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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead

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johnny depp amber heard holding hands hollywood forever cemetary

Ooo this makes us antsy for Halloween early this year!!

Johnny Depp, the actor king of cinematic spooks and kooks, took vixen girlfriend Amber Heard to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a Cry-Baby reunion Sunday night.

Hosted by John Waters, the 2013 Johnny Ramone Tribute featured a screening of the classic Johnny film, while co-stars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Joe Dallesandro mingled in attendance as well.

Dita Von Teese was also present, bringing her usual unique charm, but the shining star of the night was definitely Handsy — the beautiful creature that's formed when Johnny and Amber lock hands. LOLz!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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1036 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead”

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  1. Sophy says – reply to this


    A "Cry Baby" screening at the cementary with John Waters, Ditta and the new "IT" couple of Hollywood, Cry Baby himself and his real life "cry baby girl"? that's sounds as a pretty cool event!

  2. 2

    she has a strange head for sure. weird shape. and damn thin hair. yuck. but who cares she gets the attention she wants so bad. nice ms. famewhore

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    Personally, I think Johnny Depp is boring. His hotness had its day and it's dead, too, so the cemetery setting is fitting. Amber is boring, too; have seen her in interviews and YAAAAWWWNNN, so it's a good fit. I just wish they could keep it private so as not to make us suffer by having to witness such blahness.

  5. safon says – reply to this


    Re: Gisela8 – I agree with you. Pity, he was nice guy who provided a lot of dreamy moments to his fans. He should grow old with more dignity

  6. phil says – reply to this


    strange couple.Cemetery is ideal for them

  7. Robert says – reply to this


    Wasn't that predictable?
    He was nowhere to be seen with her throughout her Paranoia promo tour, the movie slightly underperformed at the box office and was accompanied by an " relationship on the rocks" article from the National Enquirer.
    And here we are, on a date, holding hands for everyone to see.
    As US MAG would say: "They are so in love."

  8. Barbara says – reply to this


    johnny likes the circus.he is equal that amber

  9. 9

    Amber is full of BS….she changes sexual preferences to whatever casting couch is most advantageous for her to sleep on. She is the worst actress I have ever had the displeasure of having to set through any movie that she was cast a scene in. She has no talent at all. Con artist is the only art form she practices. She is not fooling anyone. Take a second look at the pick of her holding hands with Johnny. Appears the only hot vixen he is checking out is the hot blond in black in red standing to the left. What a player. Another thing, when since has Perez Hilton become a member of her PR staff. Terrible attempt at cleaning up her terrible image. Johnny is a quarter of a century older than her. He will tire of her quickly. -

  10. 10

    Amber is full of BS….she changes sexual preferences to whatever casting couch is most advantageous for her to sleep on. She is the worst actress I have ever had the displeasure of having to set through any movie that she was cast a scene in. She has no talent at all. Con artist is the only art form she practices. She is not fooling anyone. Take a second look at the pick of her holding hands with Johnny. Appears the only hot vixen he is checking out is the hot blond in black in red standing to the left. What a player. Another thing, when since has Perez Hilton become a member of her PR staff. Terrible attempt at cleaning up her terrible image. Johnny is a quarter of a century older than her. He will tire of her quickly. - See more at:

  11. 11

    Amber is full of BS….she changes sexual preferences to whatever casting couch is most advantageous for her to sleep on. She is the worst actress I have ever had the displeasure of having to set through any movie that she was cast a scene in. She has no talent at all. Con artist is the only art form she practices. She is not fooling anyone. Take a second look at the pick of her holding hands with Johnny. Appears the only hot vixen he is checking out is the hot blond in black in red standing to the left. What a player. Another thing, when since has Perez Hilton become a member of her PR staff. Terrible attempt at cleaning up her terrible image. Johnny is a quarter of a century older than her. He will tire of her quickly.

  12. Evelyn says – reply to this


    Re: Robert – Yeah well what you've just said should prove that they're not together to sell something or to promote each other's career. If she wanted some publicity indeed, she would have appeared with him during the time of Paranoia promotion but she didn't. I know it's hard to believe for many people but they aren't together for publicity and they prefer to be the least possible in the spotlight unlike some other couples like Angie and Brad or Pattinson&Stewart. Johnny and Amber indeed don't attend premieres together and they keep professional life separate from love life. Maybe they're not madly in love, but they aren't fake or ddating for publicity at least as many many couples in Hollywood do. If they liked so much publicity they would attend every event together, especially premieres and they would talk about their relationship in interviews but everytime they are asked about it their answer is: "no comment". They're private and more true than Brangelina for example.

  13. Wolsey says – reply to this


    Wonder if Amber that was accustomed for 4 years to have sex with a woman now likes or hates to have sex with a man. I mean, she used to lick a pus*y and now suddenly she has to su*k a dick….. wonder if she can swallow. I heard that Depp loves that.

  14. Wolsey says – reply to this


    Wonder if Amber that was accustomed for 4 years to fu*k a woman now likes or hates to do that with a man. I mean, she used to lick a pus*y and now suddenly she has to su*k a di*k….. wonder if she can swallow. Heard that Depp loves that.

  15. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: Evelyn – No, he is only more subtile using the media.

