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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead

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johnny depp amber heard holding hands hollywood forever cemetary

Ooo this makes us antsy for Halloween early this year!!

Johnny Depp, the actor king of cinematic spooks and kooks, took vixen girlfriend Amber Heard to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a Cry-Baby reunion Sunday night.

Hosted by John Waters, the 2013 Johnny Ramone Tribute featured a screening of the classic Johnny film, while co-stars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Joe Dallesandro mingled in attendance as well.

Dita Von Teese was also present, bringing her usual unique charm, but the shining star of the night was definitely Handsy — the beautiful creature that's formed when Johnny and Amber lock hands. LOLz!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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1036 comments to “Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead”

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  1. karen says – reply to this


    I'm not lesbian. Amber is more lesbian that bisexual. There are many rumors,just as with Johnny that was true in the end.

  2. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Kudrov – If bringing the story is true then an annoyance, my husband have 5 of the girl's father. Same woman all the kids :) I would not have begun to socialize if they would not have thing swasn ok.
    Mother of the children stayed often a cup of coffee, when brought the children. I been good withers.
    If Vanessa and Johnny does not get along with, yet. I wonder
    Amber how to deal with these things? I personally do not would have continued.
    Self I would not deal with a matter. And at the time I was very young as
    24 (: But all gone well. Fortunately, of them become my friends, but my mom is always a mom.

  3. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: karen – And you would make us buy you're not lesbian? Please!!! Only her lesbian fans insist with this story that there are many rumours!!!! Johnny's fans indeed don't care at all if she's bi or not, they don't like her for many other reasons and they rarely mention her sexuality. It's only from her lesbian board that all these comments about the fact that she leans more towards women come from, so don't think we're buying you don't come from there because it's evident if you're denying it. Only some of them insist that she's more lesbian and that there are all these rumours about it when it's not true at all. Sorry, your thoughts are slagging yourself. Nobody is buying you're not a lesbian fan because only her lesbian fans are so interested in demonstrate that she leans more towards women, but actually there's no rumour about that. Only here and on her lesbian board some people wrote such insinuations but actually insinuations aren't rumours. Even magazines never wrote she leans more towards women. The National Enquirer and the others shitty tabloids that adopted its story indeed just wrote that Amber still feels attraction towards women and she can't renounce to that as well she can't renounce to men. They told that she will like women forever as well men, so these rumours you mentioned that she is more lesbina exist only in your lesbian desperate mind.

  4. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: karen – You know, you lesbian people on zeta boards are so extreme! For you is everything or nothing. Straight fans of Johnny don't care what Amber likes more while you all are always trying to demonstrate how much lesbian is a woman my God! Calm down, nobody knows it and you can't be so sure just because you read some insinuations about it. The insinuations that Amber like women more aren't the same of rumours, so stop calling them rumours. Rumours are something widely spread everywhere by media, while in this case just some shitty tabloids spread only the rumour that Amber like both women and men. They didn't write that Amber likes women more. And their story isn't so reliable anyway since everybody knows that they have a horrible reputation because they invent all the time crap news about many celebrities and believing in their tales, you're showing of not being that smart, my dear. It's evident you wanna believe their words just because you like their stories, but if they wrote that Amber and Johnny are madly in love, I'm sure you'd say that these magazines are stupid and inventing false stories. Be honest with yourself, you decided to believe just in what you like to believe. These many rumours you mentioned don't exist and you're so desperate that you sell insinuations you read here and on lesbian zeta boards for rumours…. kinda pathetic.

  5. karen says – reply to this


    Amber is with Johnny only for the money but her mind is lesbian.she said in an interview that she is bisexual ,in serious magazine not NE. She is talking about her sexuality all time.I think she is lesbian and that does not mean i'am also lol…my opinion is personal and own.The real lesbian fans have an very different opinion. Open your mind.

  6. karen says – reply to this


    ¿ zeta boards ? that women cant name Johnny,they hate him. Well, they dont have a clear opinion about Amber and they thought close the forum. Sorry,not for me.

  7. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: karen – No, their lesbian fans on zeta board think the exact thing you're thinking about her and after your last words I have even more confirmation that you're one of them. I read very often what they write and they write that they think that Amber is lesbian but she's dating Johnny just because of his money and power. Many of them wrote more than once that Amber doesn't look happy with him and that she's tolerating this relationship just to firther her career. They write all the time these thoughts using sometimes other ways or words, but most of them are convinced that she will come back to be a full-lesbian after getting from Johnny what she wants: money, success and popularity. So since you think the same, it's obvious you're lesbian too. I personally don't care what her sexuality is. I just hope that she's sincere, that's it. I wanna believe that Johnny knows what he's doing because he lived enough in show business world to know what an unfamous actress can want from him. He's not a naive celebrity. His experience taught him many things for sure I bet, so I think he knows what Amber wants and maybe he's just having fun with her I don't know. Maybe he isn't in love with her, I don't know. Sometimes I think that he would like to come back with Vanessa someday and he's just enjoying what the present offers him.

  8. MKM says – reply to this


    His fans are exaggerating bashing them all the time. After all their life has nothing to do with us and nobody can know what's the truth anyway. About Amber I don’t dislike her, I try to respect her as new girlfriend of Johnny, but I think that she can't do it by herself. I'm sorry but without him she will never get to keep being so much in the spotlight as she currently likes. She doesn't even have real fans that go to watch her at cinema yet and I don't know if she will ever be able to get people so interested in watching her movies because her acting isn't that worth and maybe it never will because I don’t see she’s improving. I watched Paranoia last night and I didn’t like it as well I didn’t like her performance. Her acting is still so unconvincing….. so if she left Johnny she would be forgotten soon as well it would happen to Tasya. Magazines would rarely mention them. Publicity they're getting since 2012 is something indeed that has been caused by the fact they're related to Johnny someway and without him this heaven can finish for both of them in one sec. that’s the truth.

