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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead

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johnny depp amber heard holding hands hollywood forever cemetary

Ooo this makes us antsy for Halloween early this year!!

Johnny Depp, the actor king of cinematic spooks and kooks, took vixen girlfriend Amber Heard to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a Cry-Baby reunion Sunday night.

Hosted by John Waters, the 2013 Johnny Ramone Tribute featured a screening of the classic Johnny film, while co-stars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Joe Dallesandro mingled in attendance as well.

Dita Von Teese was also present, bringing her usual unique charm, but the shining star of the night was definitely Handsy — the beautiful creature that's formed when Johnny and Amber lock hands. LOLz!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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1036 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead”

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  1. 201

    Re: tega – sorry but johnny doesn't look sad at all in his latest pictures.

  2. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Flo – Thanks. I saw the pictures on a VanessaParadisnesnews.tumblr website and it said the pictures were taken in France earlier this week.

  3. Flo says – reply to this


    Re: tega – OK. but they have the dates wrong, probably because the magazine is from this week. But the three (Lily Rose first, then Jack and Vanessa returned this week) are in Los Angeles now!

  4. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Flo – I believe you and I knew LR went to the One Direction concert. I thought that maybe she flew back to France for holiday. The website said "a few days ago" so it was confusing. Thanks.

  5. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Thanks very much for the directions, dear friend! Yesterday I had to go so I couldn't search the pictures. Today I did it and I can see that the girl looks like she's infatuated with him and like she wanna gets close but not him. He's quite serious and looks a little bit uncomfortable as far I could see from his cold body language with her. He doesn't return the embrace nor he doesn't touch her the way he does it with him, so I really couldn't tell if he had for real something more than a flirting with her. I don't think so though. To be honest I could perceive more chemistry and intimacy between him and Antoinette Kalaj for example, the other woman that was rumoured of having something with him. I saw a picture of them together and Johnny embraced her in a different and more confidential way than the way he usually embraces female friends. He hold her tightly and I personally saw more than a friendly hug there. Kalaj denied that she had an affair with him but at the time she was still married to a man rumoured of being abusive and some time later she divorced indeed. So I think it could be possible that something happened between her and Johnny. After all, what woman would waste her chance to have something with him even if it's for one night?

  6. Mandy says – reply to this


    I don't know but for me it's true that he was fuck**ng around in 2010 because it's evident from many signs that things between him and Vanessa were pretty on the rocks already since then. It has been since summer of 2010 indeed that their body language was strange and quite distant and their kissing and hugging on their yacht in 2011 seemed staged. I could be wrong, but it didn't look genuine to me. And I still think they split before he started to promote The rum diary.

  7. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I have another question or better say request for you, my friend. I read in another topic of this site that you wrote: "Amber said in interviews for The Rum Diary that she had to do a few auditions for the part, that Johnny was at every one of them and he was the one to make the final decision of who would be his leading lady" …. well, can you tell me where I can find this interview? Because I never read anywhere that Amber said that Johnny was the one to make the final decision of who would get the role of Chenault. I just read it through various comments online I admit, but never on a specific article. Can you give me once again directions where to find the interview you mentioned or one article about it? Thanks, I just hope of not annoying you so much!

  8. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – No, that' s fine and thanks for the mermaid info. Maybe the picture I was thinking of was the other person. As for Amber, I think I saw the interview on You Tube for as a promo for the Rum Diary where she said she had a few auditions and Johnny was there. If I can find it I will let you know.

  9. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Mandy - still looking but I have to leave now and won't have access to a computer for about a day. However, I saw two on You Tube you might like where Amber talks about Johnny: Amber Heard Makes Out with Johnny Depp and Amber Talks to Fione.

  10. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Ok Tega, thanks for everything (I saw those video you indicated me some months ago ;) but thanks anyway for indicating them) and don't worry if you can't find the video of the interview I was talking about, I understand that it's not easy, so it's ok. Thanks again.

  11. Clara says – reply to this


    Amber also said in an interview (also on youtube) that Johnny called her by phone to say that she was the chosen for the role.
    About the pictures with the Mermaid, yeah I also think he looked more "comfortable" with the other mermaid, Antoinette Kalaj, but it said they had an affair for weeks.
    With this other mermaid, it seems it was more an encounter and by the way, if you look at the autograph (in one of the picture) it's interesting how he underlined the word "pleasure"…
    He was wandering around for a long time before Amber and all…

  12. 212

    Re: Clara – that doesn't make sense because how would he have an affairs with 2 girls at the same time? and no he wasn't wandering around before amber and thats why there wasn't rumors about him having affairs with other girls. it all strated when selfish vanessa started to work too much in france and leave him alone for a long times. how can anyone blame him for f#cking around while she was away from him for months? he is a man and a human being like all of us after all. He don't like to be alone without a woman for a long time.

  13. ruth says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – that does not mean he has to be unfaithful.that is not justification.

  14. Carol says – reply to this


    Helena bomhan Carter has the same necklace that Amber and Johnny,maybe all they bought the same in New Mexico…………

  15. 215

    Re: ruth – wasn't he faithful for so many years to her? she then started to care about her dead career and work so much. he has to be unfaithful if his partner was such a bitch. she wasn't faithful herself, weren't there some rumors about her having an affair with some french singer or something and cheating on johnny?

  16. Gina says – reply to this


    "This is a rumor-filled society and if people want to sit around and talk about whom I've dated, then I'd say they have a lot of spare time and should consider other topics… or masturbation"….Mr Depps own words…clues in there people…worry about your own lives, relationships…let Johnny and Amber worry about theirs…keep smiling folks…x

  17. TC says – reply to this


    Re: Gina – This statement is very old. Now there is a movement much bigger than just keep talking about the life of Johnny. Many people who are commenting here are not for gossip, but by consideration for Johnny, some think they should be supporting him in whatever he has decided and others are bothered by seeing him so uncomfortable with someone as pretentious as Amber and Johnny is so humble

  18. 218

    Re: TC – he is always uncomfortable when there is a lots of paparazzis flashing their cameras at his face. he looked soo happy and in love in the after-party moscow pictures which weren't taken by paps. he looked like an angel and his eyes were shining.

