against her. I have to say, was a fan of both of yours, but I'm going to take some time away…from whatever her new album is called and from PH.com. You're both seeming kind of tired and sad.

  63. fid says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga has always been utterly annoying and so has Perez, especially now that he thinks he's a celebrity, rather than a person blogging about celebrities. Anyways, I don't agree that anyone should utter death threats and hopefully these "fans" of any of these uber popular pop stars start to realize that you can't just say anything you want because you are hiding behind your computer. Hopefully the laws start to catch up with technology. I'm tired of hearing of Swift, Beiber, One Direction, Lady Gaga fans sending people death threats over issues that don't concern them and they don't know anything about.

  64. Dexter says – reply to this


    Still the same melodramatic Perez. I'm surprised he didn't upload a video of him crying to accompany his statement. Seriously dude…you're not that important in the grand scheme of things.

  65. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Pervez has always come off as unstable to me …and ugly….

  66. stephc says – reply to this


    Re: Teddy – Is that a death threat? Wow…. You need more help then Perez and Gaga put together.

  67. Bob says – reply to this


    You deserve all the bad karma that has come your way!

  68. Stephc says – reply to this


    Re: Ricky Stevens – You should be ashamed of yourself.

  69. chigo says – reply to this


    Get an iPod Shuffle for just $1/£1/1€ plus a 3 day trial with easyBeezy.com when user plays a quick game

  70. 570

    team perez gaga cant stand that shes on the way out and looking for someone to blame perez already said he was moving to new york he shouldnt have to explain himself to this gaga demented woman who now thinks shes being stalked when shes not even there she needs a mental institution to deal with her unwarranted attacks on perez …the idea that anyone would hold that against perez a father with a young child doing innocent house hunting is preposterous and put together by a sick mind … pereZ is innocent leave him alone gagas fans cant afford to buy her music is why her career is sliding faster than the rats at her parents restaurant down the ny sewer she should be glad to have perez as a friend being she appears to be FRIENDLESS…


  71. 571


  72. Wil says – reply to this


    You are a vile human being. You've been dogging her on you page for a long time. You talking about being a critic is a load of complete shit. You're a bully. The top of your page dogs her song once again. This song is so much better than that crappy generic crap Katy Perry release. You called it weird. However, you loved Judas, Government Hooker, Poker Face, Paparazzi. You're a liar and a hypocrite and I can promise you that you are not welcome in New York City. You're bitchiness, better-than-thou attitude will not be tolerated. And the fact that you parade your son on this website makes you even more vile. Now….what makes you the most vile? Is that you are now playing the victim. After all the lies you've told, the hurt and pain you've caused others, someone has turned the tables and you want to play the victim. Go fuck yourself you worthless piece of shit. I'm not even a huge Gaga or Katy fan, but this playing them against each other and dogging Gaga is just wrong. How's it feel to be on the other side of the bullying? God, I wish you'd just go away.

  73. Wil says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, starting a war with Gaga, the God Mother of Elton John's kids, is starting a war with him. He's pretty much king of the gays. Good luck with that. And the fact that I know people who have known her for a long time, what you say doesn't ring true. And the fact that I happen to know people who know you? Well, they pretty much say you're fake, a liar and a bully. Truth hurts. Go back to the gym at your desperate attempt to be attractive.

  74. 574

    Re: Wil – i seriously doubt that elton is returning her calls anymore since he made up with madonna … gaga has no pals it seems…

  75. truthpluswise says – reply to this


    I am sorry that anyone has that big of a opinion that they threaten someones life or judge them as a parent or bring kids into this "tiff" I find it odd that people commented and clearly did not read your letter. I also am annoyed that people think because they are famous, or have a degree, or are rich they automatically are flipping amazing. News flash other people have lives and not everything is about you. On that point I would like to say I dont like lady gagas new song but I read perezhilton everyday and ive rarely ever seen anything negative about her. This is sad no one brought on anything them self. and not one person is better than the other we are all a child of god's and thats it. end of story I will wait for judgement day so please save your breath and your "concerns and opinions" to your self. you are not my creator. Keep your head up Perez!

  76. Megan says – reply to this


    Personally, I am not a fan of either one of you, I used to read your blog a lot, but just drifted away from it. BUT, the way that Gaga's fan base is acting out against you is utterly disgusting. Wishing terminal illnesses, kidnapping your son, and even death to both of you is pathetic and gross. I think it's sad how much she's acting out in order to get promotions for her new song. Please know there are people who wish the best for you, and want her to get some help as soon as she can.

  77. dsdsds says – reply to this



  78. laughing says – reply to this


    so pathetic to show up at her building.. WE GET IT, YOU DON"T LIKE HERRRRR! obsessed much?

