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Miley Cyrus Bears It All And Twerks On Robin Thicke At The 2013 VMAs! Watch HERE!

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First Miley Cyrus brought her cray cray We Can't Stop video to life with some giganto twerking teddy bears!

Then she skipped the teddy and went right to the underwear as Robin Thicke took the stage!

Mileybird showed what a good girl she was as she rubbed all up on the Thickeness - and herself - at the 2013 VMAs!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see Miley take an acid trip all the way to Robin's 'hood!

He's never been Thicker!! Probably because he knows she wants it! LOLz!

Wait- if Miley is onstage, who's that impostor with Divergent star Shailene Woodley?? Find out …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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197 comments to “Miley Cyrus Bears It All And Twerks On Robin Thicke At The 2013 VMAs! Watch HERE!”

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  1. Tammy Vogelgesang says – reply to this


    EPIC FAIL!!!

  2. RubyM says – reply to this


    Eww!! Miley you are EMBARRASSING YOURSELF!! You look like a pre-pubescence boy but you masturbate on stage like a dirty old man. That's not sexy!! It's gross!! The whole thing made me wanna puke up on my screen.

  3. Aeon says – reply to this


    She is fucking gross. Completely unattractive.

    And what the hell is with the tongue?

  4. 104

    She is pure trash but enjoys it.

  5. Cindy says – reply to this


    I can't believe her. The girl can sing and she used to be attractive. If these young women want to be taken seriously and be respected, this is not the way to go!!!!! If and when she has children………does she want them to see this vulgar, disrespectful so called performances????? Grow up Miley and act like a woman!!!!

  6. rachel lilfish says – reply to this


    Re: Nat – cos he is fighting with lady gaga haha

  7. alex says – reply to this


    Train wreck = Miley Cyrus
    pre rehearsal she should have been banned , canceled or eliminated , how the hell did they let this go ahead , Something is very very very wrong here with the American entertainment industry.

  8. ash says – reply to this


    I wonder how Liam feels about this…

  9. 109

    She is so trying to prove to the world she is grown up, that she is in charge of her life.

    She is making such tragic choices.

    She looks like a drugged out trailer trash whore. WHF is with the tongue, really sealed the deal of her pathetic life now. She is just so way beyond gross.

    It isn't even cute as she must think it is, to give all the "shock value" of her performance. She thinks she can be respected as an artist, by trying to do this
    nauseating performance. She wants to be thought of like the other wild ones, but
    it wasn't natural, it was a struggling act, and just head shaking pathetic.

    I'm thinking she will be the next one we hear about that overdosed. She just seems so out of reality.

  10. convinced says – reply to this


    Okay, I never took it seriously before but now after seeing that performance I believe the illuminati runs hollywood, these people acted like mindless puppets.

  11. kiya says – reply to this


    this was just wrong. sooo wrong.

  12. Greta says – reply to this


    Dear Miley,

    You can stop. You should stop. Please stop!


  13. D. Love says – reply to this


    Re: Terra – WHY do lesbians get angry when someone says they look like lesbians?? Sometimes you do! Are you ashamed of looking like what you are? YOU watch it, nobody cares that you're gay. I look straight and it doesn't bother me if someone says I look it. GET OVER YOURSELF, this is 2013.

  14. oh no says – reply to this


    Re: Greta – That was HILARIOUS. I'm surprised no one wrote that yet, good job

  15. Courtney says – reply to this


    I was so disgusted at this performance! I didn't feel sorry for her as others have said, I felt sorry for our generation of young people who feel this is the way to behave and get attention. Miley looked like a cracked out whore onstage thrusting her crotch at the crowd! I can't believe she even did this, the VMA's have dropped to a whole new level of low. Makes me not want to watch next year to save myself the trash fest!

  16. biloo_0 says – reply to this



  17. Jean says – reply to this


    Why would you love it? It was a terrible performance. Degrading and trash. You thought Lady GaGa was weird but Miley wasn't. Your bias is showing. Her degradation of the black female is apparent. You should be ashamed of yourself for applauding this trash!

  18. Nikipetite34 says – reply to this


    It's pretty sad when my 7 year old and 9 year old who used to love Miley Cyrus says after the performance that they don't like her and doesn't understand why she would do that on stage. My daughter even said it was a shame and asked if she could get rid of all her books and posters of Miley!

  19. Tallulah Doll :p says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for her that is all, but I am glad the public is critical. I mean art is subjective but this took it too far. It was just tasteless. Where was the stylist?