  9. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: karen – Amber always talks about being bisexual in interviews as well as she talks always of the same things regarding her (that she like literature, poetry, guns, that she has born in Texas). Can't you see how much she repeats herself in interviews? And this happens because she doesn't know what else to tell because there's nothing interesting in her lifr about her bisexuality that's the truth. More over since she is not allowed about talking about her relationship with him, she doesn't know what to tell, that's why she repeats always the same news about herself. And no, you're wrong. People on lesbian board don't hate Johnny. They just hate the idea that Amber is with him. If he was just his friend they wouldn't hate him at all. They would hate any men she could have a relationship trust me. Maybe they hate Johnny more because he's old for her and because he has been known to be a drunkard in past, but they would hate any other men that would date Amber even if he was young. They wouldn't mention him anyway don't delude yourself. On Zetaboards people are bi and heterosexual phobic because they don't even like to mention straight relationship, that's it.

  10. Olivia says – reply to this


    I love Johnny.He is my beautiful dream.I hope he is happy and his new girlfriend doesn't mistreat him.

  11. Lilly says – reply to this


    Re: Olivia – I agree with you and I hope that Amber doesn't mistreat him because she could lose in a while what she got with him. She's a nobody without him, so if he gets tired of her, I bet even my a*s that it will be over for her. She won't improve anymore her insignificant career as she won't be into the spotlight anymore either. Anyway I don't think at all she's this lesbian that somebody buys her to be. She's doing too much publicity to her "bisexuality" to be so true just like even Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Anne Heche, Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities did in past in order to make their public image more insteresting. Just notice that everything that Amber does is for publicity…. it seems she's fame hungry and would take advantage of anything to make people talking about her. I personally think she isn't that lesbian that people wanna think she is. The fact that just last year Robin Baum said thank you to Tasya Instagram proves that they probably had an agreement and I bet that it was that Tasya had to help Amber to hide that she was dating Johnny. She was her decoy. Tasya got publicity in return to that favour and I'm pretty sure that Amber uses anybody just to get her purposes. She used also Tasya and their "lesbian relationships" to get her first slice of popularity indeed when she was a total unpopular actress yet.

  12. Lilly says – reply to this


    Amber is so false! If she didn't like attention for real and if she didn't want people to talk about her private life - as she often tells since she started to date even Tasya (she used to tell indeed that she didn't like all the attention focused on her private life after that she decided to come out at the Glaad awards) - well, she wouldn't herself for first talk so much about such private things as her bisexuality. If she didn't look for publicity indeed and if she was really annoyed that people talk too much about her private life why she mentions everytime details that have to do with her private life in interviews? She could completely avoid this, but she doesn't just because she's so hypocrite telling that she doesn't like attention! I agree with everyone here that called her fame whore. Maybe even her relationship with Tasya was just a ploy for her to get public attention and lot of publicity, otherwise she wouldn't have called paparazzi everytime she was somewhere with her in these last 4 years. She made a fool of Tasya because she was using her genuine love somehow and she wasn't even faithful I bet because Amber indeed was rumoured of having something with Crispin Glover and with Arthur Wybrands already when she was supposed to date Tasya during past years.

  13. Lilly says – reply to this


    She was seen with Crispin Glover during "Beowolf" premiere. That was a movie played only by him, so why the hell she was there with him embracing him like it was his girlfriend? Just because they were friends? Uhm , don't buy it and she was seen also during other premieres with him in affectionate poses, why??? He never was that big (and neither average) star that could have given her publicity so I don't think she was there to get publicity. Then why she never denied that she dated Arthur Wybrands if she's this sincere person that doesn't wanna hide her relationships because she isn't ashamed of telling the truth about them as she always uses to say in interviews?? I mean, if it wasn't true then it would have been even easier for her to deny it, right? But she never did it because maybe she didn't want Tasya to know she was cheating on her. Or maybe she always dated men and her relationship with her was just a publicity stunt that indeed had its effect on people since after her coming out she finally got the attention she never got before with her straight relationships.

  14. Lilly says – reply to this


    More over I bet that she aimed at Johnny since the beginning (even Arthur Wybrands revealed to a French magazine long before Amber came out with Johnny publically that he knew that she was obsessed with Johnny Depp). She wanted to meet him and she probably planned to stole him from Vanessa because she thought that only with him she would have become the next Angelina even she isn't succeeding. I don't think she loves him. I think she just loves herself and the idea of becoming a big Hollywoodian star. She can't love anybody actually and I hope that Johnny realizes this soon dumping her because he still can have the best from life and he deserves anyway a better and more sincere and genuine woman than Amber.

  15. tega says – reply to this


    think there are a lot of things about Amber Johnny likes and respects and it must hard to find someone to understand him and to put up with his lifestyle. I think that he liked her from the beginning and kept her around b/c he his relationship with Vanessa was on the rocks and he was going to need someone there when it breaks b/c he doesn't like to be alone. So I think they might have had their own personal agendas going on and eventually it all came together. Johnny isn't the kind of person to give up easily so he must really want to be with her. I also still think he will marry her not only because he wants to be with her but because they might want kids and she doesn't want to be known as the next Vanessa. However, as I've said before I think the age factor is going to kick in at some point somewhere here and leopards don't change their spots. If people here don't know what that means I'm sure they can figure it out.

