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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands Among The Dead

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johnny depp amber heard holding hands hollywood forever cemetary

Ooo this makes us antsy for Halloween early this year!!

Johnny Depp, the actor king of cinematic spooks and kooks, took vixen girlfriend Amber Heard to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a Cry-Baby reunion Sunday night.

Hosted by John Waters, the 2013 Johnny Ramone Tribute featured a screening of the classic Johnny film, while co-stars Ricki Lake, Traci Lords and Joe Dallesandro mingled in attendance as well.

Dita Von Teese was also present, bringing her usual unique charm, but the shining star of the night was definitely Handsy — the beautiful creature that's formed when Johnny and Amber lock hands. LOLz!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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  1. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Stop using my name, i have never used a swearword and am not about to start now even though i am tempted to cos you just aren't listening. There are so many names to use, pick something else. This is not fair!

  2. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I agree with you. He/she is a troll. None of Tasya's friends would ever come here to talk about her private life. He suddenly turns up after all this time? he is definitely a troll. Someone kept mentioning him on L chat and am sure it is the same person who is here now trying to feed us bullshit. If he were tasya's real friend as he 'claims' to be, he/she would not be here. So based on that, i do not trust Veritas. Even now there are two people using the name veritas which goes to show how easy it is to use people's names to fool everyone. In fact i do not trust anyone here at all.

  3. ka says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Both start working on their new movies next week in London (what an incredible coincidence, lol), i think we can assume that they go together.

  4. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Egon – Egon, can't tell who these people are because if I did it would generate a plenty of questions and to be honest I don't have all this time to answer to all these questions. I can only tell you that you didn't guess. It's someone you all really wouldn't ever imagine I repeat. And to all people that think that Amber made a fool of Johnny cheating on him I can only tell you that you know nothing about him and about how his relationship with her really is since the beginning. Johnny always liked open relationships and he always messed up with threesome and group sex. During 90's when he owned The Viper Room he was often involved in some sexual group bustles with Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen and lots of very young women and girls. He also took Kate Moss there sometimes and they messed up together in many ways, also taking substances of various type. That's why he feared her auto-biography. He was afraid that she revealed their dirty secrets even though she has been kind and quite discrete.

  5. Murabi says – reply to this


    Oh and by the way, also Kate Moss was for same sex experiences sometimes. She experimented them a little during 90's and Johnny love it. He loved to watch and he also participated sometimes, so it's nothing new that he likes to date and scr*w bisexual women. Also Winona Ryder experimented something like that when they were dating, what do you think? Some of you know nothing and should just shut their mouth before telling that Amber cheated on him or that he gave up to allow her having sex with women because my god, this is something that he absolutely look up in a woman. Only Vanessa wasn't for experimental sex, she's quite classic about sex, she doesn't like odd or experimental things like threesome, bondage, dildo games etc. etc. (both Winona and Kate liked most of them instead) and that's why her relationship with him wasn't that good since the beginning. He settle down with her for a while, trying to be more classic but it didn't work for long. He had other needs and other desires.

  6. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Sorry if I intrude in your post but I can't read such bullshit. Amber and Tasya relationship wasn't a sham at all but it's not that they're still in a relationship either. They're friends and Johnny told Amber since the beginning that she can scr*w her or any other woman when she has that need, but Amber is in a (open) relationship with him and not at all with Tasya. If Tasya isn't able to move on with her life because she still loves Amber I don't know because I'm not well informed about Tasya's life but I know for sure that Amber wanna a relationship with Johnny and not anymore with Tasya since long. Amber chose him and she's giving him the primary importance in almost everything. Many celebrities are in this kind of relationship because many of them, men and women, are bisexual. Johnny was also the one that introduced Marie de Villepin to Amber. De Villepin is bisexual too and it's not that difficult to guess why he introduced her to Amber and what his purposes were. I know this for sure because I've been showed evidence of it. People just need to open their eyes about the truth: Johnny's immaculate public image was only a hoax.

  7. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Personally, I do not care Johnny goings-on in bed. Although he would
    10 of the same human at the time of. But angry that you come to explain things to what
    However, you do not can tell. You should not have said anything. I do not think that Johnny's fans
    to kill himself if he likes to play with 3 He's great, wonderful actor. It is enough for me.

  8. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Yeah I noticed that now against verita veritas. Perez should do about it
    something that is unable to use as same name / characters. This indeed a
    foment the things that who to trust.

  9. maria says – reply to this


    I feel bad for the children. Lily Rose looks happy in her pictures in Twiitter but she knows that people say about her father and Amber. She is too young but the effects will be seen in the future. It noted that they are well educated.

  10. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: ka – You're right. It's not true that they're fighting all the time. There will also be soon pictures of them in London, trust me. And around november people will read the first statements of Amber about her relationship with Johnny. From now on it will be easy to see them together in many public events like golden globes, oscar ceremonies etc. he has already started to attend public events with her as he recently did taking her at the Cry baby reunion so you can be sure that they will talk publically about their relationship very soon even though he's not going to admit he cheated on Vanessa with Amber, so prepare to read lies.

