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Glee's Darren Criss And Chris Colfer Pucker Up For Season 5! Watch Klaine Kiss HERE!

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klaine kiss

What a kiss!

Production is well underway for season 5 of Glee and it looks like before the Cory Monteith tribute episode, Ryan Murphy will be delivering a special gift to Gleeks everywhere: the return of Klaine!

The first two episodes will be a tribute to The Beatles, so does this mean that all Kurt and Blaine need is love to live happily ever after?! We're sensing some seriously lovey dovey duets from Darren Criss and Chris Colfer!

How we've missed this duo, but now what will we do with ourselves until September 26??!

Ch-ch-check out stolen kissAFTER THE JUMP!

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20 comments to “Glee's Darren Criss And Chris Colfer Pucker Up For Season 5! Watch Klaine Kiss HERE!”

  1. dddff says – reply to this


    How can they going on and have fun and kiss after that drug addict loser died.

  2. klaine and glee lover says – reply to this


    Re: dddff – oh ya'll haters screw you that it's not a joke respect his soul rip cory will always be love and klaine forever bitches

  3. klaine and glee lover says – reply to this


    screw you haters klaine is the best thing ever happen on tv and respect the soul of cory please that' kind of comments are not a joke stop the bullying rip cory always in our hearts and klaine forever bitches

  4. Elizbeth Davies says – reply to this


    Don't be so rude have some manner life has to go on its going to be hard for all of the cast to carry on Lea is so brave to be doing glee SO SHOW SOME RESPECT

  5. 5

    literally makes me want to puke.

  6. lkjh says – reply to this


    Have none of you any respect? Whatever your opinion about a gay kiss is, is fine, you're entitled to your own opinion, but speaking ill of the dead is disgusting. Don't use a tragedy that has impacted countless people as a means to spread your homophobia and hate.

  7. 7

    So gross, this is suppose to be high school? I dont want to see straight boys and girls do this much less a duck face adult gay man kiss a straight man….how many times does Ryan Murphy jerk off to this…pls cancel this over rated sh*t. Kinda makes sense that a 30 year old drug addict was this show…I think it speaks about the "quality" of people that are on the show.

  8. Kennedy says – reply to this


    Excuse me. How dare you talk about, Chris, Darren and especially Cory like that. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Saying all that hate is bullying. You should respect Cory Monteith. I'm a Klaine shipper, alright. And I can't stand people being homophobic. It's medieval. Have some respect.

  9. Free!Kurt says – reply to this


    Is this "special gift" returnable? Because most Kurt fans don't want it.

    We love Kurt, without Blaine, getting himself back and moving on after the break-up. Especially with the lovely Adam Crawford.

    One of the best things to happen on Glee in Season 4 was the Klaine break-up. Now THAT was a "special gift" from Ryan. No taking it back!

  10. charleigh says – reply to this


    I luv Klaine & im super excited for this!!! So glad they may be getting back together!

  11. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Yay for poofters.

  12. mie says – reply to this


    yay klaine!!!!

  13. Deb says – reply to this


    It's homophobia that's disgusting. I can't wait for the new season because I love the klaine and I want them back together.

  14. Deb says – reply to this



  15. Ozchick says – reply to this


    Seriously, some of you need lessons in manners. Not only are you speaking ill of the dead (R.I.P Cory) but the homophobic slurs are disgraceful. this is 2013. I believe people should be able to love whoever they want.I love Klaine and can't wait to see them back together… This is a tv show, don't watch it if you don't like the story lines or gay characters. Oh and knock off the poor and tasteless comments!

  16. klaineshipper says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – im not being funny but show some respect why did u watch this video or look at this article if you don't like glee , it's love overall and Cory's death had nothing to do with any scenes in glee . they were a family

  17. KlaineCrisscolfer says – reply to this


    Dear Haters,
    Okay first of all dont EVER call Cory Montieth a drug addict or a loser, you have no right to do so.
    Second of all if you hate Klaine so much go on any other site with a list of Kadam things. I think you are just looking for hate to write and make fun of Klaine so plz STOP.
    The Klainers

  18. angelica taylor says – reply to this


    i really can wait for season 5 and glad klaine are hopefully back together

  19. Jillian says – reply to this


    I'm thinking if you say things like cory is love and klaine forever you are like ohh, 12-15 years old. Cory is Cory, he seems like he was a great guy who will be missed. Klaine is fictional, they will end when the writers choose for them to end or when the series ends. I'm hoping this really is dream sequence, cause going from just friends to making out in one episode (considering we haven't even had nationals yet) seems a little odd…but, whatever. As long as there is not actually going to be a marriage between a high school senior and college freshman I won't complain too much.

  20. Aisu says – reply to this


    Re: dddff
    the show must go on and I think they filming before cory's death
    they filming the quarterback 3 weeks after cory's death, so the previous episodes filming already taken.