  16. The Real Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth Sayer

    I'm sorry but WTF? I am the Real Truth Sayer.

  17. The Real Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: karen

    I have heard that Amber is more lesbian then bisexual too.

  18. The Real Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Unless I hear on Access Hollywood,ET or E Network that Johnny Depp has agreed to let Amber Heard date other women I'm not going to believe that absurd rumor. I am also not a fan of this couple but like other people have said let's see how things play out and well the chips fall.

  19. The only real truth sa says – reply to this


    Don't believe in false clones. I'm the first and ONLY ONE TRUTH SAYER and I can tell you that no matter what rumours and insinuations about her say because there's evidence that she dated more men that women in her life, so she leans more towards them. She date Valentino Lanus, Crispin Glover, Arthur Wybrands and she also had a boyfriend when she was starting to work as a model before of becoming actress. She herself admitted in more than an interview that she dated many men in past and that it's happened to her to date one woman because when it comes to love she's totally open and these are words that are usually used by people more oriented towards heterosexuality than towards homosexuality.

  20. tega says – reply to this


    Re: The Real Truth Sayer – If there is any truth to this, I would believe it to be on a once in a while basis, not all the time and not with Taysa or whatever her name is..I really don't care if I get it right or not.

  21. Murabi says – reply to this


    Oh Lord, when people here will stop to write always the same things? Why you care so much about Amber sexuality? Whatever you say about her, it won't change the fact that she’s riding his d*ck since 4 years. Amber likes both sexes, that's the truth and I repeat for the last time that one of the characteristics that he loves more in her is just her bisexuality and openness about sex. He gets aroused like a high horse when he sees women performing cunningulus to each others. Some tabloids write stupid news. Johnny and Amber didn't make any pact. He knew since the beginning that she likes to f*ck women and men and he's always been okay about it. He had since 2009 an open relationship with her. He's not jealous at all. He's okay that she plays lots of roles where she has to undress herself and to film steamy sex scenes with other men (as she did for "Paranoia" and she's going to do in "London fields") and some of you still buy he's the jealous type? Come on people wake up! There's so much you ignore or that you wouldn't even believe about their private life. But especially his true colours are coming out only now and I think that you”ll get to know more and more "scandalous" details about him as time goes by. It's already starting. You know, they're both very open about sex, with no rules about it and they're both into light bondage. They even spread some clues about that since a while. Their relationship isn't at all as tabloids describe it.

  22. Laura says – reply to this


    For me, Johnny has OCD and it's hard for him to deal with all these problems and he ends up becoming an easy target for people like Amber

  23. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – What do you mean Johnny OCD? I do not understand because English is not
    my mother tongue.

  24. Thee says – reply to this


    I really don't get why everybody hates so much Amber. There is no proof at all that she's a home wrecker and that her and Johnny started to have a relationship when he still was with Vanessa.There are only rumours but not even one proof. There's more proof that he was already over with Vanessa when he started to date Amber because first of all Vanessa stopped to wear his ring since october 2011 and the last time she was seen with him it was in november of the same year when they were taking their son to school and they both didn't look anymore like a couple already. Their body language was very cold. She walked quite distant from him and she never did such a thing in past, so it was evident that something had already changed in their relationship. Vanessa didn't even sound so sincere and convinced when in february 2012 she denied the split with him during a radio interview. Then there's another clue: during the rum diary premiere in Paris Vanessa wasn't there accompanying him but she preferred to go to see the concert of one of her friends. Was her friend more important than Johnny for her? Nah, they were already living separate lives and it's pretty evident. Also the magazine "People" that isn't a stupid tabloid of course reported in January 2012 that Johnny and Vanessa were living separate since many months, so the truth can be very different from the way that many people imagine it.

  25. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Well, OCD means Obsessive-compulsive disorder Re: Thee – At least until September 2011 Johnny and Vanessa were behaving as husband and wife

  26. Thee says – reply to this


    I don't get why people take for granted that Amber stole Johnny from Vanessa even though there's no proof at all about that but there's more evidence I repeat that Johnny and Vanessa weren't anymore a couple since october 2011. It's very possible that Amber started to date him after he was already over with Vanessa also because in many cases, hollywoodian couples don't confirm right away by PR that they are over. They wait until the public is ready to accept the news and PR arrange how and when announcing it for entire months. Does anybody really buy that Johnny and Vanessa split in may 2012? Come on, they had split far before they decided to announce it. They waited until their respective new movies were promoted before of releasing such a news and Johnny after all always made his PR confirming his break-ups only long after he had already split with his girlfriends. He never confirmed right away that he had split with them indeed. For example when he split with Winona he didn't want to announce that publically for the longest time and with Vanessa he did the same, waiting several months. Maybe it's his PR that controls such things so stop speculating that he dumped Vanessa for Amber. There's no evudence, only stupid rumours I think that all of you skeptical people should watch a video called Amber and Johnny true love story to get facts straight.

  27. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Thee – From what I read you are right about the timing of the announcement. They both had movies coming out when they denied the split (Vanessa was on a talk show and radio interview in France in 2012 for one of hers and Johnny for Dark Shadows in May 2012 denied it at one of the premieres. They both didn't want take away from their movies. On the otherhand, very shortly after Johnny's reps made the announcement in June 2012, and I'm talking within a week or so if I remember correctly, rumors came out that Amber had been visiting Johnny while he was filming TLR. His PR must have known this and decided he had better announce the split or else the rumors would have been that he was cheating with Amber. Turns out the rumors said he had already moved on quickly and Vanessa was crushed etc. but truth is that they had been separated for sometime before the announcement.

