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Lady GaGa Performs At The 2013 VMAs! Watch Applause Here!

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So… Lady GaGa just performed at the VMAs. And it was… FULL-ON WEIRD!

Did you guys see Iggy Azalea's face? That's our EXACT reaction.

But see for yourself. Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see GaGa perform Applause for the VMA crowd.

Let's just say this: Instead of looking forward, ‪Lady GaGa‬ is looking back on her career. Hmmm. A bit too early for that? Or NOT?

But hey! Big yays for awkward dancing! It def brought a bunch of LOLz… and boos? Did we hear the crowd boo her? Hmm.

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338 comments to “Lady GaGa Performs At The 2013 VMAs! Watch Applause Here!”

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  1. Malicious7 says – reply to this


    Re: Malicious7
    Her tribute to various famous pieces of work (Koons and Andy Warhol more specifically) is something rare in the music industry too. Both were clearly present during this performance as well

  2. Rga says – reply to this



  3. Timeless says – reply to this



  4. MAria says – reply to this


    Wasn't that wierd compared to the giant Egg and the bleeding and all the other stuff she's done

  5. rose says – reply to this


    Oh my god grow up and stop slamming her every move.

  6. GenuinelySpeaking says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,

    I think most people in the world understand what it's like to lose a friend, lover, best friend, or anyone else that may have been important to them at one time. I'd also wager that we are all familiar with how easy it is for love and care to turn into anger and hatred in the blink of an eye. We get it. It sucks.

    There comes a time however, when (especially for those in the public eye) enough is enough. There comes a time when we let go of the bitterness and move on. I am worried that this time has already come and gone for you, but you refuse to let go and it's beginning to take it's toll on you professionally, and likely also personally.

    It's clear from your behavior that some therapy would be highly beneficial for you. The problem is that, not unlike addicts or any other celebrity problems you write about on your blog, you refuse to see that you have a problem. Because of this, you will likely never get the help you so desperately need. It's really sad to think about.

    On a professional note, no one will ever take you serious if you can't demonstrate even a remote ability to be unbiased in your reporting. You are starting to come off as more of a catty high school girl that steals from her mothers purse than you are a trusted source of celebrity news, or "optimism" that you've been pushing lately (and failing. Hard).

    Please, for your own sake, get some professional help. And leave your personal life out of your professional!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ray says – reply to this


    youd better shut up, Preze
    you are so picky purposely to her.
    all she did is nothing in your eye, so you are not professional for commenting on the music and the performance..
    you are droll after all.

  8. BetterCriticThanPerez says – reply to this


    For someone who is a new father, you sure act like a pathetic loser. Everyone knew that the boo's were recorded. You are just jealous she opened the VMA's and you had to watch it on your couch. Sidenote: stop pimping out Katy Perry, you are actually making me not like her.

  9. Luis says – reply to this


    I love Gaga's Performance. Performance wise, it was the best. It was not boring and dry like Katy Perry's performance. Stop hating Gaga. If you nothing good to say about Gaga, just shut the fuck up.

  10. Trevi says – reply to this


    Perez you are nothing . Gaga is a big super star.

  11. ken says – reply to this


    The boos were obviously apart of the performance ya dumbshit. Also, this song and performance are clearly better than Katy Perrys just on content alone. You out of all people should appreciate the message behind her music. It has thought and effort out into it. It's a lot better than most pop on the radio. Katy Perry, who has been trying to keep up with haha since both of them got big, puts out music written by others and has no creativity behind it. It's just the same shit she's been singing since the beginning. We get it Katy, you're s firework you're loud, you're gonna roar, you're to gonna make it. It's clear you have a vendetta against gags and if you haven't noticed most people see right through it. My suggestion to you is.. keep losing weight and being a father. But please stop with the high school childish I'm going to pick sides and favorites game. If you could you'd say something bad about anyone to get a few more views o n your site. Won't be long until Katy has kissed you off and then you'll be talking about how outdated she is. You're trash so please take yourself out.

  12. Angela says – reply to this


    Keep your opinions to yourself, the song is basically a tribute to performance and art. This is why she goes thru her looks to show her journey. Stfu

  13. Kat says – reply to this


    I love how you hint your disgust and negativity to her in this post, stop bullshitting because if you were still on her good side you would have wrote this in more positivity. It wasn't weird, it wasn't too soon to pay tribute to her past looks, and she just just recovered from her hip surgery so you can take back that "awkward dancing" comment. Someone who's against bullying and wants suicide prevention like you should maybe reevaluate your site and comments.

