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Lady GaGa Performs At The 2013 VMAs! Watch Applause Here!

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So… Lady GaGa just performed at the VMAs. And it was… FULL-ON WEIRD!

Did you guys see Iggy Azalea's face? That's our EXACT reaction.

But see for yourself. Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see GaGa perform Applause for the VMA crowd.

Let's just say this: Instead of looking forward, ‪Lady GaGa‬ is looking back on her career. Hmmm. A bit too early for that? Or NOT?

But hey! Big yays for awkward dancing! It def brought a bunch of LOLz… and boos? Did we hear the crowd boo her? Hmm.

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338 comments to “Lady GaGa Performs At The 2013 VMAs! Watch Applause Here!”

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  1. imotep2905 says – reply to this



  2. w/e says – reply to this


    Hi again, Perez. You call yourself a critic. Anyone who has taste should ignore you. You create nothing yourself.

  3. dfdgdfdgdfh says – reply to this


    The boo's at the beginning were part of the performance you dumbass.

  4. Val says – reply to this


    R E D U C T I V E

  5. Jay says – reply to this


    OMG, that was the absolute worst most awkward dancing I have ever seen in my life! lol lol lol She really is an awful performer. So this is her big comeback performance, eh? what a joke. She's done.

  6. 6

    Wow! She has this song down! but herself…

  7. a says – reply to this


    it was TERRIBLE!!!!!

  8. marc says – reply to this


    the boos were part of the performance. people with a few brain cells know this.

    perez, you need to get over your sick obsession with gaga. you're a 35 year old father. get a grip!

  9. 9

    Yeah, she was definitely booed.

  10. joey says – reply to this


    I don't know… I was expecting way more out of her

  11. Andrew says – reply to this


    Anyone who is of sound mind can clearly tell that the boos were recorded. Stop trying to throw fuel on the fire and stir up drama. I can't believe how pathetic you are.

  12. 12

    Duh…The boos and criticizing ("Lady Gaga is over") were obviously played on a track.

  13. critic says – reply to this


    You are too much, Perez! Lady GaGa's performance was AMAZING!!! Stop acting like a little boy with hate in your heart and grow up. I'm surprised that someone who speaks of turning over a new leaf is acting like this.

  14. All Eyes On Britney says – reply to this


    *MEDIOCRE* :(

  15. Lady Belle says – reply to this


    Not a Gaga fan, but she did an amazing job!

  16. new gaga fan says – reply to this


    i thought it was really good!! you made it sounds so bad! it was different <3 it!!

  17. 17

    Loves it! And Im not even a huge fan.

  18. 18

    You are the most butt hurt old queen. great post on perez at g o s s i p c o p

  19. lordemiaj says – reply to this


    It was an amazing performace, I couldn't find it somewhere else. Thanks for posting it! I'm loving this new Gaga, more natural!

  20. Yasmine says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, you can do a reaserch on the net, the changing costumes it's Arthuro Brachetti (Italian Magician transformist), it's not so original very desespointed no Fame era no Freshness !

  21. Calin says – reply to this



  22. GOOGOO says – reply to this


    You should start referring to her as LADY BLA BLA.
    Cause that's what she is.
    Give her this title just as MJ had Wacko Jacko.
    She only knows how to talk and build hype. When it's time for delivery it is MEDIOCRE.
    Fashionwise she is creative with all her halloween creativity. But Musically??? Oh dear!!!
    That's what she was referring to as her most intense performance yet??? Really.

    Lady Bla Bla talks more than she delivers. ARTPOP is the new album of the decayed.

  23. Conor says – reply to this


    In Ireland we have a phrase for performances like this .."Shite"

  24. 24

    I'll admit this wasn't her best performance, but Gaga's was 10x better than Miley's/Robin Thickes performance.

  25. for real says – reply to this


    you would have loved it two years ago…just sayin.

  26. Sandy says – reply to this


    It was AMAZING! I cried and I'm stil shaking. Perez please, shut up.

  27. Sergius says – reply to this


    She killed it!!!

  28. jcreid87 says – reply to this


    Go fuck yourself Perez. You're a hater. And your outfit at the VMA's is a desperate attempt for attention.

  29. Dana says – reply to this


    It's obvious how unprofessional Perez Hilton is whenever there is a conflict between him and an artist. It's a good thing that this website is really for celebrities because let's face we definitely dont check it for his commentary. You are a father now, you would think you would at least rise above all of this because once you put it out there there's no way of turning back. We have seen this kind of unprofessionalism with him and Will Iam so Im not shock anymore. Can you at least separate your personal problems with your profession but I guess that's too much for that.