  11. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: maria – I really hope that the children did not visit here on probing or their friends /:

  12. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Sorry but you can't tell me what to do. I'm free to slag bullshit when I read them, I can't help it. Many people need to open their eyes, that's it.

  13. Murabi says – reply to this


    And oh, I forgot, the last thing is that it's not true that Amber and Johnny encounters in his trailer in 2009 while filming The rum diary were innocent. Amber seduced Johnny since the beginning. She wrote some desperate letters to Bruce Robinson because she wanted so bad to get the role of Chenault and because she wanted to convince him to give her an audition. She also told him that she cared a lot to meet Johnny and work with him. She mentioned it was her dream. At the time Bruce and Johnny were already thinking to cast Scarlett Johansson or maybe Keira Knightley, the final choice was between one of them but Amber tried hard to convince Robinson to give her a chance and he accepted also because he got that Amber was longing for meeting Johnny so he arranged a dinner where she could meet him before the audition. She them met Johnny, Bruce and maybe some other member of the staff, I'm not sure. They all drank something during the dinner and Amber at the end convinced Johnny to take her to visit his place in Los Angeles. Vanessa was with children in France at the time as usual. Johnny was alone and a bit drunk, so he was also a sitting duck and it didn't take her too much to seduce him. She made him sitting on a couch then she suddenly got undressed and gave him a bl*w job before of getting on him and starting to ride him.

  14. Murabi says – reply to this


    The following day he felt a bit guilty and started to blame the alchol because he didn't want to be involved in new troubles with a woman but he told anyway Bruce to give her the role. Bruce knew very well what's happened and what was also happening when Johnny and Amber spent hours sometimes in his trailer as well all the people that worked there with them knew. Everybody in that circle knew, then somebody of them spoke and first rumors about it were spread but Johnny was unhappy and uncomfortable about it of course and he asked Bruce of doing something to shut soon rumours down and he tried his best, that's why he started to tell that it was impossible to hang out with Amber because she was busy with her girlfriend. He wanted to help Johnny, he was his friend. But everybody involved in The rum diary project (even cameramen) knew what was really going on. And during the premiere in London indeed, Bruce and some other members of the cast teased them so badly about the fact they all remembered and knew how much they got close during the time the movie was filmed.

  15. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Are you someone the "insider"? Will you be able to tell because Amber and Johnny get married and have children? I'm curious and thanks in advance (:

  16. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I'm not that sure that I've understood your question, sorry….. what do you wanna ask say? It's not so clear, sorry again.

  17. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Anyway I've already told something in my previous posts about the topic you've just mentioned somehow and I don't have time to repeat myself, sorry. Search are read those posts please. Gotta go now.

  18. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – I asked. Does Amber and Johnny got engaged and do you have children?
    And preferably hear more on the future than the old things.

  19. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Went to the rewritten. I mean. Is Amber and Johnny are going to getting engaged?
    Because they do have children? Are you able tell future with this pair of
    when old things?

  20. ka says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Questions do come up as you said and i just ask some:
    1. Johnny is bisexual?
    2. De Villepin was introduced to Amber to have sex with her (+Johnny?) and you have evidence for that. Did they show you a video, or what?
    3. Amber has the VF interview come out in November and possibly some others. The rumor was that he has proposed to her, but they are not going to tell the public until later this year. November?
    4. How come you know he took her to his home and what she did for him?
    5. Why did you keep telling here that you have been told it's not love for him, if it is?
    6. Do you hate Johnny or are you working for his PR and try to prepare people for the inevitable?

  21. ka says – reply to this


    Can't help but wonder what the real Conan has to say to this?

  22. MKM says – reply to this


    It's really absurd and even funny how people here are so naive to trust so much all the bull shit that some fake insiders on this site write. (They all write their stupid stories only on this site indeed, they don't have the courage of spreading their ridiculous shit elsewhere or on other serious sites indeed and this proves how much fake their tales are). They're all trolls of course and there's a big evidence of it, only that some naive people here that desperately want to know the truth, decided of trusting them. The truth is that nobody knows the truth here. Some insiders that know it wouldn't tell it anyway. They wouldn't be allowed to do it as they wouldn't waste their time here talking with strangers even during night-time in LA.

  23. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – No offense, but you're making Johnny out to be some kind of innocent victim here. A drunken man doesn't invite a woman to his mansion just to give her a tour and a celebrity doesn't have sex in his trailer without expecting that people will start rumors. I've said it before that I thought Johnny was very different with Amber than with any of his other co-stars and I do believe he was attracted to during filming but if what you said is true, it further confirms that would have happened while Amber was with Tasya who was supposedly there with Amber at the time he would have been with Amber in the trailer.

  24. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Well let's see….Johnny was married and engaged at least three times. Vanessa said that marriage was something she "could simply do without" but she did wear a "love ring" so I guess that would make four times "engaged." Given his track record, I would say it's a pretty good guess he will be getting engaged whether he is truly in love or not. He definitely seems to be a man who needs stability and right now Amber is doing everything right to keep him. I liked your comment about being in September already (made me laugh). Only problem is that it's only the 2nd week into September and we still have two months left to go before we see anything, if Conan is correct.

