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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead

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johnny depp amber heard holding hands hollywood forever cemetary

Ooo this makes us antsy for Halloween early this year!!

Johnny Depp, the actor king of cinematic spooks and kooks, took vixen girlfriend Amber Heard to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a Cry-Baby reunion Sunday night.

Hosted by John Waters, the 2013 Johnny Ramone Tribute featured a screening of the classic Johnny film, while co-stars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Joe Dallesandro mingled in attendance as well.

Dita Von Teese was also present, bringing her usual unique charm, but the shining star of the night was definitely Handsy — the beautiful creature that's formed when Johnny and Amber lock hands. LOLz!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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1036 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead”

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  1. 101

    Re: Mortimer – if johnny was ashamed of his relationship with amber he wouldn't go out in the public and hold hands with her would he?

  2. 102

    Re: Dirty Old Man – um no he doesn't because he is youthful looking and she looks older than her age which is almost 30yrs. you are gross because you are judging someone you don't know. buy a girlfriend? ahahaha she is with him since 2 years not 2 months and she is with his because she loves him. but you seem to like believing the BS you read in the tabloids. believe what you want to believe but don't come on here and talk $hit about someone you know nothing about.

  3. 103

    Re: Virginia – maybe thats because they are not your typical fake PR couple? they are so real and they don't fake it up for the paps. good sex is in the bed and not in front of the paps.

  4. 104

    Re: Popeye – this time its diffrenet. he has KIDS and he didn't talk about it and hide for year for the sake of them and their feelings. he didn't cheat on vanessa because he started dating amber after they spilt up so how the hell did he cheat? and if amber was the cause of their spilt why would vanessa let her kids be around her and travel with her huh?

  5. 105

    Re: marx – and what are you an angel? you don't know them to judge them.

  6. 106

    Re: tega – where can i find the pictures of him with this pirates4 girl please

  7. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Yousef. Just to hear your opinion, since I see you feel very strongly about this couple. Do you think that Johnny would ever dump her for someone else? If so, then what would be the reason?
    No joke. I'm just interested to see what you think. Seriously.

  8. Marie says – reply to this


    Silentnight, didn't you tell us some days ago that you had the premonition that something would have happened soon and that it would have been a positive change this time? You always tell to have right premonitions, well I think you're just ridiculous because it didn't happen any good change in his life. He's still dating and people can't still see they're a happy couple. On Jamber site you even wrote that her days with him can be counted…. so was this your premonition and the proof that you're often right about your sensations? Come on, stop with this bullshit you feel the things and that you have premonitions. Go somewhere else to sell your fairytales.

  9. tyn says – reply to this


    yousef ¿are you JDF ,the crazy fanatic ?

  10. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie

    Yes …and if you read correctly I said between several days into next week; this week coming up? And like I said. I have to wait and see what the heck this is myself. I rounding it off has it having something to do with this relationship, because what else would make the public love him like they once did.
    All in all, that means your 'bashing' is still too early, so save it. Whether it comes true or not, giving myself the benefit of the doubt, I don't speak bull, thank you very much, marie. This vibe is very true regardless, or else I wouldn't have said it. I was right the last time, so this time should be no different. Scrub off.

  11. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    "I ’rounded' it off 'as' it having something to do with this relationship, because what else would make the public love him like they once did."

    Auto-correction*rolls eyes*

  12. tega says – reply to this


    testing website

  13. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – problems with website responses

  14. 114

    Re: SilentNight700 – um no i don't think he will because he loves her and she is like his soulmate they have so much in common and she makes him happy and take care of him and his kids and he also didn't dump any of his girlfriends before. most of of his previous relationships ended because of problems and stuff.

  15. ruth says – reply to this


    this romance is very strange. All is weird.This is a real couple but sometimes they seem like if they live their lives separately….

  16. 116

    Re: ruth – nothing is weird or strange they are just SO REAL and not your typical fake ass PR hollywood couple. he is shy he don't like to get cozy with her in the public and he don't have to.

  17. tega says – reply to this


    I am being blocked for some reason in responding to pictures.

  18. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – FB page seek his name - photos - albums - find film - find 10 rows down

  19. 119

    Re: tega – ok can you give me the name of the page?

  20. 120

    Re: tega – cuz there is a lots of pages with his name, you know?

  21. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Okay. Thanks for replying : )

  22. ka says – reply to this


    "There was a moment back when Amber was promoting The Rum Diary when I thought she could be huge. Her styling then – light blonde hair pulled back in a very classic way – really worked. She felt like a new Sharon Stone – powerful and independent. It was fresh. And the fact that she was at ease with her sexuality set her apart in a modern way.

    Now she’s stuck in try-mode. What happened? She lost it."

    It's comment from another site. What do you think?