  30. joey says – reply to this


    Perez I understand you 2 have beef but your jabs at her are getting a bit old. Surely you had to have known those boos were part of the act.

  31. Christian says – reply to this


    Perez, quit hating on Lady Gaga you washed up no longer famous asshole/scum

  32. 32

    Please, so far it was the best performance, why don't you call out that garbage of a performance that whore Miley cyrus put on. Stop hating Gaga wasn't that bad. And the boos were apart of the performance you dunce!

  33. littlemonster says – reply to this


    it actually was the performance audio that was 'booing' if you saw the video "Gaga is Over" so yeah…..stop acting like you already know everything

  34. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Why is it people are using the word "reductive" all of a sudden? You think it's okay just because Madonna used it? Isn't using it in itself kind of reductive? Like seriously, shut the hell up, buy a dictionary and consider what you're saying before you say it. Idiots.

  35. Lo says – reply to this


    I don't even like Lady Gaga but i really liked that performance. Perez you hate her and you are biased….just admit it!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Perez lover says – reply to this


    i think the boos were when they showed a picture of your baby's fugly face

  37. Jackee says – reply to this


    doesn't matter what she does, says, wears, or performs you will not like it. That makes you the exact opposite of a critic.

  38. M says – reply to this


    the boos were part of the performance you dumbass.

  39. Qtz says – reply to this


    Your posts are laughable. That was an amazing performance. And I think deep down you know it. She is a true performance artist and has a quality that not very many other singers have. If you guys were still friends you would be peeing yourself over her performance. I seriously love your blog but the pettiness and bitterness is kind of a turn off and I'm going elsewhere. Good luck. I feel so bad for you and your poor beautiful son.

  40. 40

    Your an idiot. The boos were apart of the opening. I'm sure your review for Katy Perry is gonna be beyond amazing in your eyes because your a hateful jerk. Go take care of your kid. Hopefully he doesn't turn out like you.

  41. pludsg says – reply to this


    The boos were pre-recorded. Please…. At least she can sing unlike your Katy…..

  42. Rga says – reply to this


    What a stunning performance. She really is a goddess.

  43. 43

    Maybe it would be more appropriate to call that 50 shades of ugly as hell. Her voice makes me want to vomit it's so third rate Broadway she just doesn't have an it factor.

  44. 44

    Re: dfdgdfdgdfh – The best part of the whole thing

  45. 45

    Lady Panderer the endless joke.

  46. Serch says – reply to this


    OMG this is boring and the lypsinch so terrible, please Gaga retire from music now

  47. corey says – reply to this


    Her performance was at best average. certainly not worthy of an opening performance at the VMAs (and especially as her "comeback" single). She should fire whoever her consultants are. But it certainly wasn't a bad performance, just not up to what is expected of her. Perez you need to get over yourself cuz let's be honest you never have and never will do anything even close to what Gaga has or will do.

  48. wayne says – reply to this


    erm the boos were part of the performance!! any critic would know that right?

  49. nicki says – reply to this


    youre stupid. the performance was great and boos are part of show, but to realise that you need to have something called IQ

  50. 50

    THERE WERE NO BOOS (except in the soundtrack) YOU FUCKTARD !

    cease and desist ? sounds familiar ?

  51. 51

    Re: joey – Why? She hasn't brought anything better than that before

  52. RIP says – reply to this


    LGG paying tribute to herself….sad isnt it? :D

  53. 53

    Yeah, that was REALLY lack-luster

  54. Toto says – reply to this


    The boos were part of the audio/performance you pathetic shit starter. Her performance was good. Better than anything you can pull off. I heard your concert last night was a major fail. LOL

  55. Madre2858 says – reply to this


    I wish she would just leave all her crazy antics behind, and just SING! She has a beautiful voice but all the crazy costumes and makeup detract from her talent.

  56. Heidi says – reply to this


    I thought it was great and high energy! Very forward! Now Miley…that's another story!

  57. liz says – reply to this


    man, this was dissapointing. she seemed so desparate. were the boos real?

