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Robin Thicke Offered To Give Marvin Gaye's Family His Thick, 6…Figure Settlement Offer Before Suing!

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In the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, "what's going on?!"

Last week, we reported on how we heard through the grapevine about the impending lawsuit between Robin Thicke, Pharrell, and T.I., and Marvin Gaye's family who claim that Blurred Lines was plagiarized from Marvin's Got to Give it Up!

Now, it's come out that Robin's legal team apparently took the song's advice, and gave it up themselves, offering a 6-figure settlement to the Gaye family.

Thicke was probably like "I know you want it," but the Gaye family rejected it!

Only then did Robin say, "let's get it on" to a lawsuit over whether or not Blurred Lines infringes on Got to Give it Up!

Until the lawsuit is decided one way or another, ch-ch-check out this cool mash-up of the two songs…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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20 comments to “Robin Thicke Offered To Give Marvin Gaye's Family His Thick, 6…Figure Settlement Offer Before Suing!”

  1. 1

    before I saw the draft which was of $9009, I be certain that…my… brothers friend woz truly taking home money part-time on their computer.. there friend brother has been doing this for less than 17 months and resantly took care of the loans on there place and got themselves a Land Rover Range Rover. we looked here w­w­w.J­A­M­3­0.c­o­m

  2. 2

    ewww the sight of this guy's face makes me sick

  3. 3

    Yup Definitely similar.

  4. OutstandingWorldCitizn says – reply to this


    Exactly. Pretty disgraceful to sue the Gaye's estate as preemptive strike. Miguel’s "Adorn" is a great of example of music “inspired” by Prince’s vast catalog. Bruno Mars’ "Treasure" which reminds me of something Kool & the Gang or the Whispers made in the 80s. And Justin's "Take Back the Night" which is inspired by Michael's Living Off the Wall and few Jacksons tunes. HOWEVER None of these artists straight bit, they creatively used elements of beats and rhythms that are inspired by classic R&B when it was great music. An amalgamation of particular hit songs to construct a vibe.

    What Robin Thicke “produced” along with Pharrell is a complete bite. From the ambient “partiers” in the background of the song to the structure of the baseline. I literally could not understand the brouhaha when I heard the song. I was like that's Got to Give It Up "updated" with a white front man and two rappers. Of course Thicke should show MG's estate tha money.

  5. Sickening says – reply to this


    Pathetic. After all that money you made off this you have the audacity to sue THEM? Then you offer a pathetic 6 figures??? haha hope they take you for everything you made and more.

  6. jeff says – reply to this


    It's actually a pretty blatant rip-off.

  7. fiera says – reply to this


    And damn right he should!! I like the song, but the family has a point because that is exactly what I thought when I first heard the song, "sounds like Marvin Gaye's Got to Give It Up". I thought Robin would of had the sense to get approval of the estate before doing that to avoid a lawsuit in the first place

  8. LAGIRL says – reply to this


    Robin is a great songwriter and singer, he does not have to steal songs to make a living! Sounds like jealous, money grubbing, idiots coming out of the woodwork because he has the Number 1 song of the summer.

  9. LolaZ says – reply to this


    SO WHAT IF IT SOUNDS LIKE ANOTHER SONG?!?!?! Every "NEW" song on the radio now is ripped off from another song somewhere!! The Gaye family needs to take it as a compliment and sit the hell down!

  10. who mad says – reply to this


    Re: LolaZ – you sound so stupid, this man took a legend like marvin gaye song for the third time and didn't acknowledge his family or anyone. your most likely a 14 year old dead brain but know music before you comment, this is a rip off sweety nothing original about this and hopefully his family does get the money if he's so talented why is he constantly copying someone else's complete style?

  11. who mad says – reply to this


    Re: LolaZ – and you sound stupid also, " take this as a compliment"this man has no original bone in his body he's been copying martin since way back when, he's dosent deserve any type of fame and then to turn around and file a suit saying the song is ogiannly his? anybody with ears can her how ripped this legend off, at least shout marvin out and pay the family before they press charges but he tried to settle because he saw they were serious why would they take him stealing music as a compliment? nd if you don't believe he's copied before look up "trouble man" marvin gaye then look up "million dolla baby" robin thicke also "after the party" marvin gaye and "love after war" robin thicke your mans a fake

  12. Jolen says – reply to this


    Fu@K The HATERS Robin!!! You have a hit song, so everyone wants to hate, hate, hate. T

  13. LolaZ says – reply to this


    Re: who mad – YOU sound like a hater…period. It is MY opinion and I dont give a flying FLUCK if you like it. As for you SWEETIE, Robin is still NUMBER ONE :) SUCK ON THAT!

  14. Incognito says – reply to this


    Sorry, except for the very beep ginning, the songs aren't similar at all IMO.

  15. The Truth says – reply to this


    I wouldn't take the settlement either. Obviously they stole the music for the song there's no denying it, I'm not sure about the lyrics. When is Marvin Gaye family going to counter sue already?

  16. The Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Re: Jolen – It's not hating when it's a theft. Obviously you're the kind of person that steals or take credit for other people work. I hate people like that but I'm not a terrible person either.!

  17. Bevi says – reply to this


    Even with imagination, I can't see that Marvin's family should win. It's not similar. You can insert Marvin's falsetto into the song, he's singing different words and the tune he is singing is also totally different. It doesn't mean that Robin has stolen something merely because you can mix part of the two songs together, thus creating a confusing mash up….

  18. 18

    I don't know any of RT's other music. All I know is that I listened to both of these songs, back to back, and aside from the beginning of the songs….I don't see much similarity. I hope it goes to court because I would like to hear what the experts say.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: OutstandingWorldCitizn – GREAT analysis, and agree. Even music now dabbles figuratively and sometimes literally in copy and paste. Facepalm. Yet Floyd always sounded only like Floyd.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Love Bruno, though.