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Oh noes! Are all our Real Housewives of New Jersey ladiez going to end up in the big house?? Real Housewives of Prison, anyone? Well, don't get ahead … Read more…

6 comments to “Teresa Giudici Not Alone In Legal Dramz! Her RHONJ Costars Are Facing A Court Date!”

  1. Weezer says – reply to this


    What is wrong with these people?! Jacqueline is a complete Nut Job basket case.
    For someone who claims to want to only help her autistic son, it's completely stupid to get "elective surgery". What happens if you die in your "elective surgery", how does that help your kid?! Complete and utter moron! She spends over a week away from him! A good mother with a conscience would not spend a week away from their 3 yr old special needs child doing something that could kill them! Women take breaks from their special needs children to go to Target or get a pedicure, not to go across the country for their 10th plastic surgery!

  2. asmiralda says – reply to this


    Agree with #1. How many surgeries she needs to make her think enough? She is nasty. I can't believe the words that came from her mouth. She called Teresa & her husband piece of s….t. She thinks that she is right all the time. She was nasty to her sister sin law. Slapped Caroline her sister in law. She defended that stupid Danielle and called her sisters in law liars without checking the real story. She is the HW that I hate most. Each time I see her face on TV I turn to other channel.

  3. Pat says – reply to this


    I believe the producers tell her how to act/what to say, for the most part. Quite honestly, if I had an autistic child, I'd leave the show and the drama behind and concentrate on my child. I had an autistic brother (he recently passed away at age 54) and my parents did all they could for him. They even founded a school for autistic children when there wasn't one (back in the early 1970's). I don't want to judge her but I really would leave the show as I believe the show is nothing but negativity.

  4. Teresa Sucks! says – reply to this


    Re: Weezer – What is wrong with Teresa Guidice??? Prancing around selling her SLOP, instead of spending time with HER children! At least Jaq isn't facing years and years of time away from her children!!! Teresa is a phony POS out on the streets selling stupid ass hair care products knowing her children will not have a mother soon!

  5. Weezer says – reply to this


    Re: Pat – I am so sorry about yoir brother. Your parents sound like amazing people, God bless them and you. Autism hits so close to home for me too. I would never focus on elective surgery or be on a reality tv show after a diagnosis of Autism. She just seems like a total flake, so many people would give their right arm to have access to therapists, hyperbaric chambers, a nanny to watch your kids so you can take a break etc…, but that is not realistic for 90% of parents out there with kids with autism. Their reality is learning how to mimic the therapies they can afford to see (free at school though a behaviorist or read in books). They spend days, weeks with their kids often without a break because they can't afford a nanny. And then I see this moron gloating about how she needs a new nip and tuck since she works so hard and deserves it. I literally want to punch her in her face.
    And Theresa, she is a disgrace too. Her and her husband flaunting their money only to find out it was money owed to the government. So while people are eating cat food, she is spending money frivolously. Anyone who buys her books or hair line should be ashamed.

  6. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Sucks! – This is a stupid comment.