  16. The Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    I wish the press would stop propping this so called couple.

  17. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: Wolsey – She's a disgusting embarrassment.

  18. the public says – reply to this


    i wonder what johnny depp is being for halloween this year..def edward scissorhands without a doubt

  19. Mia says – reply to this


    Is JD staring at Traci Lords in that picture?

  20. tega says – reply to this


    Come on people - if you were a man wouldn't you be staring at Tracy Lords???? Men do things like that no matter what woman they are with. Women check out guys too. It's just normal and doesn't mean you're not interested in the one you are with.

  21. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I'm just asking a question. Geez calm down. You don't always have to defend everything Johnny does.

  22. Carla says – reply to this


    No ,no all men look at other woman's ass being with their girlfriends. JD is a cheeky.

  23. creil says – reply to this


    I like them!!!Leave them alone,it's none of our business!!It's their life!

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mia – Sorry - I was replying to Gigiolo. And for those of you who think men don't look at other woman you're so wrong…unless they are gay. All men are animals, that's just in their nature.

  25. Carla says – reply to this


    Re: tega – yes, but at least they hide it

  26. Dirty Old Man says – reply to this


    Why is he always dragging her around like a cabbage patch doll? Depp looks so old and lifeless now… The pictures on johnnytim just illustrate how far gone he is. So different from a few years ago when he finally seemed happy

  27. Mia says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Ahh I didn't see that convo. I thought u were talking to me. But yeah this talk that JD is gay is ridiculous and why people are reading into everything he does tells me that they need to get a life.

  28. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Dirty Old Man – Don't say bullshit..Johnny doesn't look old at all!! And what you know about his life?..if he is happy or not..get a life you hater!

  29. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Gisela8 – You are SO wrong in everything because his hotness is alive like him,so don't say nonsense! By the way that is a bad place..not good for them at all God..hold hands in open space in town..or whatever! God bless Johnny Depp..he is an awesome person,love him

  30. LOLA says – reply to this


    Paranoia is a Box office disaster. Amber also should retire the acting and devote herself to be a housewife for take care of Johnny and his children.

  31. wendil says – reply to this


    By the way Perez..what a nasty title..no way man!!!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Re: Gisela8 – I agree with you. they both seem to be boring people. they mach in this way. and about the media thing (who said it) it's not true. they are just taking it very subtle. to not look force and obvious. but amber will go to his premiers very soon. she will be everywhere. she is using him and the'rumor' about she trying to be a next angelina is true. he is paying magazine to take her interviews and pictures and he also is trying to get her movies. I know it from sure sources. I don't say she doe not feel anything for him - because she may love him somehow- but her goal is to be a big star. but i personally think that no matter how much he will try to find movies for her, she may get at one point a big role and she will screw it (because is obvious she has no talent, because is she had she probably will be a star already without him, cause she's young and pretty). so, she will get a big role and she will screw it and after that no matter how much she will try or he will try to get her another one she will never make it because hollywood is harsh and producers will not afford to loose money on her butt.

  34. 34

    is already a hard time in movies right now and a lot of big budget films flop so they will not risk with bad actresses. the world is very selective now in everything. people go go movies that guarantees somehow quality. they don't want to waste their money on craps. and this is the maxim she can have with johnny-being his girlfriend or sex partner.

  35. Dirty Old Man says – reply to this


    Re: wendil – Yea he does!!! He looks like he's on a date with one of his daughters classmates! What a creepy and gross old man he's turned into! I never thought I'd see the day when Johnny Depp of all people had to buy a girlfriend! He really has no self esteem.

  36. jade says – reply to this


    Re: Evelyn – Johnny uses PR as much as everybody else in HW. His PR knew that the majority of people wouldn't want to see him helping Amber promote Paranoia, so we didn't get pictures of them together during that period. Amber was given a lot of face time lately, both on TV and in printed media. She didn't want to comment on the relationship, but was perfectly OK with the interviewers dropping Johnny's name in every single article. That's a bit two faced.
    Paranoia opened over the weekend and performed poorly, with it came the National Enquirer article about their relationship being on the rocks. What do you think would the headlines have been for Amber this monday without sunday's hand holding photo op?
    The gossip mag's would have picked up the NE story, combined it with Paranoia tanking and created a nasty little story out of it.

  37. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: IceQueen_24 – I totally agree with everything that you said and I heard the same thing you heard (me too from sure sources) about the fact that he's paying magazines for making her interviews and taking pictures and that he is trying to get her movies. Though the National Enquirer told an exaggerated story full of lies. They didn't fight or argue on the plane. Johnny knew since the beginning that Amber wanted to be the next Angelina Jolie and he was even the first one who promised her fame and success. He told her that she was stunning and beautiful and that she deserved the best from Hollywood. Johnny is acting like a common executive who is blinded by lust and who wants to guarantee the whole world to a young actress just to have the chance of sticking his thing into her hot pus..y everytime he wants to. So sad that he's this type of man and that only now his fans are realizing that he's only a pig.

  38. jade says – reply to this


    Re: Evelyn – Part 2: Johnny's presence at the Cry Baby screening was planned some time ago. Amber's? This wasn't a private movie date night. Johnny did a Q&A, spend some time with the old crew, for the fans attending, to see in the parking lot and left before the movie ended. He knew this would get some media coverage. By showing up holding hands with Amber, they turned a possibly negative story (NE + Paranoia) into a positive one. That's what PR is for and Johnny uses it.