  14. natmol says – reply to this


    your so bitter.

  15. nik says – reply to this


    I've got to say she did a wonderful job and Im not even a gaga fan. I actually haven't heard the song until just now and I think its better than anything else I've heard from her.

    However, you perez, what happened with preaching no bullying in your boy w the pink hair?? You sir, are a bully and always will be. We are close to the same age and its disgusting how you act. You are clearly picking on Gaga. Stop acting like a spoil child and be a better person and lft others up even when you can't see the reasons why you should. It's called being a good person and it attracts good karma and will make you feel better as a father.

    It was obvious to anyone watching that those boos were on a recorded track. As for weird … hey that what art can be. Anytime it gets a response good or bad it's made it;s point.

  16. Lala says – reply to this


    Gaga just recovered from a hip surgery. She had live vocals. Numerous outfit changes. And the dance moves were very theatrical. She did amazing for a comeback performance. People act like they can do better.

  17. silvia says – reply to this


    That song's for you perez. The boos at the beginning represents you and other "critics" who thinks its a sport to break other people's spirit and bashing her made you feel great right? right?… Stop all the nonsense and stop thinking you are more than a human being. Just be happy for other people for once. It's a great feeling trust me.

  18. 218

    Don't get me wrong, I love Lady Gaga, but I feel lying to people about an injury to cover up a pregnancy isn't right. It's only sad to me how the public will believe anything. The injury she "claims" to have endured would NEVER have allowed her to be able to move the way she did during the show last night. You guys need to do your research and put the facts together. I personally do not like being lied to by friends OR people I looked up to.

  19. Callum1992 says – reply to this


    the boo's were clearly intentional and if you two were still friends this would have been the best performance since vma performances began, get a grip

  20. Jasper says – reply to this


    The boo's are pre-recorded. Its from the promotion video Lady Gaga is over, search on youtube.

  21. 221

    Brilliant performance. The boos were on the track. Stop letting your personal vendetta get in the way of reporting on a good show.

  22. Charles says – reply to this


    The boos was definitely an act in accordance to her "Lady Gaga is a Flop" video.
    Why didn't u comment much on Katy's mediocre and weak vocal singing closing act in VMA? People with eyes (and brains) can see whose performance is better.

    Perez you are such a pathetic loser and u sure have an ugly son who is also gay and can't get cocks. Karma!

  23. Brother bear says – reply to this


    I'm not surprised by Mr Hilton and his comments. When a stalker don't get the attention he or she needs from there intended victim they tend to lash out or worse. See example above. You need to move on and get help.

  24. FixMyFix says – reply to this


    AMAZING! The only performance from last night people will talk about 5 years from now!

  25. 225

    was their any rat outfits ..??

    this rat face woman honestly cant dance im not even being awful she has shown many times she just lacks that coordination so in all her copying she looks rubbish trying to dance which proves that shes not talented in all areas like madonna britney and katy perry

  26. GetoveritMario says – reply to this


    Sounds to me that the boos were staged, they were to clear and crisp.

  27. 227

    Re: dfdgdfdgdfh – Thank you for speaking my mind, and will double on the dumbass, Perez you idiot… you're so upset by the gaga bashing regarding ur "New backyard" you can't be objective anymore. This is way sadder than Gaga not being #1 on chart u know…The worst is that I like what you do. Let's just say that ay everyone can be a douche once in a while. Lets say it's ur turn and that you'll be forgiven eventually.

  28. 228

    Re: for real – totes agree!

  29. 229

    Lets agree, that was not ther best vocal perf alright, but what's the probleme with the dancing? ain't weirder than any other pop music BH…it's AH-mazing how we love to see the one we used to love down…

  30. FayMonster says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga's performance was BRILLIANT! All the outfit changing if you haven't noticed she brought us back to fame until ARTPOP. It was beautiful. *applauses* <3

  31. 231

    Re: Charles – You can't point out Perez lack of objectivity but bashing at his son? and bashing at gay people? WTF? thats very very small dude… think twice next time. really…

  32. heheheh says – reply to this


    lol gaga put the booing in her track, she didn't get booed. its the audio from "NO MORE LADY GAGA" by the haus of gaga. Shame, shame and double shame ha ha ha ha ha

  33. 233

    I like Gaga more now that Mario hates her.