  25. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: MKM – Murabi do not really know anything. He explains of things that have already traversed
    a long time ago. That's why I asked him to tell the future, but I doubt that
    he will be able to tell us what's going on, because he hardly an insider.
    In fact, I do not think so, or remains to be seen whether he can tell future
    and see what happens.

  26. tega says – reply to this


    Headlines about Johnny and Amber always seem to come out when Vanessa is in France but then again she's so frequently there it could be a coincidence. Maybe it is purposely done b/c Johnny still wants to protect her. I don't know but she has a very busy tour schedule in November and December so I wouldn't be surprised if something happens around that time. P.S. Vanessa was at the TIFF this weekend. Pictures were posted yesterday on Vanessaparadisnewstumbler.com. She looks thin and pale (maybe that's a Chanel requirement?) and is now blonde. Let's see if Amber goes blonde too.

  27. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I can not wait (: horrible hangover and I go into overdrive :) .
    Oh well time will tell what this couple is doing. Children, married 3 fun or any (:

  28. ka says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Conan:" For the last time Amber is not pregnant. Somebody keeps having fun using my nick. Just don't listen to him. Amber and Johnny aren't planning of having a child. They're too busy and I doubt he wishes anyway of having children with her."
    That was the comment given by Conan on the pregnancy matter. Time will tell.
    Conan also called Johnny a whoremonger some time ago.
    Different "insiders" may have different connections and therefore different interpretations. They do agree on some things so:
    -Amber seduced Johnny
    -the relationship between JD and VP wasn't going well
    -JD cheated on VP
    -he felt/feels guilty or heartbroken about the split from VP
    -he is not in love with Amber and their relationship is based on sex
    -he keeps dating her because he can't be alone
    -the relationship is an open one
    All that for a non-insider simply doesn't make sense. Maybe i'm not depraved enough or i'm too romantic.

  29. joana says – reply to this


    Amber no longer used Johnny's clothes and necklaces now .She did it on purpose before…….

  30. Jupiter says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – The person who did the shooting and/or interview for VF november issue was so nice to spread the news, that Amber had been talking about JD all day long, via social media. Funny enough, it was posted right around the time that Star Mag article was about to hit the shelves.
    Papz in UK are not as restricted as in US, so it's very likely that we get some pictures of them soon, when shooting begins. They've allready been out and about together, so seeing them together is not much of a prediction to make.
    Floppiest couple of 2013 at the Oscar's etc.? He usually only goes if he has a reason to be there.
    Cry Baby reunion? Looked like some photo-op to me. Paranoia had just tanked brutally that weekend and in addition NE had published their "on the rocks" article.
    He certainly dated Amber before the official split from VP. They have to create a nice little love story for the fans sooner or later.
    Was it the person you met at the TLR premiere in Berlin (where you worked for a JD fanpage) who told you things from the past about Johnny's love life? Ouch, that was heavy stuff! True? Maybe. The open relationship seems to be common knowledge by now.

  31. Oliver says – reply to this


    Is it true that Vanessa has a new boyfriend? I read somewhere that she's dating someone who has a 10 years old daughter. Is that true? I read it on another site, it was written on a comment made by someone whose nickname was "Cora". Does anybody know something more about it?

  32. Mortimer says – reply to this


    I work in Hollywood and I have several good contacts there that confirmed me that Amber is a sl#t. She slept with many people to get roles and public attention when she was totally unknown. She uses sex since ever to get what she wants. And I've been also confirmed that she started to sleep with Depp in 2009 already. I've been also told that powerful hollywoodian men that fu#ked her were really surprised when they learned of her coming out as a lesbian because "they thought she can give blow jobs that are too much perfect and intense for a lesbian woman". I've been told it's really strange that some people think she leans more towards women because she seems to enjoy in a crazy way to do blow jobs to men and that she does them in a very natural and lovely way! So I guess there are 2 possibilities: she leans more towards men or she's a hooker that can sell sex and herself in a perfect way.

  33. Jupiter says – reply to this


    Re: Mortimer – Wow, the gossip among HW insiders seems to be heavier/dirtier than what we get to read here.
    Why couldn't Johnny do what others did? Fuck her, have some fun and keep things private!
    Why does he have to be the "fool" to come out with her in a relationship, even if it's an open one?
    After the split from Vanessa one would have thought he feels happy to be able to move on, but he never striked me as a person who is very much at ease with the situation and himself. By now only some hardcore fans will believe the story he will come up with, everybody else will only think: just keep on talking blah, blah, blah.

  34. MKM says – reply to this


    Jupiter, don't waste your time with fake insiders. They know nothing, they're just looking for attention and they like people here to believe to all their bull shits and speculations but as soon as you ask them to give you some proofs they're really insider they disappear or they pretend of not reading your request and this for me is enough evidence about the fact they're trolls. A real insider wouldn't talk here with strangers about private things of Amber, Tasya and Johnny. And if they were for real insiders they would prove it without disappearing or pretending of not hearing. Look, the more we talk with them and we ask them things, the more they'll keep to write bull shit, so let's ignore them. It's the better thing we can do because they don't deserve so much attention.