  28. nina says – reply to this


    What showbiz's woman would be better for Johnny ? intelligent,nice,beautiful like Johnny (not Amber)

  29. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Thee – Think back to that one of newspaper interview. The reporter asked whether / Did you find
    anyone special, whom with great chemistry. And Amber said that the
    you do not believe me to answer that. When the instead he would have mention could the actors and actresses with whom to bed scenes.
    And that had a chemistry with? I think it's some kind of confession
    if he is not able to to respond to other actresses.
    He immediately subconsciously think about Johnny. My a comment only.
    Sorry for my bad english, when the compilers something wrong now had a

  30. ohlala says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – " Their relationship isn't at all as tabloids describe it."
    How is their relationship? Do they even live in a relationship?

  31. Liza says – reply to this


    I think that the real reason that makes Johnny wanting to date Amber is the way she s•cks his d•ck. I think she's a A-list c•cksucker if he can't help dating her for all this time. She hasn't other qualities because she's a fame-seeker, ambiguous and a liar not at all smart, so I don't see what Johnny can like in her since they're total different people. She's everything he always hated so he's just blinded from lust for her. Amber must be very good to get from him everything she wants just filling her mouth with his cum.

  32. The Real Truth Sayer says – reply to this


    Re: Liza – What is your problem with Amber? You seem to have a lot of anger towards her.

  33. Liza says – reply to this


    Re: The Real Truth Sayer – If you're for real the truth sayer, you should know that Amber hasn't any other value than a beautiful face. She's false and a liar. She's always telling that she doesn't like public attention when facts prove the contrary. Everything she does proves she likes to be into the spotlight and that she's enjoying the popularity but she's not a good actress, nor a smart woman because she pretends to like literature just to look interesting, more over she keeps seeing her ex girlfriend while dating Johnny and this makes her really ambiguous and really false. There's nothing to like in a person like her and it's easy to understand that the only thing Johnny can enjoy with her is sex. They are really different. Johnny is a good guy, not a fame seeker liker her and not even so false like her.

  34. Egon says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – The Depp a "COCKOLD" and "50 SHADES OF GREY" fan? Life can be that simple. LOL!

  35. patricia says – reply to this


    After lesbians suffer prejudice because they do not know! Women despicable and deluded

  36. Veritas says – reply to this


    Amber and Tasya are still in a kind of relationship. I told you before that Amber was still seeing her and that Amber can't renounce to her. She cheated on Johnny. Tasya will be a part of Amber's life forever and now also evidence is coming out because the truth always comes out sooner or later.

  37. Veritas says – reply to this


    The above person is an imposter!!

  38. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Not True.

  39. Falala says – reply to this


    We don't trust any of you anyways…all of a sudden he/she shows up after all this time. Bullshit!! Crawl back into hiding.

  40. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – You are the imposter! You don't wanna believe that Tasya and Amber still sleep together sometimes and that Amber cheated on Johnny but it's the "veritas"…. Amber cheated on him and she still sees Tasya and often calling her.

  41. MKM says – reply to this


    Oh God, now here it is evidence that Veritas (all of them, whoever it's the real one) is a lying troll. They both wrote here when in USA is full-night, so they can't be living in USA for real. They told of being Tasya's friends, Veritas wrote in Amber's lesbian forum telling of being a photographer that works in LA and then she pretended to be Manie, her alleged friend that also claimed to know Tasya, there are comments from Manie were he\she explained that the one that wrote on Amber's lesbian forum was Veritas…. so if she was really living in LA, how come that she often writes here in the night? I remember well that she wrote here other times when in LA was full-night. People that live in Europe like me can write in the morning, but not one like her since in USA is full-night now. Does this person don't sleep during the night to write and read comments on Perez Hilton??? Come on, it's evident it's a troll. An European troll obsessed with Tasya's life. Now I'm expecting that she finds some excuses to explain why she's writing in the night. Maybe she's gonna tell that she's not sleeping for some reasons or maybe she will tell that she's not in USA during these days…. be prepared to read her silly excuse! Bulls..t, she's a troll. I remember well that also Manie sometimes wrote here during hours that in LA was night, so yeah, Manie and Veritas are the same person: an european troll that is obsessed with Tasya. Just ignore her comments.

  42. tega says – reply to this


    I'm sure by now most of you know of the rumor that Johnny allows Amber to sleep with other woman because he understands her bisexuality and wants to keep her happy and it has been this way from the very beginning. I don't know if this is true but all too often the truth comes out sooner or later. Taysa knew Amber was after Johnny while they were together and she probably let go without problem so that she can get the publicity for her art. She obviously isn't a woman scorned. She seems to have no hard feelings about Amber supposedly "cheating" on her because she allowed it.

  43. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Now also you believe to rumours that come from some stupid and shit tabloids that just adopted the National Enquirer's story? So disappointing! I thought you weren't someone that think it's possible that such stupid tabloids can tell the truth. More over your words sound like the ones that can be read on jamber site. My God, are you the real Tega or not? Now suddenly you think it's possible that Amber is an open relationship with Tasya and Johnny? Really disappointing from you.

  44. Falala says – reply to this


    I just think they are just friends cos i don't understand how Tasya a fully lesbian to the core woman, would still want to be messing about with a woman (amber) who treated her like that and is now sleeping with a man. People who think that are implying that Tasya is pathetic and has no life of her own since her life is based on amber, which i think is bullshit. Tasya HAS a life of her own and is living it up. So people should stop portraying her as a pathetic loser.