  34. hp says – reply to this


    that was actually pretty incredible id say

  35. Renato says – reply to this



  36. BethanyB says – reply to this


    Perez - I'm not a little monster or mega gaga fan. I'm a casual Gaga fan. I am also a longtime Perez reader. And I have to say, your negativity and criticism of Lady Gaga since your little fued with her is just sad. You need to be bigger than hurt feelings and a bruised ego and STOP HATING. It makes you look bad. Instead, just continue to focus on the change Lady Gaga seemed to help inspire in you, which was this: around the time Lady Gaga came into your life, you stopped being such a hater and started being much more positive. And in turn, I gained a lot more respect for you as a journalist and as a person. Don't call her weird - you are as weird as they get Perez. And as you know, there's nothing wrong with bringing a little more flair and weird to the world. The world needs weird. Too many artists play it safe and don't take risks like Lady Gaga does at the risk of people thinking she's "weird." As Frank Zappa once said "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." Anyway - you need to bury the hatchet with Lady Gaga. If it takes being the bigger person and reaching out and making that first move, just do it. Life is too short.

  37. 237

    oh come on perez, are you that much of a DUMBASS that you cant realise those boo's where part of the performance? LMAO critic, yeah right

  38. Toby says – reply to this


    Say, what you want she killed this performance. Dancing is not awkward. SHE JUST HAD MAJOR HIP SUGERY… All I can say Perez, is why didn't Katy pERRY OPEN THE VMA's? You and Gaga were supposed to be friends, and now you're bitching about her, you breed negativity. Love Katy and love Gaga, but it should always be about the music none of this petty crap, that goes on.

  39. AKI says – reply to this


    perez = loser
    lady gaga = winner
    enough said.
    Her performance was amazing. original. she is talented.

  40. Jasmine says – reply to this


    You used to love Lady Gaga!! Why such negativity?

  41. Anne Sofie says – reply to this


    that was such a badass performance! the only person whose career is over is yours, perez.

  42. develop says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez but you are the weird one. Lady GAGA officially dismissed you and your bullying. You are a sick sad azz

  43. 243

    You're only saying this because you're not friends with her anymore. I was there and not only was the performance incredible, but everyone there loved it too. There were no boos.

  44. Joy says – reply to this


    She was trying to show how celebrities "live for the applause"…I think her play on BEY at the end was genius! The performance is suppose to be weird and awkward. She getting a message across.

  45. CaseyRo says – reply to this


    I enjoyed it too!!

  46. 246

    I couldn't even watch the whole video of her. I remember when women actually held the audience with their SINGING and not all the other distracting crap they do on stage today. Janis Joplin…basically stood and sang. I was never a fan of Madonna either….

  47. 247

    That performance was great. I liked the costume changes. Very fast-paced.

  48. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    She sounded great, as she always does. Probably not the most exciting performance she's ever done, but it was still good. I didn't care for that white thing she wore, but you have to admit, her and her body look great.

  49. H. says – reply to this


    Weird? It's Gaga! Great energy, great performer! Get over it Perez, Gaga will be remembered.

  50. Ha! says – reply to this


    Not her best performance, but are you so blinded by your goal of bringing down Gaga to realize that the booing were sound effects that were apart of her show. What a dumb ass you are! Dude grow up. You're a father now. I guess you're going back to your old days of bullying. Are those the values that you want to teach your son?!

  51. getagrip says – reply to this


    My god dude, you're a father in his mid thirties and you still act like a little petty high school girl. Get a grip.Who cares about Iggy what the hells reaction anyways. Can you say super pressed?

  52. Dustin says – reply to this


    Sorry - I didn't like the song before - but after this performance I'm a fan… I think she killed it.

  53. 253

    I LOVED her performance. She always puts on such a good show. She's different and that's why we love her! You shouldn't be hating on this performance compare to Miley's performance.

  54. Bianca says – reply to this


    Stop talking shit about LG! Everything you say about her is negative. I actually love LG and her new song. When you talk about a certain performance in a blog, you should just state facts, not give your personal opinion on the performance!

  55. canibus109 says – reply to this



  56. mireille butumba says – reply to this


    kanye west best perfomer ever

  57. adri says – reply to this


    Still better than stupid Miley Cyrus.

  58. gabby says – reply to this


    her performance was great what are you all talking about her dancing was fine and she looked amazing

  59. Diogo says – reply to this



  60. 260

    I think you have to give her some credit for her performance. I like the fact that she's saying when she was a blank canvas, and more into musical theater she was boring, and then taking us through her career and how she kept pushing her image for the applause. it's smart. maybe not brilliant, but def not as stupid and Miley Cirus.