  23. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – You were right about what last time???? Are you dreaming and making a fool of us! Come on, shut up! You didn't tell us anything last time. You announced that Johnny would have found himself after he was seen with Amber and his children going on tour all togethe, but during that period nothing different happened. You only tell bullshit. You never guessed anything until now and never had right premonitions, get away from here you stupid troll. Come back to Jamber site. I read you wrote there that Amber's days with Johnny were counted like you felt that they could break up soon within a few of days but still nothing happened and you know what? They're gonna film soon movies in UK and they will be together there so I really doubt that they're gonna split soon. It won't happen and no good change has happened neither. You're just a faker psychic. Go somewehere else to sell your bullshit inventing that you're always right when there's proof you didn't guess anything until now.

  24. Fina says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – "they are still thinking how they can manage future interviews, "
    Sounds like they are planning for the long run to me. Maybe he fell out of love with Vanessa and in love with Amber.
    Was he really willing to reconcile with Vanessa during these 2 years when they were on and off? He looked pretty much of a mess the entire year 2012 and until spring 2013.
    Is he in love with Amber or is he just left with her since Vanessa won't come back?

  25. tega says – reply to this


    Yousef - First name, middle initial, last name, then "Fans."

  26. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Yes, I was 'correct' about the last prediction. I rounded it off to Johnny "finding himself" when I should have just left it at "polarizing change". That was 'my' assumption add-on, but it moved in a different direction. This time I did the same thing. I mentioned the vibe, rounding it off, with 'my assumption, to something to do with the relationship. I risked my assumption again with the prediction this time because obviously it has to be in order for the positive part to make sense. The words "breakup" were never mentioned. You're just assuming that from what you read of what it seemed like I was saying …But I did not say that.
    I said I don't speak bull and I didn't "invent" squat. I made myself honest on here, because it's my truth. Whether you believe me or not, I could care less. And how would I make a fool of you? Don't you mean make fool of myself? And why would you care? I'll say what I want here, there, anywhere without your direction or consent. I ain't no dang psychic. I just call myself connected. "Right until now"? You're free to place judgment on me, but I suggest find something better to do then waste words. You know I'm not gonna listen to you, so why are you wasting your time talking to me? 'You' shutup. And I said scrub off.

  27. Nicka says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – If you really know him. You know that he's distant from his fans,he looks ashamed, different. I miss the old Johnny

  28. tega says – reply to this


    Yousef - I'm having problems commenting here. This is not the one I was referring to but three pretty good ones and one is autographed. Body language is definitely there.

  29. Murabi says – reply to this


    Why Johnny's fans don't accept that he's not God and he's human and can do wrong sometimes? Yes, he cheated on Vanessa with Amber of course and he's never going to admit publically because it's only his business what happened in his private life. He doesn't have any duty to give explanations to his fans about how and when he started his relationship with Amber. He has only the duty to make movies and roles that they can like, he hasn't the duty of being a model like the perfect boyfriend or husband like many fans think he was. It's their fault if they are upset for his choice now because they idealized him thinking he was perfect, but he is human like everybody else. And like everybody else can have desires for a young and hot woman like Amber. Now be honest, how many men do you think that wouldn't like to fu#k her or date her if they had the chance? She's beautiful and all the men like beautiful women. So stop on thinking he’s not happy with her. He wouldn’t date her if she was that bad with him because he would dump her soon as he did with Vanessa if he felt unhappy.

  30. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -And no, that's not what I said. I did not say "days". I said "countdown the hours" and did not say to what, and that "countdown the hours" was just a figure of speech. You're making up garbage. If you're going to quote me, then say the same dang thing. And again I didn't say anything about a breakup. You rounded it off to that, but I did not 'say' that's what it was. It could be something totally different; involving the relationship. Maybe it's amber having a change of heart. I don't know. Whatever it is, it's positive. That's all I know.
    You saying I "only tell bull" is bull, just because you just don't agree with me. Call like it is. The vibe is very much true. If it doesn't happen will turn it into a wrong… not 'a lie'.
    And learn to recognize a "stupid troll": a person that purposely says things to start arguments and takes pleasure in getting on people's nerves, which is definitely not my case…dummy.

  31. Murabi says – reply to this


    Many relationships cannot last as time goes by, it happens everyday to short or long time relationships of not lasting for whatever reason, so why some people are so disappointed that his relationship with Vanessa is over and that he now likes to date Amber? It's his life Jesus and his real fans should respect that he's human like everybody else and that he's free of dating who the hell he wants because he hasn't the duty of stopping to date a woman just because his fans don't like her. Are you crazy? And even if he dates her just for sex or because he's infatuated, it's only his business. You know, he was really unhappy with Vanessa in these latest years and I know this from a sure source, so his fans should worry for his happiness and not for their one that were pleased he was dating Vanessa. If he was unhappy with her, why you should be happy that he was dating someone that didn't him happy anymore?

  32. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Nicka – Maybe that's because he knows people are judging him now as a person and not an actor. A lot of things he tried to keep private are coming out and people think he should explain but he won't. Kate Moss said in her book he gave her the best advice of "never complain, never explain." I think he tells a lot in his newer tattoo "Man is a Giddy Thing." The definition of that means man is impulsive. I think he is trying to tell people that he's just a man and not God.

