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82 comments to “facebook-despite-her-best-efforts-ladygagas-comeback-song”

  1. Sweet Karma says – reply to this


    As much as I hate that Perez is a flip-flopper on many occasions, I am happy to see GaGa failing — we all know she's FAKE. She hadn't tweeted her fans in AGES, and once her lame album came out, she tweets by the minute - in a desperate attempt to have people buy her pathetic, unrelatable single (she's actually holding a contest to see who can buy the most copies). Sad that GaGa has come to this… she did have some talent.


  2. Jgra555 says – reply to this


    Good I'm glad..she's a fool

  3. EMU says – reply to this


    The only fool is the one who stoops low to insult someone they don't even know. Lady Gaga is also not fake! It's completely normal for a celebrity to change their image now and then, and Gaga is simply being the artist she is. So what if her new single isn't dropping jaws; it's hard to after she raised the bar SO DAMN HIGH!!!! Get off her back. I love her to the moon and back and she's a true artist.

    xoxox love you gaga! - @emmaslaton

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Really. Not many people watch the charts that closely. What's everybody else doing?

  5. Egan says – reply to this


    Thank you so much for reporting the news. U are doing a great job Perez too bad you are I. Ny right now and not in la we can't. Never be friends. Now :( . Anyways don't pay any attention to the litte monsters or her falling queen .

  6. NONO says – reply to this



  7. Rotationaxle says – reply to this


    Enough is enough, man! Cool it!

  8. PleasePerez says – reply to this


    Perez, can you at least tell us what the hell happened between you and GaGa? You said that the 'truth will come out' but don't you have the power to expose that? I want to believe you and I am on your 'side' but you have the option to show how fake GaGa is… it doesn't have to be in a horrible way, just a way that explains your story and your side; right now, everyone is just saying that you got jealous cause GaGa dropped you randomly but it sounds silly.

  9. 9

    Re: EMU – Blah blah blah little monster cry me a river. Oh I better say that gaga may steal that song too.

  10. Wutwutwuttt says – reply to this


    Such sissy behaviour….worst than a woman pmsing

  11. Rachael grey says – reply to this


    Why are you becoming a bully. This was the first I read on your website and now I won't come back. Too much. We get it Katy Perry's song is up there, but c'mon. Putting people on blast is childish. And to say I checked ur website every morning noon and night. I don't support bullies.

  12. 12

    number 8 she shouldn't even be in top 10 not even top 100 what a flop ass btch and all her fans are mental and need to be checked in to mental hospital asap for being so delusional to think this raggedy ass btch cares bout any of them.. faker then a barbie doll this skank is so over her and her little attitude.

  13. booboo says – reply to this


    Re: kylielover02 – You don't make sense :/ Better try not talking next time! Go gaga

  14. Cory says – reply to this


    This is by far not a flop. Lets see in week 2 with her debut of her video, and her performance on MTV, lets see if this flop holds true. She will sell 200,000 copies in first week how is this a flop. It is because people like Perez hype up stupidness, that is not necessary. Gaga Should have waited and just released it the date she initially said. Good new is preorders for ARTPOP have already been in the 200,000 range. Katy's isnt even avaialble for preorder yet.

  15. Hannah says – reply to this


    I don't get it. You're saying that you're fearing for your sons life, and yet you continue to add fuel to the fire? Not a smart move, given how passionate Gaga's fans are.

  16. Shanda says – reply to this


    Re: booboo – get a clue loser.

  17. Tryingtounderstandu says – reply to this


    So sad. Why cant you stop this?The negativity you put out there came back to bite you in the ass. This move to New York should be a happy and exciting new time in your life. The way you have been acting over the last weeks, like the old Perez, has brought all of this mess into your life and tarnished not just this new phase in New York but all the hard work you have done becoming the better person we all now enjoy. We all learnt, through your great example, that people can change. Don't let us down.

  18. Caramelo says – reply to this


    i really dont know how u can be father when u behave like a child .. I think even ur own "SON" is ashamed of having a father like you … that kid will never give you the love you are missing ….

  19. MWLEE says – reply to this


    the song sucks

  20. cmurphy says – reply to this


    I cannot BELIEVE how fucking rude you are towards Gaga all of a sudden. Weren't you guys BFFs? Shame on you, Perez. Pitting artists against each other. Shame.

  21. 21

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 13m

    @GMA I hope you ask @LadyGaGa today about the hate-spewing tweets she sent me on Sunday. But I doubt you will. She's too famous for that.
    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 14m

    @LadyGaGa I just noticed you deleted the tweets you sent to me. WHY???? Are you trying to hide something???? (Of course you are. I'm not.)
    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 19m

    @JDasilva25 I wish I could sleep right now.
    View conversation
    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 22m

    @LadyGaga Despite all the pain you have caused me now and over the last year and a half, I just want you to get better. Trulyl. Get better!
    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 24m

    I know it's hard to see our idols/friends/people we looked up to as less than awesome. But sometimes those people are so hurtful!
    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 26m

    @flawlessjami I would like to speak with her privately first. I am so sad over all of that.