  45. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Just a few of questions: if she has her own life, why the hell in some of her arts she mentions Johnny or Amber? Why the hell she's still seeing Amber sometimes (she was seen with her in Melrose last June) if she has her own life? It's 2 years that they broke up, but Tasya still sees her and accepts to do for her the dogsitter. Why??? If she moved with her own life why the hell she's around Amber's life in a way or another yet? If Tasya is not a loser, how come that she hasn't been able to find another girlfriend after 2 years that she broke up with Amber?? And if Tasya doesn't look for attention or publicity, why the hell she pots pictures of Pistol everytime Amber left him to her cares??? It's like she wanna show people that she's still linked to Amber life someway, otherwise she wouldn't post pictures of Pistol EVERYTIME the dog is with her.

  46. zara says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – because Tasya is sharing Amber with Johnny

  47. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Sorry to disappoint you but yes, I am the real tega and although you don't want to believe the tabloids, a lot of their stories do turn out to be true. I read that National Enquiror is connected to Radar on Line who were the first to report problems in the relationsip which nobody wanted to beleive but it did turn out to be true. I'm not saying I believe all of them of course b/c they do get sued and they can't all be true but I do believe sometimes the PR puts them out b/c they know something will be happening and that is how they prepare people for it. They have been letting Amber advertise she was with Johnny since Jan. 2012 when she first wore his shsirt on Valentine's day.

  48. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – lesbians decided to create this story, to feel better, when in fact almost amber're a housewife johnny.

  49. patricia says – reply to this


    these lesbians are coming out of a deluded calling Jamber site. They create the stories they want to feel better.

  50. tega says – reply to this


    Re: zara – I kind of bleive this and not because of the reports. Taysa doesn't act like a woman who was betrayed at all. When you have a relationship with someone and that person cheats on you and eventually you break up it is very uncommon to stay close with that person, unless you have children. In this case, it's a dog but I think it goes deeper than that. Johnny and Amber could have and still can stop Taysa from posting things but that's not happening.

  51. tega says – reply to this


    Just to further my idea of PR allowing Amber to publicize her relationship, can someone look at the pictures posted on Radar on Line for October 2012 - look for a heading "Amber Heard Hangs Out with her Girls in Venice" or something like that. There are pictures where Amber has something in her back pocket and it looks to me like there is a wire coming out from underneath the back of her shirt. I could very well be wrong (it could be a lipstick case or something), but it looks to me like it could be a security or papparazzi wire. I know Johnny wears one b/c he is always fiddling on his side ribcage with it during interviews.

  52. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Don't get me wrong, i am no fan of Tasya. Personally, i thought she was too old for amber and should find someone nearer to her age (same as johnny) so am glad they broke up. I mean she is almost reaching menopause. I also think she is ugly and too skinny. I just stated that i think they are just friends that's all nothing more. Besides i have checked her instagram and none of her recent art relate to johnny or amber. I honestly don't think she can be that pathetic that's all.

  53. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: ohlala – Yes, an open relationship is a relationship amyway. It may be scandalous for some, but nowadays many couples are happy in open relationships because there's no jealousy between them. When people are honest with each others is better because than living in lies or in unconfessed betrayals that happen everyday. And you know, in Hollywood "open relationships" are more common than everybody can believe.

  54. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Egon – I'm not a fan of Amber or of what she does, even if I'm not a hater either. But yes, it showed in some videos of her and not just for case what she likes to do in bedroom. Also Johnny launched some signals about his liking for bondage sex because he's tired of hiding his true colors as he did for many years. He likes freedom about sex. He's never be for monogamous relationships despite of the type of immaculate public image that his PR tried to sell for years because this is how his fans wanted to see him, especially after he started to work with Disney. Believe it or not, he's for sexual freedom and he was having threesome since he started to work in 21 jump street. In 2010 he was also involved in a threesome with someone you wouldn't ever imagine. You wouldn't even believe me if I told you who these people were. But yes, he's really a different person from the one that was publicized for years. That's Hollywood where celebrities public images are most of times fake and just stunt publicities. Johnny and Amber weren't involved in any monogamous relationship since the beginning, he liked and preferred her for the freedom she could guarantee him about sex and the truth is slowly coming out now and it won't stop.

  55. MKM says – reply to this


    So Tega you believe that either Tasya and Johnny accepted to share Amber having both an open relationship with him???? Can't you see how much ridiculous is? And if you believe that radar site tells the truth most of times, well you have also to believe that Amber has been dating Marie de Villepin because radar spread this story too several months ago. So Tasya not only accepted to share Amber with men, but she even accepted of sharing her with other women? Is for real such a loser that wants Amber anyway also if she beds everyone she likes?? Is this your opinion of Amber, that she's a bisl••t that can't control her sexual instincts??

  56. Egon says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Let me at least make a guess:
    Penelope Cruz-Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie or
    Amber Heard-Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie or
    Angelina Jolie-Johnny Depp-Brad Pitt or
    Javier Bardem-Johnny Depp-Penelope Cruz
    This list could be endless i guess (and fun), why don't you just tell us, what's the problem with telling if you think people won't believe you anyway?
    Personally i don't get why people even bother to define a relationship like this in the first place. Why don't they just live as singles and have fun and feel free to date whomever they want to date?