  61. Amandacorrin says – reply to this


    it's so blantant how bias you are being now, you used to blow MAJOR smoke up her ass now you are just being a dirty asshole, not a good look Perez.

  62. jessix says – reply to this


    Mr Perez:

    How can you call Gaga's performance "WEIRD" after watching the other VMA performances that night? You are way out of line and off the mark!

    Granted, I'm not an entertainment critic, and I'm no fanatic where music and the arts are concerned. However I've been blessed with an excellent eye for quality and originality, and Lady Gaga is the real deal!

    I understand you two had a falling out but it doesn't seem fair for you to use your position as entertainment critic to batter her every chance you get. Where's your praise for such a performance just two months after major disabling surgery.

    You need to recognize you are unable to be objective. Whatever your disagreement, keep your private business out of your profession and keep your credibility. Otherwise you will be seen as just another snarky vindictive gay man and you will lose your audience.

  63. spinthesky says – reply to this


    It's no joke that Perez is still butt hurt over whatever happened between him and Gaga. Her performance was flawless and everybody knows it. The booing was also part of the performance, and again, everybody knows it. Moving on.

  64. DreiFuzz says – reply to this


    First of all…
    the BOO part was part of the recording.
    the whole performance shows how Gaga
    lived for the APPLAUSE all through out her
    career! what ever she becomes now…
    she deserves RESPECT!


    I am always a fan of PEREZ HILTON…
    but for some reasons I can only taste
    BITTERNESS big big time from you.

    POP for the new era is GAGA!
    deal with it ;)

  65. 265

    Re: Jay – Thank you, Perez, for yet another aka posting on here. You're such a sad, desperate queer.
    Not into Gaga. But she did a lot better than that Cyrus skank. And she looked a lot better than Frankenstein homo at his lame Brooklyn bash.

  66. Sean B. says – reply to this


    Oh, don't play dumb, Perez. We all know you keep up on Gaga. You know that the booing was HER audio, when people like you said Born This Way flopped when it went platinum in it's first week. So the booing was you, Perez! Yay you!

  67. Mark says – reply to this


    You do really need to let this lie with the Gaga thing.
    You're giving her no credit at all these days and it's so blatantly a personal reason.

    I don't agree with anyone giving you hateful comments either, from some of her really die hard fans.

    But you do have this 'subtle bullying' thing going on, by saying your opinion without actually saying it. Cut it out.

  68. Oscar says – reply to this


    I could say, this was the best part of the show; and I'm not a Gaga fan… I couldn't find the performance in other site. It seems she worked SO HARD in the performance, the choreography was amazing. Good for Gaga, her song is growing in me!

  69. Regina George says – reply to this


    You're so not fetch. You can't sit with us forever Perez.

  70. ron says – reply to this


    most amazing performer to walk this earth,GAGA never fails,best show of the night.this woman will be around for a long long long long time,no one can touch her and she knows it.

  71. n says – reply to this


    Re: Sandy – if you cried at that sub par performance then you REALLY need to get out more..shes yesterdays news

  72. n says – reply to this


    I hate you perez, with an undying passion…that said, I hate GAGA more. Keep hating on her and you may have another loyal reader. Shes a fraud..i love how she was clearly upset when Macklemore became the REAL advocate for equality last night

  73. LLM says – reply to this


    Well I don't get the changing of wigs or the weird seashell bikini at the end (clearly a trend to show as much skin as possible while performing) but at least I won't have nightmares like I will with Miley's performance. At least Gaga was trying to dance instead of just thrusting her crotch and rubbing it with a foam finger.

  74. . says – reply to this


    Amazing! Love her.

  75. James says – reply to this


    The boos were part of the performance you idiot

  76. Jake Childs says – reply to this


    Blank slate, stereotypical 80s look, change of identity forced by others, rejection of said identity, rebirth as Venus. Pretty much the trajection of a hundred female performers over the last 30 years. Interesting.

  77. lala says – reply to this


    Nobody knows who Iggy what's her name is outside of her native country so that comment is a fail. I like the song a lot and the performance was very good, her best I can't say seeing I'm not a die hard fan of her but I do appreciate her music when it comes on the radio. Your continued need to bash and bully this women shows your desperation to be her friend again.

