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Ok, ok... So Justin Bieber's absence yesterday at the MTV VMAs wasn't all too surprising, but you'll never believe who he chose to spend the night with! … Read more…

45 comments to “Justin Bieber's MTV VMA Absence Explained! Does He Have A New Old Girlfriend?!”

  1. L says – reply to this


    You guys are so full of shit.
    Jacque and him are friends.
    She's dating his childhood friends Chaz. It was already said by Alfredo Flores. Get a life.

  2. Michelle says – reply to this


    A common mistake young kids make….

  3. dev says – reply to this


    Funny how Selena had posted pics with her old friend and male co-star and then Justin copied her. He didn't' go to the VMAs because the fans didn't nominate or he knew he would be booed. If it isn't about him he has a fit and tantrum and won't show up. Real performers show up be they nominated or not. They do so for the
    Fans…. he can care less about the fans. What a douche bag diva. Boooo!

  4. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: dev – You're a retard and just proved it. So he is a douche for not showing up? The dude is on VACATION he doesn't need to go to award shows if he doesn't want to that doesn't make someone a diva or a douchebag you dumbass. He simply didn't go you idiot, you are so ignorant I can't handle it. He actually hangs out with his fans all the time and plays them his music and takes pictures but no one reports it ;) . He copies Selena? Bitch please no one gives a shit about that talentless gold digger anymore, she can diss him whenever she wants and he doesn't give a shit anymore obviously. Wow this is the DUMBEST comment I've read in a while. Congratulations that's your biggest achievement in life.

  5. george09 says – reply to this


    Re: dev – Wow, how ignorant can you be???
    That's not being a diva moron.
    He simply didn't want to go probably even because he avoided Selena and her immature shades and drama. He was nominated on TCA's as well and won 3 awards but didn't go simply because he DOESN'T HAVE TO and he was on vacation from his tour. So all celebrities HAVE to go to these shows all the time otherwise they're douches? Claps for you my friend you have officially went fully retarded. Bravo !!

  6. LMAO says – reply to this


    Selena didn't post anything neither did he copy her hahaha. Delusional much?
    On the other hand you're very ignorant and dumb as well. Real performers attend award shows they want, no one forces them to go and it doesn't make them less real performers and bad people if they don't show up kid. He couldn't attend many shows where he was nominated and won as well and when he can he attends, this time he was away and no one forces him to go that doesn't make him a douche or anything. Beyonce was nominated she didn't show up at all, so is she a bitch for it? NO. Boo YOU :D

  7. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    They're probably just friends. And if not, so what

  8. justgtfo says – reply to this


    Re: dev – oh dev I see a butthurt gomez fan here lol, she posted a picture 4 days ago with her co star who could be her father. you're dumb if you think he copied her lmao he has female friends and can date now they're both single and allowed to do it it's not copying it's just living their damn life :S what is wrong with you? how is he bad because he didn't go? many stars were even nominated they didn't go so they're all bad for it? no. no one forces them to go specially if they're not nominated, typial bieber sheep hater who thinks bieber is some devil. his behavior is normal now and he does a lot good as well maybe google that stop being ignorant and stupid ;)

  9. tyson says – reply to this


    Re: NinjaGirl – I love how the media thinks every single girl he is seen with or just hangs out with is having sex with him or dating him or they will get married lol. Poor boy he must be frustrated he must keep it low key and hide it all media is going nuts over him can't even blame him for freaking out at all, just look at this smh. So sick. Leave him alone for God's sake already. He can't have days off without bs.

  10. 10

    He does not need that stupid awards show even though he did get nominated for The Power video with Will.i.am. He probably wants to avoid the drama of encountering those two turkeys, Selena and Swift. One Direction was rude by rude losers, the same might have happened to him so screw the show

  11. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: cardonaivando – Taylor Swift is immature and acts like a 14 year old girl and she is 22 ? Selena as well, can see now why they're bff's. Props for Harry for being mature and handling her shit well, Bieber is smart for avoiding entire show for less drama ,smart boy. I bet Selena would throw some shade as well, we all know them fake America's Sweethearts Lmao.

  12. 12

    Re: cardonaivando – correction: One Direction was booed by rude losers. Also, he might have to avoid being seen with any woman, even his mother, forever so people won't think he”s dating. So far, this year he must have cheated on Selena with 1000 woman if you believe the media.