  39. jade says – reply to this


    Re: Evelyn – Part 3: I don't think it's a coincidence that Amber, out of a sudden, has a project to work on in London during the same timespan Johnny will be working there. Johnny probably pulled some strings, so that his girl won't have to sit home alone in London, being bored senseless with herself and having to watch her man going to work every day. He even had to garnish it with a possible cameo appearence by himself which gives the movie a guaranteed media attention.
    Therefore i do believe the National Enquirer maybe not to far from the truth with their story and certainly hit a nerve.

  40. tega says – reply to this


    So Johnny wants to help Amber. So what? He is no stupid - he knew her game from the very beginning. He is doing what he can to keep her b/c he obviously wants to be with her. He did a lot to help Vanessa too. He did the cover for one of her albums, directed and appeared in some of her music videos, played on stage with her and taught her to play guitar. She wasn't in any of his movies b/c she didn't want to be a US actress. So what's the big deal with helping Amber if he wants to do that? Nobody is forcing him to be in this relationship.

  41. Road Cat says – reply to this


    Learn all about Johnny Ramone & the Ramones in the book;
    Throughout the remarkable twenty-two-year career of the Ramones the seminal punk rock band, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers, Recording Academy Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners and inductees into The Library of Congress' National Recording Registry, Monte A. Melnick saw it all. He was the band’s tour manager from their 1974 CBGB debut to their final show in 1996. Now, in this NEW UPDATED EDITION he tells his story. Full of insider perspectives and exclusive interviews and packed with over 250 personal color photos and images; this is a must-have for all fans of the Ramones.

  42. w says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Basically i agree with you, but there is one major difference. Vanessa was allready a well known star in France and Europe on her own account when she came together with Johnny. When Johnny worked with Vanessa on her albums it was a two way thing for them. Vanessa got a free promotion and Johnny was able to make more experiences in his beloved music business.
    In Amber's case it appears as if Johnny is pushing hard a career of someone who wasn't able to do it by herself. She isn't much of an acting talent. They all have to go thru auditions and the good roles Amber keeps talking about, so far, went to other actresses.

  43. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Johnny is very sweet, generous and nice with her most of the times and Amber is attracted by everything he's and represents. Amber has interest in him because he's one of the most beloved actors of our era, a very rich man and a charismatic presence. She's attracted by the whole package I've been told and it's not a farce at all. I've been also told that even though it cannot be love, they like each other and they have a great chemistry (in bed). Seriously, do not mind so much about what you see of them in public when they're around people or paparazzi because I was explained that he's very shy and reserved about his love life or whatever you wanna call it and doesn't like to make staged PDA. He avoids them as much as he can but I've been told he's really blinded by lust for Amber and I believe it because otherwise he wouldn't have any reason to keep dating her since he's a very rich a powerful hollywoodian man and he could find another young pus..y soon and this is indeed what it might happen when he will tire even of Amber's pus..y.

  44. kareem says – reply to this


    Amber is another fake lesbian like Anne Heche. Amber herself told she would have done everything for her career. She got her first slice of attention just when she started to publicize as much as possible her 'lesbian' relationship (she called paparazzi all the time when she was somewhere with her 'girlfriend') because before of it nobody knew who she was, then just a bunch of lesbian fans started to like her (but not as actress of course, they never gave a sh*t about it just like everybody else) and now she's getting a huge worldwide attention just because she's Johnny Depp's girlfriend. Was she ever a real lesbian? Don't think so. Maybe she just likes to have some gay friends or maybe she had just a fling with Tasya that they both transformed later into something bigger that was staged because they both needed publicity and you can bet on it because they called paparazzi all the time to be seen as much as possible everywhere since at the time they were both almost completely unpopular in Hollywood.

  45. kareem says – reply to this


    Did people ever realize that Tasya and Amber public encounters in 2012 were all staged to hide the fact that she was dating Johnny? They were purposely smiling in front of camera and Tasya caressed Amber hair while she was in the car once with the purpose of selling something because you know, when there are paparazzi that are taking you pictures and of course you know it and you see them, any PDA becomes staged because it's evident you're doing it to sell something with the help of magazines and photographers. Tasya and Amber used each other to get publicity even when they broke up, how come? Do you think it's normal to help your ex girlfriend to hide the fact that she's dating the man she supposedly dumped you for?!? No way. Things are 2: Amber never cheated on Tasya or they were never in a real relationship and this would explain more than the first option why Tasya was always ok about helping Amber instead of being hurt or disgusted in any case by her requests and it would explain also why she still sees her sometimes.

  46. kareem says – reply to this


    Tasya got her fame thanks to her relationship with Amber, she feels like a celebrity by now, just look at her accounts and how many fans she has got! She seeks for publicity also, that’s why she’s publishing all the time on her accounts lots of arts that seem to be related to Amber someway. Amber gave her access to Hollywood. Not a big access maybe, but an access anyway. And Amber didn’t give it only to her. She’s giving it also to other friends of her like Brittany Bleustis that was totally unpopular before following her, Johnny and his children with the trip of The lone ranger promotion. As you can see all the people who are really close and friends with Amber now get public attention. No matter if they’re lesbian or not, because the point is that Amber is generous with her friends and wanna give them as much popularity as they can give her in return as it happened with Tasya. So ridiculous…… all these crap people close to her should thank Johnny because they’re all taking advantage someway of his name to be more and more into the spotlight these days. They’re also acting like they’re vip or precious insiders. So disgusting.

