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Hilary Duff Needs To Make More Music! Four Reasons To Rush A New Album On The 10th Anniversary Of Metamorphosis

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There are some of you who may believe that it was the one Miz Miley "Twerking" Cyrus that established the now highly-regarded Disney tradition of transitioning Disney Channel stars into pop music mega-makers.

Ah, how foolish you are!

Many moons before Miley had the best of both worlds, and even longer before she ran around half-nekkid on MTV, there was… Hilary Duff! Adorable, sun-kissed haired Hilary Duff, whose animated counter part on Lizzie McGuire was the voice of every tween's inner dialogue in 2001. Then, in 2003, the Duffster released her debut album, Metamorphosis.

And you know what? It was pretty damn good!

Now, ten years later, a lot has changed for Hilary: she's married, she has a beautiful baby boy, she's been on Gossip Girl… but she hasn't made any new music since 2009. And frankly, that's just unacceptable. Girl knows how to punch out some punchy, pop hits. Hell, some of her jams are still on our playlist rotation!

So, what is it going to take to get Hilary to give us a new album? Perhaps revisiting these four, fine musical endeavors will light the spark needed to get her back in the studio:

1. So Yesterday

This was Hil's first single off Metamorphosis and if you were in middle school and your boyfriend was stepping out on you with some 9th grade hussy, you had this blasting so hard in your room, the walls were reverberating. Also, it takes a rocking chick to pull off black, leather fingerless gloves and pull them off well!

So, no more yesterdays … give us new music TODAY!

2. Come Clean

Yeah, we could've shared the official music video, where she sings during a flash flood — but this is way better! First of all, it's acoustic, which very few Disney artists ever attempt. And second, look how cute she is! She can pull off both — sweet and sinful, without going overboard and making everyone at the VMAs uncomfortable.

To that end, it's been so long since we've gotten new Hilary music, she really has a "clean" slate to make any kind of record she wants!

3. Little Voice

This one wasn't a single in the states, but if you can manage to watch the video through to the end and then can resist the urge to hum this all day long, then you are a stronger person than we are!

It says it right in the lyrics: "The little voice in my head won't let me forget…" WE'VE NEVER FORGOTTEN, HILARY! LOL!

FYI - This song features a writing credit from Patrik Berger, a pop music hero who went on to helm “Dancing On My Own” with Robyn, “I Love It” for Icona Pop, and “You’re the One” for Charli XCX. Could you imagine the music Patrik and the Duffster could make NOW?!

4. Why Not

It's all there in the title — WHY NOT?!

Why not indeed, Hilary?!

The time has come — put out a new album!!!!

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18 comments to “Hilary Duff Needs To Make More Music! Four Reasons To Rush A New Album On The 10th Anniversary Of Metamorphosis

  1. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! says – reply to this


    OMG! Yes!!! I loved Hilary Duff as a kid and am now proud to say that my role model as a kid did not grow up to be a complete trainwreck!

  2. Liz says – reply to this


    I would soooooo love this!!! Time to put those dirty girls in their place!!! (aka Miley and Rihanna)

  3. 3

    She was my 3rd concert haha great times.

  4. 4

    I sooooo approve this!! Im just glad today she confirmed about meeting with different artists on her new album

  5. Brit says – reply to this


    YES, YES, YES!! Beat of my heart and Wake up were my favorites of all time!!!!

  6. Sarah says – reply to this


    Glad you loved it this much! I shared it on my FB page to make sure your request hits the right Mickey ears.

  7. Lauren says – reply to this


    WOW… it has been 10 years already. I hope she and Mandy Moore make some new albums. Mandy hasn't done great recently but I love her song Latest Mistake off her Wild Hope album. If they both made a comeback in music I would be a happy girl.

  8. musicjunkie1993 says – reply to this


    I can't believe it's been 10 years since it came out. This was my first album when I was 10. Geez, I feel old.

  9. Olivia says – reply to this


    Funny that you posted this! I wrote a Buzzfeed post recently on how her jams are timeless. ( I agree when you say she should release new music!

  10. Bridgette says – reply to this


    I totally love Hilary & miss her. One of the few child stars that didn't end up going all wacko!

  11. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    This needs to happen! She is proof that someone can survive being a child star without completely hitting rock bottom, or trying to be outrageous for the sake of proving she's not a little girl on the Disney Channel anymore.

  12. Irma says – reply to this


    Why not was the original YOLO!!! I love Hilary and I can't wait till she's back!

  13. 13

    I'm so glad she decided to become a young mom so her career would go away faster.

  14. Christina Rios says – reply to this


    10 years ago today I met Hilary Duff at her New York signing for Metamorphosis and i"ll never forget how kind and sweet she was. I still have and cherish the signed CD along side "Hilary Duff" & "Dignity" because it holds so many memories of my childhood, that album helped me through my awkward tween years and unashamedly even some of my older teen years. I remember how even though her people were rushing her through the line at VIRGIN records (damn i feel old) when my best friend and I asked her if we could give her a hug she did not eve hesitate to jump up and hug us both! It made our little 13 year old selves day!
    I remember PLEADING with my mother back then to take away my weekly allowance in exchange for her getting the Disney Channel on cable so i'd never miss a single Lizzie McGuire episode, or a joke between Lizzie & Miranda, or unrequited love glance from Gordo (Awww Gordo!)
    Hilary was the biggest thing back then and made her transition into adulthood and music flawlessly, with grace poise and class, all things Miley and her peers could use a hefty dose of.
    I'm SO grateful that my role model growing up was just that, a ROLE MODEL!
    I would definitely purchase and support a Hilary comeback any day, especially in hopes that she can show these youngin's nowadays how to act!

  15. Leo says – reply to this


    I'm so proud of Hilary! <3

  16. 16

    Way to make us feel old, Perez!!!!

  17. Adinson says – reply to this


    Will definitely rush to buy it as soon as it comes out!!

  18. katy says – reply to this


    Perez u are forgetting about her awesome album Dignity which came out after metamorphosis hasn't been 10 years. still listen to that album dignity