  19. lizziebob says – reply to this


    Maybe this relationship between Johnny and Amber is just publicity, both are getting attention. I think the media in US blew off Vanessa because she was not really a celebrity here. Johnny Dates publically beautiful famous women, Vanessa may have been not to his advantage. So I think this will fade out with Amber. Johnny admitted in a few interviews he liked making the big money, but making that money means attention. He also likes the big money because he is supporting the Depp family. He does it for his mom, siblings his kids and in a ways even Vanessa. He isn't doing what he is doing just for himself. Showing off is his paycheck. Amber gets attention on her own and for him too so whom is using whom? It's mutual. This is their job, they are performers.

  20. 220

    Re: lizziebob – what the hell are you talking about? johnny is the last person on the planet who would ever date someone for publicity. he gets the media attention anyway with or without his realtionships. when did he say he likes the big money? i mean ofcourse he likes the big money but he didn't admit it and what does his realtionships has to do with the big money? he makes big money because of his movies and not relationships. this is such a nonesense! if their relationship was just for publicity then why aren't they doing the usual fake kissing and hugging other hollywood PR-realtionships do? why aren't they smiling at the paps and giving them the photos they want? why did johnny take amber to the LR premieres? why do they refuse to talk about each others in interviews?

  21. Finish girl says – reply to this


    They have been in to the public four months, and some already know everything about this relationship with?
    Among the resolution pictures is not even that much. Just a his hard tour, where appears exhaustion both. Time will tell what this couple is doing.
    Nothing more to say.

  22. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I totally agree with you. Vanessa deserved to be cheated because she never was the right woman for him. She was often away while he was working to feed her stupid career. When you love someone, you follow him everywhere. Vanessa could have work less because after all she isn't that big and worldwide loved star as Johnny is. She never was huge like him. She just had a small success in France while Johnny had big success in all the countries of the world and if there's someone who had the duty of working less it was her. Not saying she had the duty of not working anymore, but if she loved him for real she had to work less to follow him when he had to film pirates of carribean for example because since he had big contracts with Disney they were more important than her stupid music and insignificant movies that only french people watch. I'd work less for the man that I'd love if this helped our family to stay together but Vanessa was selfish, she wanted it all (dating Johnny, career and family) and she wanted it all only in France. She hates indeed to live for some time in Usa and she also told it in several interviews. She's now forced to do that because also her children want to stay in usa, so she has no choice.

  23. Mandy says – reply to this


    And people are really hypocrite because they didn't like Vanessa until Johnny dumped her for Amber. I remember very well indeed that before their split, many people’s comments on her weren’t positive like that she was not talented, ugly and that Johnny could have chosen a better woman. Many people thought for a long time that Vanessa got pregnant just to get him and now, suddenly after her split with Johnny the same people changed their mind starting to like her and to praise her. That means to be only hypocrite because almost nobody liked her for real before he chose Amber, so the truth is that his fans are always unhappy with women that he dates. They complain in a case or in another. They maybe would like to see him with a mature woman, famous as much as he is and that follows him everywhere but Vanessa wasn't that kind of woman and neither Amber, but she follows him everywhere at least and doesn't take advantage of his name as Vanessa did mentioning him in all her interviews even now (just to publicize herself) and also realizing a cd where she sold out her relationship with him. Still, some naive people think she never used his name to get more publicity and to sell more copies of her last cd. By the way, did anybody notice how songs in it suck??? Her singing sucks because her voice sucks. She can't sing at all and has no vocal extension and only people in total denial would deny this.

  24. Popeye says – reply to this


    I agree with Yousef, but only about the fact that he's not preteding of dating Amber. Lizziebob is not that smart. Johnny doesn't any need to have a staged relationship since he could have at any moment a real relationship with any young and beautiful woman completely straight. Women are still crazy about him, no matter what people can think, so why he should pretend of dating an unpopular actress when he could date all the women he wanted and even far more famous and talented than her? I mean, who the hell would buy that he can't find in show business a beautiful woman that would date him for real?? He's aware that people don't like him with Amber and that many fans seriously started to dislike him since he came out with her, so if he's paying the price of losing fans with this new hated relationship it's just because he really likes to date Amber otherwise he would be crazy in being in such a farce that is only damaging him from many points of view.

  25. Popeye says – reply to this


    Many people even think that his last movie flopped because he's getting a very bad publicity with Amber that is making him losing lots of fans and I can tell it's true. I heard everywhere lately people that used to like him tell: "I started to dislike him since he's dating Amber. I thought he was another type of man, I'm really disappointed and I lose my interest in watching his movies"….maybe these fans are stupid but there are many of them that think the same thing, trust me, so he would be stupid to keep pretending of dating a young woman who is only damaging him. Nobody would pretend such a thing unless he had something good to gain, but he's not gaining anything good at all, so unless he's insane, he's not having any staged relationship with Amber.

  26. Popeye says – reply to this


    More over it’s false that with Vanessa he wasn’t getting so much publicity because she wasn’t that famous and appreciated in Usa. Yeah, maybe as an artist she is not that popular and appreciated here, ok, but nobody can deny that Vanessa was worshipped as Johnny Depp’s longtime girlfriend. People liked their public image that gave the impression of the perfect couple that was lasting after many many years and they were happy that he was with a woman that helped him to settle down, so please lizziebob don’t tell bullshit, Amber isn’t a better publicity for him from any point of view because almost nobody like them and this hatred will gonna rest for long time and since he’s aware of this, don’t think he’s so masochist to risk of losing all his fans respect as time goes by with a fake relationship. If it was just for publicity he would choose soon another woman that people liked better than Amber but it won’t happen, just wait and see. He’s for real smitten with Amber because he must be crazy for her young and hot pus*y.