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 27m

    I know some people are sick, and addiction will make you act up, but people need to take accountability for their actions!!!!

  22. 22

    You cannot leave this alone, can you? Such a small person you are, with a very mean core. No matter how much you proclaim you have stopped the nastiness, you haven't, you just do it in a different way. A parasite that makes a living off the fame of others. You are also not a critic, I haven't seen one word of constructive critocism from you, only semi-literate statements of your personal taste.

  23. 23

    bwahaha he's gonna tweet/post everytime it moves a place down the fuckin charts! Personally i think Gagalooloo has lost the plot. she's on her way out. This new album gonna flop so hard i just know it.

  24. 24

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 45m

    @momgerm If anything happens to me or my son, YOU will have blood on your hands. Hopefully you get your daughter the help she needs!


    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 46m

    @germanottajoe If anything happens to me or my son, YOU will have blood on your hands. Hopefully you get your daughter the help she needs!

  25. Matt Australia says – reply to this


    Perez just F O will ya mate! No one likes a tosser. Your shitty song with the Vengaboys didnt even make top 10 anywhere so shut up and piss off.

  26. 26

    … countdown to Perez's sobbing video playing the victim…………

  27. Ed says – reply to this


    It was suggested to you by 500 people on the last post that you should draw a line under this and move on if you fear for your safety. And instead you've chosen to drag this on while telling us that you're frightened. It makes no sense. At best it looks now as if you're milking this situation for the drama or the publicity. Whether or not LG has issues as you are no longer friends it is none of your business, I guess. And what she has or has't done to other people is none of your business and certainly not ours. Let those people speak for themselves if they really feel that strongly about it. Unless, as a blogger, you chose to 'expose' her. But staying in this bizarre half-way situation is not doing you any favours and what little credibility you had clawed back is now lost. You know the right thing is to clear the air and then move on, leaving her alone.Posting further comments about her is only going to assure you further difficulties, isn't it?

  28. 28

    Keep in mind that she stopped paying him off moons ago. And keep in mind that this childish behavior belongs to someone who just became a father. Now hows that for fucking scary.

  29. Sumitup says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is the NEW Amanda Bynes

  30. 30

    Re: Ed – He assumes most of his readers are morons (he's probably correct) and do nothing but breath out of their mouths all day. He's trying his best to passively defame her. Something he's done to many, many people because he can't stand the fact that he isn't one of them. He's got some serious issues.

  31. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: yano1cares – Good, go away and start thinking of ways to explain your raw meat wearing ghoul losing it.In public. All because her shitty song wont sell..Boo hoo, go away you monster cultist.Also like you people are fond of saying go die, I will add, in a fire, just for you

  32. Tohsimas says – reply to this


    this is just pathetic and waiting someone to fail in life is very sad, not a good thing. You need to grow up.

  33. ??? says – reply to this


    Grow the fuck up man.

  34. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  35. Nikki says – reply to this


    Gaga is a fake and a psycho, and I hope she continues her decline. She hates on Perez simply coz he admitted her single is a flop and she is so stuck on herself she can't handle it. She is a total nutjob and a skank to the core. I hated on her since she lied about the obvious nose job she got.. Born this way??? Obviously not skank!

  36. Babz says – reply to this


    Re: Ed – Precisely. Cause and effect.

  37. ... says – reply to this


    I hope someday soon I come here to find out you dropped dead and that child went to someone with a good heart.

  38. 38

    Perez I really think you've ruined your own career this past week.

    Any progress you made since being a total trash bully has gone, you're back to being that piece of turd nobody likes - and it's your own fault.

    You'd moved on, become a better person supposedly, but that's all forgotten now.

    Just drop it already.

  39. 39

    You have not changed at all. Now you're just a passive aggressive bully. It's called harassment, Perez. Just nasty, nasty, nasty. Smh. I hope that Madonna, Katy Perry, and all other female artists steer clear of you. You're not doing this as a "critique" you're doing it to cause pain.

  40. 40

    Despite your best efforts you were UNABLE to move into the building where Lady Gaga lives. Try again next time, Ape-Face.

  41. JaredB says – reply to this


    Perez - seriously, how on earth is her single dropping really worth repeated blog posts? Are you now that desperate for news that you're reporting the non-success of something? Or are you truly that upset/bitter over this falling out with her? Either way, focus on the positive - your son deserves it. You're coming across looking like a child with these constant posts. I can't stand Lady Gaga, so I hope I never even have to hear her music again. But really - let it go.

