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Lana Del Rey’s Farewell To Music Is Off To The Races! Her 'Farewell' Tweet Explained HERE!

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Oh! Summertime Sadness!

Lana Del Rey has FINALLY explained her cryptic tweet from last week about her “farewell project,” a short film called Tropico.

While it doesn’t sound like Lana is leaving music forever, gurlfriend is in major need of a half-year’s break from the fame game, saying:

“I don’t think [my current career’s] been conducive to writing, being on the road and all that. I don’t really feel inspired to write at all, but beforehand, when I was in Brooklyn for nine years… I was kind of a night owl and just walked around and met weird people. That was me picking up life experiences and meshing them into my own. That really did it for me. Actually, Lollapalooza is my last live commitment. It’s too bad ‘cause it’s been such a long time since the last record. I really feel like I need six months to live again, time to be like, normal or abnormal. I don’t have anyone writing anything for me. It’s such an internal well and if it’s not full, it’s just not full.”

Since Lollapalooza was earlier this month, seems like Lana may have said farewell even BEFORE she tweeted it.

We look forward to Tropico’s release (whenever it is), but the music world will be a Dark Paradise til Lana returns.

But we can’t WAIT to hear what she writes during her hiatus! Good luck, LDR!

Ch-ch-check out more photos of the Young and Beautiful singer (below)!

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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24 comments to “Lana Del Rey’s Farewell To Music Is Off To The Races! Her 'Farewell' Tweet Explained HERE!”

  1. Carmen says – reply to this


    true love waits .')

  2. 2

    Who is she?

  3. 3

    Another pretentious twit who isn't as famous or as important as she thinks she is. I barely recognized her from some commercial I saw a while back; she doesn't need to rush back to the music scene, because she won't be missed. Dumb bitch.

  4. lmao says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – jeez, you seem to feel quite a bit of hate towards a person you don't even know. wonder what it is about her that you dislike so much? probably the way she reinforces your lack of self worth? bitter piece of shit, you are.

  5. Lanalover says – reply to this


    The hate from some people that don't even know her….. Wow! I love her and I hope she makes some wonderful songs, as always, on her little break!

  6. A says – reply to this


    she hasnt even given her fans a fucking tour. youve got to be kidding me.

  7. Brianna E says – reply to this


    Leave her be. I rather her take a break and write music that means something than have her write & play shit that isn't meaningful. She doesn't feel like she has enough experiences under her belt to write amazing music again and I get that. Best of luck to Lana.

  8. Brianna E. says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – why so much hate to a woman you don't even know? She's obviously famous enough to be talked about by people such as Perez & she actually is extremely know I just don't understand why you have so much hate to a person you don't even know or that hasn't done a damn thing to you. Calm yourself dude.

  9. kate says – reply to this


    She hasn't toured in the US because of all the negative attention America gives her. The press went crazy after she performed on SNL and a lot of people wrote hateful comments and harassed her about her performance. She's been touring in other countries. I don't blame her for not touring in the US, I'd be afraid to tour in a country that practically hates me. (I'm a huge Lana fan, for the record )

  10. CaritaDeCleopatra says – reply to this


    She had an amazing tour. I can't wait for her new album!!! The stripped down songs that leaked are absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh and just because YOU don't know who she is doesn't mean anything. People love her in europe and she has a decent following in the US. Despite all that she's an incredible talent. A once in a life time artist.

  11. 11

    Hope she enjoys her time off. I have only heard two of her songs online. she sounds nice.

  12. panda says – reply to this


    Re: A – She did tour around the world.Look up her Paradise Tour.Shes seriously amazing :3

  13. Jennifer says – reply to this

  14. Jennifer says – reply to this


    It's no wonder she doesn't want to continue, with the way people treat her. Can't anyone ever be nice…

  15. Jonathan says – reply to this


    5,000,000 records

  16. Lea says – reply to this


    Ok this is the second time you've reported something I've read that has had insufficient or false information. The first being about the guys in Marina and the Diamonds' Electra Heart music video and how you want to see them more totally ignoring the fact that you can see them more since the entire How to Be a Heartbreaker video revolves around them. Now on this article you state that lana has "FINALLY" explained the tweet and you quote an interview that was completed and released before the tweet was even posted. How could she have used the interview to explain a tweet that hadn't happened yet. She could have easily changed her mind during the time between the interview and the tweet. Yes the interview does give us insight into what Lana's going through right now and that leads to speculation but saying "Lana Del Rey has FINALLY explained her cryptic tweet from last week about her “farewell project,” a short film called Tropico." when you quote an article that was posted prior to the tweet is just misleading.

  17. onlineangel says – reply to this


    This = Amazing! Lana Del Rey live at O2 Apollo Manchester performing 'Born to Die' in May 2013.

  18. Chaz Pinna says – reply to this


    I like her. She is as self absorved as anyone else in show biz. That is who they are…. all of them.

  19. James says – reply to this



  20. Chris says – reply to this


    There is something so wrong with this artist.

    Her entire imagine and being is a complete lie and cannot understand anyone why would do that is so ridiculous.

    She is an ugly rich girl obsessed with the fantasy of the beautiful girl from a hard life so modeled herslef on it. Look at old photos of her as lizzie grant large nose, ugly face. thin lips. She has had so many surgeries to change literally every single feature of her face, not to mention every photoshoot gets so heavily aribrushed even compared to other celebrities that when see another hoto of her the face and body is like a compleate different person! Her parents are multi millionairs she went to private school, she was very unattractive then choose to model her life on marilyn monroe types her fanatasy and invent a complete personal, put herself at age of an adult in a trailor park for short time to experience this though had money for every plastic surgery under the sun. Not only are her photos touched and entire persona bogus, she only co writes her songs so is just another pop image head and if hear any live recordings is clear voice is far from good. another rich talentless ugly girl who had the means to re invent herself and get to live her dream.

    What a sad world.

  21. Andie Frost says – reply to this


    She's a real artist. She is about her music she isn't here to please us. Just like Modest Mouse who take a year to write good quality music instead of recording a shit album in 3 months.

  22. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – Um excuse you! no! She actually did have a very hard life. she was brought up in new york with the glam of the elite there and developed a major drinking problem by the time she was 14. she go shipped away for 4 years to get that under her belt and when she returned, she was left to reside in a trailer park because she was a legal adult at that time and had to struggle to keep herself afloat. her songs mean something to people who have had similar childhoods and experiences that her songs represent. so you sir may go fuck yourself sideways with a spiked bat!

  23. Dylan Richard says – reply to this


    WHAT?! Im going to die… She is so beautiful and talented. I love how you have to read into her lyrics and that she is more concerned with the contents of the song rather than if its a pop hit or going to be one you can grind to like most artists now. Dark Paradise is an album i literally listen to EVERYDAY. Before I die I NEED to see her live so she needs to have this artistic break and then come tour in the U.s. I lovee me some Lana and I cant wait for her future Tropico and her future come back! <3

  24. Abi says – reply to this


    I really like Lana Del Rey songs. So much meaning and she can really sing. Ride is my favorite song. I hope this break brings more songs down the road. Love ya Lana!!!