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24 comments to “facebook-woah-ladygagas-new-video-for-applause-bares”

  1. Fifi says – reply to this


    Bully ! Always a bully.

  2. Michael Arthure says – reply to this


    Enough!! I have followed your site for years, but all this gaga hate is a turn off. You would be loving her homage to david bowie if you werent fighting. Stop the hate!

  3. PhuckOFFPEREZ says – reply to this


    can you please just take care of your little boy and stop attacking GAGA! FOCUS ON FAMILY ALREADY! COJONE, que Cubana tan pesado!

  4. Johnny0985 says – reply to this


    Dude u need to lay off of people..one day you are gonna get hurt. I hope ur kid is taken away from you simply because he is probably gonna grow up and be bullied and hated more then you bullied and hated on people over the years….and all because you are his "dad"

    Im a gay male , but you sir are one of the main reasons im not proud to be….u make me sick and quite a few others , how dare you bring a child into this.

    All you do is fish for negative things to say about others….u aint original , nor do u have a single in the top 200

    You are famous for beating up and tearing apart people who actually have talent

    PS. You look like a fucking Geico caveman , get ur teeth fixed , and cut ur fucking hair you savage

  5. LooLoo says – reply to this


    Fucking annoying fuck.

  6. STEVE says – reply to this


    Your a sad monkey face man…..get a life…a new life….

  7. JJ says – reply to this


    Just leave her the hell alone, please. This is getting ridiculous. Madonna has paid "homage" to many artists, also. Everyone rips everyone off, so just stop with the Gaga bullying. I get that she hurt you, but you're only hurting yourself by continuing what you're doing..

  8. Parlo says – reply to this


    You just cant stop do you? you are asking for it…

  9. XYZ says – reply to this


    Oh, look another GaGa post. Yawn!!! If you're going to post about her, why don't you post the open letter she sent to her fans asking them to stop threatening you.

  10. 10

    ive seen katy perry, rihanna, justin bieber, and countless others wearing wings in music videos…..go father ur child and GROW THE FUCK UP

  11. 11

    you don't give up Mario do you? You look like such a little baby with your negitivity toward Gaga. Just get over it you fake fuck

  12. 12

    ok i have had enough! I officially never want to visit your site again. Perez you are a CHILD! You of all people should be professional but now this site is a gaga slandering pile of filth. why set such a terrible example of hate for your baby? GROW UP!
    All in favor that he reports the celeb news without his pissy pants hurt feelings mucking it up put your paws up and move to another gossip site! BUH BYE PEREZ

  13. Louville says – reply to this


    Wow, how would you feel if someone threw all the negativity at your your son the way you do to other people. I'm not a fan of Gaga but i'm really tired of you judgmental BS. What a way to be a good father figure. Focus on yourself.

  14. 14

    There's literally not a single solitary similarity? If anything, it's similar to Britney Spear's red bodysuit. This whole Bowie concert is Spider themed. Gaga's new video take on past icons, like Aphrodite. It is about the battle of black and white v. color.

  15. A says – reply to this


    its starting to surface how much of a bully perez is. countless celebrities have said it, he's even bullied Ke$ha before. Now he's onto GaGa. He's slowly getting called out, bit by bit.

  16. 16

    Perez hilton is the only person who looked better obese than skinny. He looks like a demented monkey troll.

  17. WAGBY says – reply to this



  18. 18

    GagGag probably did rip off Bowie, she ripped off Madonna. She is just as big of a bully as dipshit Perez, except she gets her little cult of monsters to do it for her, so GagGag can look like the victim. They are both full of shit, and you know what? You can't plish a turd!

  19. Kaitlyn says – reply to this


    What a surprise, another backhanded Gaga slam. This isn't even news. Probably 90% of the people who visit your blog are Gaga fans. Honestly, I never sink to this level, but go fuck yourself. I will find my celebrity gossip elsewhere.

  20. Jol says – reply to this


    Gaga did pay hommage to Bowie and maybe even Barbarella with this angel-scene, just like she has done before with other artists. That is her thing, you see? She always references popculture. She revives the work of her precedors and shines a new light on it. She always gives credit when it's due, but it's impossible to list every source of inspiration she had for this video, cause it would be pages long.

    Madonna does the same, she used to get her inspiration from old Hollywoodstars and movies, you can say she copied them, but it is an hommage. Both artist expect us to know the artist they are referencing and if not, they will teach us about the original artist.

    Madonna and Lady Gaga both 'copy' but not with the intention to do it unnoticed.

  21. Smee says – reply to this


    Your spew on anti-bullying and how you were going to be a nice person was absolute shit. Instead of saying deliberately hurtful things like "Jennifer Maniston", you're just subliminal and vague. I'm not even a huge GaGa fan anymore but she can't control what her fans do, and if you're going to continually slam her, than why don't you talk about how she asked her fans to stop harassing you? Regardless of the fact that you still can't grow up and leave her alone. It doesn't matter what she did, you were in her APARTMENT BUILDING. Even if it was a mix up, do you not understand the optics of that? A sleazy celebrity stalker (aka "frienemy") with bad blood with her just happened to be in her building looking at an apartment.

  22. 22

    i said that i said its a rip off between david bowie and split enz (new zealand band for the uneducated)

    perez is a journalist blogger ITS HIS JOB TO REPORT CELEBRITY NEWS..

    including when people are copycats with zero talent of their own..

  23. brandee says – reply to this


    he may be a blogger but he NEVER put stuff like this about her up when he was kissing her ass oh i mean when they were friends. So thats the difference. AND he would attack anyone putting negative things about her so why the sudden change if there is nothing intentional going on?????

  24. anon says – reply to this


    definitely don't see it. and no one's as desperate as you are to watch an hour and 45 minute long youtube video of an '87 Bowie concert to put Gaga down. She's amazing and always will be. If you didn't get the depth of her video, read an interview! (aren't you supposed to conduct some research?)