  33. Murabi says – reply to this


    He and Vanessa always had many problems since the beginning and lately they also had sexual problems. They spent poor time together and Johnny liked sexual games she didn't. Did you know he always used to cut himself for example? Did you ever asked why he's so friend with Marilyn Manson? They're very very similar, too much and Johnny is often trying to emulate him someway. He wanted to be him maybe because he wanted to be a rockstar more than an actor. Manson likes to cut himself and also to tie women during sex sometimes and you can also see it in some of his videos. The scenes showed there aren't casual. Well Johnny likes light bondage too - sometimes not ever, but sometimes he has this desire. And he likes to use dildos, to see 2 women engaged in sexual acts etc. and Vanessa started to think he was a debauched. Well, Amber is far more open about sexual acts and she’s okay about doing some games with Johnny, she lets him doing everything, so that’s one of the reasons why he started to prefer her.

  34. tega says – reply to this


    I still say Johnny should take a break from everything and go back to playing guitar with his friends. That's only when he appears to be truly happy. Who is with me on this??????

  35. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Johnny used to cut himself when he was young b/c he had a messed up childhood moving around from place to place (at least 30 homes, maybe more). He said this in interview Inside the Actors Studio about the homes and that the one in France was the only one he could really ever call a "home." Besides the moving his parents were always fighting. This is common in kids with emotional problems.

  36. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – whatever you said you're crazy. Even when you talked of the polarizing stuff. Can you tell us what has been polarizing in his life during the promotional tour or even now?? Nothing. Everything remained as it is now. And your sensation about the fact that it will happen a change, good change this time and even soon is stupid unless you can tell us what's happening that is good. Amber's heart change you said? Oh please, don't make us laugh. She doesn't love him and the way she still looks annoyed and bored in his presence proves it, come on. Just look at their latest pictures. Her face wasn't the face of a woman in love or that cares for real about his boyfriend. Then you're lying telling that your quote on Jamber site was about Amber having a change of heart, because I report you your dialogue with a certain Lola that said: "Please let this relationship be over soon…" and you responded "Don’t worries, Lola, it will be. Start the countdown of the hours it has left" and you still have the courage of telling bullshit that your quote wasn't referred to the end of their relationship when you responded to Lola wish "it will be"? Do you think we're stupid? You're just a crazy and a visionary stupid troll, go away.

  37. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – No Tega, Johnny didn't cut himself only when he was young. He never stopped to do it and you're free of not believing what I'm telling but it's the truth. Everybody close to him and his team knows it. His intense friendship with Marilyn Manson isn't casual. He becomes very close friend only with people that have much in common with him and actually Manson has many many things and interests in common with him.

  38. Ambelina says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Hey Tega, I can't find yet the picture you're talking about. Can you be more specific? Can you write the exact words of what we have to write to find them? Sorry but it wasn't clear to me your explanation about seraching, name, full name…. please just write the exact word we have to write. And where, on fbk? I found lots of pages dedicated to him and I dont't know what you mean mentioning his first name, middle initial, last name, then fans…. nothing is clear, please can you more more specific???

  39. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Maybe he could still be doing it now, but I have read in many places it started when he was young. His first "tatoo" was actually done by himself that isn't really considered a "tatoo", I guess. He could be just one of those people who are into some kind of pain but people who cut do it b/c they have emotional issues. I knew someone who did it and that's what that person told me - that he did it to hide his emotional pain. Anyway, there was an article, I think in Vanity Fair, that the scars are visbile and Johnny admits he did do it but said he hasn't done that in many years.

  40. Nada says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – "It's all a sham showing Johnny once again like the romantic guy who dumped Vanessa because he fell for another woman like it's a sham to show that he's serious with her and that even his children know and accepted that. They're part of the game to clean his image. His PR thought it wasn't a good choice letting people see he just likes to fu*k around. It's better making him looking like the serious guy who seriously falls for women. Don't you understand that his PR always tried to make him looking like he's not?? It's how PR work. Most of what you read that Johnny tells in interviews is fake and by the way, it wasn't him who dumped Vanessa, it was HER who DUMPED HIM when she found out that he was having sex with Amber. Johnny is like many other men, huma… he cheated on his wife (or whatever you wanna call her) when she couldn't please him enough in bed."

    This is from one of your previous comments. Now you are telling us he dumped her?

    "He wouldn’t date her if she was that bad with him because he would dump her soon as he did with Vanessa if he felt unhappy."

    What is it now?

  41. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I never said that it's not true that he started to do it when he was young. And you're right also about the reason why he always did it and still doing it sometimes. he lied saying that he isn't doing it anymore as he also told he isn't drinking anymore. He still drinks sometimes. Much less than before of course but he still does when he gets depressed even though in the last year didn't happen so often and yes, he still cuts himself when he gets frustrated or in a very bad mood for something. He has very emotional problems and he's still searching true love in his life, because he never found it for real. No matter what has been said about him or what he told in interviews because he still has a deep need of being loved for what he's and not because he's Johnny Depp the talented actor, the rebel and the handsome sex symbol. It has been said sometimes that he was abusive with his girlfriends but it's the contrary. It was them that were abusive with him someway (can't tell how sorry) and that never loved him for what he really is. They all fell in love with what he always represented but they all succumbed when they got he wasn't their "type of man" for real.

