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Kristen Stewart can fly over the entire contiguous United States, from Florida to El Lay. But she just can't get over Robert Pattinson. K-Stew was spotte… Read more…

15 comments to “Kristen Stewart Looks Lovelorn At LAX”

  1. 1

    She ALWAYS looks down in the dumps. What's different here?

  2. 2

    She has ALWAYS looked like that whether dating Rob or not. She has never been a bubbly persona like someone like Hillary Duff or Amanda Seyfried. She has ALWAYS been mopey. Why make it seem her personality always depends on Rob?

  3. di says – reply to this


    Last year??? What are you talking about? Still being hateful I see. No wonder people are being hateful to you. Don't teach your little boy to be a hateful or to not have a forgiving spirit.

  4. crizo says – reply to this


    she is leaving lax you dog face

  5. crizomar da silva says – reply to this


    she lives in your house, i didint know that

  6. guest says – reply to this


    show me one person smiling while getting papped at the airport GIVE IT UP. So sick of everyone saying she is so depressed when everyone knows she NEVER smiles for paps except for at events. So stupid. Hope she enjoys her 7 weeks away from the LA paps while in Europe.

  7. slc says – reply to this


    She's leaving LAX idiot and if I had a bunch of slimey scum bags in my face yelling awful things at me I wouldn't be all smiles either…no one would. Kristen smiles a lot, media just doesn't show it on purpose. *rolls eyes*

  8. sheila says – reply to this


    I thought I was over Robsten but I keep reading comments and even tabloid reports that they will be getting back together. I'm wondering about it now even though the tabloids usually give false reports. If Rob shows up where Sils Maria is filming it would be epic.

  9. jane says – reply to this


    give me a break!

    she always looks like that, it's definitely not because of rob.

  10. 10

    What the heck does "lovelorn" look like, anyway? You know, even when I was happy and smiling on the inside, people have thought I was serious, unhappy, uninterested, mad, depressed etc. throughout my 45 years as an adult. I can hardly look happy in the mirror even when I really try, which produces more of an exaggerated, stupid effect. Although we have seen lots of pictures showing her looking happy over the years (often accompanied by Rob in the "good old days"), I think Kristen's natural look just tends to be serious and underjoyed. It's about time that we all accept this. It's not news and it's not generally about Rob. It just is.

  11. KB says – reply to this


    Why would she want to acknowledge them and give them a money shot? Best to just ignore the papz and put on a bored face and that way they don't get the big bucks.

  12. MBW says – reply to this


    Imagine if you will …..if someone invaded your life to the point you couldn't go anywhere or do anything without being reported! You would not! Imagine someone trying to get all up and personal by taking pics of your baby! Try and respect others! So sad Perez!

  13. mm says – reply to this


    How funny!! I saw many photos of Kristen smiling as she walked through LAX. SHe is probably overwhelmed that she is free of Rob and his drinking

  14. Derzul says – reply to this


    She deserves better, when ppl hate someone it's because they are jealous of that person. More power to her, oh it's not nice to be haters, don't you critize that society has to accept you, well, then reciprocate

  15. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Give the girl a break already… We know the vile things these grown ass men are shouting at her. Also, stop spreading the fake rumors that Rob and Kristen are getting back together. They both have moved on so you need to move on as well.