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Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Isn't "Thrilled" About CW Spin-Off The Originals!

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Ouchie, Ian Somerhalder!

The Vampire Diaries' hunk recently admitted that he's "not thrilled' about TVD spin-off series, The Originals!

Where's the CW support, eh?!

The spin-off will debut this October, and centers around the Mikaelson siblings!

Ian admitted that this new show might be taking some really strong actors away from The Vampire Diaries, and he's not happy about it:

"I'm excited for Julie [Plec], and for Joseph and all my people, but I'm a selfish actor - I'm not a producer on the show, I'm not a writer. My only concern is Damon, and my show. Now, they're going to be taking these characters that mean so much to our show. I'm insanely happy for everyone, but I'm not thrilled. Not that I mind sharing, I just don't want to lose all these amazing actors on our show."

He's also worried the show is going to introduce too many new faces, too fast, in the absence of Morgan, Gillies and Holt:

"Who are the other people who are gonna be coming on the show? Are they gonna be good? Because it's The CW, and everyone has to be pretty, and there aren't a lot of pretty people that can act well…I'm not joking! I'm one of them, that can act well. Not to sound s**tty about it, but casting is always tough. I feel like they worked so hard on casting this show… and hopefully they just continue to put great actors in."


We DO already know one of the new characters who will be introduced in season 5!

Aaron AKA Shaun Sipos is a total hottie, and can totally act!

No worries here, Ian!

The Originals will premiere on the CW October 3rd, and if you're a diehard TVD fang fan, we're sure you'll be able to sink your teeth into it!

[Image via The CW.]

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30 comments to “Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Isn't "Thrilled" About CW Spin-Off The Originals!”

  1. FAKE!!!! says – reply to this


    EVERYONE WHO CAN'T TELL HIS INTERVIEW IS FAKE IS LAME! Ian does not talk like that, EVER!!! Its total BS!!!!!

  2. Kel says – reply to this


    This is SO fake you guys! In 10 years Ian never said he is pretty! In fact he hates talking about his LOOKS!

  3. Maya says – reply to this


    The second Part is definitely fake!! Its pretty obvious >.<

  4. Sam says – reply to this


    This is not fake it's true and a lot of reporters were commenting about it !

  5. TVD Fan says – reply to this


    Doesn't sound like Ian at all. Lmao I'm 100% sure he did not say that!!!!

  6. Claire says – reply to this


    You guys are so blind for not believing this ! ian was always a douche ! #sorrynotsorry

  7. Lara says – reply to this


    I'm not surprised i hate him anyway LOL

  8. Kel says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – they only recycle it! Doesn't mean its true! I know Ian for a long long Time, have see all his Interviews etc. He never talks like that! And they have a Paul Video on their Website, if they truly interviewed Ian….why put up an Paul vid and not Ian? Its fake!

  9. NIAN 4EVER says – reply to this


    I think this has something to do with new character Shaun Sipos… I think he will be Elena's new love interest…hmmm…Since Nina and JP are good friends and Nina and Ian are no longer a couple … they want to introduce new BFF to Elena…and make him new love interest.. so to avoid NINA - IAN awkwardness…slowly kick IAN out..

    Damon Fans .. how many of you noticed that IAN not getting a good storyline in season 5..
    Paul and Nina have . Paul plays Steffan and Evil Silas
    Nina as vampire Elena and Human Katharine…
    .but not IAN apart from Damon got the girl ..
    Nothing for IAN…we all know he is the reason why TVD is so successful and why all the ratings high…
    Ian is very talented actor ..He has the right to worry about this …(only his words are bit harsh…)
    Ian has a point - season 4 introduced few new characters -
    April Young - we don't why she was introduced - totally useless character
    Hayley - she needed a job so JP hired her and ok now she got a permanent job @ new Orleans and mommy to baby Klaus

    Creepy Shane - He's dead so ok…


  10. Saskia says – reply to this


    Why do you believe everything you read on the Internet? There are soo many fake Stories going around! All those gossip Sites just want to get more Hits! They always twist things and words! I met Ian a few Times and i'm a long Time Fan of him and nope he is definitely NOT a douche. He's one of the sweetest People I've ever met and really down to Earth!

  11. Missy says – reply to this


    I agree. Its not how Ian talks and I have see many Interviews & conventions with him. btw I know who posted this, its a very unreliable Source!

  12. Jo201264 says – reply to this


    All this crap makes me laugh , those that are tvd fans all know that it's going to end probably season 6 or scrapping to 7 , and if you think back to Paul and Ian interviews they have spoke about how far can the story lines go before getting stupid , and I agree that the writer's and producers don't realize that Ian is the main actor who keeps us all coming back season after season without him there is no tvd, if they knew their fans they would kill off Elena and yes Katherine , and make the show about brother Salvatore and what they get up to all over the world , if Ian did say anything he may have said with the new show with all new characters it's going to be more badass stories , Elena Nina boring actress so self absorbed who wants to watch her . Julie it's brother Salvatore we want comedy duo with sharp teeth .