  47. Popeye says – reply to this


    Johnny's relationship with Amber isn't staged or fake. Maybe Amber could need a staged relationship with a big hollywoodian star to further her career but not Johnny because he wouldn't need for any reason in the world to have a staged relationship since he could have at any moment a real relationship with a young and beautiful woman completely straight. Women are still crazy about him, no matter what, so why he should pretend of dating an unpopular actress when he could date all the women he wanted and even far more talented than her? I mean, he wouldn't get anything pretending of dating her. If he's paying the price of losing fans with this new hated relationship it's just because he really likes her otherwise he would be crazy in being in such a farce that is only damaging him from many points of view. He's gonna like Amber until she loses her beauty, then he'll dump her to date a woman of his daughter age I bet. In 2010 Johnny was even rumoured of having seduced a 18 or 19 years old girl on the set of pirates of carribean 4 and magazines started to write things like: "Johnny Depp hits on teenagers… etc" well, I guess that the leopard can't change its spots. Just think, lately even Disney offered him the role of a pedophile wolf that likes very young girls in "Into the woods"…. an ironic choice? Who knows, maybe.

  48. Popeye says – reply to this


    Johnny always cheated on Vanessa with young and hot actress and models because there have often been rumours in past of him cheating on her and he even confirmed to a french magazine of having dumped Vanessa for Amber. There's a french site that reported that interview. He told the magazine he still loved Vanessa and when he was asked: "Is not it weird to say that you love the woman you left for another?" he didn't reply "I never left Vanessa for another" but this was his answer: "there is nothing strange about it. There is no ambiguity in my heart over this. I love Vanessa always as much. Life can bring a lot of changes, but that does not mean I do not love" so his words are an admission of the fact he left Vanessa for Amber, otherwise his answer would have been another one and in a total denial. Yeah, Amber is a co-k suc–er and a home wrecker. She wanted Johnny since they started to film together The rum diary. Just look at their sex scene there and pay attention to the way she sticks her tongue in his mouth in the shower scene and how when they go to bed then she kisses his chest….. she was too natural in that scene. If you watch her other sex scenes in previous movies you'll realize that she never kissed any men mouth and chest like that. The fact of kissing his chest and lower torso wasn't even in the screeplay (I read it). She improvised following her attraction for him and I bet she madly loves his lymph….

  49. tega says – reply to this


    I just saw an article that says Johnny is hunting for a home to rent outside of London for them while they both film, whichis no surprise b/c Johnny always rents homes when he away whether he has someone with him or not. If the rumors are correct that they have been dating since the premiere, that means they have been together almost two years now, but if they kept in touch, even as friend since the filming of TRD, they will have been "connected" for four years. I think Johnny would have figured out things by now of what she's up to. He knows Hollywood and he knows people and how it all works. He is doing what he can to hold onto her obviously b/c he wants to be with her. When this is over he will find somoeone else…and then a lot of people will hate that person for whatever reason..b/c nobody will ever be good enough for Johnny. He will always be judged and so will whoever he is with.

  50. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: tega – When this is over you said? Oh, if even this relationship of him fails I think his next girlfriend will be a mummy because at some point when get dumped (unless he will be so smart to dump her for first) he will be really too old to find another young girl. Amber is not going to leave him soon of course; she will need him for a while to get the popularity she wants and maybe to assure herself a rich future (since sooner or later she'll realize that talentless actress don't go too far) she will also make some babies with him. Now Johnny is still good-looking and quite able I guess to have nice sex but when he will be decrepit-looking and his flaccid thing won't be able to have enough erections in a week to satisfy any young woman, Amber will say good-by to him. Though, you're right about one thing. People never liked any of his girlfriends (except Winona Ryder). When he was with Vanessa, his 'fans' often complained that Vanessa only wanted his money and fame, that she always dated men more famous than her, that she dumped her boyfriend to be with him and convinced him to chose her dumping once for all his ex Kate Moss that he was still seeing sometimes, that she deliberately got pregnant to get him over Kate, that she was ugly, too skinny, bad teeth, a talentless nobody etc. but as soon as they broke up they suddenly started to praise her telling how beautiful she still is, talented, sophisticated an angel etc. uhm, hypocrisy is in the air….

  51. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Popeye – As long as Johnny is rich he will always be able to get young women. Look at Hugh Heffner and Anna Nicole's ex - he couldn't even get out of a wheelchair.

