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35 comments to “Dr. Phil Asks If It's OK To Have Sex With Drunk Girls! See His Deleted Tweet HERE!”

  1. lolwhat says – reply to this


    I don't see anything wrong with the tweet. How is he endorsing the idea of sleeping with someone who is drunk? He is creating discussion about the idea, if people don't question things we would never push past boundaries and awaken deeper thought in the many ignorances that surround us in the world.

    I find this entire news article hypocritical anyway, it was you Perez who was calling a medically diagnosed anorexic girl "fat" and likening her to a cow. Now who is the insensitive one?

  2. 2

    FAKE Dr. Phil is one SICK PREDATORY SICKO; and all of his son's wives are PORN WHORES & SLUTS!

  3. Jessie says – reply to this


    Pretty sure it was a poll question. Anyone who watched Dr. Phil would know that he obviously doesn't think it's okay to have sex with people who are under the influence of anything. It looks like it was tying into a story anyway, what with the hashtag. I do agree it could have been phrased better.

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Ummmm…………………………this fat f*ck is not a real doctor…just some fake degree from a correspondence college…what did you expect ? ? Fat F*ck likely does crack while having whores suck his teeny weeny ……

  5. Rose Zinck says – reply to this


    its about Rehtaeh Parsons. the girl in Canada who was raped while drunk then killed her self not long after. her mom was being interviewed yesterday.

  6. Anne says – reply to this


    Sexual assault IS always wrong no matter what the survey says, however it is useful to conduct a survey to know how people think. If everyone thinks it's wrong, no problem. If the majority think it's ok, then you have to raise awareness and start working on the problem. If we get insulted by questions, we can never advance as a society because we will never know where we are at.

  7. 7

    I don't think it was phrased particularly well but its a good discussion. We have young woman getting sloppy drunk and then claiming young men have raped them. to me its a little like standing in the middle of I-94 and bitching because you got hit by a car. young women are exhibiting more and more over the top behavior and there will ALWAYS be someone willing to take advantage of stupid.

  8. Sam says – reply to this


    I don't see why this offended so many, it's just a question, obviously aimed to see what 'society' feels about the subject….people are getting WAY to censored lately, is there nowhere else more worthy for people to direct their hate?

  9. 9

    Just because a girl is drunk that doesn't mean that having sex with her is assault. I have been drunk many times and have had sex many times while that way, and enjoyed it very much, thank you….but never with a guy I didn't know or had not been in a serious relationship with.

    I think the question should be more specific about whether the couple is dating or not and whether or not the girl says NO!

  10. Corey says – reply to this


    Perez I didn't think you could get anymore fucking stupid.
    First of all its a TALK SHOW…ALL TALK SHOWS ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THIS. Did you not seen the hashtag \#teensaccused? He was obviously doing a show on this subject, you dumbass.

    SECOND…it is not SEXUAL ASSAULT to have sex with a drunk girl…that is one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard in my whole entire life.

  11. 11

    Anyone with sense can see the intention of the tweet. He was obviously not suggesting that assault is ok.

  12. loco says – reply to this


    Yes and anal would be best………….

  13. sylvia says – reply to this


    Re: Jessie – I am pretty sure it was a poll question and nothing more!

  14. Sylvia says – reply to this


    Come on it was just a poll question. Dr. Phil has only helped many people through out the years and as it stated on the above comments by his rep. This tweet was removed because it was ill advised and not supposed to be mentioned in that way. He wanted to create a discussion and nothing else. Let's stop the hating on social media come on!

  15. 15

    Whats the problem? He wants answers to the poll to be used possibly as a shock tactic, which may help girls open their eyes to how cruel men and, even women can really be.

  16. UH, idiots all of you says – reply to this


    First off, the question wasn't qualified with a "too drunk to stand" or something similar. According to the law a girl can be drunk on just one Mai-Tai. If you really think the answer is no because it is rape, every man in a bar should be dragged to jail. Idiots.

    This shouldn't be the answer, but it is. The answer is No. No man should have sex with a drunk girl. Why? Because a girl willing to get drunk and have sex is a girl willing to… Cry "drunk rape" if you don't call her the next day… take 1/2 your money after you've married her leaving you for your best friend… claim "abuse" on your kids and take another 1/2 your money in child support while giving you no visitation… use and abuse a biased court system to maintain her "standard of living." etc. etc. etc. There is a growing mass of "empowered women" out there with no morals who will take you for everything you had, and all you got was one night of drunk sex. So, no… don't do it. It is simply the worst decision a man can make in this century.