  58. 58

    Re: lordemiaj – I hope you know how retarded that is to call someone who changed wigs three times and had various smears of paint all over their face natural. LOL

  59. corey says – reply to this


    Re: Dana

  60. ryan says – reply to this


    seriously perez?? just because you have personal issues with her, you shouldnt downgrade her preformance… it was really good and its becoming obvious that you are not objective when it comes to the subject. GAGA> your so sad.

  61. 61

    Re: Dana – I don't think he said anything out of the ordinary or mean spirited. It was a hideous "performance" she's lucky he didn't say that.

  62. corey says – reply to this


    Re: joey
    is there a like function on here?

  63. 63

    Youre suc a nasty jealous bitch
    Can you sing and dance like gaga
    NO so lighten up
    You kissed her ass for years and now she calls you on your BS that you have been doing for years and now you hate her
    youre an ASS

  64. Yeah Hun says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a bitter bitter man… grow up.

  65. Jay says – reply to this


    It was so bad, I'm actually embarrassed for her.
    Maybe next time she could fake being injured again and perform in a wheelchair? It couldn't be any worse than tonight's performace..

  66. p.s says – reply to this


    forgettable performance. she's tryin way too hard poor thing.

  67. Filipe says – reply to this


    I really hate, I miss big and great perfomances, Gaga is crazy of her mind.
    It's like going a wig store and try all the wigs -.- wtf ahahah

  68. Zanny says – reply to this


    Oh perez don't put shit out there that's not true!! the booing was apart of the performance, clearly you know that so stop being a jerk! And I bet if you were still friends with her you would not call her performance awkward.. grow up!!
    little monster

  69. Richard says – reply to this


    have when you leave the drama once perez hilton

  70. calin says – reply to this


    She needs to shut up and just perform instead of building it up like the second coming of Jesus and not delivering , she was horrible, the dancing was pathetic. The boos where pre recorded, the beginning was great, she does have a good voice, and I thought she was going to bring the house down but she disappointed me.

  71. KK says – reply to this


    Hmm…..can you say BITTER QUEEN …….and your fake adoration for Katy Perry is sooo transparent as it is just your anti-ga ga sentiments. You are just not FIERCE enough. So SORRY.

  72. mw says – reply to this


    The more you mention this song Perez the more it's grown on me! I love it - I am going to download it now. Thanks!

  73. 73

    I thought it was great. I would kill to have a body like that !

    I'm not a Lady Gaga fan so to speak but the song Applause is really growing on me and I find myself singing it all the time. Go Gaga! And thank Perez for your new fan !!!!

  74. Me says – reply to this


    Jaja, Its funny how perez is against gaga. lmao!! It was a good performance, NOT AS GOOD AS PAPARAZZI, but good. You cant be always the spot, and shes aware of that… :) This isnt comming from a fan of her. Just a humble opinion

  75. 75

    I forced myself to watch ONLY the end of it.
    Oh dear lord! The suppressed ridicule laughter on so many
    of the audiences' faces. That is what I found the most entertainer
    about the video, dear.

  76. MISSV says – reply to this


    She has a lovely voice! :D

  77. 77

    It wasn't weird it was boring. Not an opening act-worthy performance. Same old dance moves, same old lip synching…she can do much better than this.

  78. Phoenix T says – reply to this


    If you saw the video you know that she was just trying to recreate it on the stage, that's why she had the same exact hair and costumes. I get it; the boos were also part of the performance, lighten up, no need to be messy; I do not like the song so I'm hoping for better from the album, but this performance was entertaining and I'm waiting for the remixes to give the song another chance.

  79. ricky says – reply to this


    Perez take your battle with gaga out of the spotlight. This how she makes a living. What if someone tried to destroy your career. How would you support your kid. Not like you have the power to end her career. You just sound ignorant.

  80. markymark89 says – reply to this


    I really do think she is talented. But I do miss the pokerface and bad romance days. She is honestly just trying to hard now. This new song is no good. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for her. I would really hate to see her fail but she needs to stay current and if she continue like this im afraid she wont

  81. Joshua Tuck says – reply to this


    Iggy Azalea was pulling a totally normal face? Perez is so messy trying to stir up shit and the performance was beautiful, not weird. Perez Hilton, you are the biggest hater alive!

  82. Sml says – reply to this


    The boo were parte of the performance fucking asshole PEREZA!!!!!!!!!

  83. cveva1 says – reply to this


    I liked the performance more then the song itself, you Fuckin HATER!!!!!

