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Ben Affleck: 7 Reasons He'll Be A Great Batman! In GIFs!

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ben affleck batman pro 10

A lot of people don't seem very happy that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman.

But we happen to think it's some inspired, well thought-out casting!

Here are seven reasons we think Ben will make a darn good Dark Knight:

ben affleck batman pro 1

1. The Body

Just look at those abs! The man works out, which helps when people are supposed to believe you are jumping from rooftop to rooftop and punching bad guys.

ben affleck batman pro 2

2. The Brain

Ben is an Oscar-winning screenwriter, not to mention an acclaimed director. He is wicked smart, just like Batman, the World's Greatest Detective.

ben affleck batman pro 3

3. The Tux

Ben looks fantastic in a tuxedo, a must for the man who has to spend half the movie as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

ben affleck batman pro 9

4. George Clooney

Ben's Argo producing partner played the Dark Knight in what is generally considered to be the worst movie ever Batman & Robin, and can probably tell Ben what pitfalls to avoid.

ben affleck batman pro 4

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Ben has already played a superhero once, giving him the chance to train in martial arts, wire work, and dual personas. People may not have fond memories of Daredevil, but we learn the most from our mistakes, right?

ben affleck batman pro 7

6. Kevin Smith

Ben has known Kevin for years. The comedy director, who has a podcast devoted to the Batman and even wrote an arc of the comic book, could be Ben's secret weapon.

ben affleck batman pro 8

7. BECAUSE The Internet Seems To Hate It

People always root for Batman, but remember this is Superman VS Batman! If people go in rooting for Superman, it will give Ben a chance to win everyone over.

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16 comments to “Ben Affleck: 7 Reasons He'll Be A Great Batman! In GIFs!”

  1. 1

    Johnny Wier , George Micheal or Justin Beiber would be make better batmans……this is gonna suck balls

  2. Lady Belle says – reply to this


    His abs are disgusting, he's pale, he's not imitating, he doesn't look like Bruce Wayne at all he looks like a Flash or a Superman, he's not dark like Batman/Bruce. Perez you don't know anything about Batman, stop acting like you do, pathetic.

  3. 3

    I'm sure he'll be as impressive as he was in Gigli. Oh wait… Crap!

  4. elisa says – reply to this


    Remember when everyone hated the decision to cast the gay cowboy from Brokeback Mountain as the Joker & were completely spot on?!

  5. 5

    i don't like him as an actor… as a director yes, as a screenwiter yes… but as Batman no…

  6. 6

    The fans may have been wrong when they judged Heath Ledger prematurely, but they were right about most horrible casting choices. They were right when he played Daredevil, when Topher Grace played Venom, when Nicolas Cage played Ghost Rider, when Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool and the Green Lantern. And these are just the main ones.
    Honestly I don't think Ben Affleck is that great of an actor. I don't see him as Batman, I can't see him as the Bruce Wayne type or intimidating like Batman. I see Jon Hamm being able to play Bruce Wayne but I can't see him as the Batman part. I see Jensen Ackles as Batman, but not the Brice Wayne part. Even Karl Urban wouldn't be so bad. But this choice is just not convincing. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

  7. 7

    i dont have a problem with it he has the perfect chin and teeth thats all u see anyways he has nice shoulders just walks funny a bit like mattdamon they swagger but he can fix that now that is gigli days and the photo of him getting the news paper in his underwear are behind him i think if hes not too thin or too fat hell be ok …christian bale has the everymans body long thin middle and handsome face ben is a bit thicker round the middle …handsome but not grabbing and having a rat face wife kind of depresses people hes talented but needs his spark back …pre jlo days …give him a go im sure hell be ok..

  8. 8

    Why do we need another Batman movie? Yet another one I will not be spending my money on. Gave up after the first 2.

  9. kandycane says – reply to this


    Worst batman in history. I will not pay or even watch it on a sick day with nothing else to watch. I hate this idea! Daredevil didn't teach these morons in Hollywood.

  10. kandycane says – reply to this


    Funny, someone said to day, before today Clooney was the worst. Ben has changed that

  11. stewart says – reply to this


    And then there was daredevil the most wooden performance in years

  12. 12

    i miss the tim burton batman days. this is going to suck i can already feel it. i try to put him in a batman scenario in my head and it just makes me laugh and laugh.

  13. blue says – reply to this


    Ya have to love all the naysayers….. first it was "Christian Bale as batman?? That could never work!!!" Strike 1. Then it was the same bunch that said "oh my god, not Heath Ledger as the joker……that will never work!!"……After being dead wrong on that one, then came the "oh my god, not Anne Hathaway as catwoman… that will never work!!" and wrong again…. strike 3. Just shut up and wait for the movie before you start crying fail. So far, you have all been wrong… maybe you should just let the movie speak for it's self.

  14. 14

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  15. 15

    well the most relevant gif is totally missing at least hilariousgifs has one :\

  16. Hiku says – reply to this


    So Kevin Smith thinks Ben Affleck wants to play batman b/c he's trying to be like Robert Downey Jr. ? If this is true, well I think Kevin Smith should continue to kiss Scientologist butt with his friend he ever so loves Brody/Brodie Man LMAO.