    Hollywood is starting to rot, just not fabulous. Perez I hope you find some way to bring back taste, class and the good old Audrey Hepburn type of scene. New York might be a good change after all with all of that Broadway. Because I am sorry twering is just not working! <3

  20. Tallulah Doll says – reply to this


    Re: anuk – I agree what ever happened to MTV. It is over I'm in my 20s and none of us are into that. It is so passe, bland and uninspiring.

    Luckily there are plenty of music festivals and legit hard working artists and musicians in the underground. People with taste and passion. You should Google the Berlin music festivals and bands like Amazing Baby music and Grimes. I am sure Hollywood will try to monetize it, but we will move on then, we can spot the posers!

    I will be working on some blogging about music soon. Just Google Tallulah doll in 3 months –hopefully there will be something you like. Keep inspired :)

  21. Tallulah Doll says – reply to this


    Re: Ramona the Pest – Yes it is quite sad. Hopefully her managers realize that the public is smarter and has better taste…I mean someone is getting paid take care of this stuff. Poor girl. And thing is I do not even guys or girls are attracted to this. It is totally unrelateable and so predictable. But you know what you can make a difference by showing an alternative with your style and behavior! :-) :-) :-)

  22. Tallulah Doll says – reply to this


    Re: Anny – For sure, huge disappointment especially because he is older! But you know what you do not have to take it, I often cut off artists if they are morally unfair, or skip out on their CD for one year. I mean it is hard if you love their art, but the world is a butterfly effect. You have to have morals and know where to draw the line.

    Hopefully he will see the negative outcome and learn. People make mistakes and often grow! :)

  23. McAwesome says – reply to this


    this made me realise that justin beiber is actually better than most….

  24. dleo says – reply to this


    I feel abused and dirty, why did I watch that. One thing that puzzles me, why is her tongue always hanging out of her mouth these days? Every picture, big tongue hanging down like on a dog.

  25. Sarah says – reply to this


    Rihanna's facial expression during that performance kills me! LOL

  26. 126

    If I didn't already know she was a trashy ho I would be embarrassed for her. Rubbing your crotch and hanging your tongue out like a dog is NOT talent. That was so gross. Just get a job at vivid and get it over with …may as well do porn.

  27. ERC says – reply to this


    Disney and her parents must be soooo proud….((Parental guidance warning)) She did nothing but make herself look like a crazy slut…..What a shame she has such low self worth she has to resort to this :(

  28. Music crushed says – reply to this


    Miley get off the drugs, get some clothes on, and get a new career.

  29. janet says – reply to this


    Dear Miley,

    We get it. You're grown. You've had sex. You're no longer Hannah Montana. NOW please put your tongue back in your mouth, cover your boobs and crotch, get some class girl. Geeze, while the Olsen's are a little weird at least we don't have an urge to get the water hose out when they come out in public.

  30. hp says – reply to this


    oh miley

  31. Suss says – reply to this


    Wtf Miley!!!

  32. taffnboots says – reply to this


    What did I just watch??? Omg horrible!!!!!!!!

  33. Milena says – reply to this


    Re: Ramona the Pest – I am so embarrassed for her… Poor girl sheis so desperate for attention and now she has made it even worse!

  34. ZDile says – reply to this


    What a stupid, no talent, ugly whore. No wonder they all hate us, with disgusting bullshit displays like this. Of course, if she had a halfway decent body with a discernable waist and some boobs it would be one thing, but she looks like a badly done sex change turd.

  35. Louise says – reply to this


    That was absolutely terrible? What was she thinking? She lost of of her personal power and integrity by doing that. That's not girl power…that's girl gone cray cray.

  36. Pace says – reply to this


    Now a true caricature of what she used to be she…ugly warts and all. She's now morphed into the lost child of the Kardashian clan. I mean, who else would have no awareness of how embarassed they should really be at their antics. Miley needs to go home, take a shower…then do a rewind to realize that her future is now completely behind her. Pathetic imitations of Madonna (who at her raunchiest showed more talent, style and class) will never compare to the one and only material girl. Go to college, get an education and get a real vocation kid, at least until you fill out….and put some pants on for heaven's sake!…you're grounded!!!!!

  37. 137

    Lmao at rihannas expressionless expression.

  38. 138

    Re: J.K.L – lmfao

  39. Visitor says – reply to this


    Hey dont get onto Liam deal with Miley..

  40. Denise says – reply to this


    Gee…I forgot it was on last night! Glad I did!

  41. lalala says – reply to this


    Re: cornhole – Don't you need to have breasts first?

  42. Tracey says – reply to this


    Re: darkblue96 – right!!! and excuse me but no self respecting lesbian would hump and grind all over Thicke!!!