  42. Amine says – reply to this


    After perez said he is becoming a new better man and stopping the bullying. I see that he is at a new low. I mean this is pittyful. I don't think i can read any more of this uglyness. I hope perez come to his senses for the sake of his innocent child. Goodbye and good luck to everyone.

  43. bytchface says – reply to this


    OMG this site is boring and pathetic and desperate. I'm done. Peace out y'all.

  44. r says – reply to this


    dude we get it, you don't like the song, everytime it drops a spot you have to talk about it?

  45. marsali says – reply to this


    i am not a giant fan of lady gaga at all. that being said, i refuse to support something so blatantly full of hatred and bullying.

    perez, i have been a huge fan of your site. this stops now. this is the final straw. i will be, as i am sure many others will be, seeking to find my celebrity gossip "news" elsewhere. i sincerely hope what will no doubt soon be a steep drop in your site activity will knock you back into your senses, if you have any left.

  46. Lalala says – reply to this


    Your son needs his mother… If you continue down this path, she should fight to get him back.

  47. rehab says – reply to this


    gaga is so desperate poor little thing and so as her little birianwashed teeenage (minded) fans. Open your eyes she is fake. she hides her peronality under her weird makeup and clotes. She's using lgbtq community. She've told that stop drama start music thing, but what is this between perez and her a high school drama? this is not mean girls movie gaga hold on!. She is copycat, mean, and no talet i realy hate her.

  48. Nick says – reply to this


    Please give your son to your mother or someone mentally stable.

  49. Publicity Stunt says – reply to this


    It's rumored that all of this is a publicity stunt to manipulate audiences into watching the video for Applause because it will feature Perez as a pig and Madonna as ugly saying "who's reductive now?" of Madonna's face. So this Gun Wheelchair picture Gaga tweeted about on Madonna's birthday and the meltdown with Perez is all just a publicity stunt of controversy to get people to watch the video and focus on Gaga. That's an awfully dirty way to get attention.

    Would Interscope allow Gaga to do this, to try to tarnish Madonna's image, considering Madonna is also on Interscope? So in other words, the record labels will flat out accept the "competition" angle by allowing that video to happen and won't be able to deny it as a tactic since it will be so obvious, then it will just prove that all these stunts like pitting Applause against Roar are intentionally created so Gaga can manipulate audiences by creating competition to boost sales? (which obviously isn't working since Applause is flopping). These tactics turn people against Gaga and make her look really bad. I for one will Not be watching her video.

  50. 50

    I guess you got your readers back by reverting to your bullying ways. When will you learn? When another Black Eyed Pea punches you in the face?

  51. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: Lopez Double TreeRe: Caramelo – Go fuck yourself monster cultist.

  52. chigo says – reply to this


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  53. Patrick says – reply to this


    This is why you continue to dig your own hole. Why are you so petty and immature? I cant believe you have a child now, I feel so sorry for him. You seem to like this sort of drama and dysfunction, which is too bad. Life can be so much better, but not when you live and think how you do. Stop bullying people! I get you were fat and didnt have any friends, but that is no reason to go through life being an asshole.

  54. cveva1 says – reply to this


    Do we really need to hear about this shit on a daily basis!!!!! We know already that Katy Perry is doing better in the charts then Gaga. I have respect for both artist, it's a hard business and we all know that your never #1 all the time….. Perez went from kissing Gaga's ass to being her enemy, we all know that is the reason why he is constantly taking jabs at her. They both need to knock it off!!!!!!

  55. Gaga Pop Out says – reply to this


    Maybe Interscope knows that Gaga is on her way out and so they are allowing her to have free reign to have a meltdown so they can get as much attention out of her as possible before she finally goes off the radar. I mean, after all they did make her go back to the drawing board for a long time for ArtPop because they didn't like the songs she was coming up with. They must see that she is flopping and will just use her narcissistic psychotic rants to garner as much attention as possible before she fades out. God knows she had to cancel her tour because only half the seats in each Arena in the US were selling according to Billboard. I guess since they see Applause single failing they know her time is just about up, so they'll let her fight tooth and nail before she's kaput.

  56. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah – He is lying and causing drama. I really dont get how he is even relevant anymore? He is a bully and then flips and plays the victim, after stalking another female star. He has stalked SO many people, he even named himself after his obsession with Paris Hilton. Its gross!

  57. 57


  58. Lex Herrington says – reply to this


    you're better than this, Perez. stop being vindictive, take the high road!

  59. PerezIsATool says – reply to this


    So you're just going to post for each notch her song drops on iTunes? You didn't do that when MDNA was falling quickly off the charts.