  17. 17

    That is so clearly a question for his show that I can't figure out how anyone could find it at all offensive. He was clearly looking to start discussion. And its a god one because honestly, its a tricky subject. Sex with drunk girls isn't neccessarily sexual assault if the girl (and boy for that matter) is still aware enough to make the decision. It only goes into assault if the person is either unconcious or far too gone to know what they're doing.

  18. Alottava Gina says – reply to this


    Hee hee Doctor Phil wants to bugger drunk girls hee hee

  19. Twilight says – reply to this


    It is a reflection of the STUPIDITY of the masses to even begin to think that his tweet meant he in any way endorsed the rape of an incapacitated person. His show explores controversial subjects, and if he wanted to find out how many idiots in the public think that it is okay to do this by tweeting the question, then a simple answer is all that was needed. Of course all he did find out was how stupid the American public is. And we knew that.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    You'd have to be a moron to misunderstand what he was getting at. All of the young men going off to college along with the ones who aren't need to understand that it's NOT ok.

  21. 21

    Re: Lilygirl27 – haha you sound like me :) I was pretty much going to say the same thing.

  22. 22

    you are a idiot perez. I do not like dr. phil but do you have any idea that he is talking about a previous show? jesus you are so dumb

  23. 23

    Like FAKE Dr. Phil has ANY MORALS…..

  24. Snotsie says – reply to this


    What's wrong with the tweet? He's just asking a question probably to see what the consensus is among men for a new show he's planning. Nothing wrong with that.

  25. Ratzasssss says – reply to this


    Re: Lilygirl27 – If you were drunk, how do you know you enjoyed it? You sound like a real fun person to be at a drinking party with.

  26. 26

    Re: UH, idiots all of you – MY GOD WHAT A TOTAL MORON YOU ARE !!!

  27. 27

    Re: Ratzasssss – Um drunk doesn't mean you blackout. It happens sometimes but 90% of the time you remember everything. Drunk sex can be more enjoyable because alcohol lowers your inhibitions. Obviously you've never been drunk.

  28. L says – reply to this


    As a women, I often WANT to have sex when I'm drunk, just like I want it when I'm sober. I think there's a point where anyone can be too intoxicated to consent - even a man - but I don't want to not be able to have sex jsut because I had a few drinks.

  29. Arshad Sherif, MA, MEd says – reply to this


    Jerry Springer is a trained lawyer and a far better talk show host than Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil never goes beyond stating the obvious. But he tells you the obvious with such great authority that the average viewer actually thinks that he is saying something profound. Dr. Phil is a perfect example of what a mediocre intellect can accomplish on nothing more than pure confidence. He projects confidence and he has turned himself into an industry on nothing more than that confidence. He wants you to believe that he is a prophet. But he is really a simple-minded lightweight possessing very little depth. Dr. Phil’s arrogance has made him a fortune and it is his arrogance that has masked well the paucity of his intellect. It is amazing that he has duped an entire nation this long.

  30. GM7557 says – reply to this


    What we've learned from PerezHilton today:

    1. Having sex with a drunk girl = sexual assault.
    2. Wentorth Miller, after having denied for years that he was gay, is a hero for coming out in 2013 and refusing to go to a Russian film festival.


  31. 31

    HE RUNS A TALK SHOW. That is a big problem in the world, just look at Steubenville! This was a cultural study, to see what the people in America think about this. There was nothing wrong with asking this question. It is something that NEEDS to be addressed, not hushed and swept under the rug. Many young men do not think it's wrong, and maybe it'd be good for them to hear what others have to say regarding the matter. I do not think Dr.Phil even suggested that it was okay, he was merely trying to see what others had to say.
    I was raped while I was passed out drunk by my friend's step-dad. If I don't think this is offensive, I can't see how anyone else can.

  32. 32

    Re: GM7557 – It IS sexual assault if she can not say no, if she DOES say no, or if she is unconscious.

  33. 33

    Yet another moment where I feel embarrassed by society. How could this tweet go over so many people's heads? It is so OBVIOUS he was asking for opinions from the public for a segment for his show. How could anyone take offense to this? How could anyone be confused by this? Only someone with very little intelligence. So embarrassing. And So sad he had to delete the tweet and explain.

  34. 34

    "Sexual assault doesn't need to be surveyed." No - but prevailing attitudes in the US do, so get over yourself. Opening up the discussion is hardly offensive Perez, and you might be surprised how many young adults are confused on the issue. Have you not been reading the real news at all lately..?

  35. labman57 says – reply to this


    I'm no Dr. Phil fan — I find him to be a tad pompous and with a tendency to claim expertise in areas outside of his formal training.

    However, this seems to have been a case of his show staff "chumming the waters" of social media in search of misogynistic sharks who would be willing to come on his show and defend the 'act of raping an inebriated woman' … so that the good Doctor could then proceed to skewer them in front of a television audience.