  27. Ben says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I agree. Vanessa is a talentless nobody more than Amber I think because Amber acting was better and pretty good at least in some movies like The ward, Drive Angry 3D, As soon the darkness, Ex Terminators and the last one, Paranoia while the only 2 movies where Vanessa didn't suck are Noce blanche and Café de flor. In Noche blanche she even did some integral nude scenes when she was only a teenager but she undressed completely even in other movies and in some old photoshoots, so I don't really get why people call Amber a whore for some half-naked scenes that she did in some movies when she was an adult anyway and they don't think instead that Vanessa undressed more than her when she was young and a teenager. Vanessa was a bitch since she was a teenager indeed and she herself even admitted in an interview that her peers used to call her "whore" at the time. She never was this class-woman that some people wanna think she is. I also bet she's aware of sucking as singer and as actress. She used to tell she didn't have any american dream because she knew she has any chance to become a wordwide star and that hollywoodian producers and directors closed the door for her. The first one to do it was Roman Polanski indeed. When she had an audition with him for the Ninth Gate Polanski rejected her because she wasn't good enough, that's why Vanessa has no american dream because she's aware she can't aim for getting that much.

  28. 228

    Re: Mandy – the bitch who did a frontal-nudity scenes (vanessa) also uses the kids for publicity. she calls the paps whenever she is with them and when they were with her in her movie set she took an advantage of them to get some publicity. who is the famewhore now? amber is actually a much better person than vanessa and she treats poor johnny like if he's god while vanessa was treating him like shit (in the last few years).

  29. Honor says – reply to this


    I'm sure Johnny's ecstatic to have such vile and disgusting creatures for fans! What an honor! Maybe you should devote this energy to actually watching his movies and maybe the last 3 wouldn't have bombed so horribly! If Johnny is so happy and in love with Amber, and has clearly moved on, why can't some of you do the same thing? Instead you focus so much attention on Vanessa who has not said one bad word about Johnny! And whether some of you like it or not she is still the mother of his children, so they will always be in each others lives. The sooner you get over it, the sooner the narrative of Amber being a homewrecker dies. His own "fans" are dragging this out and damaging his image in the process!

  30. Wolsey says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I agree with you. People that insult Amber are jealous of her. These people are formed by 2 categories: Amber's acid lesbian fans and Johnny's acid spinster fans. They all can't get a reason that Johnny is licking and fu*king Amber beautiful pu**y since almost 2 years. They deluded themselves that Amber didn't like to feel his di*k in her mouth, pu**y and a*ss and that she isn't interested at all to use his name taking advantage of him. She's much more interested in drinking his lymph I bet. He's not helping her indeed because she keeps doing crap movies and this didn't change the fact that he keeps sticking it into her vagi*a, a*ss and mouth.

  31. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Who the hell you think you are to tell people what they should say or not say? We're all free to tell what we think. These sites are here for letting people telling what they want. And if some people think that Amber is far better than Vanessa as person and as woman, they're free to tell it how many times they want. You're nobody to tell they shouldn't tell that Vanessa Paradis sucks and by the way, you're lying telling that she has not said one bad word about Johnny. She told that now that she broke up with him she still thinks sometimes about his sweat, fever and 'indecent body'…. my God, who the hell she thinks she's to definy as indecent the body of someone else where her own body sucks??? Johnny could be a little bit fat in these latest years, but Vanessa has no right to complain about it because she never had a beautiful body neither: she has a skeletal body, too skinny for a woman, she has no breast, no hips and not butt. A real woman body should have shapes and she never had them. She has got a boy body and she even dare to criticize Johnny's body? She should take a serious look to her own one before criticizing anybody else body.

  32. Merlin says – reply to this


    I wanna also add that there's nothing wrong if people and Johnny himself like the pretty round and young face of Amber far more than the ugly wrinkled emaciated face of Vanessa whose large and too pronounced forehead in such a tiny round face seems to have lollipop syndrome. I personally don't like skeletal and shapeless women, so I can understand why Johnny got tired to fùck a bunch of bones instead of a regular fleshy woman.

  33. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – "indecent body" meant in an intimate way you idiot! As if shes still attracted to him and still loves him in a way. Or do you even know what intimacy is!! You sound like a virgin! Why would Vanessa talk negatibely about his appearance? And I never said anyone wasn't entitled to say what they wanted, just like I'm entitled to say how stupid and unproductive it is. Your doing him more of a disservice than anything! Maybe you should spend less time worrying about who your idol is screwing, and further develop your reading comprehension skills!

  34. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Look, I don't think at all that I'm doing a disservice to him telling my opinion about how Vanessa sucks as woman because you're really naive if you think he wastes his time reading mine or your opinion. He doesn't give a fùck of what people think and write about him, he also told he doesn't spend his time reading on internet, so he could care less of our opinions. So, don't hope he reads comments on perez hilton or anywhere else, because he doesn't. And as he doesn't care about public opinion, I don't care about your opinion either.

  35. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – Right, he doesn't care about public opinion, yet you feel it's your responsibility to bash the mother of his children? What purpose does that serve? Just like Johnny doesn't read any of this, neither does Vanessa, so why are you so invested in her physical appearance. She wasn't too ugly for Johnny for 14 years, so maybe you don't know him as well as you thought you did. She was good enough to be the mother of his kids and got closer to him than you ever will. So just like you accuse others of being jealous of Amber, maybe you're jealous of Vanessa. How dare she survive without Johnny! Yeah I'm the naive one, while you spend time throwing baseless insults at this person you know nothing about, because you're obsessed with a person who couldn't give a damn about you!