  42. Murabi says – reply to this


    Only Winona Ryder was able to love him for what he really is, that's why he talked about her in a way he never talked about his other girlfriends. And it was after their split he started to drink heavily. They had a deep connection that he never had with anyone anymore, I'm not telling bullshit. Vanessa and him were quite unhappy since the beginning because Vanessa wanted to change him even though she told that she never tried to change him. It was a big lie. Many people ignore that during their 13 years of relationship they were on and off sometimes and not just since 2010. Vanessa expected to change him (can't say what she wanted to change in him because it's too long), she wanted him to become what she was looking in a man and when this didn't happen she realized she was in a unhappy relationship. Though they tried for years to stay together and feeling like a nice family because they both love deeply their children. And while she was still hoping to change him, he still needed some stability in his life, so even when they broke up several times in past, he always came back to her anyway because he felt lost without his family and the stability it gave him. Now he feels lost again because I’ve been told that he's not in love with Amber and that she is just infatuated of him for what he represents, so even this relationship is doomed to end. Don’t know when but as soon as she realizes he’s not her ‘type’, she’ll take another path.

  43. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Nada – Yes, sorry for the confusion but for me there's no big difference between dumping someone and cheating someone, because cheating the mother of your children with another woman is an indirect way to dump her because if you cheat it's because you aren't enough in love and cheating sooner or later causes split. He dumped Vanessa in an indirect way and Vanessa dumped him when she found out the truth because he was lying to her even though I've been told that he was getting tired of her to the point that he deluded Amber once telling her something like: 'I'm falling for you. I'm done with Vanessa. I want more from life. I think tomorrow I'm gonna tell her that we should take separate paths". I've been told that he told her these things after they've fuc##ed and he was maybe a little drunk but Amber deluded herself and thought he was sincere and for really going to break up soon with Vanessa and she split with her girlfriend because a chance with him was all she always dreamed. Johnny felt guilty after that with Amber and the rest is history.

  44. 144

    Re: Nicka – you sound like you know nothing about him! distant from his fans? he is the sweetest to the fans! he tries to sign all the autographs and make them all happy. ashamed of what? why the hell would he be ashamed? he hasn't done anything bad and he actually looks happier than he was in past few years.

  45. Jd_Fan says – reply to this


    Yes tega I agree with you that he does need to take a break including from relationship and all and focus on his music career and his kids.
    His music career and his kids are what made him truly happy. You are so right :)

  46. Nada says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Thanks for clearing this up.

  47. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Sorry tega, but I didn't understand too of what pictures are you talking about. Can you tell me of which mermaid are you talking about that you saw pictures of him and her sitting very close or embracing in a way that didn't seem only friendly? In 2010 I remember there were rumours of him having an affair with several women. You mentioned a mermaid, but the mermaid that worked in the movie with him is Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey and as far as I remember there weren't rumours about them. Rumours were about Kristen Stephenson-Pino and Antoinette Kalaj. So can you please tell me which one of these girls you mean of having seen those pictures? And where I can see them? Your directions weren't clear, sorry :(

  48. 148

    Re: Murabi – i dunno. sometimes you make sense and sometimes you don't. is he to blame if vanessa wasn't giving him a sexual pleasure and then he found it with another woman? NO she is the one to blame and he didn't dump her he just cheated but then she dumped him and the rest is history. they are over so why are people still bring her up? they both moved on and so should you people.

  49. 149

    Re: Murabi – very much agree. well put.

  50. 150

    Re: Mandy – it was Kristen Stephenson-Pino and she didn't say anything about having something with him just flirts.

  51. 151

    Re: JD_FAN – Murabi what I agree with you on is what you said about Wynona Ride and that statement

  52. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Nada – Oh, you're welcome.

  53. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Poor guy seems like an emotional wreck.

  54. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Look, I'm not judging who's to blame for the split because it's their business. Nobody should tell that it's her fault or that it's his fault. We can't judge because nobody is perfect and both people in a couple do wrong sometimes. They both have their defects, but the problem is that they had problems since the beginning because they are different people with different personalities. So when two people are different it's hard to conciliate them because people never change for real neither for love. Defects can be hidden for a while and people can improve for a period of time, but nobody changes his own defects because they are part of our personality. It's very rare to change what you are. Vanessa expected him to change though and I've been told that sometimes she was really prepotent, nagging and stuffy with him and Johnny, in turn, was lunatic and was in very bad moods sometimes. Of course he's also a playboy and likes to flirt and f##k around when his woman oppresses him too much becoming a screaming bitch but when she treats him nice he treats her nice too and he's even totally faithful. The point is that we can't judge which defect is better and which is worse because we should live their life to understand who deserves or doesn't deserve what.

  55. 155

    Re: Murabi – so johnny fucked around just when she was being a total bitch but when she was being nice and all he was completely faithful ? maybe if she was nice with him all the time he wouldn't fuck around? she sickened the hell out of him and now they say "poor vanessa' and bash the real poor one who is johnny but anyway who are we to judge and they are so over so its useless to talk about it now.

