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John Mayer Is A New Man, Imagines Growing Old With Katy Perry!

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Heeeeere's Johnny…2.0? It would seem that way!

In a recent interview, John Mayer made it clear that he has a new outlook, a new attitude, and a new lease on life, after being sidelined for months last year with a throat injury.

John talked about how tough it was recovering, and how he's actively trying to prevent it from ever happening again. Here's what he said:

"I don't drink really anymore. I warm up before I sing. I warm down. I do whatever I can. I don't want to lose that part of my life again."

Mmm, John Mayer warming up and down…Wow, is it getting warm in here?

On his and Katy Perry's hot, steamy session…in the recording studio for his recent album Paradise Valley, John had this to say:

"I remember handing a camera off to one of the guys in the studio, like, 'We need a picture of us at the board so when we get old and gray there's a picture of us looking cool making music in L.A.'"

Whoa, does this mean that John will say what he needs to say and potentially pop the question to his pop star gurlfriend?

Dear John, if she's Who You Love, go for it! Signed Us! P.S. We bet she'd roar "yes."

Meanwhile, John finally commented on the lessons he's learned about the many years of being in the spotlight for dating every person ever quite a laundry list of female celebrities!

"Maybe all the crazy years, the noisy kind of years were just to get to a place where I could have tenure and put a record out."

John proves that the accessory that matches the best with a cool scarf or necklace is personal enlightenment! We're happy for you, John!

[Image via DISCIULLO/Instagram.]

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9 comments to “John Mayer Is A New Man, Imagines Growing Old With Katy Perry!”

  1. jnp says – reply to this


    just like clock work, every hour a Katy Perry post, they must be paying mad $$$$
    lol you are so transparent. I love how you rarely posted anything about Katy Perry and now that her new album is coming out it's the Katy Perry blog sprinkled with a few other stories here and there.

    This is no longer a blog, but a paid advertising site for celebs, maskquerading as a blog.

  2. 2

    "Mmm, John Mayer warming up and down…Wow, is it getting warm in here?" Only if you're into self-absorbed, big-mouthed douche bags. You and Mayer are, in many ways, birds of a feather. You're just an ape-faced, queer, idiotic, talentless version.
    Re: jnp – "This is no longer a blog, but a paid advertising site for celebs, maskquerading [sic] as a blog." Exactly. One of these days someone is going to realize that Perez's hammer approach to marketing does far more harm than good (look at all the people who hate Lady Gaga and Kat Graham because of him) and everyone will stop paying him. If we're all lucky, that will shut down his shitty little sites and he'll fade into glitter-queer obscurity.

  3. 3

    Shouldn't John focus on GROWING UP first?

  4. 4

    No matter what, Mario is associated with hate. He hates Gaga more than he loves Perry. He's on Perry's payroll now as a way to get in good graces with Mayer. I think Mario is in love with Mayer. The fact that Mayer will actually support Perry's type of marketed music makes him less credible as a real musician.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's just a couple of utterings…not sure about all of the projecting the future and permanency into their newly budding relationship. They're just back dating. He's gone back to several other girlfriends for a second round before moving on.

  6. Berry says – reply to this


    Re: LaughingOutLoud1 -So true. John Mayer needing Perez to promote his career is a big time joke. So now Mayer shrinks to an all time low. I wish I can take back all the money I spent on Mayer's albums and concerts over the last few years. Guess Perez rose above Mayer after all.

  7. Well says – reply to this


    Douche and Douchette must be paying Perez big money or may be Perez is working for CAA.

  8. 8

    I just read some stuff on Wetpaint (which might be BS of course) that says John is getting serious with Katy and he's asking her friends about marriage stuff like how best to propose to Katy and so forth.

    He supposedly might ask her to marry her by Christmas. Not sure if this is a good idea though. I'm sure Katy is going to be on a big, long world tour in 2014. John might be on tour as well. That caused problems with Russell. They'd have to iron out a lot of stuff if they got married.

  9. 9

    so basically she's turning him into a boring old fart. I see. Theres a reason she cant keep a man she's pretty much like taylor in that respect :/