  79. 579

    She forgets she's famous because or Perez without him she wouldn't of made it…what a friend she turned out to be! Perez u need to fire that realtor asap

  80. 580

    You are so full of crap
    You knew exactly where she lived when you went to look at that apartment
    On another note, She doesn't own the building and you can live wherever you want

  81. FixMyFix says – reply to this



  82. Nicky says – reply to this


    I love how people hate on him on his own website… But you are the reason he stays up because every view he gets money…. If he is such a bad person then dont look at his website…

  83. Ash says – reply to this


    I'm reading some of these comments and all I can think is that people really have to get a life. To take time out of your say to put down another person and call them names like 'parasite' (which they misspelled) is sick. These people put Perez down for saying what he wants yet they themselves are no better. To go out of your way to be mean to someone else is sick. I think Lady Gaga herself would be appalled. Isn't she strongly about anti bullying? I feel sorry for Perez and other people who are criticised in this cruel manner. I like this site. I enjoy visiting it daily. I feel for Perez and I hope that people will one day stop typing mean and hateful comments to others.

  84. Seto says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga's fans are bat-shit-crazy, really sad. Mind you I'm not on Perez's side either but Lady Gaga isn't worth all this attention lol…

  85. 585

    Question for you Perez, you move your entire family to NYC; I had a thought… Did you get selected to fill the vacant seat on The View???

  86. 586

  87. 587

    IGNORANT DELUSIONAL BULLY crying victim. LMAO. Mario, you are a pathetic piece of shit who steals and repackages gossip. You are NOT a "critic" and as any idiot knows, online "death threats" are almost as ridiculous as you. Puhleeeze!

    I saw you at Soho House a couple of years ago with Gaga and I was sad (for her). To be associated with a gutter-dwelling loser like you was dumb. Thank God she's moved on.

    On a side note: PLEASE STOP MAKING VIDEOS. We like the repackaged gossip you print online, but we HATE seeing your disgusting face. Really creepy looking guy who SUCKS on video.

  88. CNW says – reply to this


    Sending love and support Perez!

  89. w/e says – reply to this


    And you don't deny that you sent that text message? She apparently still has it. You have fucked up.

  90. w/e says – reply to this


    How does it feel to finally be on the other end of the lies?

  91. Pitu says – reply to this


    I found incredible inmature that people are insulting Perez because he didn't liked Gaga's new singleand btw….Perez's baby has nothing to do with this fight. Come on people grow up. Not everyone has to like the same music as you and if Gaga and Perez are fighting that's their problem not ours. I love Lady Gaga but Little Monsters is a fandom that I will never be a part of because if I am being 100% honest….you guys really scared me. I am a Daydreamer (Adele Fan) and if someone doesn't like one of her songs I don't care. I love her and that's the only thong that matters.

  92. Lee says – reply to this


    how fucking sick can people be to send death threats?! this internet platform is his job and when you are true to yourself, you all are reading it. so stop lying to yourself and grow up. we are all human beings, we make mistakes. look in the mirror, you are not better than anyone else. its not your "war", so stop acting like you know what really happened!

  93. 593

    people get a life death threats is not a joke who cares who said what and i people dont like perez dont make comments about him or his sexuality its sick, the same with lady gaga dont like her leave her alone people grow the fuck up!!

  94. Wisz Ra says – reply to this


    Perez is a dangerous sociopath, he may have "changed" but he remains the same heinous, dangerous, deranged person he has always been, all the hate he has spread using this website while building a fortune will never be forgotten. I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga, I can understand why some people don't like her style, but inside she's 1000 times a better person than perez, she is dedicated to her fans and she loves bringing joy in their hearts, she's not a person who breathes and breeds hate.

  95. Sephorian says – reply to this


    Didn't Will.I.am punch you in the face once? Didn't Jennifer Aniston ask you "Why are you so mean?". You are a bully

  96. Nikka says – reply to this




  97. Um I;m on your side says – reply to this


    Who cares if you were in her lobby, obviously more people live there than just her, for all she knew, maybe you were visiting someone else or like you said, buying a place there. If she has such territorial problems maybe she should buy a house and not live in an apartment where she shares things like the LOBBY.

  98. dillo says – reply to this


    to all u saying u hate perez and his a liar why are u on his site lol and I was a gaga fan but this latest shit with perez changes my mind she is a bitter bitch perez isn't only one saying katy is beating here by miles and if she got all these texts then release them gaga if ur not just looking for more attention… gaga goes on and on about how she champions for gay rights and she want work with people against gays yet she continue to work with akon who in many song make derogatory comments about gays she is fake as

  99. really? says – reply to this


    says the person who constantly tries to put her down. Telling her she is copying other artist (we saw the pictures and comments, Perez)
    do you remember when you were on the Ellen show and told her you would stop bullying?
    I think you forgot!

  100. dont give a shit says – reply to this


    this whole post cracks me up. You are literally the skum of the earth

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