  56. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: JD_FAN – Look, I don't need you to agree with me about the truth. At the most you can agree with me about the fact that nobody should judge Johnny split with Vanessa and his current choices because it's his life and because he isn't God. He's human like me and you and people can do wrong sometimes. Couples split all the time in hollywood and there are lots of men that likes to f##k and date very young women, so what? Are we perfect that we can judge them or that we can judge if they're doing the right thing in their life? More over an artist has only to duty to be liked by people for his\her talent because what he\she does in private life it's anybody business. Artist people don't have the duty of being a model, they're human and imperfect just like us. Then I don't get why many of Johnny's female fans hate Amber so much and invest their time to figure out if she's in love with him or not. Jesus, what the hell this change in your life? You all will never have a chance with him anyway and he's not even interested in reading or being worried about your delusional hatred about his girlfriend. He got used with this long time ago because he's aware that in past many fans of him hated Kate Moss and also Vanessa (because for many of them she wasn't beautiful nor good for him). Jesus, get a life. Now you can hate Amber as long as you want, but actually it's her the one who's having sex with him almost everyday and not you.

  57. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I repeat, I don't wanna judge. They both have their defects and whatever we say, it won't change the fact that they fell out of love and that they were both unhappy together. They moved with their life and that's what even their fans should do stopping to judge something that they don't even know. He and Vanessa are also trying to be nice again with each other since a while. It's only some fans of him that don't get a reason he's more happy with Amber now than he ever was in these last years with Vanessa. If Amber was that nasty and not caring bitch with him as some of his neurotic fans think, you can be sure he would have already kicked her ass out of his life.

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I'm having problems posting info about the pictures. I can't find the ones I spoke of. It was months ago and there are thousands to search through but I found other ones of him with her on Johnny C. Depp Fans (FB page). On top click "Photos" then click "Albums" then click on POTC Album and when pictures come up go ten rows down. The autographed one to her and body language is very close.

  59. tega says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – First she made it sound like more than she later said it was. She retracted her statements after rumors came out in the magz that he had secret meetings with her by having her picked up by private jet and arranging for her to have a small part as a mermaid. First she said it was "one on one" in his trailer and that he flirted with her and told her she was beautiful, etc. Then the tabloids came out and she got she got trashed by everyone everywhere and retracted her statement and said it was taken out of context. Like I said, though, a lot of these rumors eventually turn out to be true and they do start from somwehere.

  60. JD_Fan says – reply to this



  61. JD_Fan says – reply to this



  62. 162

    Re: tega – thank you, i saw the pictures and i think there was no thing between them he was looking just like he looks around any fan but she is the one who was cozy and stuff and he didn't mind ofcourse, who would?

  63. 163

    Re: JD_Fan – calm down he/she was talking about other fans and not just you.

  64. JD_Fan says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – she didn't say anyone else's name but mine calm down she acting as if people here cant say what they want and feel the way they want sorry for getting mad but dang don't power up to me and put words in my mouth. Then expect me to say yes ma'am to you sorry don't work that way everyone here is allowed to hate her or like her everyone her is aloud to post what they want because that's what its here for. I respect how you feel and ok sure you like them but don't get mad at those who don't like them as a couple

  65. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: JD_Fan – Ohhhh, I'm very sorry if I quoted in my answer. Not all the comments of it were directed to you. I wasn't talking about you when talking about desperate fans jealous of Amber. My comments were general about those fans that judge him all the time and that can't get a reason he's now dating Amber and feeling more happy with her than he was with Vanessa during last years. Sorry again, it wasn't really something directed to you.

  66. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie
    Dummy, I said it in reference to her comment, but the "it" in the way I answered was referring to the "tragedy" this relationship is causing, not the relationship itself, giving room for the positive to come at any angle. It was that comment that inspired me to mention it a little, not being clear of why I responded to her that way in the first place; which is my evidence. It wasn't until I came to this site, when someone questioned me about the last prediction(which I explained, dummy, it was Johnny being aggressive; the real take no nonsense him; I also mentioned that "polarizing" was too strong of a word, but that was the prediction nonetheless) …that I mentioned this prediction.
    No not everyone here is stupid, but you're doing pretty good. You're still calling me a troll when it is you trying to start stuff. And you're asking me what the positive change is when clearly said many times that I have to wait and see it for myself. And I did not say "amber's change of heart" was the prediction. I just said that to say another possible outcome instead of it being a "breakup", which you pinned it with.
    I said I ain't going anywhere. Quit with the bully act. If you don't like what I say, mind your dang business and ignore my comments. Got any more questionings on what I said, even though no matter how many times I explain you'll still ask the same freakin questions …please hesitate to ask… dummy.

  67. JD_Fan says – reply to this


    Like I said I'm sorry I got mad and said those words I could have came about it in a different way I just don't like someone putting words in my mouth or assuming something without asking me what I meant. I respect what you said also I respect everyones

  68. JD_Fan says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – its ok that's happens and I am sorry I could have responded better then that and could have asked you instead of getting upset I am sorry and I do understand how you feel.

  69. T says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Thanks for explaining it so well Murabi. I agree with everything you said.