  36. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Ahahhaha, you make me laugh! I never felt it's my responsibility to bash the mother of his children, it's you instead that feel it's your responsibility to defend her!!! Are you one her relatives maybe? Unlike you that write here maybe with the hope she reads your defensive quotes thanking you someday, I write here just to tell my opinion like also everybody else does. Nobody but you is writing here thinking that our opinions aren't worthy to be written if they are negative or if Johnny or Vanessa don't read them. We write them just because we all wanna feel free of telling what we think and that's what these sites with spaces for opinions are for. So once again you're nobody to tell me what I have to write or what not about a celebrity. If you don't agree with my opinion it's just your problem and I never asked you to agree because I don't really care if some Vanessa fans are upset that like many other people I think she's very ugly. You're nobody to tell what it should be said or not. Free spaces give freedom to write what we think and if you write only with the purpose that Vanessa reads you then it's your choice, not mine.

  37. 237

    Re: Honor – Oh so now his fans are so vile and his dumbass fans who are bashing him everywhere since the breakup news aren't? all his fans started to hate on her because of her vile fans who are bashing THE FATHER OF HER CHILDERN everywhere. i don't even like talking about the bitch vanessa but they always bring her up here. BTW only TLR was a bomb. dark shadows made its money back and the rum diary was on small budget so it didn't matter.

  38. 238

    Re: Honor – what are you doing here you pathetic vanessa fan? you want us to stop insulting her? not even in your dreams. YOU her dumbass fans are bashing him everywhere and acting like if he left her heartbroken or something while its quite the opposite. its really pathetic how you are bashing him and want us to stop bashing her!

  39. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – One more thing that I forgot. If you don't like to read bad opinions about Vanessa then please go to one of her fan club (if there are any) because this is not the right place to tell people that it shouldn't be allowed to write bad opinions about her. This site has spaces that allow to write positive or negative comments even on Vanessa if some people took her just for a case in the discussion and she was taken in the discussion before my comment indeed, so I just felt the need to tell some people that I agreed with them and I wanted to be free of writing what I think about her too, so what's your problem? When people bash Amber or Depp you never say anything, only when someone bashes Vanessa you say that we should "bash" her. So incoherent! Please go to one of her fan club because this isn't anything like that.

  40. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – first of all I'm not a Vanessa fan, I'm a Depp fan! The kind that existed before his stupid pirate fans showed up and started treating him like some teeny bopper boy band member! Secondly, I've never said anything negative about Amber, just like I haven't said anything about Vanessa! I don't see the point! The whole reason why I commented in the first place (and to no one directly in the first place; you decided to respod to me because you wanted to be a smart ass and thought you were gonna put me in my place) was because I constantly see his supposed fans stirring up drama in a relatively drama free breakup! So yes I repeat what I said before, you are making the situation wise than it has to be. But maybe you feel as though Johnny had something he should be ashamed of? Or you're so used to being picked last for the dodgeball tem in school, that here you finally feel like you can be a part of something?

  41. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You speak English worse than my pet chihuahua! That's #1! Get that together before you start throwing insults! Then maybe people will take you and your lame Internet trolling a little more seriously. Remedial Stan's are non-threatening and deserve very little attention!

  42. Lana says – reply to this


    I also think that those people thinking that Johnny is doing this by publicity are mad! when this relationship has costed him much more than what he could ever gain with Amber (in the public eye). I think he loves her, that's why he doesn't care about losing fans, people bad-mouthing him and critics.
    And I also think she loves him. She follows him everywhere (like spend months in New Mexico, even leaving her own promotional work for "Syrup" just to be with him when he was working in Transcendence), always keeping a low profile and refusing to talk about him and their relationship (she never mentioned him on her interviews, in none of them)
    My only doubt will remain forever unanswered. Was Amber meant to be just one more of his affairs or did he fell for her in the promotional tour? (you know? the difference between to have sex with her because he was hot for her or to have sex with her because he had feelings for her already)
    In her side, it's evident she was falling for him at the promotional tour. And you can see how it seems that her feelings were evolving premier after premier :) (she started speaking about him, with utmost respect and admiration but very normal at promo in LA and the NYC, but when you see her interviews in London or Paris, you can even see how she blushes when she's asked innocent questions about him (yeah! she isn't that good actress. she couldn't fake it)

  43. Merlin says – reply to this


    Honor, maybe you don't get what the point is. I don't give a fùck if you're a fan or Vanessa or of Johnny. If you're not a Vanessa fan I could be even less than you. The point is that we're all entitled of our opinions and mine is that she sùck as a woman, so who do you think you're to tell me that I shouldn't tell my opinion about her because that'll something that a fan of Johnny shouldn't do? I never read you telling people that they shouldn't tell bad things about Amber or Johnny though. You said you're a fan of him but you defend more Vanessa than him, strange. Nobody here indeed ever read any your defensive comments when people bash on him for his relationship with Amber. So it's hard for us to believe that you're for real a fan of him since you never defend him but you defend only Vanessa when someone "bash" her and by the way I didn't bash her. I only tell the truth: she's ugly and skeletal, eyes don't lie. More over I'm not even a big fan of Johnny Depp. I like Amber Heard more than I can like him to be honest and I still don't get why people shouldn't tell that Vanessa is ugly if you believe for real that anybody is entitled to have an opinion.

  44. 244

    Re: Honor – is that all you can say when your argument is invalid? i don't need a troll like you to take me seriously because you are not taken seriously here yourself you idiotic troll. go kiss vanessa's ass in articles about her and get the hell out of her. Oh i forget she doesn't have anything new or interesting does she?

  45. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – When did I ever say you weren't entitled to say what you want or like whomever you want? Fine you think Amber is beautiful and Vanessa is ugly! Your entitled to feel that way, but when was Vanessa ever begging you to be in a relationship with her? What makes you think she cares that you don't find her attractive? You addressed me, so why you are so caught up in your feelings I have no idea. You can say all the mean/angry comments about whomever, and I am then free to call them stupid and pointless! You take it upon yourself to "defend" Johnny for whatever reason, and get mad at me for not defending Amber? Defend her from what? Her and Johnny are obviously together and no amount of internet comments are going to change that, just like your stupid comments aren't going to stop those who think Johnny is a cheater and Amber is a homwrecker from feeling that way!