  13. Peruza says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. Old flame? Rekindled romance? If they did their research right and actually looked at the video justin posted they'd know that he was having dinner with her AND her dad because it was HER BIRTHDAY. And his tweet about how i was a great dinner was probably due to the fact that he had a normal and fun night for once with regular people. Why make something into something its not?? Damn media is sucking the life out of this guy! He can't do anything without it being turned into something. That might make him look bad. They report all the bad shit but they never talk about all the good shit, like how he just got broke a new record for making 200 wishes come true for the make a wish foundation. Smh. An to this whole selena thing… He was not copying her on purpose -.- what are they? 14 year old teens? Firstly she didnt even post any pictures of her with guys from that night.. She was hanging out with Taylor. He probably didnt go because he didnt feel the need to, there was no point in it, he probably feels awkward with selena and Taylor there and with Taylor suddenly hating him now which makes no sense since if selena herself seems to be acting adult with justin than so should she… And he's been working his ass off and deserves a break. I'm not even a huge fan of the guy but even Im sick off all the shit.

  14. mia says – reply to this


    Re: Peruza – dam right you shit faces need to get a life and stop vomiting shit from your mouths about Justin Beiber

  15. mia says – reply to this


    I meant bieber stupid auto correct

  16. hira says – reply to this


    Re: Hov – wowww ud know its not like ur constantly bombarded with haters on a daily basis. and as for his fans he does things that no 19 yr old has he constantly is reminding them there amazing showerin them with visiting his sick fans. the only person that has completed a wish for the sick children of make a wish foundation. Just bcus u chooce to not go to A award ceremony it immedietlly makes u bad role model. people like u r waitin for moments like these so u can slag him of

  17. Dap says – reply to this


    Re: Hov – your my hero now

  18. Belieber4ever says – reply to this


    Why do you freaking care? Leave him alone! It be like you hanging with an old friend. It's not illegal is it?! I didn't think so!

  19. biebsucks says – reply to this


    Re: george09 – He doesn't' go because he will get booed. This was a fan show. You go to appreciate them. He is a low life thug, still sulking. He blew off the Grammy's because he wasn't up for any. Real talent goes to support the industry. He is nothing but a gimmick. And now he has made himself a joke.

  20. Paige says – reply to this


    That's Chaz's girlfriend (source is fredo)

  21. lumi says – reply to this


    this is justins BESTS FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND. she and chaz are dating

  22. Victoria says – reply to this


    I haven't been liking Justin lately, its not cause I'm not a true belieber cause I am. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. But I don't love this guy with tattoos and spit and drugs. Justin seems to ignore it all which is great but for once I'd like to hear what he has to say about SPITTING!!!!!!!!!!! DRUGS!!!!! We have to start a new fandom then. I'd call myself a my world- belieber. or a believe-belieber. Like I like Justin until that point. :( Anyways, geting of topic :) umm. I actually think this is sweet. He cancelled such a big night for his career. And went with a girl who-who wasn't a slut. VMA'S? Who cares. I mean the best song ever by one direction won so all the awards MUST be for losers. Justin, tho, I hate how you take a second to release Actin up and Lolly pop and Twerk the songs but the one that might respect girls a whole lot and that we want and love has been teased for months. HEARTBREAKER. I'm done. Justin if you want to quit go ahead. Cause i DON'T EVEN WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS SH** ANYMORE. WHAT WILL YOU HAVE LEFT WHEN YOU ARE WASHED UP WITH DRUGS??? YOUR FANS. EXCEPT YOU WONT HAVE FANS CAUSE YOUR WASHED UP WITH DRUGS!!!!

  23. Nai says – reply to this


    PEREZ! YOU SIR ARE A BLOCKHEAD! Why would he want to be at a show after most of the celebrities that go to those stupid shows talk shit about him? He's hanging with his friends on vaca. STARS HAVE LIFE'S TOO AND THEY DON'T HAVE TO ATTEND EVERYTHING! And forJACQUE, she's dating Chaz, Justin's best friend! GET A LIFE AND STOP STALKING PEOPLE

  24. .... says – reply to this


    Re: biebsucks – Actually because being there for a friend or family is way more important that winning a lousy award.