  52. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: tega – uhm, well , let's see… yes, you could be right dear. Money has to power to get the best from life and would always allow even to the ugliest and decrepit man of this earth to date a good-looking young woman. So Amber should be careful these days to not tire him too much with her requests because if they split the only one who has very much to lose is her. He could find soon in these years that he's still good-looking another young woman to date while I doubt that Amber could find soon another hollywoodian powerful and rich man that would date her for more than a few months because honestly she's nothing special. She's beautiful okay but how many other hot young women are in show business? I'd say really many and they're also talented sometimes, while Amber isn't, so she has nothing special to offer. Only beauty that is a common thing anyway in Holywood come on. So she hasn't any exclusive values to offer. Especially when she'll become older and not so hot anymore, she will have nothing to offer and she won't even be casted in any movies anymore since now the only role she can get it's the femme fatale.

  53. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Popeye – Thanks. And by the way….Hugh Heffner lives, dated and married women some even younger than Amber but I don't recall anyone calling him "dirty old man" and names like that which have been said here. What makes Johnny any different…oh yeah..he's fifty and Hugh is 85. ha ha

  54. w says – reply to this


    Re: Popeye – "Is not it weird to say that you love the woman you left for another?"
    Sorry Popeye, Johnny gave the answer you qouted but the question wasn't asked.
    The original was taken from an interview he gave to Monsieur Hollywood during the TLR press juncket and you can find it on you tube. The magazins only took different
    interviews and created a new one that wasn't personally given to them by Johnny.

  55. Virginia says – reply to this


    Nobody can assure that Johnny gives good sex to Amber. She does not looks happy with him like other couples that have lust in their eyes and in their attitudes. They dont seem like the kind of couple who can not stop touching and no kissing

  56. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Dear, you know what's the matter? Nobody cares about what Hugh Heffner does because he's not a beloved vip while Johnny has always been adored by millions of people and there's even another important detail: he got for years the reputation of the family man, mature and loyal that used to say in interviews things like that 'kissing Keira Knightley made him feeling uncomfortable and sexy like Methuselah' while suddenly his fans found out that the image of the family man who was loyal to Vanessa and his family and that wouldn't ever have dated a very much younger than him since he told that he felt uncomfortable while kissing a very young woman, was only bullshit. He did wrong trying to seem what he wasn't, that's why now people are upset.

  57. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: w – Even if what you said it's true, there are many many clues that proves that he dumped Vanessa for Amber and the first one is that he never denied rumours about it since they started. It would have been already something even if some people wouldn't have believed them.

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Popeye – That's the problem. People believed he was God, that he could never do anything wrong (myself included) but never failed to realize (as me) until now that he's just a man like every other man on the planet who says he loves his family and I believe he did and still does but nobody knows what really happened in his relationship with Vanessa b/c it's not anyone's business to know and he will never tell and neither will she b/c she is just as private as him.

  59. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: w – Moreover refusing completely of mentioning Amber and of talking about his relationship or explainig how it started and what they feel for each other, things that he always explained or talked about in past regarding all his girlfriends, make increasing suspects in people because they are trying to figure out why only with Amber he has problems about being open about this relationship when in past he never had any problems about being open with any of his girlfriends you know. People wonder what's wrong and why he hid for more than a year with her. With a behavuiour like his, it's normal to think that he was hiding with her and that he's ashamed of talking about her as it never happened in his life only because he cheated and he felt bad about lying and telling that he never cheated, so he prefers to shut up. He's ashamed of Amber and it's evident since he doesn't wanna talk about her and from their body language you can see he feels in tension when he's with her. Did you ever see him acting like this with a woman before? No. So why with Amber is different, why? Just tell me a good reason because telling that he's private is just an excuse since with his other girlfriends he wasn't never that ashamed that replied "no comment" when asked about them. And I don't even buy that he doesn't talk about her because he fears public opinion or its insults since he's the type that never cared about other people judgement…

  60. marx says – reply to this


    johnny depp is bad person and amber is bad person.together are happy

  61. Popeye says – reply to this


    Re: Virginia – Listen, I don't wanna defend them now because I don't see any love in their eyes and in their body language (especially her looks bored in his presence) but what would you aspect to see from them? Seeing them making love in front of people? Or seeing them kissing in public just to show they're in love? it would be a staged thing come on, and Johnny has the merit at least of not being for staged PDA, so don't aspect him to kiss or embrace her in public when he hasn't even the courage of formalizing this relationship talking about it in interviews. Just think, it took more than a year to him to come out in public with her and even a while to walk hand in hand with her. He hates to do PDA just to please his public and that's a merit for my opinion because there have always been many fake couples in show business that are often trying to sell they have super chemistry with staged love effusions.
    Moreover there's another problem: when there's not love between two people, you can't perceive so much chemistry between them because sexual attraction and passion (that is what they had at the beginning and you can't deny that it was perceptible between them when they promoted their movie The rum diary since there was fire in their eyes when looking at each others at the time) last only for a while and sex with no love and with anything else important to share isn't enough for long to make a couple happy, trust me.

  62. tega says – reply to this


    Ok. I'm only say my opinion about what happened and then I'll leave everyone else alone for now (this moment). A lot of people here pretty much agree that J & V were in an open relationshiip for a long time and stayed together for the kids, so you really can't consider being with someone else "cheating" but a person can get resentful of their partner if they see that their partner is falling for that person. Early reports were that Vanessa saw a racy text from A during the premiere of TLR and threw him out but later reports said they were in a open relationship at that time but they were still on an off trying to work things out. In any event, if he did cheat with Amber then she's an idiot if she believes he won't cheat on her and then she'll dump him and go back to her party lifestyle. I saw a video when he was filming Public Enemies. His car pulled over for autographs. One of the fabs said to him how much she admired him and that he seemed like a good husband and father and his reply was "I don't know…ya know…I just want to be a good dad." I thought it was weird that he said "dad" and not "family man" but now it makes sense to me. He was no longer with Vanessa at that time. Again, these are just my opinons. I know nothing of fact except the video I saw with my own eyes on You Tube. "I met Johnny Depp in Lawton" or somethig like that.