  35. tega says – reply to this


    Re: ka – I didn't say anything about Amber being pregnant. I only said Conan says he knew an insider and he was told that some time in the fall people's questions would be answered. I believe he also said there will be some kind of announcement but they are waiting until close to the end of the year. Maybe it's the same thing or maybe he really knows nothing but I guess we'll just have to wait and see if what he said is right.

  36. tega says – reply to this


    Did anyone hear what Johnny's trip to Texas was about and if Amber was with him? Someone commented on one of the articles that one of them has family up and down the coast there. I assume it is Amber since she is from Texas. So I started thinking if they are getting engaged or are already engaged, it was a "meet the family" trip. Johnny's good friend and god father to his kids Bill Carter lives in Austin so it's also possible he was down that way to visit him.

  37. tega says – reply to this


    Johnny talked about retiring so maybe he's getting tired of all the bulls–t. He's made enough money for him and his kids to live very comfortably the rest of their lives and their kids and he's still getting marketing royalties which is in all his contracts. Maybe he is getting ready to settle down a little bit - I don't think he will ever settle down completely b/c I don't think he can. It doesn't seem like his brain operates that way.

  38. tega says – reply to this


    Re: ka – Ka - since you were able to find this quote from Conan do you think you can find where he/she spoke of something (but couldn't say what it was) that is supposed to happen by the end of the year? I remember it was during the European tour b/c Conan said was told Johnny would not be walking any of the red carpets with Amber.

  39. ka says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Conan didn't say they would make an announcement, he said the truth would come out with time. You're mixing things up here, i think.
    About the MK premiere: he said PR is still thinking about it and if he accompanies her to a premiere, it would most likely be MK, which got postponed from September to October.
    Has JD ever accompanied his girls to their premieres? Don't think so.He sometimes attended Vanessa's concerts, but a premiere or fashion show? I think he should keep that way.

  40. ka says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Conan:"Why they could formalize it around next autumn? Because it's probable that he will attend with Amber "Machete kills" premiere.Of course nothing is sure yet because I've been told that it's all up to their PR and if they reach an agreement about when and where make them appear together (if they last)."
    He talked about them formalizing their relationship this fall if it lasts. Maybe that's what you've been looking for.

  41. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: ka – 1. My God, you all seem obsessed with celebrities sexuality here. First with Amber and now with Johnny… stop it, please.
    2. I saw a picture of them together but not engaged in a sexual act. I didn't mean that I saw evidence of them involved in such a thing indeed. I meant that I saw evidence they knew each others and the purpose of their friendship was explained well to me of course.
    3. All that I know is that she started to speak about her relationship with him to journalists and that her and Johnny are getting prepared to talk publically about their relationship.
    4. Because a friend of him who is also one of his confidants told me how things went that night. Many friends of him know that he has been scr*wing her since 2009, people involved in The rum diary project included.
    5. I'm not going to convince you or anybody else about anything. I've already told many times how things between him and her are but you're free of believing it's love for him if you want.
    6. I don't hate Johnny at all, you're very wrong. I like him for what he really is more than everybody here that can't help harshly criticizing him just because he's not the perfect and monogamous guy you would like him to be.

  42. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Tega, I've never said he was a victim. I just meant that drinking made him lose control a little bit. His first purpose during the dinner wasn't bedding Amber, even it's hard to believe it, he just wanted to meet this girl which his friend Bruce was often talking about showing him also her letters. Johnny just got curious because Amber introduced herself in those letters as the only one that could play well Chenault because she was this huge fan of H.Thompson that got perfectly in Chenault's mind and heart. Johnny was introduced and met lots of young and unknown actress and models in his life for one reason or another, but that doesn't mean he bedded them all or that he everytime met them with the purpose of scr*wing them. He can be a pig but I've been told he's also a gentleman with women. And no, he didn't invite Amber to his place. It was her that begged him to take her there with the 'excuse' she was curious to see how it was the home of a big celebrity like him. Of course he was aware that she wanted more than that but he was also a sitting duck since he was a bit drunk and alone and the following day he felt guilty and worried because he was afraid that Amber wanted more than a f*ck. He's not stupid and he got that she was the type of girl that could give him troubles because after that night she sent him lots of obsessive texts about how 'magic' was been the entire night for her with him etc. etc.

  43. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I've been told that Amber can be really oppressive with texts sometimes but despite of all this he wasn't able to send her away because he really liked sex with her and she also wrote him things that made him aroused like a burning donkey.
    About Tasya, I don't know how Amber managed her relationship with her when she was filming The rum diary, but I've been told that she wasn't at all on the set with them nor she was there to see that Amber and Johnny were spending time in his trailer during some breaks that lasted long sometimes. Tasya was nowhere to be seen there as it was Vanessa that visited him in Puerto Rico with children just once.

  44. tega says – reply to this


    Re: ka – Thanks for the quote.