  70. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie
    -I said…I don't speak bull. You can try and think you can catch me in a lie, but you won't. Not many, if not any, people can do that.
    Got anymore of my words to use against me? Just know by the time I reply, you'll see you were mistaken. You went in thinking you were some lie-catcher crusader and turned out being a troll yourself. You didn't start out that way, but you turned into one. The magic about me is that I always tell the truth, which turns anyone that speaks against me into what they once spoke of me, now describing themselves. Crazy ain't it? It never fails. Crazy visionary? No. Magickal? Yes.
    Another nickname of mine, besides the ones I mentioned before, being "The Dark Temptress" and "Honey Badger", is "The Curse"…*shrugs* I cannot be explained.

  71. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: JD_Fan – Happy we clarified everything. It's a pleasure to talk with mature people that don't judge things they don't know and that are for real fans of Johnny not aspecting him to be God, but giving him the most respectful support for his choices. Thanks.

  72. Gigi says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – "Now he feels lost again because I’ve been told that he's not in love with Amber and that she is just infatuated of him for what he represents, so even this relationship is doomed to end. " —and — "He's now dating Amber and feeling more happy with her than he was with Vanessa during last years."
    Sorry, but i have to ask, since i agree with you on many things you said, but aren't those two comments contradicting?

  73. luke says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – High Murabi!
    The quote Nada posted was from an answer you gave to me when i asked why they involved the children publicly:"It's all a sham showing Johnny once again like the romantic guy who dumped Vanessa because he fell for another woman like it's a sham to show that he's serious with her and that even his children know and accepted that. They're part of the game to clean his image. His PR thought it wasn't a good choice letting people see he just likes to fu*k around. It's better making him looking like the serious guy who seriously falls for women."
    Does that still apply? How about him going back to his wild life, as you said?
    I'm not saying that you are necessarily contradicting yourself, it's more like a puzzle i'm trying to put together. Let me add, i'm still having a good laugh imagining things.

  74. 174

    Re: Murabi – i agree with most of things you said but how do you about the sexual games he likes? i mean, you don't live with him and even insiders wouldn't know things this personal/private about him.

  75. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Gigi – No Gigi because you don't need to be in love to be happy. From one side Johnny feels lost again in the sense that he misses the stability of his family (he never wanted to let his children live what he lived when his parents divorced, but you never know what it could happen in your life until it happens) because even he's in a relationship with Amber now, doesn't mean he feels he found stability because it's too early to tell that and deeply in his heart he knows that most of women are able to love or like him for what he represents and not so much for the man he really is. But on the other side Amber is different from Vanessa and apparently she didn't asked him to change anything of his personality nor his tastes. She really seems to respect him and to accept him for what he's really is and it seems she also shares many interests with him. I mean, it's true that more than once he thought she might be his soul mate and that he might marry her though his close friends warned him of not being in any hurry and of taking it easy because he has time to experiment things and life with her.

  76. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Gigi – They suggested him of waiting to figure out if it's true that Amber really likes same things he likes. For some reasons they don't trust her as they wouldn't trust any other young and unpopular actress because they fear that this type of woman could use him to get fame and hurt him really bad at the end. He's not in love with her I've been told but he thinks anyway that she's the woman that most fit with him after Winona because he sees they have many things in common. So she's making him happy someway: she tries to spend as much time as possible with him because he hates being alone for long periods indeed; she's doing her best to have a nice relationships with his children; she's interested about many things that interest him, so they share interest and activities; she's nice with his friends and she accepts that he doesn't like to be too much in the spotlight nor that he likes to stay somewhere to have fun every night and she spends most of the nights with him at home indeed, living a quiet life and of course they have fun in bed…. and these are all things that weren't happening anymore between him and Vanessa since a few of years. So yeah, sincere or not, Amber is currently making him happy.

  77. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: luke – Luke, I never told anything that was contradicting myself. I repeat that he isn't in love with Amber but he really likes her as a woman and also because she's showing interest in almost everything regarding his life but I've been told he would marry her just because he's always looking for stability and to believe in something. On the other sides he likes beautiful women and always liked to f##k around when things were bad with his girlfriends. That's how he is and yes, it was a PR strategy letting him seen with Amber and his children during The Lone Ranger promotional tour because his PR thought that maybe this would have helped his fans to accept better Amber. About his wild days, when he split with Vanessa he still had wild days with his friends and anyway, being engaged in a threesome sometimes and liking to watch 2 women having sex doesn't seem wild to you, especially at his age?

  78. 178

    Re: Murabi – i don't think he would've been with her for 2 years if he wasn't in love with her. he looked soo smitten and in love with her in the after-party moscow pictures.

  79. 179

    "being engaged in a threesome sometimes and liking to watch 2 women having sex doesn't seem wild to you, especially at his age?"

    seriously, how do you know that? you've been told? by how? someone who is with him 24/24 hours and even watch him when he have sex with women?

