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Teresa & Joe Giudice's Hot Pot Of Legal Dramz Boils Over As Prosecutors Request Real Housewives Footage

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teresa giudice bravo dragged into legal case

Oh snap!

Teresa Giudice might think this little fraud matter will sort itself out, but shizz is getting real!

Even though Juicy Joe Giudice might have been hoping to take the fall for his fabulicious wife, it seems prosecutors are going to make it harder than ever for him to do that…

…and Bravo might end up helping prosecutors to bring down one of their cash cows!

After the two pleaded not guilty to 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion, it is reported Bravo was asked for their footage of Real Housewives of New Jersey. We're talking all the unseen shizz that just might have some information to strengthen the case against the Giudices!

And apparently Bravo is not too keen on letting go! An insider revealed:

"The network is not happy. Everyone is asking if Housewives ruined Teresa. The real question is, will Teresa ruin Housewives?"

Does this mean there is something totes scandalous on those tapes that could come out if someone not tied to Bravo sees them?

Who are we kidding, you know Bravo puts all the scandalous shizz on TV! We've seen the "lost footage" specials…

…it's usually just the ladiez shopping or lunching or committing 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion!

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8 comments to “Teresa & Joe Giudice's Hot Pot Of Legal Dramz Boils Over As Prosecutors Request Real Housewives Footage”

  1. 1

    i find it interesting how the feds are after a hw of nj but the former governor of new jersey Jon Corzine D NJ stole over a billion dollars from his clients and the feds have done NOTHING!

  2. 2

    wow, she looks like a man with a wig on

  3. 3

    Hmm. The only oddball footage I remember is from first season, I think, when T went shopping for (expensive but ghastly) furniture, and then pulled out fistfuls of hundred-dollar bills to pay cash (as in CASH) for it all. But that's not against the law, if the money was legally earned. (The other memorable footage was Teresa buying Gia expensive clothes, then tossing in a dutiful comment about how you have to work for the $ to buy things, and Gia saying, "I'm too pretty to work." Not knocking Gia here, btw, but the parenting and words she was obviously repeating.)

  4. MoBiz says – reply to this


    Tre is going to spend time in the big house for sure! Poor Melissa will be stuck raising those spoiled Bratz.

  5. MoBiz says – reply to this


    Tre will be doing hard time in prison. Poor Melissa will end up raising those spoiled Bratz…

  6. 6

    She's royally screwed owing the IRS. They will dig, dig, dig…. a hole to put you in when they are done.

  7. lucille terpien says – reply to this


    II thbink they both deserve anything they get.they are scum.

  8. truth says – reply to this


    This person theresa is totally nuts, she is a maniac and a menace. Her brother and melissa and any other co stars are fools to keep this lunatic around