  43. Tina says – reply to this


    This beats a person literally wearing a trash bag…

  44. Wow.. says – reply to this


    They need to shut this shit down, it's going to far with these talentless mega-sluts that calls themselves pop artists.

  45. VickyDee says – reply to this


    Wow, keep it in your pants miley, licking teddy bears is weird. You shouldn't be allowed around children.

  46. zz says – reply to this


    She sounds like a sheep what the hell is this sh*t???!! and also it looks like she's having a seizure. Shame on you.

  47. mlyjn says – reply to this


    That surpassed trashy and went to sad. She reminds me of that one really sloppy drunk girl at a party or bar who thinks she's being sexy, but actually is just embarrassing herself.

  48. Mandy says – reply to this


    It was embarrasing to see: Miley acting out of control trying too hard to show how sexy and horny she is *erm…* and Robin Thicke playing the game as well… What happens with her tongue btw? VULGAR!
    And Liam Hemsworth?! xD

  49. Märta says – reply to this


    Wow, Miley sure seems to have had a dry season lately because I can't think of any sexually active person that would act like she does..
    I'm not so fond of the idea we have in society that 'sex sells', especially not when women have to dance around men as if the men were gods and the women only there to show their bodies and loyalty to them.
    Miley's performance screams sex and I think she's taken it too far…
    What does she really want to accomplish with all of this? Dry humping, sticking her tongue out in the most vulgar way, dressing in underwear, rubbing that glove between her legs, licking that guy's neck… It's all too much, and if she wants to provoke or 'let go' of Hannah Montana, I think it would still be enough if she cut the vulgarity…
    She is in no way helping to prevent society from thinking women are sex objects and that where men only need to rap to gain popularity, women need to take their clothes off and rub their butt against someone's crotch, sort of like they're being dominated…

  50. 150

    I just… it's sickening…

  51. JEFF says – reply to this



  52. Misanthropist says – reply to this


    If an STD had a face, it would look like Miley Cyrus.

  53. MIMI says – reply to this


    Well, welcome to America.

  54. Helen says – reply to this


    White trash!!!! Why is she shaking…she's got nothing to shake! If I was the fiancée of someone acting like a $5 hooker then I might be looking elsewhere too. She is pretty, she doesn't need to do this to get attention and it won't be good for her when she is older. I'm not a prude. Nudity as a form of art I'm okay with (like GaGa) but this is just tacky. It doesn't help that she still seems about 17. I agree with Kelly Clarkson.

  55. Helen says – reply to this


    Re: cornhole – That is just disgusting and horrible! You are a troll. Her performance was trashy and juvenile but there is no need to wish that on anyone.

  56. Damien says – reply to this


    Sometimes performers give us a little more than we were expecting, shock us, surprise us and entertain us. Sadly this isn't the case with Miley Cyrus.

    Watching this performance I just felt embarrassed for this attention hungry uninspiring unoriginal wannabe.

    To all those women who have partied hard and drank into the early hours during bachelorette parties be aware, Miley Cyrus is stealing your dance moves but sadly thinks that she is original in doing so.

    Pathetic! Go away already!!

  57. jen says – reply to this


    That was beyond trashy! Trashy is putting it too nice! What was she thinking and who the heck choreographed that performance. ugh!!!! Awful! I would hate to be her finance or parents right now!

  58. J. Martinez says – reply to this


    I've never seen someone with so much talent lack such understanding. She seems like she is vying sooOOooo badly for attention and trying to be sexy, and she doesn't understand that the way she is doing it isn't sexy AT ALL. It seems like she needs to be reeled in and no one is telling her honestly what an idiot she looks and acts like. Poor Robin Thicke. Way too classy to have someone like that trying to dry hump him. And Liam…I am going to apologize for your girlfriend. That was just embarrassing.

  59. Pywacket says – reply to this


    Re: toto – WHITE trash? Is that really necessary? How about just plain TRASH??

  60. Balletrose says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus/ Vera de Milo mashup…VERA DE MILEY

  61. Cammie says – reply to this


    I get that she's not the young girl we used to see on Disney anymore and she wants to show the world she's grown up. BUT THIS. THIS JUST SCREAMS OUT DESPERATION. Demi and Selena also came from Disney but they turned out to be very beautiful, inspiring, and mature women. This is just so embarrassing to watch. She's rubbing against a 36 y.o. man who has a wife and child, whereas her own fiance is probably watching her "performance" somewhere. There is the good and classy way to grow up and THIS IS NOT IT. Fangirls can say that other girls are doing this too.. well they are because people like Miley are influencing them. SLUTTY and DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION. She surely is getting attention now.