  80. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Yousef of course I can't know for sure if Johnny like such games, but I've been told from sure sources that these are things that he likes and that Vanessa refused to do with him causing them more problems than they already had, then if what I've been told are only lies I don't really know because of course I don't know if their friends really know these things, but I guess so because 'rumours' and 'dirty secrets' circulate very fast among insiders and his friends. You know, once, long time ago, he even admitted in an interview that he likes nasty, kinky and dirty sex even though he didn't specify what are the nasty, kinky and dirty things he liked to do :D

  81. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Yousef, I've just told what I've been told. If you don't believe it it's ok. I'm not here to convince anyone because I can't prove myself if what I've been told it's true, but I guess that friends can know such things sometimes because even celebrities confide their little secret to them sometimes. But once again, I don't know if what I've been told is true even though I wonder, why lie to me?

  82. Nicka says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I understand that you want to defend the relationship of Johnny with Amber because for you a true fan defends the choices of your "idol", and you believe he likes Amber.But in every picture we see him, we see the expressions on his face and we can see how sad he is.
    I know, he is the sweetest and gentlest person in the world, but I also know that he isn't well and so when he is in somewhere as the man, as Johnny, he can not sustain for long an expression quiet so he has avoided a bit his fans.
    You are fan of him and already know his expressions, then, please, look carefully at the photos and you'll see that I'm right

  83. 183

    Re: Nicka – don't judge by some paps pics and shutup plz he is happeir than ever now and haven't you seen how he looked so happy and in love in the non-paps after-party moscow pictures with amber? no you just saw the paps pics right? do you relaize how uncomfortable it is when they are being surronded by strangers that shout out personal questions at their faces? you know he isn't well? how? do you live with him? he is smiling and looking happy in most of his recent pictures!

  84. joana says – reply to this


    Johnny always looked at her face and talking with his other girlfriends in public.With Amber nothing.

  85. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – You're hiding your lies in a shameful way with stupid excuses and you're still insisting with the story that you can predict things when you never guessed anything. Now I got why people here told you you need to search for some psychiatric help and they gave you the advice and of going to an asylum. They were right and that's why they don't even care anymore about what you tell and about your "predictions". So I will do the same and I won't waste anymore my time with an insane troll like you. So, if you wanna keep writing other bullshit and other stupid and senseless answers go ahead, since now I'm not going to read them anymore. I've already lost too much time with a moron like you and I hope that nobody else here would do it. Good-bye.

  86. tega says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Johnny usually doesn't face inward when he takes pictures with just anybody. In these pictures he is faced towards her and is very close to her and with his hand on her arm. To me, that showed he had affection for her but that's just my opinion. I don't believe that Amber broke them up. I believe he liked her during the Rum Diary (he is different with her than other co-stars) and she was always around as a back up for him. There could have been others (Kristen, the one from POTC for one) that Vanessa knew about and she tolerated it and his drinking but eventually she grew sick of it and started seeing other people too.

  87. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Weren't you down this road before in the last big post? Maybe if you told people what your predictions were then it could be more believable. We already know that Conan the Barbarian (a supposed insider) said in another posting that something would be happening in the fall which will answer many questions so right now anything you say you predicted people are not going to believe. The only way you're going to get people to believe you is to prove it first. And please don't go into the Depp family curse and witches, etc. again. That would be a bad idea.

  88. SilenyNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Marie

    Well, dummy, you shoulda done that in the first place. No one had a gun to your head telling you to reply your crap. mind your own business next time.
    The fact that I replied to her sand said what I said, with 'no explanation' to why I said "countdown the hours" proves my motives. It left the question for someone to ask why did I say that; the prediction being the answer.
    What do I have to hide and be shameful about? Let's say I really did mean being a breakup, why would I hide it? I wouldn't of had a problem admitting to it. So what would be the reason for that not being the answer? Uh because it's not the answer.
    You have some nerve replying to me, calling me a liar, then saying I was making an excuse. Why don't you go get some psychiatric help yourself, since you feel the need to reply to something that you brought on yourself, an then cut off the argument as if it was I that started it. That was moronic on your half, especially since you already weren't going to believe me anyway. And for you to say I made an excuse adds on to it. I said why I said it. That's the answer. It's not for you to analyze questioning me about my answer. You'll never know, so what's the point? You have no choice but to accept that being my truth. You making up an answer for me, just so I could match your non-favor of my comments? That is what is moron.-

  89. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -What was the point of me answering the question if you were going to answer it for me? No matter what I said, your mind is set in troll mode, which you obviously still don't know the definition of. Your fixated judgment equals this argument was a big waste of time in thinking that communication had anything to do with this.
    That was no guess. It's "a prediction", which did come true, whether you think so or not. I don't need to prove anything to you. Get off my case.
    Of course you're gonna pull that psychiatric help mess because what else can you say about me? What was that supposed to do, besides make your own stupid self feel better? Stun me from replying? You can call me psycho all you want, that changes nothing in the fact that it is not your place for you to tell me what I meant. Relying on a name-call as your rebuttal just shows you mind goes no further than your forehead. You said nothing to me but repeated garbage, just like I "predicted" you would do. You were trying to prove something, but all you proved is you shoulda shut the heck up talking to me in the first place.
    And for the record, in case you say I'm calling you a name, I was not. Like I said …speak 'truth'.