  84. Lady Gagarbage says – reply to this


    F—–O ——R ——-G——-E——-T——–A———B——-L——-E :D

  85. De says – reply to this


    Re: for real
    He would have praised it like it was the best thing ever. What happened to "Gagalupe"?

  86. dream024 says – reply to this


    I cannot believe how big of a little drama queen you are!..You're so childish, its annoying! I use to love your website now I don't even bother coming to this hypocrite webpage. Thats what you are…you was all for Lady Gaga now you're hatin on her? what she do to you? not acknowledge you enough? LOL but you do your thang perez, keep on hatin..its obviously gettin you nowhere!!!!! Lady Gaga is one of the greatest! And remember KARMA is a bitch, she'll pay you a visit soon!

  87. 87

    would you still be saying all this if she was still your wifey?

    this "criticism" just all sounds way too transparent.


  88. Jack says – reply to this


    Perez, for someone who defines themselves as a "Critic", you're a pretty damn bad one if you can't get your facts right and can't look at art objectively.

    Lady Gaga's performance was good. Not great, like Paparazzi VMA 2009 or Born This Way 2010 Grammys, it was good. Her vocals were a bit off. It seemed a bit like she was cramming a lot into the allocated time. I thought the dancing was great, at least she does it.

    As for the "booing", ehm, clearly not. It was part of the performance, her whole "Lady Gaga is over" shtick. Anyone with two ears and a brain cell can hear it's coming through the PA.

    Also, Iggy Azalea looked indifferent to entertained. You act as if she was standing up burning a picture of Gaga, stop being such a sensationalistic hate-mongerer.

  89. 89

    People have already mentioned that the boos were recorded and part of the performance.

    The "looking back on her career" seems intentional for this particular performance while she tries to tell the story of her career.

    The imagery for the applause video and performance seems to pull from Grace Jones and Klaus Nomi. The verse of the song itself is Grace Jones influenced. If you are stuck on bringing a person down, then at least look into the roots of where they are pulling from before launching a criticism.

    I don't know who started the feud between you two, but it doesn't really matter. Regardless, anyone involved in something such as this would be a better person to let it go. Look up "radical acceptance" on the internet, buy a buddhist book, or pay attention to the deeper message behind the yoga you do (it's not just about the body) or something.

    Yes, the performance tried too hard and didn't quite work. The woman wants to bring underground art to the masses in much that she's done, but her music doesn't really fit the avant garde art she wants to create.

    Why am I on this site and commenting at all? I'm really not sure. Maybe someone somewhere will learn about Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi, radical acceptance, or the true nature of yoga or something.

  90. Yawn says – reply to this


    Flopstatic !

  91. Evan Ross Katz says – reply to this


    Perez. Stop. Think. This is against everything you claim to have grown out of. Regression maximus. END IT. This website is not (or should not) be for a personal vendetta of any kind.

  92. CvTXs says – reply to this


    It was different and I really liked it.
    Please set your feelings aside, and if you can't, then simply don't cover her on your blog.

    You couldn't understand her performance and well I, simply don't understand your fashion choice at your Brooklyn party.

  93. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Perez, what are u talking about? she was fabulous.. the crowd totally screamed for her.. the boo's were a part of the performance and it was in the beginning you loser! Katy perry's grill is weird! i dont think she is reflecting on her career.. she also ended the performance in her newest look from artpop sooo what's ur point? you're sick in the head, you really live to try and tear her down.. ur stupid letter made no sense.. it was complete bullshit and we all know it.. everyone who has met u says ur a complete prick!

  94. John says – reply to this


    Awful she sucks terrible song and performance

  95. Mark says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, your *blog* sucks and you're full of shit.

  96. Vladimir Louissaint says – reply to this


    the boos were a soundtrack my gosh still hating on gaga smh

  97. De says – reply to this


    Perezito, I wish you wen back to the original nasty-feared-by-the-industry P-Nasty. Not the best karma, I agree, to be awful to celebrities (or anyone) but at least you were much more entertaining. Please consider it. Back to basics. Back to your brand. :D

  98. Renaissance says – reply to this


    Mediocre at best. Shaky vocals and poor dancing. The only good part was the pre recorded vocals.

  99. Ratzassss says – reply to this


    And you don't consider Miley Cyrus grinding up against Robin Thicke weird? You're weird. Your hypocritical nature is showing again. I think the outfit you wore at One Night In Brooklyn was weird.

  100. salma says – reply to this



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