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Paula Deen Gets Freedom Fried Up Just Right As Lawsuit Is Officially Dropped!

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paula deen racial discrimination lawsuit dropped

It sure seems odd to say it, but today is a good day to be Paula Deen!

After getting her racial discrimination case thrown out by a judge earlier this month, Paula is claiming another victory.

The lawsuit against her from former employee Lisa Jackson has also been dropped!

Both parties involved are dropping the case "without any award of costs or fees to any party."

Paula did release a statement after the agreement was reached. She said:

"While this has been a difficult time for both my family and myself, I am pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved … Moving forward, my team and I [will be] working to review the workplace environment issues that were raised in this matter and to retool all of my business operations. I look forward to getting back to doing what I love."

We're sure Paula is relieved, but moving forward will certainly be hard considering the shizz storm these accusations caused.

Then again, maybe a little lot of butter can make everything better??

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Paula Deen Gets Freedom Fried Up Just Right As Lawsuit Is Officially Dropped!”

  1. bajadave says – reply to this


    Al Roker needs to apologse to Paula Deen. Al say your sorry, if not you are the rasist.
    Mr President, make your statement

  2. 2

    F-ing right on.

  3. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    I would remind you that Paula Deen supported Obama monetarily and vocally during his re-election (and election. And supposedly they were "friends". So where has Obama been during this time for Paula? Nowhere, just like he's been for Christopher Lane and now a WWII warrior beaten to death by 2 black hoodlums. Notice Obama has much to say for black victims but disappears for white victims.

  4. 4

    Glad to hear it, I always thought this case was all about money and had little merit.

  5. Joe Vette says – reply to this


    I really like Rachel Ray when it's about the cooking.

  6. 6

    Its too late

  7. 7

    Mario, you crucified her, you fucking ass. Don't act like you are happy now that the suit was dropped.

  8. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Heh, knew everything would be dropped weeks ago. Too bad they didn't figure this all out in the beginning - would have prevented companies from dropping her and uninformed imbeciles like you from jumping on the defamation bandwagon.

  9. RacistPaulaAINTINNOCEN says – reply to this


    She's not "innocent" .. the judge threw out the case for Racial Discrimination because Jackson is a White woman and was not even filing saying that SHE EXPERIENCED it as a White woman, but saying that Black people were mistreated and she is not Black. So If one of the Black victims of mistreatment of the Deen's businesses had filed the lawsuit about discrimination instead of the White woman who hadn't experienced it as a victim of Racism, it likely would not have been thrown out. Paula still demeaned Black male, Hollis Jackson for being dark skinned "Black as that boh-erd" in the NY Times interview, with her disgusting fake self. And her Black former employees DID say that they were mistreated on the basis of COLOR.

  10. sallyone says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – why the hell should Obama issue a statement for this old white hag…he has better things to do, beside she did admit to using the N-Word, so why would any black person defend her????

  11. mamanelle5 says – reply to this


    This has made me as happy as if I had been the one under fire. Paula Deen is probably one of the nicest people in the Food and Social World today. She's due many, many apologies. Go Paula……………….

  12. mamanelle5 says – reply to this


    Re: RacistPaulaAINTINNOCEN – So, you are saying that Paula Deen is the only White Person in the whole, wide world that hasn't used a racist slur, and that includes you. We've moved past all this, and people making statements as you have keep this trash going.

  13. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: RacistPaulaAINTINNOCEN – Defendants in the United States are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. Since the judge dismissed the case, Ms. Deen is innocent regardless of whether a transcript of a deposition became public. It’s disgusting the amount of liberal media that do not include what Paula says after joking that Hollis is, “As black as that board.” So here, let me clue you in - “But I tell people, this is my son from another father. I mean, I love this young man. I would travel to hell with him, and I know I can trust him with my life. And color ain’t got nuthin’ to do with it! It’s all about what’s in here (places hand over heart before hugging and kissing Hollis).” FYI, Lisa Jackson is a VERY disturbed individual with a very controversial background. I suggest you look into it before continuing on this hateful path you are on. One last thing that you might find interesting is that even Jesse Jackson’s coalition did not find any racist activity. Seriously, learn to research and think for yourself before contributing to another mindless, hateful mob.

  14. Johnathan says – reply to this


    I don't know about this but I know she needs to have her carpets cleaned at next time.

  15. mildred says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle

    President Barack Obama would never keep company with this racist diabetic!