  60. 60


  61. Inside Scoop says – reply to this


    If you really want the inside scoop on Lady Gaga and her corruption, just read GagaCheat and PawsDownLittleMonsters.

  62. ms trudy says – reply to this


    just can't let it go mario, can you? despite your proclamations you're still the same mean spirited, petty, conniving, little sissy you were in junior high school. Your poor kid will have to live with the disreputable legacy you've created. Good work, dad …..

  63. Snotsie says – reply to this


    Time to stop this and be an example to your son.

  64. You Clown says – reply to this


    Perez, why must you bash everyone's success just because you grew up as the fat kid and only became a known person by being spiteful and pathetic on the internet?
    #8 is still a success, given the amount of songs fighting for a top 10 spot. Don't bash the music industry, you are no part of it and could never reach a #8 position yourself. It becomes more and more evident everyday that you are just pathetic.

  65. 65

    Re: GO iron ur balls 777 – Just SHUT THE FUCK UP! You dumb fucking C ù N T ! Seriously…ASSHOLE

  66. 66

    Re: Inside Scoop – No we don't..I just checked that out..what a piece of fuckign shit. Go fuckl yourself fuckface

  67. tif says – reply to this


    I never understood the deal with Lady Gaga. How do you take someone with that name seriously at all. Her music is so cheap and bubblegum, but she appears to come off like she's deep and dark. Never understood the dramatical artsy fartsy persona and her mindless preteen girl music. She must have done something to piss off Perez. Not sure why people would say things like I'm not coming back to this sight, blah blah. It is his sight, he can say what he wants, you're the dummy that's sitting there reading it. You know you'll come back too. BTW, how old are little monsters. They must all be under 16, no ?

  68. 68


  69. FixMyFix says – reply to this



  70. 70

    Re: CHASE THE RATS GAGA 777 – No FUCKHEAD…I don't come here everyday. Go get an education you morally corrupt piece of stinking SHIT!

  71. Laura says – reply to this


    I'm not looking at your site anymore Perez. You're going back to your old ways and it's upsetting and unecessary. Try to be a positive force in the world, don't make it worse.

  72. Nikki says – reply to this


    I think Steph the heff is an arrogant little pog who thinks she can say anything she wants about others but if someone dare even quote the truth about her she goes off on her psycho little rants. The arrogance of the little worm to think she must only be loved & worshipped when she has only been in the industry 5 minutes & encourages her little 'trolls' in sticking up for her coz she is nothing but weak & a bully. She is 80s bubblegum music at best & doesn't have enough talent for the long hall, everyone sounds like they are getting sick of her.

  73. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    Re: NONO
    Perez Hilton is worth 30 million? Not bad for a homo with no talent!

  74. ICYNDICEY says – reply to this


    As much as I loathe both you two vile beings, GaGa and Perez, I have to admit that this ugly ass horse faces bitch does owe a big part of her success to this wanker. She was nobody and this homo talked about her on his site incessantly. He and that Laurie Ann Gibson chick basically created this mediocre hack. I mean in all honesty I don't know what the appeal is. All her songs sound the same. She has no charisma. She's a drunk. And she's a spoiled guidette who tries ro come off as some girl who soooooo misunderstood in high school. I know girls that went to school with this bitch and she was NOT "bullied". Actually they say it was the other way around. Stefani Germanotta is a fake ass poseur who should be happy that she has lasted as long as she has. Next stop for her…judge on American Idol.

  75. 75

    karma for her.. perez keep ur head up, and take care of ur wonderful son, and I think its a very smart choice to move to NYC ! Gaga doesn't own NY despite what she thinks

  76. zappy says – reply to this


    Lada Gaga is a has been. yes she can sing but is not that great. It is the gimmicks that kept her on top. I am shocked that she has turned on Perez - after all he made her with that "wifey" crap. Anyway, it will soon be over. Maybe then she can help her dad clean up his mice infested restaurant.

  77. Justin says – reply to this


    actually it went up four spots to #4 within an hour!

  78. BrianBedHead says – reply to this


    Re: Cory
    200,000 range is not that high at all for a preorder. Up and coming Artist Ariana Grande had the same amount of preorders and had her album at number one on the charts during preorders. With the millions of "little monsters" around the world you would think Gaga could do better than 200K.

  79. 79

    People started hating her after Perez posted about her 20 times a day praising her. I'm assuming this "feud"/publicity stunt is to gain some "fans" back since people hate Perez so much to begin with. "Feel sorry for me, buy my album" People are going to buy her song just to shut you up.

  80. 80

    Take no sides both of them are pure evil

  81. A says – reply to this



  82. KCG says – reply to this