  62. 162

    There's nothing new here kids, Madonna was humping a bed on her Blonde Ambition tour, Janet "accidentally " pop a nipple, Ozzy bit a Bat's head off, Gaga wore worst thing.
    it's Hollywood and MTV. For Rihanna to make a face ? I guess she was pissed for not doing it first and Those kids of Mr & mrs Smith making faces, their obnoxious !!. The only thing Miley should stop is copying Gene Simmons with the tounge and I can't stand Kiss except for one song

  63. darvish says – reply to this


    "BARES" it all not "BEARS" you fucking idiot

  64. Wow says – reply to this


    Her song is sooo boring. And she's ugly. What's that thing with the tongue? She looks retarded.
    I liked the second song, tho.
    We all should sign a petition so Liam will fuck this bitch. Not classy to masturbate in public.

  65. Thisisnotgood says – reply to this


    I really hope she doesn't become a mother one day.

  66. Carl says – reply to this


    Miley, I will pray for you. I feel bad when a young woman feels the need to over sexualize her self to make money. It's no different than a young woman who feels the need to prostitute herself. Truly sad. Miley doesn't need people ridiculing her. She needs people to help her see that she doesn't need to degrade herself to make a living.

  67. Ali says – reply to this


    Why is no one commenting on fat Beetlejuice? She wasn't the only one who looked ridiculous .

  68. formermileyfan says – reply to this


    I was cringing watching it, was not entertaining, was grossed out and felt sorry for her, LOST ALL CLASS, she is trying way to hard to be something she is not and its obvious

  69. KAT says – reply to this


    My summer happy song is gone…
    Upset that Thicke has gone so wrong!

    Hate to explain to my tweens…
    That Hannah now needs to be screened!

    Gone is Thicke's 'hey, hey, hey'…
    To Miley's being a 'ho, ho, ho'…
    As a parent of tweens…all I can say is no, no, no!'

  70. NRS says – reply to this


    She is irrelevant, and desperate. Do not compare her to Madonna on a controversial level, Miley does not have the talent to back it up like Madge did back when her career was taking off. Just like a stripper that puts it all out there in your face, it's all she has and nothing more. Wish I never had to see her again on social media again, she sickens me. Her mom looked pathetic smiling after her performance, nothing to be proud ot there unless you are trash and happy that your daughter is a twit making a spektical of herself on nation TV. That hot fiancé of hers needs to dump that trash and save his career while he still has a chance. Trashy.

  71. jack says – reply to this


    Yikes Miley! Put your tongue back in your mouth and your clothes back on your body. Use that beautiful voice of yours and stop the nonsense. We want you take you seriously… but we just can't.

  72. 172


  73. riddler says – reply to this


    I think that miley wants to show that she can break out of that image everyone has of her as the kid in the entertainment industry. I think she is trying too hard and over doing it. Compared to lady gaga,katty perry,rihanna etc her performance isn't any different from theirs. What exactly is shocking about her behaving like this? People should realize already that this kind of behavior is 'necessary' for this nasty music industry. She is talented but needs to channel her talent into something that actually makes sense. Write a book or give all that money she has to some poor children.

  74. AO4231 says – reply to this


    Re: Niki – I know they didn't rehearse that. I feel sorry for Robin because he had to continue with the performance. Note to Miley, If Paula asks you to lunch, DON'T GO.

  75. Blair says – reply to this


    This was disturbing and the least sexiest thing ever. I know Miley want to get away from her Hannah Montana good girl image and show she grown up but this performance shows you are far from grown up and you have zero clue what sexy or classy is but if you where going for trailer park trashy well you nailed it!

  76. ChBecher says – reply to this


    Where is Miley?? She's gone, and I think her fans will go too.. I haven't words, it's just embarrassing..

  77. mutia rizki says – reply to this


    Robin thick came with his wife, I wondered what his wife thought about his performance with miley…SMH!! there's a fine line between being bitchy and sexy…she's not a bad bitch, she's just bad, bitch!!

  78. Kyomo says – reply to this


    I lose 6 minutes of my life….

  79. Star9 says – reply to this


    They're both talentless pathetic people who aren't confident in themselves (as they shouldn't be) that is why they have to resort to shock tactics. They show no class. I think they both are garbage. I don't understand how their music even sells?!?

  80. tabby says – reply to this


    She looks like an idiot. I feel embarressed for her. Oh, and honey…Madonna did the 'shock value' thing decades ago. It's been done and much better at that.