  57. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – I didn't say that I believe everything. I only said that a lot of it tabloid stories do turn out to be true. I never believed Marie was anything to Amber except a friend and a decoy. Amber was after Johnny for a long time including the time that she was in a relationship with Tasya. There is no way Tasya didn't know that. Tasya allowed it b/c she knew it was a good move for Amber and so that she could get the publicity for her art once Amber and Johnny became a couple. I personally don't belive her and Tasya ever really broke up because nothing Amber says is believeable. Amber still meets up with her from time to time and Tasya takes care of the dog. Ex-lovers who are cheated and dumped just don't do things like that. You may not agree with it, but that's just my opinions. Johnny is very open minded about lilfe and love and that's why I can believe this.

  58. tega says – reply to this


    Amber did an interview recently where she said she had "successful" relationships with both men and women. What was that supposed to mean? Nothing she says really makes any sense to me. When asked how she would describe herself she responded "a complicated blonde." Well, she's not all that blonde anymore yet she's STILL complicated.

  59. MKM says – reply to this


    Tega, actually there's no proof at all that Amber cheated on Tasya. Rumours told they were over already in September 2011 and Amber wasn't wearing anymore her ring since then indeed and so was doing Tasya. Amber was alone during The rum diary premiere in LA. Tasya didn't attend it as she attended many other public events with Amber so I guess they were over also because in November 2011 Amber was seen kissing Francesca Gregorini also…. Amber seemed single and she was seen with Amber in 2012 only to serve as a decoy. It's very possible that she had an amicable split with Tasya and that they remained friends. Many ex couples are still friends and help each others sometimes. There's no evidence that Amber was still dating her in October 2011 since they both stopped to wear their rings before, so I think Tasya is her friend and that she keeps being in contact with her to get publicity for herself. Do you buy that Johnny accepted if sharing his girlfriend with someone else? Is that what you think about him? Well if you think that Amber never really broke up with Tasya, then her relationship with Johnny isn't real. So you think that their relationship is a farce since Amber is still with Tasya??

  60. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – do not waste your time and your intelligence with these people, I've had enough.

  61. patricia says – reply to this


    Amber is locked in his castle with johnny. 're Shitting and walking into such of Tasya.

  62. patricia says – reply to this


    A woman gets a month in mexico male behind her. And you still think she wants to know that bag of bones (tasya). She likes dick is depp

  63. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – I believe Tasya let Amber go after Johnny while they were still together so that Tasya could get the publicity when it happens. I can also believe that Johnny lets Amber have her female fun. The question is that who is that fun being had with. I'm really not sure what is going on here but I have pretty good feeling we're are going to see something in the media soon re: Amber and another woman. All the talk about Tasya posting things to show they are still in a relationship and the fact they aren't asking her to stop is weird too. In fact everything about this relationship is weird but if Johnny is happy I guess that's the only thing that really matters.

  64. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – An "insider" here said that Amber stalked Johnny by getting to know people who were connected to him, attended events where she knew he would be and met him even before she auditioned for TRD. This would all be happening when she was with Tasya. She also said that they hung out in his trailer and watched old movies and that would have been in 2009 when it was filmed. With both of their looks I have a hard time believing they just hung out in his trailer as friends. I think the only reason she got the part for TRD was because Johnny owns the production company.

  65. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: tega – johnny depp is the case turn a woman. Love does not deceive the fall is great

  66. Jen says – reply to this


    Re: Egon – I guess Angie, Brad and Johnny

  67. Veritas says – reply to this


    kids playing …. I'm who uses the nickname Veritas. I'm not American and I live in LA and I sleep the time and when I want.
    Tasya was with Amber during filming in 2009. If Johnny and Amber had sex at that time, Tasya didn't know about it.
    It's true that Amber was stalked Johnny she was obsessed with him, but he didn't show much interest in her.
    Another important thing Tasya doesn't use Amber

  68. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – You're smart, but you are also naive and so you can't see the truth.
    I'm just Veritas at PH and a friend of Manie.

  69. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – Bingo. You are also very smart

  70. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – If Tasya was with Amber during filming of TRD in 2009 all the time where was she was when Amber said in interviews she spent time with Johnny in his trailer watching old movies? You admitted Amber stalked Johnny but then said he showed no interest in her. This would have been the time her and Tasya were together. So basically you're saying that Tasya is either (1) REALLY naïve or (2) didn't care that Amber was stalking Johnny.

  71. Jupiter says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – So you believe Johnny has OCD and somebody else (i read this somewhere here before) believes Amber is Bipolar or Borderline. They must be made for each other!

  72. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Questions? Is Johnny bi? Is this any of the a fake relationship with?
    What will happen next? Someone about to mention, at times.
    Self I am from Finland and the unemployed, and I can write to me anytime if you amuse.
    No I do not defend veritas or what was it? He's definitely a troll.
    He either a without work or as stimulant use. And yes I have sometimes noticed and seen
    the the gossip magazines are the sometimes been right and wrong.
    No need to right away by barking if someone thinks that the gossip in something
    a small truth. Self also admit that I visit jamber site.
    Yeah are hated me now = D. He a hard hand whips up Amber, however there
    also quite some good stuff.

  73. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Oh please stop pretending to be an insider. Nobody buys you really know Tasya and I proved you can't be living in LA because you often wrote here when in LA was full-night and also Manie did the same. Is it a coincidence? Come on, it's evident you're a troll that used 2 different names and I don't buy that friends of Tasya would spend their nights reading here on Perez Hilton and if someone buys that, it's only an idiot. It's evident that only common people come here to read and write comments. Insiders don't waste their time doing that, especially in the night. You're just an european troll obsessed with Tasya life and there are many clues that prove this. Now if some idiots wanna trust you I'm really sad for them but if you're really an insider why then you just don't prove us that you know something that nobody knows yet? Just tell us a news about Amber or Tasya that will happen soon. If you know Tasya for real and since she's still close to Amber, she surely knows news that we still don't know, so tell us something that it's gonna happen soon to prove you're really this so well informed insider…. but if you won't do it disappearing or finding some excuses it will be the final proof that you know nothing. If you're sincere, you shouldn't have any reason to refuse of proving it to all of us and then okay we'll believe you and tell you that we're sorry for not believing you in past. So come on, 'insider', we're waiting.