  46. 246

    Re: Honor – if you are not a fan of the fugly whore vanessa then why are you defending her like if she is your mother? its ok with you when people UNFAIRLY bash johnny and amber but its not ok when people very FAIRLY bash vanessa? BTW most of his fans here are fans of him since the 90s. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO BASH VANESSA HERE. she deserves to because she not only an awful-looking fugly bitch but she is also a selfish horrible person with bad personality.

  47. 247

    Re: Honor – didn't you just called the fans who are bashing vanessa vile and disgusting in your first dumbass comment? you were butthurt from the fans who were bashing her! but anyway who cares about a troll like you the people will continue bashing her as they are entitled to. if you are not a fan of her then why are you so butthurt from the negative comments about her?

  48. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You're not allowed to talk to me until you up your dosage!

  49. 249

    Re: Honor – i'm allowed to talk to you and to talk to your mother too. get the hell out of here you dumbass fanessa fassafis fan.

  50. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Nope

  51. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You should have put all this energy into the Lone Ranger. It would have made its budget back 10x!!!!!!!!

  52. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – You're sick, let me tell it to you. I was the first one who told that I'm aware that Nor Johnny nor Vanessa read and care about our comments, so why you tell me now that it's pointless that I tell she's ugly since she doesn't cares that you don't find her attractive?? I repeat for the last time (because you didn't get it yet) that I didn't express my opinion on her with the hope that she reads or cares about it, I expressed it just because that's what everybody here does: expressing their opinions. So it's pointless when YOU tell people that they shouldn't bash this or that person. You think it's pointless to tell bad opinions about Vanessa? Well, I think it's even more pointless to tell to other people that their opinion is pointless because this won't make them changing mind anyway. If you think that people shouldn't invest their time about writing negative things about Vanessa, you should first of all understand that you shouldn't invest your own time calling other people opinion pointless because people won't stop to write what they think just because you think they are stupid and nonsense. It's more appropriate to care only about your business than about other people opinions because you can't aspect the world to say just what you think is right to say and you will never stop people anyway to tell their opinions, whatever they are.

  53. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – You truly can't be this dumb! It's like you're bipolar or something and it kicks in from sentence to sentence! Please find me the line where I stated that you weren't entitled to your own opinion about whomever and I will gladly apologize! All I said was that as supposed "fans" of Johnny you aren't doing him any favors by keeping this storyline going! Especially about a woman he not too long ago said he still loves, so why do you feel the need to bash a person he has no hard feelings toward and has said not 1 bad word about him? If you take that as me defending her or being a fan, then whatever but again that wasnt my point! This original post was about Johnny and Amber, who you love so much so why drag Vanessa into it. Again, you addressed me originally, not the other way around, so why are you so defensive. I said the comments are dumb and pointless because they are. This is a person he hasn't been with in 2 years, so why can't you let it go? He clearly has.

  54. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Sorry for the intrusion, I know your comment was reffered to Yousef but you're not a fan of him if you think that The lone ranger flopped because of Johnny. He was good in the movie and pretty serious and not fooling around as he did with Jack Sparrow character. The movie flopped first of all because producers invested too much money even for a disney blockbuster, money that they weren't able to get back as refund and second reason, the plot sucked from many points of views because it was banal, with much violence for children and Armie Hammer wasn't a charismatic lone ranger at all. He seemed stupid and childish in many moments. More over the female character wasn't strong for the plot. Its importance was weak and not interesting like the Elizabeth of Pirates of Carribbean. So it isn't Johnny to blame. There were many wrong elements in that movie and if you think it's his fault if it flopped and that fans should worry about that failure well, you're not his fan, because a fan would figure out that the responsability of that flop can't be addressed on him. So why we should worry that the movie flopped if it's not his fault? When he'll play a better movie, with a good plot and with charismatic leading actors, there will be no flop.

  55. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – The one bipolar is you or maybe you're just an idiot that don't understand what people say. I wasn't telling this time that you told me that I'm not entitled of my opinion. I told you that it's even more pointless to tell people that their opinions are pointless and stupid because that's just what you told unless you wanna deny it now. You wrote this: "You can say all the mean/angry comments about whomever, and I am then free to call them stupid and pointless!" so I responded you that it's even more pointless to care about other people opinions calling them stupid and pointless because this won't change what they think anyway, so you should just think about your business instead of calling stupid and pointless other people opinions because here people come to express opinions on celebrities and not to express their opinions on users opinions in turn because that's absolutely ridiculous. Why you care so much about what other people think?

  56. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Yousef was right, you were butthurt when reading our opinions on Vanessa, that's why you started to tell your opinion about our opinions because you know, nobody really cares about other people negative opinions on something unless he or she is butthurt someway by these opinions. Indeed I don't come here everyday to tell people that the fact they're often bashing Amber is stupid and pointless because I don't really give a fùck about what they can think about her and I'm not butthurt if people call her fame whore and other nasty things. I don't really care about how much an opinion can be pointless or not and I don't feel the need to judge other people opinions because spaces on these sites are supposed to exist to judge celebrities someway and not to judge common opinions of common people like me and you.

  57. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – Okay so you want to argue in circles because you're inarticulate and lack comprehension skills, so the issue is dead! I drop it!!
    And the Lone Ranger flopped because nobody saw it! Plenty of stupid, poorly made movies make money and have success because people actually go and see them!

  58. 258

    Re: Honor – what does the fucking lone ranger has to do with this? the movie made $217 ww (and counting) so how exactly nobody went to see it? the movie flopped because of the terrible reviews reviews it got and bad media buzz and it actually made money because of depp. what are those movies? many of the bad summer movies flopped and "nobody" went to see them its not just TLR.