  45. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Ok, I get the fact that he was drunk and was maybe just being polite by letting Amber come to his house but he probably should have used better judgment and told her she could come over at another time. The fact is that he could have stopped it but he didn't obviously b/c he liked her and wanted to be with her. Maybe he regretted it the next day but you also said it was going on during filming which means he still wanted to be with her and I would think he wasn't drunk all of the times this happened while they were filming so there is no excuse of seduction at that point. Don't get me wrong, I love Johnny and will always love him and respect him as an actor no matter what happens in his personal life..and you're right - he's just a man who deep down are like lots of other men.

  46. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Yes, of course he wasn't drunk everytime and he wasn't able to send her away because he liked her a lot and wanted to have sex with her.

  47. tega says – reply to this


    I really do remember Conan saying answers to questions will be answered by the end of the year but I guess it doesn't matter b/c I don't remember where it was said so I can't prove it.

  48. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Ok, so we agree on that which means we also agree he wasn't seduced all of the time and could have said no?

  49. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Do you agree that even if Tasya was no where to be seen and really wasn't there that she was still in a relationship with Amber at the time as far as you know?

  50. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Men can always say "no", but it's really hard and let's tell the truth….. who the hell you think that would say "no" to such a woman like Amber, especially during The rum diary period? She was radiant at the time.

  51. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I don't know if she still was in a relationship with Tasya during that period because I didn't ask about that, but I guess so. Yet, I've been told that Tasya and Amber spent periods apart sometimes when Amber had to work out of Los Angeles because Tasya couldn't follow her everytime nor she could stay with her for all the long periods she needed to stay away because also Tasya had her job in Los Angeles and was busy with it.

  52. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – I agree that Amber was radiant at the time and when I saw the movie I said the person I was with that if Vanessa had anyone to worry about it should be Amber b/c I could see that he was different with her than any of his other co-stars. Maybe him and Vanessa should have split a long time ago. Maybe there were other times this happened but Vanessa thought he could change and when she finally realized that was never going to happen she called it quits.

  53. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Maybe those texts are what Radar on Line was referring to when they first reported in Nov. 2011 while Johnny was promoting TRD that Vanessa suspected something and found a racy text on his phone from Amber and she threw him out. That's also the time when he was drinking heavily. I don't believe everything in tabloids but some of the stories do start with some basis of truth from somewhere and eventually the truth comes out.

  54. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – One more question - so you're saying that Johnny wanted Amber for the part before she even auditioned without knowing what kind of an actress she was? I know she auditioned because she said at the premier in London that after she auditioned Johnny called her on her cell phone and said "you got it kid." Maybe she fit the part but Johnny was obviously looking beyond her talent, if this is true.

  55. ka says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – You said some time ago that Johnny dumped Vanessa indirectly by cheating on her, but when it comes down to it, it was actually her who dumped him.
    Is it possible that he hoped to stay in a relationship with Vanessa and have Amber for his sexual desires on the side?

  56. Murabi says – reply to this


    Tega, Johnny and Bruce started to think already during the dinner that Amber was perfect for the role of Chenault because she had similar personality and she physically represented the perfect image of the American dream for them. She was at the best of her beauty at the time and especially Johnny liked her right away. He thought she was not only beautiful but also funny and smart for the answers she gave him when they talked. Bruce perceived right away their feeling and chemistry during the dinner. Amber started to flirt with him in a very open way. Bruce was amused by her behaviour but he didn't tell her soon that she got the role. He made her suffer a little before telling her that she got it. He auditioned her anyway but he knew that she was the one and that Johnny wanted her since the first moment he saw her. He was astonished by her and to be honest I don't think that playing the role of Chenault could have been that difficult. Bruce and Johnny thought she suited it perfectly for many reasons since she was the perfect incarnation of the femme fatal.

  57. jamina says – reply to this


    Vanessa Paradis is an extremely intelligent woman and very patient, she loved so much Johnny, he was the man of her life, she strongly believed in him and in their history. Johnny reciprocated that love. People think that he is happier with Amber, but unfortunately it is not. He is with this woman just because he can no longer be with Vanessa, but if he could go back, would not do anything of what he has done in the last 2 years. Vanessa is his biggest regret. Yes, it's true, he doesn't like to be alone and and he is a man fascinated by women and sex, like most men, but happiness and balance in life are another thing, and now he knows it well.

  58. Veritas says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Sorry, but we are on a tour and I have not seen your question. I actually don't have time to answer you, but I will do it soon, sorry again

  59. Murabi says – reply to this


    Ka: yes, try to grow up, there are many men that like to live forever as family men with their children and wives while having mistresses for whatever reason. What do you think that this world is full of faithful men that rarely cheat?? Just look around yourself and you'll see that there are many men that have wives and mistresses.

  60. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Do you think that Vanessa deserved to be cheated, because she lefthim alone to pursue her passion? hmmm so, when Johnny disappeared for months to shoot the film, she would have to betray him. Wait, maybe only he could, because good women and good mothers are at home waiting for their husbands, only to cook, clean the house and then fuck when the man demands it because you always have to meet certain requirements! What century you live?? Do you live in a cave and your man is hunting to feed you and your children? OMG I'm sorry for your life so miserable, but we are in 2013, women have family and work and follow their passions, believe me, it is a normal thing, no one has the right to judge for this, it is simply disgraceful!! !
    As I said earlier, you are not able to recognize a talent because you're too limited, you can not compare Celine Dion to Vanessa, because she has nothing to do with her, but this is too difficult to understand for you, so i don't go forward, because i wouldn't waste my time with you…

  61. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: ka – I'm very romantic too. But, I don't know if these people are insiders or just fans, but some information make sense to me
    As for Veritas, I was intrigued about the post of Tasya with his name, maybe there are some really connections between them

  62. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – It's a good story. I'm not sure if I believe all of it or how you can know such details but it's a good story and yes, you are correct about men cheating. I work in a large office an many of the executives who have homes and families cheat. I can jump on this bandwagon b/c it happened to me.

