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Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Apologizes To Fans For Saying She's 'Over' Her Vamp Love Series!

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stephenie meyer ramey apology doodle

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer appears to have written another new novel!

Well, not really but the apology she just posted on her blog is about as long as a novel!

Ms. Meyer had some 'splaining to do after she recently remarked on how she wanted to kill off the characters from Twilight!

Oh noes!!! Not Bella and Edward!

Stephenie also said that the more popular Twilight becomes, the more unhappy she is and that at this point in her life, she is just "so over it".

Put on your reading glasses and check out Meyer's mea culpa statement here:

"Hi everyone,

I’m just back from my short publicity tour for Austenland, and very glad to be home with my boys. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer with your families, and that you have a few more weeks to enjoy (unlike Arizona, where we were back to school last week).

With all the travelling, I only just heard about the current controversy, and I am both surprised and dismayed. I am horrified that my words could be construed in any way to mean that I am “over” the lovely people who embraced Twilight, made it such a huge hit, and changed my life. The time I’ve spent with my fans has been one of the most precious gifts of this whole experience and I will certainly never forget them or think of them with anything but immense gratitude. I was lucky enough to see a few of them Tuesday night at the Apple “Meet the Filmmakers” event, and they were so lovely! I’m always surprised and touched that people still care about my stories.

Any of you who have ever watched me answer a question live, especially to an indulgent inquirer like a fansite, know that I do tend to go on. Though I try to be as concise as possible to make editing easier for whichever news outlet I’m working with, I’m (still) not very good at it. If you look at the Variety article, you’ll notice that I’m speaking in very short statements. Of course, I didn’t actually. I spoke in run-on paragraphs and made the poor, sweet man who interviewed me comb through painstakingly trying to find a few completed sentences that he could use to convey the idea of what I was saying. Unfortunately, in shortening the interview to a usable size, some of the meaning of what I was trying to say was lost, and I believe the statements I made ended up sounding much more harsh than I meant them.

Even those of you who love Twilight the most (in fact, especially those who love it the most) have probably noticed that there’s been just a teensy little bit of backlash following the success of the books and films. I try my hardest to be thick-skinned, but I’m not much better at that than I am at brevity. So when I speak of Twilight becoming a negative place for me, it is entirely that near-omnipresent Twilight antipathy that I am speaking of. And I’m not complaining or saying it’s unfair—I totally understand and even empathize with its existence. I’m just saying that Twilight isn’t the wholly positive place for me that it once was.

Also, in regards to being 'over it,' I will admit, it’s getting harder to answer the same questions about Twilight that I’ve been answering for the past decade (especially when I’m so excited to talk about Austenland). I can only imagine you are just as over reading those same answers. And the little bit about posting which characters died? That was referring to a solemn oath I made years and years ago to some cool fans. I swore I would not take to my grave the ideas I had for future stories, even if all I could to was list the outcomes in bullet points.

So please, never think I don’t appreciate the people who read, watch, and love Twilight. I am grateful for your existence every single day. Thanks for the most amazing decade!


Hmm. We get what Steph is saying. It must be tough to be stuck in a world where everyone thinks you're a one-trick-pony (well, a four books, five movies, billion-dollar empire pony at least!)

But Twi-Hards had EVERY right to get upset over what she said! We LOVE these characters! And to hear the woman that brought them to life for us say she wants nothing to do with them…well, SUCKS!

Stephenie should rip a page out of J.K. Rowling's book on how to deal with such superstardom. The Harry Potter penner has moved on from Hogwarts and is writing new novels that have nothing to do with wizards. But she never forgets how important her stories are to her fans!

What do YOU think??? Is all forgiven now that Stephenie Meyer has apologized?

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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10 comments to “Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Apologizes To Fans For Saying She's 'Over' Her Vamp Love Series!”

  1. MichJB says – reply to this


    She might not be finished with sparkly vampires, but the rest of us are.

  2. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    What fans?

  3. 3

    why the f she has to apologyze????? that's f***ed up bs! people can't say anything anymore! ridic!!!

  4. Sammy says – reply to this


    I'm just astonished that she's admitted that she can't keep her words concise! Her 4 novels should have only fit into one. Although they shouldn't have existed at all. Utter claptrap. I hate that crap tends to sell. It's like this site. Why am I even here?

  5. 5

    The only apology that she owes is for writing that shit in the first place.

  6. 6

    ungreatful sow

  7. Denise Zuidmeer says – reply to this


    she is allowed to be "over it"….what we have to hold her to these books for the rest of her life???

  8. christina johnston says – reply to this


    She should not have to say she's sorry tjey deal with more than we do pn a daily basis. and the news always twist everything so they get more rayeings that's just how it works i love the books and the movie i do wish some time in tje future she qould do a short film or book of twilight with tje little girl grown

  9. Caroline Leach says – reply to this


    That's the kinda crap she's been talking about every single comment in that thing was giving her shit about how horrible her books are think about her the books are a part of her and btw you looked this up to see what she says

  10. 10

    As a fan of both the books and the movies. I"m glad that she explained herself with the extended version of her initial comment.