  59. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Thanks to God you wanna drop it! Listen, it's you who wanted to take intrusion in our comments. Nobody asked you what you think of other people opinions because we aren't here to judge each other's opinion my God! The fact that you're butthurt is even too much evident and sorry, no I don't believe you're a fan of Depp because from the way you talk of him it's evident you're not, so make fool of people somewhere else telling you're his fan. Just a thing: nobody went to watch The lone ranger because of the reasons that I mentioned. When a movie sucks rumours about that start to circulate soon so people don't risk their money. You know, when I went to watch it, my daughter got scared of the violence and of some cruel scenes that were in it. She didn't like it and she told me it was also boring and that the lone ramger instead of being a hero seemed an idiot. Also my wife and my friends that went to watch it some days later thought the same thing that my daughter thought. I know many people in my town and on the web that agreed that it wasn't a movie for children because there was too much violence and cruel scenes and this isn't admissible for a disney movie, sorry, that's why many people didn't go to watch it as it happened instead for other disney movies where Johnny was casted also.

  60. 260

    Re: Honor – and what can i do about TLR? i went to see it and ADORED it. it didn't do well because of all the unfair criticiszem and bad buzz it got months before its release.

  61. Merlin says – reply to this


    And yeah, Yousef is right, the movie made 217 millions that means it's not true that nobody went to watch it. The truth is that his fans went to watch it, but families with children not so much because of its violence I repeat (they didn't want their children to get sick of it), that's why disney got a flop this time because they invested too much money in a project that wasn't very good for people of every age and that wasn't as good as the pirates franchise was for children and young teenagers.

  62. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – You actually have a wife, and you're here defending a 50 year old man and his relationship choices? Wow, the sex must be great! What you and your short bus buddy yousef dont understand, is that by patrolling the internet for unflattering comments about JD, and slandering his family in the process, is that you might actually run into people who disagree with you and have opinions of there own. I never intruded into your comments because: 1) You don't own the internet, and 2)For the 50th time, I never addressed you directly! But maybe you should get started on some negative comments for Amber for when she and Johnny breakup and you have the responsibility of convincing the world that everything is her fault!

  63. Mariah says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – And do you think that Amber loves Johnny? Showing to the paparazzi that she was wearing clothes of Johnny when he was separating of Vanessa? Did you know that Amber, with absolute certainty, called those paparazzi?
    Did you know that Amber has made ​​statements badmouthing Vanessa, the mother of Lily and Jack?
    This is love for Johnny?

  64. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – You need some psychiatric help, seriously. You're a visionary person. I never defended Depp relationship choices because I don't care that much about what he does in his private life and I don't write so much here indeed, it happened only few times. And everytime I never said how Depp should live his love-life. I've just expressed my opinion about Vanessa telling she's ugly and then I've expressed my opinion about Amber telling she's better looking and that Vanessa hasn't anything more than Amber, so what? Seriously, what's your problem if I think that Vanessa sucks as woman? You're accusing me of slandering his family in the process when I never did it. Telling how ugly is Vanessa what has to do with his family? I wasn't slandering her or his family just because I told that Vanessa is ugly. This is not slandering her, this is only the truth: she's really ugly and too much skeletal as woman, eyes don't lie I repeat. If telling what eyes can see and telling an opinion for you is "slandering" someone or something then I can only laugh because this confirms me even more that you're butthurt and you can't accept and respect other people opinions.

  65. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Then I admit I made a mistake telling that you took intrusion in "my" opinion, yeah because you're right, you were referring in a general way about all the people that wrote bad comments about Vanessa, so I should have said that you took intrusion in "our" opinions indeed… yes, I don't own internet but also you don't own it, so if you get hurtbutt that some people don't tell nice things about Vanessa nobody forces you to stay here reading our comments because for the last time, you really sound ridiculous thinking that we're here to judge other people opinions rather than celebrities. Try to deal with the fact that nobody gives a fùck if you think that some opinions are stupid and pointless, we won't change them only because you think they're slanderers. And please don't fantasize on things that will never happen. If Amber and Depp will split someday I won't give a fùck because it isn't that important to me how his love-life will go on. I was just expressing my opinion about the fact that Amber is really gorgeous as Vanessa has never been and that Depp looks happier with this beautiful girl than with the ugly Vanessa and that's it. Does your butt still hurt about this kinf of comment? Well, it's your problem.

  66. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: Merlin – So now you're diagnosing people. So not only are you a beauty expert, a talent agent, and part of Johnny's pr team, but you're a psychiatrist as well? And you still have time to patrol the Internet and put people in their place? Kudos to you. You keep a very full schedule!

  67. Merlin says – reply to this


    Re: Honor – Listen, I'm not going to waste other hours of my time fighting here with you that are too much butt hurt to accept one or more negative opinions about Vanessa. She's ugly and that's the truth for me and if it isn't for you, who the hell cares? Not me because I never asked or contested your opinion about her physical appearance. And if I think that Johnny is happier with Amber while you disagree I could care even less than ever because for the 1000 time, I don't care about what you think of Amber, Johnny and Vanessa as I don't care about what you think about some opinions that get you butthurt, it's only your problem. And yes, I also think you need some psychiatric cares because the way you get butthurt when you disagree with something isn't normal. Now I have to go because I'm not going to read anymore your delusional comments, it's only a waste of time for me, so keep talking with yourself if you wish. Goodbye and take care of your mental health please.

  68. 268

    Re: Honor – you are the only short bus here and vanessa is not part of his family. she was but not anymore but anyway the people were bashing here when she was with him so it shouldn't be so much diffrenet now.

  69. 269

    Re: Mariah – she was pictured wearing his cloths in 2012 which is after they spilt up and when did she badmouth vanessa? sources?