  63. Murabi says – reply to this


    I agree with you Jamina about the fact that he's not in love with Amber but I know for sure that he wasn't happy anymore with Vanessa since several years and trust me, they had problems since the beginning. They weren't this perfect couple you think they were. Johnny always had emotional problems and he suffers of anxiety and depression sometimes. Even his first wife Lori Allison left him thinking he was maybe bipolar. No woman really made him totally happy because except Winona I can assure you that all his girlfriends didn't accept him for what he really is. Also Vanessa at some point wanted to change him because she got frustrated when she realized that she didn't like several aspects of his personality or several of his tastes. Amber seems to do it for now, but I repeat, "seems". His friends don't trust her that much, they think she's pretending of being like she's not but only time will tell.

  64. ka says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – So, it's YES, he would have liked to keep the family together and have Amber (and possibly others) as a mistress on the side.
    Believe me i know that many men (by the way also women) cheat. It simply explains a lot about his behavior with her.

  65. Murabi says – reply to this


    Yes ka, he was heartbroken when his family got split. He didn't wish that bit somehow he wasn't happy with Vanessa, especially in these last years. He also deluded Amber someway when he was depressed because he used to cry on her shoulder and once he even told her if he was tired of Vanessa and that he wanted to leave her to start a new thing with her and Amber deluded herself of course and left soon Tasya, but this happened even before the rum diary premiere tour started. I think that Johnny has been always in conflict with himself until now. A part of him wanted to stay with Vanessa because she meant stability and family for him and because he always admired and respected her as woman, he likes smart women indeed and Vanessa is of course, but from the other part he wanted to keep seeing Amber but just for sex. It's lust with her for him and not love.

  66. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Are you aware of the recent interview of Traci Lords from Cry Baby? She said that she crawled into bed with Johnny during the time they were flming and things started heating up but she chickened out and ran out of the room. Maybe I'm wront but wasn't Johnny dating Winona Rider during this time?

  67. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – I'm sure Johnny has many emotional problems with the kind of childhood he had in having to move at least 30 times (which he admitted to on Inside the Actors Studio) and the fighting that went with his parents (which he said in Vanity Fair). His mother got him a guitar when he was 12 he locked himself in his room with it which is probably why he loves music so much…it took him away from things that were happening in his life.

  68. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Correction - the quote was taken from Tracy Lords' book and she said that Johnny crawled into bed with her and even though she had been well known in the porn indiustry she was so nervious being so close to him that she was worried he would think she wasn't any good so she couldn't do it. If you do a search "Tracy Lords - I Almost did it With Johnny Depp" you can see the details of what is supposed to be in her book. I beleive he was with Winnona fromo 1989 throug 1993 and Cry Baby was filmed in 1990. I don't think his relationship with Winnona was any different than the others except for Vanessa, of course b/c there are kids.

  69. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – I know, they had problems and both weren't happy anymore, but the reason wasno't: "because Vanessa envied his success to Johnny." You are right on Johnny, I don't know the details like you, but I know that the truth is not far from your speeches, because similar things I have been told, long time ago. I know that Johnny and Vanessa were very happy for a long time. Since 2009 onwards, the things have changed … because Johnny and Vanessa were changed, but believe me, he is now not calm as he was with Vanessa, in the first ten years of their relationship. He's looking for his saneness, but i don't think he would have found with Amber. The biggest problem with Johnny was and is that he is unable to stand alone, he cannot and he doesn't want this, he needs to be loved, he doesn't care who, how and why love him.

  70. Lisa says – reply to this


    Johnny and Amber, are together in London?
    I know Johnny will shoot Into the Woods, then will Amber escort him?
    Veritas, is Amber still seeing Tasya?

  71. RICH says – reply to this


    Amber should start today with the filming. Johnny did not attend the premier in TIFF,surely they are together in London

  72. tega says – reply to this


    I don't think Johnny's role is all that big in Into the Woods so they might not need him right now. He is only playing the wolf so his scenes may come and go. From what I read filming has begun but they will be moving it to Dover on Sept. 25.

  73. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Vanessa was still at the TIFF yesterday so unless Johnny has a nanny taking the kids to school I would think he still in the US b/c they all in school here now.

  74. Veritas says – reply to this


    Tasya is on tour and followed Amber in London. They're together. Johnny allowed Amber to have a woman along with her and she chose Tasya of course. Amber is getting tired of Johnny and she wants to come back with Tasya. Her and Johnny could be over before of the end of this year because Amber is aware she's not getting the success she hoped to get thanks to her relationship with Johnny.