  63. Didy says – reply to this


    I don't get why people are still bashing Amber. If you look to this love story since the begining we'll see that this two are a real couple. But they can't win. If they go together to the red carpets people say they are fake and are together just to promote their movies. If they don't people say it is a game. If they don't go public holding hands people say they are hiding, if they do it, people say he is helping her to promote her movie. It's ridiculous! This is the most true couple in Hollywood! They are in love and are together just because they want to. And I'm sure they don't care about what you thing about them. Get a life, haters and jealous people!

  64. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Popeye – Ok, I'll tell you why with Amber is different.
    1 - Because he always tryed to keep all his relationships private in the begining. Once, he said about Winona (yes, Winona, more than 20 years ago): "I don't want to talk about our life because I make some mistakes in the past, so I want to keep it private".
    Also, with Vanessa, he showed up with her at a public event one year and a half after they started dating and six months after Lily was born and he did not talk much about her, only about the kids.
    2 - Because they are really in love, and he has enough experience now and knows that is better to be private, many couples are learning this lesson from Hollywood these days.
    3 - Because maybe she is different and more real than his ex girlfriends!
    And I agree with Evelyn!

  65. Willy says – reply to this


    Re: Didy – both are cheaters.that's the reason why they have been hidden for so long. If this is love is not good love.

  66. maria says – reply to this


    ja ja Johnny always looks the ass on women.there are another picture where he looks the Rebeca Hall's butt.

  67. Nell says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Most people DO NOT believe Johnny and Vanessa were in an open relationship! It doesn't make sense and the logic does not apply. If JD and Vanessa were "split for a while," then why was Vanessa barely looking for a house in spring 2012 with Ruth Carter? And why had both her and JD's physical apperiance changed during fall/winter of 2011 following their family vacation? If an open relationship was what they were used to, then the end of their relationship wouldn't have come as a surprise. Neither would the alleged racy texts messages Vanessa supposedly found ( that's a lie)! Johnny may not have "cheated" but he was definitely lusting after Amber. You could feel the tension during TRD promo.
    And I notice that you always say that JD was in the relationship for the kids, but you neglect the flattering comments JD has made about Vanessa in the past. There was a time when they were very much in love, to the point where he said he worshipped her. He stil loves her and misses his family! That's why he never looks completely at ease with Amber. The tension they had before has been replaced with an awkwardness.

  68. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Nell – I know that Johnny worshiped her. I saw him say that in an interview when he said she made him more happy than anyone else could for "six years now" at that time but when he signed autographs while he was filming Public Enemies he didn't even acknowledge she was his partner (see my posting above) and during the Cannes festival for POTC 4 someone asked about her and he said "she knows how I feel about her and I think I know how she feels about me." It was a much different answer than six years before that. Yes I do believe they loved each other but the relationship commitment came to an end many years ago. Vanessa only came to visit him for short periods of time when he was on location. When did an interview for one of her movies when they were still "together" she said he had not even seen her movie yet.

  69. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Public Enemies was released in 2009 which means it was filmed in 2008 when Johnny didn't acknowledge Vanessa in that video I already spoke about. Amber said in an interview while they were filming TRD in 2009 they spent time together in his trailer watching old movies and talking and she spoke about some of things that were in it such as pictures of his kids. She never said "family" she only said "kids". This doesn't sound to me like the actions of a man in a committed relationship. Vanessa was rumored to be with the musician that was in her band while her and Johnny were still "together" but all of a sudden he has disappeared from her music. No longer in her band and not on her album.

  70. Nell says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Right, but if Amber was the "other woman" and she was angling for a relationship with JD why would she acknowledge his spouse? She's a sneaky person and she was even hinting at something with JD during TRD promo, while Johnny was still wearing his eternity ring that Vanessa gave him. And Vanessa was still wearing her ring during Cafe de flor promo. And to be fair to JD, just because she doesn't comment on it doesn't mean it's not there. And during Public Enemies promo JD did talk about Vanessa and even showed off the heart tattoo for her. And the interview he did for people magazine on the red carpet he was talking about Vanessa as well. And even after that in 2010 JD went to Vanessas chanel tribute with Tim Burton and they were very much loved up! Whatever happened to cause their breakup was abrupt, because all the way through the end of 2011 they were very much together. Whether cheating happened on both ends I don't know. But the notion that they were split for 2 years doesn't make sense.