  25. Marlow says – reply to this


    Re: Hov – Hahaha….he hasn't been to an award show since he got booed. Remember when he didn't get the Grammy nomination and thought he would put on a show to steal their audience. OMG, that was hysterical. The Upstream wouldn't work and he was tweeting pictures of himself looking sad. He is such a conceited jerk and showed no humility. That's when people started to see was a douche bag he is. It was when he really started getting into trouble with the drugs, alcohol, under aged clubbing, peeing in a bucket in a restaurant…now that's classy. The guy is going downhill so fast. He should have had some respect and showed up for the awards. They are voted on by the fans…but I guess his fans didn't vote for him. He must be losing it. Not one VMA award, I was surprised, but I guess the fans are tired of him as well as everyone else. He is voted the 2nd most disliked performer behind Chris Brown. Now that is saying something about the direction his career is going. Fame went to his head and he thought he was entitled…now he just gets booed. He's become a tool. Too many real performers out there. Justin is getting too old for the 8 year old fans and is too immature for most teenagers. His tantrums haven't helped and not showing up for fan events like the VMAs is a mistake. He is just a tween pop star on his way out. Manufactured by Scooter and company…but it is now on to the next act. Bye bye biebs.

  26. elyse says – reply to this


    OMG!! they are not dating they are just friends plus she is Chaz's girlfriend

  27. Smiffy2020 says – reply to this


    That's a shame. I thought he had died and that's why he wasn't there… better look next time.

  28. Dev says – reply to this


    Re: …. – He could have taken his friend's girlfriend out the night before, or better yet to the show itself. It is one of his obligations to his fans. He seems to be a bit sick and tired of all the meet and greets and little girls screaming. And he blames everyone else for his lack of respect for his music. The things is his music is not as good as other artists. He has a sense of entitlement and is believing his own manufactured image. His work just is not up to par compared to other artists..maybe next year it will be, but at the moment it is not. Other artists were not nominated, but they went to show respect for the fans who vote and support them. He has to stop freaking out for not being excepted by a more adult audience…he is a tween idol and that's it for now. He's so cocky and self-centered now, although they say he always was that way, it just was not reported. People are literally afraid of his homicidal fans. That's strange and he never tells them to stop bullying others and even each other.

  29. biebsisapisser says – reply to this


    This hardly explains why he didn't show up. He could have invited her to the show, she would have been thrilled. He was afraid of the crowd reaction because even at ball games he is being booed now. No matter where he goes he hears boos. I don't know if it will humble him or not. His ego is pretty big. Still since the VMAs is a show where the fans vote he should show some respect. A ton of other artist where there to support the industry, the fans and each other and they too were not nominated. So he was either pissed off because he had no nominations, like the diss by the Grammy's or he is afraid of being booed off the stage. Plus 1 Direction, his competition was invited to present and sing and Justin wasn't. If he can't have it all then he is a very sore loser. He is a very immature 19 year old.

  30. akaira says – reply to this


    Omg are you retarded. Let me get this straight for you. First. Do you even know her. Let me tell you something Jacque is not single.. she is dating justin bieber best friend Chaz. So there you go you got the facts!!!!!!!Chad even said him self that that's his girlfriend. On instagram. GOSH!!!!! Find the F***king facts!$$

  31. ok_then says – reply to this


    When the biggest male pop superstar in the world skips the MTV VMA awards then you know the entire show is going down hill. This was one of WTF moments of this year's show, but not for anything on stage, simply for Justin Bieber's absence. It's no wonder the ratings went down, you can't exclude the world's biggest male pop superstar and expect maybe people wouldn't notice. If he was not invited this year for some insane reason then Justin should return the favor next year and refuse to attend. He certainly does not need the VMA's but judging by this year's ratings they sure needed him.

  32. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: dev – The VMA's didn't invite Justin Bieber because they wanted the spotlight to be solely on Justin Timberlake this year. Justin Bieber is also on a well deserved break from touring before he starts up the Believe world tour again on 9/23/13 in Asia. Keeping a low profile and resting up before he goes back out on tour is what he desperately needs, it's a shame haters like you can't see that he obviously needed to take a rest. The VMA ratings went down as a result of their decision not to invite him. His absence made this year's show a let down and made it appear 2nd rate.