  75. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – prove it

  76. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – You know, I was unsure if answering your stupid post because you aren't worth of getting an answer, but I'll give you anyway just for this time and just to clarify that I don't think that mothers have to be at home waiting for their husbands, only to cook, clean the house and then fuck when the man demands, I just think that sometimes if a woman loves her family has to renounce a little to something. Not saying that she would have had to stop working or to pursue her passion, but since he had to spend much time in Usa for work in these latest years after so many years that he was living with her in France, it was her turn to move with him there and start to work less if she really loved him and the children. They all wanna live in Usa, it's only her that is so selfish that wanted to have it all in France. This isn't pursuing a passion, this is being selfish because Johnny moved with her for many years in another country but she wasn't ready to do the same thing for him. That's why their problems started. She's not even this worldwide beloved star and if she would have dedicated less time to her passion it wouldn't have been that bad also because I guess that keep the family together come first than our hobbies and passions.

  77. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Veritas – Well, if this is true then the headlines were correct that Johnny is allowing Amber to be with other women and I was right in saying we would be seeing something soon about it. If it is wrong then Johnny will be in London anyway soon b/c he rented a house for him and Amber. We really don't know anything without any proof.

  78. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – It is a normal thing to pursue passions, yes, but everything has a limit my dear and when you care more about pursuing your passions even when you're not talented than keeping the family together then you're selfish. Vanessa could have work less, she was too ambitious because she started to work much than she really needed and she even expected maybe that a huge worlwide star like Johnny Depp started to disappoint millions of fans in all the world just to let her pursuing a passion… this is crazy. Only you and maybe Tega care about her as artist here…. I bet that nobody else watched her movies or listen to her music because she's not this amazing talent you think she's. Did you notice that topics completely dedicated to Vanessa here (search and click her name) have no comments? Only topics regarding her and Johnny together have some comments while topics that regard only Vanessa haven't been commented at all by anyone, how come? It really seems that people only care about news regarding somehow her and Johnny, but news regarding only her don't interest anybody and this should prove you how people don't care at all about talking about Vanessa's "art" and neither about her private life because she isn't this interesting artist or celebrity.

  79. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Tega am sorry but you are being misled and lied to and it pains me to see that you are buying veritas' bullshit. Tasya is NOT with Amber. She is in Newyork and she is staying with her friend called Anda. VERITAS IS A LIAR AND A TROLL DUDE OPEN YOUR EYES. I unlike veritas can prove this, and the proof is clear on tasya's instagram. I am really disappointed in you tega that you keep believing the shit the troll veritas keeps posting. He/she is no friend of Tasya nor an insider, but just a speculator like everyone else on this site. Tasya and Amber are not seeing each other but they are on good terms i.e. friends.

  80. Falala says – reply to this


    Hahaha…on "tour" my ass. If Veritas was a friend of Tasya as he 'claims' he/she is, then he/she would not be here. Tasya has her own life and seems to be enjoying it with her friends. For once her career is taking off and she is really busy with it. So i don't understand why people keep consulting veritas or any other person here for that matter, when the truth is that we are all speculators..end of!

  81. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: anonymous – He/she can't…why? because veritas is a liar and a troll.

  82. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – You said that I'm not able to recognize a talent? Of course I can't recognize it in a person like Vanessa who doesn't have it. Then also Roman Polanski can't recognize talent uh? And also Hollywood that never wanted her like they wanted Marion Cotillard and Brigitte Bardot that are as much french as her for example can't recognize a talent? And now don't tell me that it was her that never dreamed of having a career outside France because if it was true, she would't have had an audition for a role in "The ninth gate" of Roman Polanski. It's since Hollywood executives rejected her as actress and also her music that she gave up to keep pursuing her passions only in France. Ahhhrg, you think that you can recognize a talent more than me and more than Hollywood and more than important film directors like Polanski? Oh please, don't make me laugh.

  83. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – Though you're right about something: Vanessa cannot be compared to Celine Dion, because Vanessa has nothing to do with her since Celine, unlike Vanessa, has a vocal extension that really allows her to sing while Vanessa is able to sing likewise Madonna that even though is a huge icon (not for her voice of course but for her charisma and for her type of music) doesn't have enough vocal extension either that allows her to sing for real. If for you "limited" means to think that a "singer" that can't really "sing" since she has no "vocal extension" is a good singer, well then "I'm limited"… but maybe it's you the one who is limited since your brain is too limited to understand what the word "sing" means. I mean, everybody is able to "sing" like Madonna and Vanessa, even my cat and my 10 years old niece, while not everybody can "sing" like Celine Dion and other real "singers" do. One more thing: there are also rumours about the fact that Vanessa cheated on Johnny too with Matthieu Chedid and other musicians and unless you have evidence they weren't true, you can't say that only him cheated since not even in his case there's evidence about it, so shut up next time, Vanessa's troll.

  84. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – I think the Tega has 8 years of age, even those who believe in santa claus. lol

  85. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Sorry…..I had a momentary lapse of sanity. You're right..I should have known better. This person cannot prove anything.

