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Alexander Skarsgård Goes Full Frontal On True Blood's Fatal Finale! Watch HOT Scene HERE!

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We're totes going to get spoiled watching this scene over and over again!

Last night's epic True Blood gave us the greatest moment that's ever been on TV! Scratch that- not TV, HBO.

Alexander Skarsgård has gotten naked on the show before, but this time, he went fully full frontal! No cutaways, no sheets or other vamps in the way- just Eric completely exposed in the bright sunlight!

Wait, bright sunlight??

For Realz SPOILER (and nudity) ALERT now:

tumblr mrregfjtnv1ryo1mzo1 400

Unfortunately, when *MORE SPOILERS* Warlow died, the magic that let the vamps frolic safely in the sun died as well, and so did our hot naked ASkars- in a ball of flames! Noooo… but there was so much ice! Couldn't he have stopped, dropped, and rolled, LOL?? Or what about Pam?? Couldn't she have rescued him?? Somehow??

We hope this doesn't mean Eric is gone forever! He was our favorite!! But if he is, at least he gave us an amazing last naked hurrah!

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18 comments to “Alexander Skarsgård Goes Full Frontal On True Blood's Fatal Finale! Watch HOT Scene HERE!”

  1. 1

    I thought he would be bigger. lol.
    I think this was a cheap way to get people talking about this finale. I thought the finale was just meh! Lackluster at best.

  2. Austin says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – I'm pretty sure he's a grower, not a shower lol

  3. 3

    Beautiful man no doubts … he has a nice size … too bad he has to try to cover it … He is an adonis !

  4. karen says – reply to this


    Hopefully he will return next season. If not I wont be watching.
    Also, if he was doing full frontal the scene could have lasted a little bit longer. COME ON
    The ending was just like any other episode ending, didnt really live up to the past season finale cliff hangers.
    If eric doesnt come back last night was my last show. I will just pretend everyone got killed by the "zombie vamps"

  5. cj says – reply to this


    Worst finale by far. It was like 2 different episodes. The first part didn't have much to do with the second part. It was very anti-climatic. With the EXCEPTION of Alex's full frontal…well, that kinda made up for the rest of the finale sucking. Kinda.

  6. Tara says – reply to this


    I don't think Eric dies… atleast I hope not. As far as I know the series as went along pretty well with the books and in the books *SPOILER BELOW!!*. If so I will have to agree with so many others that I will no longer be watching. I just loved Eric to damn much. He was such an awesome character and Alex was the perfect guy to bring him to life He is just amazing. I'm ready to get What Maisie Knew to see the soft side of him. Made me cry just seeing clips from it. Anyway I didn't like the finale I hate the cliffhangers anyway but this cliffhanger was just blah. Atleast last year I was like OMG HURRY UP AND COME BACK!! Now its like I don't really care, them vampires gonna kill them. It did have some pretty interesting twists in the story though. Like Sam being the mayor? Wtf? Merlotte's is owned by Arlene now? And of course fairy hoe, Sookie and Alcide. She always gets the sexiest guys.
    I hope Sam and Arlene get to enjoy their life now they have been through so much shit and they don't deserve it. They are such awesome characters!!

    Eric winds up with Sookie… like with Sookie they get married and shiz.

  7. Kris says – reply to this


    @ Tara - have you read the last book? She doesn't end up with Eric in the end of the series.

    It annoys me that in the books Sookie and Eric are together for like 4-5 books, they even get married - yet in the TV show they barely let them be together.

    THEY SHOULD BE TOGETHER for a season or 2!

  8. jamey says – reply to this


    Now THAT my friends is a REAL man!!! yikes he's yummy!! I bet Pam will save him. I hope the writers keep this show going for a long time. The show has kind of being going in an odd direction. Also they cut a few episoides out of this season which sucks. AND we have to wait almost a YEAR for the next season. You would think that they would have them filmed and the new season within six months..UGH

  9. 9

    weird he has no pubic hair

  10. coco_jumbo says – reply to this


    Re: Austin – Me too. So disappointed!

  11. Rita says – reply to this


    Re: cj – I so agree I will NOT watch true blood anymore if they killed Eric off. I too will go out with thinking there was a big vamp killing and Eric was among them. LOL

  12. Toni says – reply to this


    Feel like I was punched in the gut as a True Blood Eric Northman fan. If he wanted to leave instead of denying or in a round about way avoiding the elephant in the room just come out and say "I have better endeavors" we have been waiting for Eric and Sookie to make a go of their relationship for 6 seasons just to watch her make goo goo eyes at Bill Weimar Compton and the writers and producers have everyone thinking Bill saved the day at vamp camp when He is the actual reason that there are no True Blood factories. The only way to make this up is Sookie/Jason/Tara/Pam/Willa go and get Eric back. Pam finds him but it's up to Sookie to save him before Bill tricks her into giving anymore of her blood or drinking his. That is the only way this can be fixed

  13. Toni says – reply to this


    I'm disappointed in how the finale ended he was three steps in front of his adversaries the entire show just to give us a little frontal while he is burning to make it okay. They could have left him in Sweden powers intact since he drank it from the vein. Now we have zombie vampires heading to Bon Temps and nobody to protect the citizens oh yeah wait Bill was the hero in vamp camp even wrote a book about it he'll figure it out, goodbye True Blood it was good while it lasted but like in every relationship we started wanting different things

  14. kittysue6 says – reply to this


    I was so upset about him meeting the sun, that I didn't even notice the nudity! thanks for sharing!

  15. 15

    This show was been dissapointing for the last 2 seasons and it used to be my fave show… Now they kill Eric who was one of the reasons I still watched… Sigh

  16. emma says – reply to this


    nah he'll be back somehow. he *spoilers* ends up with sookie in the books so he'll be back. because they wouldnt change that much.

  17. Emma says – reply to this


    and also, alex has been confirmed as a regular for season 7.. so there you have it.

  18. 18

    Eric caught fire so fast because he was nude. Pam will show up covered in dark clothes and a ski mask just in time to bury Eric in the snow.