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Kanye West Confesses Carseat Anxiety To Kris & Explains Paparazzi's 'Emotional Bullying'!

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Would you believe The Louis Vuitton Don's biggest fear is strapping the totally adorable North West into her carseat!?

Neither would we! At least not until he sat down for a televised chat with mother-in-law Kris Jenner!

Kanye West is a super savvy veteran in the music industry, but he has considerably less experience as a father and is TERRIFIED of messing up!

In today's Kris Jenner Show interview, Kanye freely admitted it, too.

He said:

"I"m embarrassed in front of my girl when I can't work the carseat."

Aww!! There's a learning curve for first time parents! We all know that!

Besides, North is waaaaay too young to critique your carseat skillz, LOLz!! Kim, on the other hand, well.. she loves you for you!!

Kanye blames a constant stream of cameramen in his face for adding unnecessary pressure! He continued:

"…Lets add on top of that 20 grown men screaming at me while I'm in front of my child, my girl… and them taking photos… and putting them them on 20 media outlets… and then 20 million americans are screaming at me talking about 'You don't know! You're supposed to be a genius; you don't know how to work the car seat!' and then I just wake up in a cold sweat and i run outside and i'm working on trying to figure out how to work a carseat at 3 in the morning… you have enough things to do and learn as a new parent, and you add that layer on top of it, it becomes really intense."

Wow! Now we know why he won't smile for the pap!!!

He added:

"It's hard to smile when you know people, for one thing, they're around you only to make money off of you… You feel like, wait a second, these aren't your friends… The thing that makes me happier than anything is to not see them."

He also accused them of emotionally bullying and stressed that "no amount of money [one] can have" would ever make the paparazzi nuisance completely tolerable because of their constant presence and "patronizing" fake-politeness!

Hmmm, we can understand Kanye's point!

And he's hoping others will, too — he plans to take his complaints all the way to the top!

He revealed:

"I’m gonna talk to the mayor of L.A. I’m gonna talk to the Mayor of New York about zoning. I should be able to drive my daughter to school without twenty people putting other people in danger."

Oooh! While you've got their ears, could you say something about all those horrible potholes plaguing our streets, too?!

Thanks, Citizen 'Ye! UR the best!!!

[Image via FOX.]

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13 comments to “Kanye West Confesses Carseat Anxiety To Kris & Explains Paparazzi's 'Emotional Bullying'!”

  1. 1

    OMG! Kanye is just the sweetest, most loving, stand up guy! The greatest Daddy that has ever walked this beautiful earth! It just really warms my heart to see such a hands on Dad that is just so full of love for everyone! … NICE TRY PEREZ AND KRIS JENNER… COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH! Quit trying to turn shit into gold… it will never happen!

  2. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I don't blame them for going nuts on the paparazzi , I would too, they should really do something about that, especially when theirs children around. They probably do it on perpose, just to get a story of celebs flipping out on the paparazzi.

  3. Kandee43 says – reply to this



  4. Kandee43 says – reply to this


    Hahah, he doesn't like it when the tables are turned on him. He won't smile or talk to someone who is trying to make money off of him (like the Paps) BUT he'll smile and talk to people if they give him money (his audience) Hmmmm that's how he rolls. Soooo if you're looking to make a buck off this fool you're crap out of luck but if you are the fool that puts money in Kanye's pocket then you're just stupid crap. LOL!

  5. The Truth says – reply to this


    Damage control before his criminal trial case.

    The Truth Hurts

    **Of course it is a ratings grab by Kris for her now cancelled show. And the ratings actually went down for the last show from bad to worse.

  6. The Truth says – reply to this



    Let’s try and rebuild Kayne’s reputation before his trial in court.

    They are really trying to pull out all the stops in trying to build a good public image of Kayne before he goes to trial over his felony charge.

    It’s funny, one week ago Kanye says that he was glad he did what he did to Taylor swift and now a week later he is saying he regrets it.

    One week ago he hats everyone and compares himself to Jesus. And now he is the good family man.

    One week ago he is attacking anyone who speaks to him saying no one is allowed to speak to him. And today he is trying to promote an image of being this nice friendly guy.

    One week ago he hated Kris and would never appear on her show. Today he appears on her show and loves her and Kim.

    One week ago he says his child will never be on the Kris show. And today she is shown on the show. (And all to get ratings for the cancelled Kris show. Didn’t work did it.

    On and on. Kayne you better hope the charges go away like all the other celeb’s have had done. Because the public’s opinion abut you is very bad.

    The Truth Hurts

  7. 7

    Maybe the paparazzi would not be all over him if Kim didn't call them before she leaves the house every day. Kris Jenner got them started on this road in order to get some "fame" for her daughters….now they are so used to letting them in on their every move that it is affecting Kanye also.

  8. tdawg says – reply to this


    Okay so all the haters just continue to hate. They are people too, and now they are parents. Leave them alone for god's sake. Does no one remember what happened to Princess Diana? I don't care what either of them did in the past, they now have an innocent baby in the car with them - just leave them alone to try to be a normal family!

  9. gabotril says – reply to this


    cry me a river

  10. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    He's adorable. I'm glad he's taken the opportunity to shine a little.

  11. 11

    Re: tdawg – You have a partial point. I agree that kids should be off limits to paps unless the parents agree to it or do a photo shoot. Otherwise, Kanye (by association with Kim) has put the two of them in the public eye. Only he can choose how to deal with it.

  12. Charl says – reply to this


    Note to Kanye. Non of us think you're a genius.

  13. 13

    Yea, paps are out of control. His baby is beautiful, you need to protect new babies. But like, too bad about him saying he is like Jesus and then when he gets to be a new parent… oh wait, I'm human! Get over yourself, Kanye. The Royals did it with class. You are an ahole. Don't worry. Most little kids don't know their parents are aholes and if they do… money helps.