  86. tega says – reply to this


    Re: patricia – Why don't you stick your head up your ass and see if it fits???? Nobody was tallking to you anyway.

  87. MKM says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – I completely agree with you! I knew he\she was just a troll! I told everybody of not believing trolls here that pretend to be insiders because nobody here really knows anything and true insiders wouldn't waste their time reading comments on perez hilton and they wouldn't share private news with strangers, comeon, it's so evident they're just trolls searching for attention. Now be prepared about veritas that will try to find a good excuse to explain why her statement was wrong. Maybe she's gonna invent that Tasya secretely went for one day in London or maybe she's gonna say that someone told those lies using her name….. the more you will trust and talk with these fake insiders the more they'll get the attention they want. Just ignore their comments, whatever they are but it seems that Tega isn't able to do that yet.

  88. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: tega – response of a child of 8 years. Calm, Santa will appear at Christmas with this.

  89. patricia says – reply to this


    Re: tega – The Easter bunny will also appear. It has been at Disney to see Mickey?

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: patricia – Go to hell and take your stupid comments with you. You came here talking about intelligence and then posted two comments which made no sense whatsoever and if you noticed nobody replied to them which means nobody cares about what you say here.

  91. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – Sorry, but there aren't proof that Tasya is in NYC because she just posted a picture of it in her instagram but it wasn't mentioned that she's there. Tasya often postes pictures of animals, places, objects, people so you never know why she posted. Veritas told she was on tour but she didn't explain where and maybe Tasya accompanied really Amber for one day or two and to be honest I think it's possible that Amber is getting tired of Johnny because they're totally different. Amber belongs to gay world, she looks happy only around female company while when she's seen with Johnny somewhere she always has a funeral face. She doesn't look happy with him. He likes to be 100% private while she doesn't. She often looks for publicity and I bet she's tired of him because she's getting frustrated of living in the shadow with him since she's not allowed to talk about him in interviews and she has to live with him in a hermit lifestyle. I'm sure she doesn't like that and she's about to tell him good-bye.

  92. tega says – reply to this


    Re: LOL – I know some peoople are going to blast me for asking you this but don't you find this a strange coincidence that Tasya suddenly posts an instagram while this conversation is going on without saying where the picture was taken? She's obviously playing head games.

  93. vm says – reply to this


    I saw the pictures and is in New York……….¿ not ?

  94. vm says – reply to this


    But Tasya is not in the pictures……

  95. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: tega[/re] Am sorry but did you not see the picture where she posted of her passport and a picture from her room window of when she was in newyork? and her friend who lives in newyork was like "yay". You have proof yet you ask questions. Whereas someone does not have proof but you are willing to take their word as the gospel?? am lost for words….so because tasya was not in the picture she is not in newyork?? that is just stupid. So if she did not go to newyork, why is her friend who lives in newyork happy?? C'mon this is common sense…she is OBVIOUSLY there.

  96. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: LOL – I personally do not like amber for johnny but i will not judge any of them either. If they are together that is their problem. But YOU OR THE GAY WORLD DO NOT OWN AMBER. She is a human being and is her own person. SHE OWNS HERSELF AND CAN DO WHATEVER SHE LIKES. We all have free will to do as we please including you. If you are gay, you would not like it if the straight world are "claiming" you as as theirs or forcing you to be straight would you? Am sure you would not so leave her be. We are all humans at the end of the day, no one is claiming no one. Her being with johnny or whoever should not affect your gayness…you should not require any validation or encouragement to be gay. Do what you want and amber is also free to do what she wants.

  97. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Yes I agree but I think that Tasya is only looking and praying for attention because she's jealous of the fact that Amber is getting more attention than her and because she's still mad at her for dumping her choosing Johnny. If Tasya wasn't looking for attention, she wouldn't send or let anyway her "friends" Manie and Veritas talking here with strangers about her private things. She wouldn't let them spread news like that Amber is still calling her and still bedding her sometimes because these are very private things. And someone that is not looking for attention prefers that her private life remains private while if Tasya let her friends spread personal facts of her life means that she want people to know them because she also want public attention! people that don't look for public attention are private indeed and Tasya doesn't seem to be private at all. Maybe she's currently inventing things about her and Amber because this is for her the only way to get attention since people are interested on talking about her only if there are news regarding her and Amber. Just think about it. People indeed aren't interested on talking about Tasya's life unless it regards also Amber somehow. So Tasya is a popularity seeker too.

  98. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Where can i find pictures of where Tasya is and does? I have not studied this issue.
    How can I find pictures?

  99. Falala says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Also on her instagram she says i love ny. Again her friend Anda replies saying "yeah my sis…welcome". What more proof does one need?? Again i repeat, her work has been really going well for her..i doubt she has time to be reading people's speculations on perez. She is a photographer so ny fashion wk is where she ought to be, getting some work done and more clients/contacts.

  100. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: Falala – You could be right about the gay thing, but not about the rest. Amber is very different from Johnny in many other ways. And does she look happy to you when she's somewhere with him? She always looks bored. She never smiles when she's with him, while she always smiles around other people. Ana anyway I didn't see on instagram the pictures you're talking about. Can you tell me where I can see them?

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