  78. b says – reply to this


    stop hating on gaga

  79. Tyler says – reply to this


    How can you even call yourself a critic? You don't even hate lady gaga anymore, you're OBSESSED. I understand something happened between the two of you, and I'm sorry to hear that. But what you're doing is plain unprofessional. You're taking your obsession with defaming lady gaga too far. You're a grown adult. YOU HAVE A SON. What you should be doing is RAISING HIM. I understand providing information with your opinion on the story, but that's not what you're doing. You feel the need to take every move lady gaga makes, write a story about it, and try to find some way to make her look bad. You don't have to like her. But if you want to be a CREDIBLE source, you really need to stop being so biased. Personally, I loved her performance. It was a creative, artistic performance, yet it wasn't over the top.

  80. Fatony says – reply to this


    She is soooo trying to be Madonna! Pathetic attempt.

  81. Nate says – reply to this


    You know what's really sad and pathetic? When Gaga first came out, Perez had absolutey NOTHING bad to say about her. Regardless what she did. Now since they don't get along, he constantly finds ways to put her down. I am not a big Gaga fan, but it is so obvious that Perez is just a bitter old queen.

  82. dani says – reply to this


    it's obvious Gaga's fans went too far with their recent reaction to her freak out about you in her building. people were on your side b/c their side looked like silly bullies. but you've since made it apparent just how low you do stoop. while what you present is usually based on fact, siting the HAP, it's obvious you only comment on her to say negative things. you have not one positive or even neutral thing to say about her, since your fallout. you need to try to stay unbiased in your "reporting". whole articles about gaga's song falling from 2, 4, you're grasping at straws! "gaga's song is #8 on the chart". who gives a shit? you would never tell us anyone else's song holding unless it was #1. get over her, perez. you have a son. get over, lady gaga. hahahah that's a ridiculous sentence

  83. mpnf says – reply to this


    Woow that performance along with jt's one was AMAZING.

  84. Tom says – reply to this


    Way to be biased as fuck.

  85. teamgaga says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga put the boos in her performance herself, it was part of the track. And her performance was amazing. People were only shocked by what she was wearing but when is that ever something to be surprised about when it comes to her? We already know she loves to push the envelope when it comes to her "costume" or lack thereof. LOVE HER, she did awesome.

  86. Justin says – reply to this


    The boos were part of the performance… you're almost 40 change your profession and stop being a bitch

  87. 287

    loved it ♥

  88. Wow says – reply to this


    She's not even singing. Wow, a singer that doesn't sing. You could be one of those Perez, an artist that doesn't create. Ha!

  89. lol says – reply to this


    lol get over yourself Perez. It was a good performance.

  90. gagas says – reply to this


    The boos were fake. Not a fan of lady gaga but her voice is ah-mazing! And gr8 performance too, no wonder she has a LOT of fans!

  91. Njurdy says – reply to this


    Perez you dumbass :p the boos are part of the performance, and you know that as much as u know there are some dumb followers that take every word u say without looking further….anyways the performance was super cool and a topper from last nights crapy stuff, it lacked nothing and was energetic enough gor an opening…stop the gaga criticism its making you loose ur value infront of real critics that might by any chance visit

  92. PerezTheBully says – reply to this


    Perez u as a gay man you are an embarrassment. Actually for any human your an embarrassment. U spread hate and bully people on your blog. U also used the F word but criticize others who use it. Get over yourself. The hate that u spread will sooner or later embarrass not only u but the child u have.

  93. Tasha says – reply to this


    Gaga's performance of Applause on the VMAs was beautiful! I love her even more! She always puts great effort to her live performances! It's sad how people keep on saying she is flop and she is over when in fact, she is one of the most amazing performers in pop industry! or maybe one of the two! you know Beyonce and her only! yeah! hahah i love you gaga! great perf!!!! can't wait for iTunes Music Fest! yay!

  94. purerscorns says – reply to this


    Re: roxyepoxy – your analysis is spot-on!!! thumbs up.

  95. Eamonn says – reply to this


    Perez, your posts about Gaga have become reductive.

  96. CHRIS says – reply to this





  97. DARIONCE says – reply to this


    Perez you need to move on and stop hating… as an artist… I thought it was brilliant. Sorry you lost a friend but stop hating… You wish you were as creative as her.

  98. Amy says – reply to this


    The boos were likely prerecorded so when she actually got booed no one would know the difference and assume its her "art." she just keeps getting worse with each album

  99. v says – reply to this


    Just because you had a falling out with her doesn't you should diss about just everything she does now. I think the grown up thing to do would be to stay neutral.

  100. Mia says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga's performance was definatly well done. All those costume changes, all that meaning, all that art. I definatly loved it!

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