  74. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You know what's your big mistake is? Trusting fake insiders here. You're really so naive to believe that here there are for real insiders that would waste their time with us, reading comments on old articles on Perez Hilton? I'm sorry for you if you trust their words that were never proved anyway. More over you changed your mind. In past you used to tell different things about Amber and Johnny relationship, but okay, everybody is entitled of his\her opinion and also to change it. It's sad you believe that Johnny chose to be in a farce. Why do you think that he couldn't find anyone better than Amber then? Why the hell he should be in a fake relationship that is damaging his image and career when he could date for real any other woman that wouldn't be in a relationship with another woman??? That's nonsense. You really believe that Johnny is that pathetic and desperate that can't find any other better woman to date? I don't buy it.

  75. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I think it's more probable that Amber's relationship with Tasya was all a sham to get publicity because it would be nothing new in show business. Many women pretend to be bisexual to look more interesting when they are unknown and Amber was totally unpopular before of coming out with Tasya indeed. And I find hard to believe that Tasya is so pathetic to accept to live such a relationship with Amber, sharing her with Johnny. Every person would get tired soon of such a situation. I think Tasya just took advantage of Amber for publicity just like Amber did with her. But you know, it's pointless to discuss about those things with obtuse people and fake insiders that come here spreading bull shit just to spread new false rumours and get attention. I give up, if you wanna be that naive to trust people you don't even know who they really are (have you ever seen their faces? Or did you know their real names?? NO! You know nothing about them, so why the hell you choose to trust their words? I mean, everyone can come here inventing stories stating that he\she's an insider) and that refuse to prove they're insider (and that should prove that they're not because a real insider wouldn't be feared of proving he\she's for real an insider), good luck! I'm sorry for you but I can't help you.

  76. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Why are you so angry at Tega statements? Take it easy a good person
    and let the people to have their own opinions. I do not think that the Tega believes everything
    gossip. I for one believe that the Tega is a very calm and did not believe
    all the gossip. Now what been said so there will may well be a a small truth?

  77. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Did you read what I wrote higher up my point? For example, what time each write
    if the chance.

  78. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I'm not mad at Tega you're wrong. I'm just sorry for her that started to trust fake insiders here. I thiught she was smarter and didn't trust trolls like Veritas and Manie that are the same person and it's evident from many clues. There's evidence that Veritas isn't a real insider but Tega decided to not seeing that and it's sad.

  79. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – What Tega stated "insider" (apostrophe). I myself at least a noticed and
    figured out what to Tega mentioned that when there is evidence that Amber like mad
    follow Johnny and Amber is now of all agree with Johnny
    and Amber too much likes the same things as Johnny. I think it is
    unnatural. I know what I'm talking about because I am the same man had 11 years
    and we have not in that way the same things as Amber Johnny.
    And what interviews with he let before the Amber Johnny.
    Amber in some sense, so a lot of the same Johnny that could be said
    Amber is a female sided Johnny :)

  80. tega says – reply to this


    The only "insider" I ever came to believe here is Conan the Barbarian and most people here know what this person said came to be true. Conan has not commented recently but claimed to know someone inside Johnny's camp. Conan said that Johnny would not be walking any red carpets on his European tour with Amber and also said the bits about how Amber stalked Johnny. During the European tour Conan also here that something is going to happen in the fall which will answer a lot of questions but couldn't tell what that was. I think Conan did say, however, that Johnny will walk the red carpet with Amber when her movie premieres in the fall. Now…"Machette Kills 2" is coming out Oct. 13. Let's see if Conan is right.

  81. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Conan could come here and and give small tips again. I believe that he will follow
    these things.

  82. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – If I remember correctly, I think someone was using the name and then there was confusion who was the real Conan.

  83. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I wouldn't trust anybody if I was in you. Insiders wouldn't come here slagging in a very direct way Johnny, Amber or Tasya. I guess they have better things to do than wasting their time reading on perez hilton, especially in the night. If you asked something to Veritas means that yo believe her somehow, otherwise you wouldn't have asked her anything, so it's not true that here the only insider you ever came to believe is Conan the Barbarian. Anyway it's your choice if you wanna trust all these stupid people (that can be just one person or two, no more than that) that write bull shit or their speculations all the time trying to sell them as absolute truths. Only Johnny and Amber knows the truth about their relationship, nobody knows it and all these fake insiders are just looking for attention and they just wanna sell their speculations as reality. I don't buy they're really insider and everybody who does it, it's just a naive person.

  84. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – I never said believed Johnny's relationship to be farce. Of course he can have most any woman he wants but he chose Amber. She is beautiful but no china doll. She's a tough southern American girl from Texas who was into guns and muscle cars well before Johnny. I don't know about her being a fan of Hunter Thompson or literature but one thing is for sure - she's not afraid to show her body. She is bold and judging from Johnny's circle of friends it could be what Johnny really likes about her. Johnny knows how it feels to be away from a partner so maybe he is allowing her to be with women so she doesn't get lonely…or maybe he really does like to watch. I don't know but a lot of men seem to be into that.