  70. violet says – reply to this


    Vanessa was very beautiful at age 27,when she met Johnny.Vanessa is 40 years now.Amber has a tendency to put on weight ,maybe she will never be beautiful at that age.

  71. 271

    Re: violet – she was cute not beautiful and she is not a patch on gorgeous amber

  72. violet says – reply to this


    Amber is gorgeous but is socket head

  73. Jupiter says – reply to this


    Re: Lana – They are not in it for publicity, but they are doing things for publicity. Like the promo trip with the kids. Message: look we are a happy new family.
    I don't think JD lost fans because of her, most people do not even go to gossip sites. He is in the business long enough to know that things eventually will calm down with time, people get used to it.
    Nevertheless i think Amber is an opportunist, she knows how to play the game and how to play Johnny. If she is not getting what she wants, she threatens to leave and out comes a starring role in a movie garnished with a possible cameo by him. LOL!

  74. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – You know what? You're right about the fact that Vanessa always calls paparazzi when she's with her children. I never thought of it before and I realized you're right. Vanessa is often seen with her children when she's in France or in LA and it's evident that she uses them for publicity, otherwise she wouldn't expose them everytime she's out somewhere and I don't buy that paparazzi see them just for a case. How would they guess when they are with her? Moreover since they can pay lots of money for being sure that security protect them it would be easy for them to avoid paparazzi just like Johnny always does, so I guess that if they are seen with Vanessa somewhere it is because she calls them sometimes because she wanna publicity or she wanna make public buying that she's the one who spends more time with them but the truth is that it's Johnny that take cares of them in LA since in many forums I learned that Vanessa is often in France for work and doesn't take care so often of the kids. Wow, nice try for her to sell to her fans that she's more than Johnny around them while the truth is that she cares more about career, otherwise she tried to work less to take care of them.

  75. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Johnny instead never calls paparazzi when he's with them. He doesn't use them as Vanessa does and if he was seen with them during TLR tour, it was only because he had to take them to Vanessa that was in France, otherwise we wouldn't have seen them with him and it's not his fault anyway if paparazzi were at the airport taking pictures because many journalists knew he would have been there to promote his movie so they weren't called by him. It was just a public knowledge. Vanessa spends entire months in France shootings movies (a movie takes 3 or 4 months to be filmed) and then she often work as model and she makes concerts, so I don't really buy she spends all this time with her kids since they live and study in LA. She's in France most of the time but she calls paparazzi for taking advantage of all her occasions she's with them just to be seen from the public like the one who spends more time with them. So disgusting. Facts proves that she's in France most of time indeed and that she calls paparazzi since they can't know where and when she's with them. What a disgusting person, I'm so glad that Johnny dumped her for a better woman and I truly understand him if he cheated on her. He has all my support.

  76. w says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Major BS!!!
    Vanessa probably spends way more time in LA than all of us know.

  77. Lies says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Liar!!! You're full of shit!!! You don't know anything about either of them as parents!

  78. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Lies – Shut up, you idiot! You think you can know more than me? Please stop to pretend of knowing that Vanessa is the perfect mother who is always around her kids. There are forums where people talked about this and they tell that Vanessa lives most of her life in France and not since now, but since ever. She always wanted to stay there and rarely accompanied Johnny. You're in denial as you're in denial about the fact that she calls paparazzi everytime she's even in the streets with her kids. Do you really buy that paparazzi always know where and when they are? Oh please, you're a big idiot if you think so! And Yousef is right. Vanessa fans get butthurt everytime someone tells me the truth. Look how much Vanessa worked since 2010 filming movies, singing and working as model also to figure out that she was often away unless you wanna deny that she worked that much and then you'd lie…. she almost worked more than him since 2010 and guess where children were when Vanessa was working in France?? With his father you dumb ass!!!!

  79. Mandy says – reply to this


    Lily and Jack attend school in LA, so they weren't or couldn't be in France with their mother when she had to work in these latest years. She even filmed 3 movies in 2011 (each one of them takes 3 or 4 months to be shot you idiot) so please don't be in denial. Vanessa lives there for most of time during a year. She has even a new boyfriend there, so how do you think they would last if they were often apart if she was living in LA and him in France?? She's just sly to call paparazzi when she's with the kids because she wanna be seen with them and get the reputation of the caring mother who is always somewhere with them but only a stupid wouldn't realize that it isn't true. The proof is that since they can pay a security team they shouldn’t get seen at all by paparazzi but they are, so how come that then? It happens when Vanessa wanna be seen with them somewhere that she don’t ask help to their security team, you fool. Truth hurts to you dumb ass Vanessa trolls, uh?

  80. 280

    Re: w – no she don't. she is in france most of the time.

  81. 281

    Re: Mandy – she only calls the paps when she is with the kid but when she is alone she don't. have you seen any paps pics of her without the kids? NO. she knows that no one gives a crap about her but when she is with johnny depp's kids all the journalists and people cares so yea she uses his kids to get publicity. even when he got rid of her she still uses his name to get publicty. pathetic isn't it?

  82. 282


  83. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – I totally agree with you, my friend.

  84. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I agree with you. I do not follow what all the time, Johnny, Amber and Vanessa does. But it a bit of what I've read and keep track of what they are doing about
    so really get the impression now that Vanessa excess France and the kids Johnny. Amber will surely already familiar them well and Vanessa
    accepted it.

  85. Mariah says – reply to this


    Re: yousef – Amber was pictured in January 2012 wearing Johnny's clothes and smiling to paparazzi, when Johnny was separating. Source, go to youtube and search Amber, Vanessa, interview and French music

  86. Ridiculous says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Vanessa calling paparazzi? Ha, ha, ha. this is the most ridculous thing that I've read.She is reserved like Johnny and she doesn't care about fame, she is an artist. Amber calls paparazzi and seeks fame using anyone

  87. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mariah – I remember this picture. She is wearing his black Indian head t-shirt and red flannel, which I am assuming is also his b/c when do we ever see Amber wearing a flannel, except when again in October she is wearing same shirt and this time she is carrying a blue flannel. This is around the time People mag. came out with the story about it being on the rocks. About a month later she was on a French talk show not wearing her ring and she was asked about the rumors she gave one of her round about answers and then was specifically asked again she denied them. Then in May Johnny denied also denied it at the premiere for Dark Shadows but then a month later made the announcement.