  13. tsujh says – reply to this


    Sometimes I'm ashamed of being in this fandom..you people are stupid

  14. ana says – reply to this


    Ian is a SELFISH ACTOR….

  15. Whoop says – reply to this



  16. Sushi says – reply to this


    I am pretty, fair, lovely and a talented actor and it's rare.
    Sincerely Ian :)

  17. Laura says – reply to this


    God! This guy is so full of himself. Not that it is a surprise but I have never seen him blatantly praising himself like that. He is one hell of a ego maniac.

    "I am pretty and talented". What the hell was that about?

    and plz Ian fans. This interview is real. Sometimes there is no harm in admitting that your favourite celebrity has done a mistake. This is not the first time he has put his foot in his mouth.

  18. Zoe says – reply to this


    Re: Laura – are you serious? You are obviously not a Fan of him so why do you think YOU know him better than us? This Interview sounds nothing like Ian…and since there is no Video proof and People saw the same "interview" but without the "i'm one of them" comment right after Comic con! I'm pretty sure Ian misses them because they were a great Addition to the show but he sure as hell wouldn't say he's pretty etc!!! That is FAKE!!

  19. Paule says – reply to this


    Everyone who knows Ian, even a little bit, knows that he does not speak like that. Its totally fabricated.

  20. 20

    i'm not concerned with the second part, but I think he's right. This completely switches gears on the show really quickly. everyone is so concerned with the originals and how to destroy klaus, and then all of a sudden they are headed to NOLA. Not to mention that Matt and Rebecca could have gone somewhere, as could Caroline & Klaus (which I hate, but still) I feel like the originals just left, they didnt really tie up the storyline. I bet this is the last season of TVD, or they do like gossip girl and next season (six) is a shortened final season.

  21. Luna says – reply to this


    No matter how straightforward this is, he's still right. This giant risk will probably get all of them fired/canceled and I would TOTALLY react the same way if it were me.

  22. cristina gomes says – reply to this


    Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that Ian would never speak of himself that way. He always looks diverted attention from himself speaking respectfully of his castmates. This is false!
    We all know that Ian even the show is still standing because of Damon and consequently himself, but it never caused him to change his way of acting or to pose as star.
    I hope that season 5 he receives all the attention it deserves, starting with the opening and the credits, since he is the only main star of this show and its name should be the first to appear in the credits, I get furious when I see that does not happen.
    Can do what they want to change the character of Paul Wesley everyday, give it a new character, devoting an entire season to Nina Dobrev and Elena dramas or kat, none of that holds most of the fans that are there season after season because of Ian and Damon.
    Agree or disagree with those who want those in denial. Without Ian and without TVD Damon there.
    Sorry my english.

  23. nicole says – reply to this


    ian doesnt talk like that soooooo…..

  24. Creepy says – reply to this


    Maybe the Ian you think you know is not the real Ian. If he did make these comments, the guy is an egotistical prick. Maybe that is why Nina wanted out?

  25. Bass says – reply to this


    Re: nicole

    Only for you Damon fans. What about other TVD fans who don't watch it because of Ian? Ian fears are not without a reason. He is not fearing losing actors. He is fearing losing viewers. Moreover, your favorite character has no significant storyline next season than to be a babysitter or to act as a bf. You know why? Because Ian is an eye candy but not a great actor. That's why writers and directors don't know what to do with him other than to use him for his looks.

  26. taylor says – reply to this



  27. lol says – reply to this


    ian's fans are not believing that its are idol lol,bitches he is not a good role model,he is pathetic

  28. jive says – reply to this


    I have great respect for people who aren't afraid to say or to talk about what's in their heads, Ian is just being honest and he has his reasons, the show's been a worldwide sensation and it's season 5 and everybody (including me) expects something better than the previous season!!! I was hoping that Klaus and Caroline are going to hook up arggg!!!! I'm not so sure now if they ever will???

  29. yasmin says – reply to this


    i'm so shame of the people who believes in this. I know his work for 10 years and NEVER SEE him talk about his looks or things like that. He say that be sad with the left of the originals, but he never will said something like that. Who buy this are posers, people that has no life and believe everything that read and haters. The real fans know the true… Did not matter if you think that his not a good actor or he's ugly or whatever, but u can't denial hes humble. If you have the oppinion to critics hes work as a actor u also have to admit hes work for nature and animals. Read things like that makes me sad, not for ian because he also don't care, i feel sorry for who belives

  30. 30

    Guys!! This is not true!!! Why do you even believe everything you read?? I can prove it to you that this isnt true… Ian has been in this industry for more than 10 years and i have watched most of his interviews, recent ones to be more precised, he never talked about anyone's looks, it was always the inner beauty that attracted him. He is an outstanding actor and very humble, he can never say stuff like that. Honestly, an actor thinks before he speaks so that he is not involved into any gossips or any non-sense and so I think Ian will never say that in public and not at all to reporters… he might say that he didnt like the idea of The Originals, neither did i.. and so maybe the reporters twisted the story and added a lot of lines to it to gain your attention and SOMERHOLICS/TEAMDAMON, you are making them successfull……So stop bitching about all this unless you hear it with your own ears and see with you own eyes!!