  33. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Marlow – The reason that his show didn't go on air is because it was overwhelmed and servers crashed because of demand. Get your facts straight idiot! The MVA are nominated by MTV not by the fans, if you seriously think that Justin Bieber could lose an award if voted on by his army of fans, then you are truly stupider than you appear. Justin has a upcoming album and finished working on a video that fans of his are speculating is his first single. More wishful thinking from his haters if you actually believe that his career is going downhill….LOL

  34. Meggy says – reply to this


    This better not be true coz I want jelena back and since the break up selena and her career have gone up and he has gone down so he needs her

  35. harrisonnx says – reply to this


    Re: biebsucks – Oh so real talents HAVE TO go if they don't they're not real talent's ? FUCK your logic mate. Eminem didn't show up many times even when he was nominated and even won because he didn't know he will win he didn't show up and he is bad for that right and not talented? Fuck you. Beyonce didn't show up she was nominated ,Demi Lovato didn't she was nominated. Many didn't show up as well and it doesn't make them gimmicks you dumbass. Your name says it all, go back to your basement you low life piece of shit. Your logic gave me cancer.

  36. Hov says – reply to this


    Can't believe some people so dumb and ignorant. Am I talking to 13 year olds? Cause I can't stand dumb children. Without checking the facts you assume shit as always, because you hate Bieber and whatever he does is wrong right? Yeah. If maybe just maybe you would stop mentioning what he did months ago and notice he didn't do anything for a while and has calmed down, he did actually many good things and build schools from his money on tour and actually notice his behavior changed for a while shut up. He did mistakes get over it, will you bring this up next year how he was immature? For a 19 year old, he is ok. I've seen his age doing way worse and I did myself when I was just a 19 dude. So stop being dumb and realize not attending award shows doesn't make someone bad or less talented. Real talents attend ? LOL. Good joke. That is the last thing that tells is someone talented, Selena Gomez attends all and specially only if she is winning and she is now real talent and artist ? No. Shut up kids.

  37. Hov says – reply to this


    Re: Dev – False many have not showed up at VMA's and many who were nominated did not show up. Get your facts straight then talk shit kid. He didn't attend two shows now he is sick of it? Give me a break you naive creature. Don't be ignorant and use some common sense. I am so tired of replying to people like you with low understanding of everything. Actually his music is good and is better than many's music. YOU haven't obviously ever listened, can't blame you thought I didn't before but I've heard his last album, then acoustic one and then listened to the Christmas and was impressed, kid is great and deserves respect by assholes like you won't give it to him because of 3 incidents he did this year? Or because he is Justin Bieber and it's cool to hate him? He got booed oh big deal. It's not everywhere he goes, he got 2 times lol. Don't be delusional he would not be booed at VMA's , the fact Miley Cyrus wasn't booed then no one would be. VMA's actually loved Bieber he always put up a great show. He was on well deserved vacation and lay off already, does it hurt you so much he didn't go? Why you give a shit if you hate him? Get over yourself.

  38. morgan says – reply to this


    just cause he has a dinner with his ex, immediately means there dating.
    grow up.
    anyone can see that selena and Justin are still inlove.

  39. 39

    what kind of idiot would name a girl Jacque ? Poor girl, I would have sued my parents

  40. Trisha says – reply to this


    I actually agree with L.

  41. Trisha says – reply to this


    Re: L – I agree

  42. Narimen says – reply to this


    What the Hell is this Girl Juss u have Caitlin and i don't think so this is the reason why u Absence Yesterday Bc u lost right??? and don't be sad and i'm not Beliebers i'm directionner but i love u as a singer so Good luck with the Next year in the best Video Music and i give u advice if u Back to Jelena every thing gonna be okkay bc when u brook up with her u lost every thing u said she is ur onley love and ur album isn't good as the last year okkayi told u if u back to jelena every thing gonna be right love ya <3

  43. kelsie says – reply to this


    Re: Hov – bitch please all his beliebers nominated him

  44. dream says – reply to this


    yes! she has the same age as justin sympathetic young woman smiling as he
    form a perfect couple
    they already were when he was 14 and 15 they are dating seriously hidden
    and will roll marriage soon

  45. bino says – reply to this


    CHAZ is attending SCHOOL