  88. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – It was reported that they both denied the separation b/c they didn't want to take away from the movies they were each promoting. From what I remember it was said on Radar On Line that Vanessa found a racy text on Johnny's phone from Amber and they had a huge blow out and she threw him out but she was also disgusted with his drinking. Past history shows Johnny would drink in excess (the hard stuff) when he was in relationship troubles but he was also celebrating the life of Hunter S. Thompson and partying a lot and she got sick of it.

  89. vm says – reply to this


    Johnny changed the name to his yacht Vajolirroja. New name is Amphitrite,¿its for Amber ? Johnny is evil………..

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: vm – Last I heard the yacht was for sale. This info was posted on yacht websites and it was at a boat show in Florida. The original name was taken down at least a year ago b/c it wasn't there when Vanessa used it for vacation last August. Maybe it has been sold and has a new name now?

  91. Bk says – reply to this


    Re: vm – I thought the Vajoliroja had been sold

  92. vm says – reply to this


    No, Johnny still appears as owner according to the current logs but ¿ is this yacht for sale yet ?

  93. 293

    Re: Mariah – that was after he officially spilt with vanessa. the media announcement is not the official spilt.

  94. 294

    Re: vm – he sold the yacht. evil? lol he sold it and then they changed its name don't be an idiot.

  95. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Ridiculous – You're an idiot. If Vanessa never calls paparazzi when she's with her children can you explain me then why she's seen by them everywhere? Even for the street sometimes? Do you really buy that they always know where she is with them and when? Do you think they have a crystal ball that they know it? You're a naive idiot if you think that paps aren't called because they're not even interested in following Vanessa, especially now that she split with Johnny. Photographing her with children is not this big news or scoop, so it's stupid to think that they could be interested in following her. They can't know anyway when she's in a place or in another, don’t be in denial about it. You're also idiot if you think that EVERYTIME it's just a coincidence that they are in the same places where she's with them. You’re in total denial just because you wanna defend Vanessa and it’s evident to everybody.

  96. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Ridiculous – Then, you herself told that she's private, so can you explain how come that since she and Johnny can pay lots of money to their security team to protec themselves and kids from paparazzi, Vanessa got pictured with her kids anyway? It doesn't make sense. What's the matter? She just ask sometimes to her security team to protect them?? If she was that private she would always use her security team to avoid of getting pictured with her children but as we can see sometimes she doesn't do it, why??? Because sometimes she needs publicity and she makes paps know where and when they can find her because I repeat, they don't have a CRYSTAL BALL to know when and where she is with them and coincidences don't happen so often. Moreover, did you ever see Johnny walking in the street with his kids? Or did you ever see him with them anywhere? No! (Except when he was lately going to Jimmy Kimmel show and when he was in the airport last time but it happened just because paps knew he was coming for TLR premiere). He's rarely caught by paps and it's because he pays his security team for avoiding of getting seen by them while Vanessa doesn't do that everytime so if there's someone who is private and doesn't want publicity it's just Johnny and not Vanessa.

  97. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Ridiculous – Vanessa got lately photographed with them while filming her last movie and you know, she was never paparazzed when filming a movie until now, how come then that this time it happened? Because she wanted some publicity and she called paps! She wanted them to know that she even took her kids on the set of her movie to spend time with them. Did you ever see Johnny on the set of his movies with his children? No! He doesn't allow them to be there with him and getting photographed just to get publicity. Even now, it has been runoured that his children are with him in Texas but we'll never see pictures of them there because he doesn't use them for publicity as Vanessa does. If she was that private she would ask her security team to protect her and children from paparazzi everywhere she goes with them and she wouldn't expose them on the set of one of her movies, come on! If she was that private she wouldn't even mention anymore her split with Johnny but she does it everytime in her interviews while Amber always refuse private questions about him, so who's private for real? You're such full of lies and of shit about Vanessa! She uses his name to get publicity during interviews even now they're separated and she even sold out her relationship with him in some songs of her last cd and you still have the courage of calling her "private"? Are you stupid or insane?

  98. tega says – reply to this


    Re: vm – If he has not sold the yacht, would you rather see him change it to Jolirojam?

  99. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Yeah…before the CD came out she said it was the genesis of her relationship but others could probably relate to it. After it came out she said the songs weren't written by her because she can't write and they weren't about Johnny. One song she used his name because it was written 8 yrs ago and is a "beautiful song done by mother, daughter and Johnny." What? Isn't Johnny "father" anymore? Also I was wondering how the paparazzi found her and the kids out in the ocean a few weeks ago in France. I know that she generally takes vacation the second or third week in August but how could the paparazzi know exactly where would be if they weren't tipped off.

  100. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I totally agree my friend. Vanessa isn't this saint, private and angelic person that her fans think her to be. She calls paparazzi and seeks for attention like all the celebrities in show business. She always did it even in past, not only now and who the hell she thinks that would buy that her last cd doesn't contain songs that talk about Johnny? She stated that it contains the genesis of her private life (so talking about it she's private my ass) but then she stated that she doesn't talk about Johnny in her songs and it's ridiculous because the genesis is supposed to talk about everything from the beginning to the end of something, right? So what genesis would be if she talked just about her less important relationships discarding the most important one that lasted 13 years and gave her 2 children? Oh please, I don't buy it. She thinks we're stupid also because if you read lyrics of some songs it's clear she was talking of him. She just didn't want to admit it because she didn't want to be asked more questions and because admitting i, she would have officially slagged him, so she tried her best to avoid it.

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