  90. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    Sure. Everyone seems to be in getting along mode, but not me, so why not. And just to put it out there, I would be glad to admit I was psycho, if it was true. Psychopaths and I do share similarities, being loners in all, usually. And they are very diabolical masterminds, being very intelligent. The only downside is they usually use it for selfish cruelty, keeping a lot to themselves, where I use my extra thought for good/commonsense and like to share what's on my mind. I could be if I wanted, but I'm too in touch and in control of my senses. If I were psycho, I would take advantage of it. It beats being every next plain boring Jane. Just saying.
    Note. Only someone beyond the intelligence of a psycho could appreciate the positive points in being a psycho.
    Anyways, the last prediction has already been proven, which I had to wait for. This one I'm still waiting on, on into next week. The vibe still hasn't left me. If it leaves, I'll be glad to dismiss it as a mistake, but it is still very much there.
    There is something that is going to be special about this fall, coinciding with this prediction. Maybe whatever Conan is going to say is in relation to what this vibe is, or it itself. Have to wait and see that too.

  91. tega says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – A lot of the things Conan said that were going to happen did come out true b/c he apparently knows an insider. The fact is that he said it and he was right, which made him believable. He didn't say what is going to happen in the fall b/c he can't. The only thing he did say was that Johnny was going to walk the red carpet with Amber when she premieres a movie, which I assume is Machette Kills 2, coming out in October. So you see, if this does happen you can't say you predicted this b/c he already said it and no matter what happens now whatever you say is not going to be believable unless you specifically tell what that will be. People will believe heresay, rumors, tabloids, etc. but they're not going to believe premonitions unless you can prove them.

  92. joana says – reply to this


    why Amber is talking so much about her bisexuality ? " i couldn't sleep at night if i wasn't out as bisexual " .That does not matter because she is with a man now.

  93. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    The "family curse thing" will happen again. That was not a lesson learned. That was just a misfortune. My humor stops for no one. And as for bad ideas, didn't you say you weren't going to reply to me anymore?
    That road was always caused by someone being ignorant to what I say. I.E. what was just going on. I never joined them down it, because once I give explanation, I've done my part. They choose to wallow in what they want to think, yet they question me. Don't ask a question and then call someone a liar when they answer. If you're that emotionally involved to care whether I'm lying or not, on top of that, say that I'm lying no matter what I say, that sounds like a psychiatric problem if anything. You could lie to me all freakin day and I would not grill you because I don't give a dang. The heck with it. Say what you want on here. I can never prove or disprove you, so why even go there? People need to get a life.

  94. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: tega

    I explained that I can't tell what it is yet. I all know for sure is it's something positive. I would have said it if I knew exactly what it was. This is just a vibe I'm talking about. And if that's what he was referring to, then I take that back. I guess this is something totally different. Then again, it might not be. I don't know. I'll know what it is when I see it though.
    For the sake of any more misunderstanding, I dismiss what I said. It doesn't matter to me to bother sharing it anymore. It's something personal now. And before you say I shouldn't have mentioned it in the first place, I don't regret it because it's that strong. That means as far as you or anyone else concerned, it's already false.

  95. Nicka says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – yeah, I saw these pics of Moscow, and I'm just a fan of Depp like you, and I am also part of jdorg and I know when he's happy, sad, passionate and etc..
    When Johnny is in love, his eyes really shine, he has a wide and shy smile and he embraces the person in a protector way and I didn't see it in Moscow's pics. I saw Amber smiling and she was always trying to keep in touch with him even in the pics where her friends were among them, but Johnny kept a little grim smile all the time, even in the picture where he holds her waist and he is looking at her.

  96. joana says – reply to this


    ¿ When will be they in London ? there will be many pictures of them together,sure.

  97. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Nicka – Nicka - since you say you know Johnny can you do me favor? Go into Images of Kristen Stephenson, find the ones where she is with Johnny (there are three) and tell me what you think of them? I never see Johnny posing with anyone where he is facing them and this is the one he is rumored to have had a fling with on the set of POTC. There is also another one she holding a Star magazine where the subject was "Separation" and she is pointing to a picture of Johnny and Vanessa with a big smirk on her face.

  98. tega says – reply to this


    I just saw pictures of Vanessa with the kids in the ocean says they were taken this week. They must be on holiday with her. She usually does this the third week of August. Maybe that's why Johnny looks sad. Maybe he is missing being with them.

  99. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Actually, it's not a picture of Johnny and Vanessa in the Star mag, it is a picture of Johnny next to a picture of her with the title Johnny Hits on Teen. Yeah, this is the relationship she denied but now she's smiling about it.

  100. Flo says – reply to this


    Re: tega – No, the children are back in Los Angeles. Actually, Lily Rose returned when Johnny returned from London a couple of weeks ago (he took her from France. There are pictures of her at 1-D concert, etc) and Jack just returned this week with Vanessa. The pictures in the magazine are old, at least for a couple of weeks, because Lily Rose has been in US at least for two weeks (I know because i have access to her instagram and she commented about Jack's return and yesterday posted a picture in LA where you can see Jack and Vanessa)

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