  71. Nicka says – reply to this


    What's going on with Johnny? He's different. He looks distant, I don't know what, he's differente, he is not ok. God, please bring back, bring back our old Johnny to us, to us

  72. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Nell – Vanessa was not wearing her ring in Jan/Feb of 2012 while she denied the breakup on a French talk show for premiering the one I think after Café De Flore. Johnny still wore his in May 2012 at the premiere of Dark Shadows when he also denied the break up but then a month later in June the announcement was made. They both had movies coming out and wanted to wait until that was over with. Also, reports were coming out that Amber had been to visit him while filming The Lone Ranger so he pretty much at the point had to come out and admit the separation. It was reported that they told Vanessa and waited until she was up in the air on her way to France and they did it on a Tuesday after the magazines for the next week had been published, maybe in the hopes that in two weeks it would be old news.

  73. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Nell – He did go to her Chanel show b/c she was being honored there so he pretty much had to go. Besides Tim Burton being there Patty Smith also sang at the event. Other than that, I can't really say he looked like he was enjoying himself. The meeting on the boat during a break from Dark Shadows was weird. They knew they were being photographed and played that out. Also, I argued in 2010 with someone, maybe here, who said there was bad body language in Hawaii when she was there when he was filming POTC4. That person said to wait and see time will tell there are problems in the relationship. That person turned out to be right.

  74. yazury says – reply to this


    I miss Vanessa, she did well to Johnny and though people say the contrary but she was more respected and accepted……

  75. T says – reply to this


    Who knows just how serious this relationship with Amber is because Johnny has yet to make a comment but he seems to be content with his situation for the moment. Personally I do not care much for Amber and I still believe that this relationship will not last but let's just see what happens and let the chips fall where they may. As for Johnny and Vanessa's breakup nobody knows what happened between Johnny and Vanessa but Johnny and Vanessa. They've moved on with their lives. Everyone needs to just accept that they tried to make it work but in the end they couldn't and went their separate ways which was what they decided was best for them and their family.

  76. Rose Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I disagree with your theory of the open relationship. I think it was just a stupid rumour because if they were in an open relationship they would have never split then since in open relationship it couldn't exist jealousy and neither cheating. I don’t think that he was separated from Vanessa since 2009 because they attend together party chanel in 2010 and they both were wearing their rings and there are pictures of that event of them that showed they were still into each other because their body language was affectionate. There’s even a picture of Vanessa that extended her arm and hand to touch Johnny’s hand and it was a very tender gesture that let perceive chemistry and love. So it’s hard to believe that they weren’t a couple anymore since 2009. But something happened during the summer of 2010 anyway because I remember well that since then started rumours that they were in crisis and that he was cheating on her with some girls on the set of Pirates of Caribbean 4. So maybe it's more appropriate to think that Johnny and Vanessa were on and off since 2010 because this is what Johnny almost revealed in his Rolling Stones interview. He told that his relationship with Vanessa in the latest 2 years before they official announced their split (since 2010 so) have been a bit bumpy that means that they had problems for 2 years before of deciding of get separated once for all.

  77. Rose Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – So Amber could have nothing to do with their problems. Maybe they were already troubled. I remember that Vanessa told in an old interview in 2009 that her life with Johnny was boring because they used to do always the same things, going to the market, taking care of their property in France, she was cooking while he drank sometimes at the bar with his friends, I remember well that she complained that their life together wasn't exciting anymore. Maybe they just fell out of love as it happens to many couples that are together for many years. Then it may be true that they both cheated on each other because they were both looking for new emotions in their life. Amber explained in her last interview that she has never been in a situation where there was cheating or where relationships were overlapped and I think it could be true. Maybe she has nothing to do with Johnny and Vanessa desire of splitting. We shouldn't forget that Vanessa wasn't seen wearing anymore Johnny's ring since october 2011 and they have not been seen together since november 2011 so it's evident that something happened since then already and actually there's no proof that he started to date Amber at the time because Amber was seen kissing and dating Francesca Gregorini in november 2011. She wasn't seen with Johnny. There's no proof that they started to have a relationship since then, come on.

  78. Nell says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Look obviously they're split and have both moved on, and kudos to them both. It's just funny to me how some people continue to try and push the rumor that they were split for 2 years prior to the announcement, when the facts don't support it. Some push this idea that JD had this romance with Amber that he just couldn't fight and therefore had to leave Vanessa, because he didn't really love her anyway. It was all only about the kids! That's not true, and he very much tried to save their relationship. If he was only in it for his kids, well they aren't grown so since when is 13 and 10 the cut off for a stable family unit? Amber is capitalizing on the fact that JD doesn't know how to be by himself! This is the same guy who proposed to a complete stranger following his split from Winona. Some days he looks better than others, but he doesn't seem okay to me.

  79. tega says – reply to this


    I have read everyone's opinion and I respect them. I didn't want to believe the rumors of Johnny being with the mermaid while filming POTC4 but a lot of these do eventually turn out to be true and they do come from somewhere. I have seen random pictures of Johnny with this girl, even hugging her and it was not a "friend" hug. I saw another where he was sitting very close to her. I don't think Johnny would have allowed this pictures if he was still with Vanessa. The moment he posted the separation she changed her Skype name to "IT'S OVER." I do have to say I also miss him with Vanessa but if he wasn't happy with her it's best he move on get on with his life. He should, in my opinion, take a break from women (which will never happen) and acting and go back to playing guitar on stage with his friends. That is the only time I see him truly happy.

  80. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Hey tega, can you please tell me where I can see those pictures with that girl that are you talking about? Where I have to search them? Please give me some directions, I'm curious now because I never got to see them!