  85. maria says – reply to this


    In the coming weeks we should see Johnny and Amber together in London or Dover.There will be noticed if their relationship will become even more "public".

  86. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I disagree but I won't fight your opinion anyway. Everyone is entitled of his\her opinion indeed, so be it.

  87. tega says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Just because I respond to someone doesn't mean I believe them. I have reasons for my responses. Conan said things that did turn out to be true which is why Conan is the only person I take any stock in his (or her) words. If something happens this fall that really shows us something then I can continue believing Conan. If it doesn't then I either stop believing or assume the situation has changed. I said a comment that I believed Amber won't get pregnant without a ring on and Conan replied again, that in the fall questions will be answered. We will see if Conan is right or not.

  88. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I'm off to a dysfunctional family picnic ( I think I would rather be here) so if I don't reply to anyone pls know that I am not ignoring you.

  89. Wolsey says – reply to this


    I found really strange that Amber ex-girlfriend doesn't mind to share her with a man. We all know that Amber spends most of her time with Johnny, so she can dedicate just very little time to her ex girlfriend I guess and anyway it's strange that her girlfriend doesn't want a monogamous relationship in her life because most of lesbian women want that with a girl. They are more sensitive than men and since Amber and Tasha were living together and wearing also rings I find hard to believe that their relationship was open because that's how it was if Tasha was okay that Amber was riding some di.ks. No matter why she was doing that but it's a betrayal anyway and it means anyway having an open relationship. So why wearing rings if they weren't this exclusive couple? Rings have their meaning and their symbolic importance but if Amber always had sex with people that could help her somehow to improve her career and het girlfriend was okay, to me the fact they were wearing rings it was just a joke. And her ex girlfriend is really patethic if she can't find someone better than a woman that for whatever reason can't help riding pus..es and di.ks at the same time.

  90. Veritas says – reply to this


    'MKM' - I think tabloids, youtube and other things can be funny.
    'Tega' - All I talked before about Johnny, was confirmed by himself through his interview to Rolling Stone and everything about Amber is being confirmed day by day.
    Amber is not totally dumb. She tries to say in her interviews, truths in a way that would create a different interpretation. Eg-Johnny chose her for the role of Chenault, right? yes and no. Because Robinson had already chosen her because she has the physical type more like Chenault in the book and because she has more resourcefulness to the role, Amber had done more movies with sex appeal than ScarJo and Keira and Johnny just saw the test with her once and he confirmed the OK that Robinson had given before.
    Several people usually go to Johnny's trailer, as friend. He usually invites them to play music, to listen to music or to watch videos or YT without any other intention. Johnny likes old TV programs and old movies too.
    Amber tries to make it appear that Johnny has always been interested in her, which was not true.
    Manie and I are friends of Tasya, but I also know a few things of the 'Modern God of the Cinema'.
    'Wolsey' - Amber just started to have a relationship with Johnny during the promotion of TRD.
    'MKM' - For your happiness, probably Manie and I won't have time to come back here. Our work calls us

  91. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: maria – Amber and Johnny will be together in London,……… but maybe nooooot. Because presently, the two fight all the time.
    Currently Amber has not seen Tasya, but they have spoken, occasionally, by phone

  92. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Wolsey – I know a couple who are married who both have rings on and are in an open relationship. They both let each other be with whoever they want to. I know it sounds crazy but I live on the east coast in the US and there are "lifestyle" clubs that are getting popular. These clubs are places couples go to be with other people for a short while. Some are gay, some are lesbian, some are bisexual and some are heterosexual. I mistakenly visited one in Atlantic City NJ looking for a hotel room near the boardwalk. Long funny story….. but I know another couple who visits these type of these clubs and they really enjoy it. Just sayin…… open relationships are not uncommon at least here in the US. I don't know about other countries.

  93. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – You fake idiot GET YOUR OWN NAME AND STOP USING MINE!!

  94. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Are you kidding, right? You're the fake, I never use swearwords.
    'Tega' - Tega, I don't know if Amber and Johnny are living an open relationship, but Amber and Tasya have not lived such relationship.
    But between them there was freedom to come and go - it's not the same as an open relationship

  95. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Ok…..so what's the difference? I would like to hear your answer.

  96. tega says – reply to this


    Re: VeritasRe: Veritas – What is your difference between being allowed to 'come and go" vs. an open relationship?

  97. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I think it was that it was the nickname of confusion conan as I remember

  98. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Look, if you are really a friend of Tasya it's simple to demonstrate that. Just tell us what will be the next 4 arts that Tasya is going to put on her FB account. Since you know her it's easy to know it. You just have to ask her what she's gonna publish there. So you should give us a description of her next 4 arts and when we'll see you guessed them before she publishes them, we'll have a confirmation that you're really her friend and know her. Come on, if you're sincere you have no reason to refuse of doing this. If you're sincere why don't you prove us you're her friend? Once we'll get that proof nobody will doubt your words anymore. But if you refuse of if you pretend of not reading this post of mine then it will be clear that you don't know Tasya at all and that you can't give us any proof you're her friend. We're waiting.

  99. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I remember that I read in this a magazine web for, I do not remember the name of the magazine.
    It was Rolling Stone after the concert. For the couple to should be in the fall
    the big news, and I came to mind at the time, it pass into, they become engaged.
    It was not a Journal of pop sugar or some crazy gossip magazine.
    Oh well paragraph should begin with something to happen if those hold is true.
    We're already in September.

  100. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Veritas do not know anything at all. He definitely a troll. I do not think at all
    that he would be Tasyan guy. He never been given any evidence to him just even if it is requested. Do not believe him

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