  81. Uncle Myrt says – reply to this


    Dirty little performance. Don't give this filthy girl your money. Shame on you hanna montana.

  82. ackros says – reply to this


    wth, wtf, seriously?
    who ever signed off on this is to blame not myley.
    this new image/anti-trend shes in is aweful.
    time for a reset and go back to her country music roots. even she cant fekk that up.

  83. Anna says – reply to this


    What's wrong with all of you people? This is perfect if you really think about it. The transition from being a girl to a woman is awkward at the best of times. It can also be a really promiscuous time for a lot of girls/women. AND by gawd, if there's anything that tells us how our media is affecting girls, this is it. Miley isn't the creator of it…she's just falling victim to it like everyone else.

    Instead of calling her names and referring to her as trash (which is SO freekin' rude and mean btw)
    a) Consider what you would do in her position at the age of 18? I guess something equally embarrassing… maybe not sexual some embarrassing none-the-less.

    b) Ask yourself - is my snotty-better-than-thou comment actually going to help her and others like her grow up into strong, independent, and self-respecting women

    c) What does this tell us about our youth? While Miley Cyrus is obviously more extroverted about it than most, it doesn't mean that this is how alot of 18'ish year olds look at their sexuality. Miley isn't the one creating this view…she's an object of over-sexualized media just like all girls/women her age.

    d) Are you really surprised? She was sweet when she was younger but wasn't she always a little outspoken? You're all just uncomfortable because it's sexual now.

  84. Lana says – reply to this


    Common Perez, all this ridiculousness and that's all you have to say??
    Miley is out of her mind!! MTV has become a joke. If I were Rihanna and all those actual stars I would've been embarrassed to attend such a thing.

  85. klaus says – reply to this


    come on….she's just having fun. don't be so hypocrite

  86. br says – reply to this


    ewww mileys dad should have knocked out robin thicke for preforming with her like that distgusting and what kinda dancing was she doing i thought dancing was supposed to look nice that was anything but nice

  87. I'd do her says – reply to this


    Id do her. But not paying for it.

  88. 188

    Mm mm mm that's nasty and I'm a freak too. What would Billy Ray say?

  89. kayla says – reply to this


    Re: Anny
    WOW…This is exactly why I think this world is messed up.Statements like yours about poor Robin,a grown man who was BASICALLY sexually assaulted during his angelic performance on VMA by no other tan a teen slut Miley.Yeah.The poor guy.Let's have Miley apologize to him and his wife cause she also threatened him that if he didn't rub on her but she would lose her cool on him.Get real people.

  90. 190

    i like the guys in back pretending to play in a band….what an embarassing joke…the whole dam thing. when miley steals the show, what have you got ?

  91. howard says – reply to this


    so. nasty.

  92. M_In_O_Town says – reply to this


    Miley was a spoiled young brat, she thought she knew it all
    She smoked mentholated cigarettes and she had sex in the hall
    But she was not my kind or even of my sign
    The kind of animal that I wouldn't be about

    Woh, woh, woh, you keep hangin' ’round me
    And I'm not so glad you found me
    You're still doin' things that I gave up years ago

  93. 193

    I cannot believe Miley's one hit wonder of a father's reaction to this! Oh yeah…she's probably supporting him since his career fizzled after "Acky Breaky HeartI I have a 19 year old daughter ten times more beautiful and talented than this little freaky piece of white trash! I don't care if they are over 18, I believe that ANY parent with ANY moral compass at all, would be outraged. If it were my daughter, I would have fought off security guards & covered her up. She glorifies getting high and rap music (which we al know refers to women as hos. So congrats to this freaky looking girl…she is now the Ho that rappers sing about!!

  94. Tabs says – reply to this


    @anny…. Have you not seen robin thick in the video? Its pretty gross as well.

    Wow miley forgot to sing during her ho-dance. It was just horrific.

  95. Mr. Reason says – reply to this


    So, MTV can't afford better props than cardboard with cray-paper? what the f were those props? Girls in football pads, guy wearin the Betelgeuse suit? She wasn't even grinding on him, they shot it in forced perspective, the gross part was her touching herself and exploiting those black women like they were Richard Prior in "The Toy".

  96. nagina says – reply to this


    first time im seeing this video i really thought from what i heard she did something really bad she did the same thing she did in her music video people are just over reacting as usual this is nothing i have seen worst

  97. dee says – reply to this


    Really too bad she doesn't realize that what she did was not sexy at all
    It was degrading, I was embarrassed for her, her Mom and Dad, Liam

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