  81. yousef says – reply to this


    Re: Gisela8 – boring? he is the most interesting person in hollywood and he looks hotter than ever these days. they are keeping it private but they can't escape from the paps. make you suffer? ahahahahahahaha are you forced to follow them you laughable troll?

  82. 82

    Re: Nicka – stop this nonesense nothing is going on with him. he is in love and he looks happier and better than ever.

  83. 83

    Re: safon – he was a nice guy? he is still the nices guy in hollywood and he is the nicest and sweetest to his fans but his private life and realtionships are none of those fans business and you don't know him to say "He should grow old with more dignity". and what did he do to be growing old without dignity? dating a younger woman? Oh wow what a bad thing to do! what a nonesense.

  84. 84

    Re: The Truth Sayer – and why not? so called couple? they are together since 2 years! they are an official couple and they couldn't care less about what trolls like you think but you are not forced to read about them are you?

  85. 85

    Re: phil – you mean lovely couple. Cemetery is ideal for you.

  86. 86

    Re: Carla – he is just looking at her accidentally he didn't mean anything and if you see clearly he is not looking at her butt or anything

  87. 87

    Re: Ambelina – why are you talking as if you live with him? you read too much made up stories don't you? the public are interested in her and she is stunning so and have a film to promote and thats why she is doing more mags and interviews. if he was getting her work in hollywood why does she still make terrible garbage movies that flop at the BO? wouldn't he get her a better movies? she would s**k his thing Without any exchange because she loves him and she herself said that she don't want to be like jolie.

  88. 88

    Re: Dirty Old Man – looks so old and lifeless? are you freaking kidding me? he looks very youthful and amazing for his age. he looks much happier than a few years agp when he was with vanessa. but people age you know? its ridiculous to bash him because he is ageing! old dirty man? huh, keep telling that to yourself.

  89. 89

    Re: Willy – he started dated amber after he spilt with vanessa so how exactly did he cheat? they were hidden for the sake of vanessa and the kids. they made an agreement to not go out in the public for a year.

  90. 90

    Re: Mia – no he's just looking accidently. stop judging the guy!

  91. 91

    Re: Carla – he is not actually looking at her butt and who can hide it? Some people notice it when men stares at women's butts.

  92. 92

    Re: IceQueen_24 – you are soo funny! GOSH some people are laughabley believeing every BS they read! she is with him since 2 years and she NEVER talked about it. she is with him because she loves him and he doesn't need to pay her interviews and mags because they are the ones who want to make interviews with her as they are interested in her. if he was getting movies for her why is she still doing the same c-listed garbage movies that she was doing since ever? why doesn't she even want to talk about it? because she want to keep it private and don't want to get publicity for it. if you think she is using him then keep telling that to yourself because she is clearly not.

  93. Mortimer says – reply to this


    Someone is right here. Amber is a home wrecker that would sleep with anyone, woman or man, to get what she needs to get. I know since many years people that work in Hollywood and they told me that Amber often slept with old men and executives at the beginning of her career to get small roles in some movies or some tv series (as most of young and unknown actress like her do too of course). And I was told it's a well known fact in Hollywood that Depp is coming into her mouth since 2009. It's also true that she got some roles since then thanks to him. She attended all his premieres since 2009 because she got invited by him. They always exchanged 'favours' since they film a movie together. They weren't in a relationship yet but they were occasional fuc**ng-buddies or friends with benefits or whatever you wanna call them. They used to fu*k everytime he was in Usa for some reasons.

  94. Mortimer says – reply to this


    I was told that Vanessa started to have suspects about her already in 2009 when she went with their children to visit him in Puerto Rico because she noted that they seemed already intimate but she caught them in 2010 and after that she split with him, then forgave him, but they were on and off for 2 years because she didn't trust him anymore. He even bought to Amber a place where they could stay together when he was in Usa. She a home wrecker, that's why they are talking about their relationship because they know they would be asked when it started etc. and they are still thinking how they can manage future interviews, but for now especially him (not so much her because I've been told she has no shame at all) is ashamed about the idea of talking to magazines of this new relationship so he won't do it for a long time and even when he will, there will be told lots of lies for sure, trust me.

  95. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You wrote only nonsense. You're the only one that thinks that Amber is this talented actress and very genuine person very much in love with him…. you're deluding yourself.

  96. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – Does that mean he is sexually edicted to her?

  97. Robert says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – ^^Sorry, it has to be: is he sexually addicted to her?

  98. 98

    Re: Ambelina – when did i say i think she is a talented actress? i didn't and i said she only make garbages movies but she is with him because she loves she don't use him to get publicity. she NEVER talked anout her relationship with him and she said she don't want to . and if he was getting her some work in hollywood why is she still making terrible C-listed movies? he is not helping her at all actually and i don't think she wants his help because she is with him because she loves him and nothing else.

  99. 99

    Re: Mortimer – what a load of BS! why would anyone trust what you ? everyone can make up stories here.

  100. 100

    Re: Mortimer – she actually attended one premiere of his wich was the Public Enemies one. they were friends at the time and nothing else and they kept in touch but then after johnny spilt up with vanessa in 2011 they started dating in the rum diary's press tour.

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