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26 comments to “Miley Cyrus Left The VMAs Early Because She Wasn't Going To Win!”

  1. Pink Poodle says – reply to this


    I'm embarrassed for her.

    All these talented performers came on after her..i hope she was taking notes on how to wow a crowd.

    Bending over doesnt make you "different." It makes you just like any other girl in the club.

  2. Vreeland says – reply to this


    Liam needs to throw that piece of trash to the curb
    He deserves so much better

  3. J.D.C. says – reply to this


    Gads - with that "performance" looks like our little Hanna Montana has blossomed into a real "SKANK!"

  4. roo says – reply to this


    ugh she sounds so bitter. but we all know how much of a tryhard she is now. she's an absolute joke to her colleagues and fans. there is absolutely no one who was impressed by her performance. it wasn't shocking or different, it was bad, trashy and crap. i'm not even mad about her sexual moves but it was just a dismal performance, she couldn't sing, she couldn't dance and she cannot entertain to save her life. she couldn't even at least do this to maintain her integrity as an artist. she's a wannabe that's it. but unlike you miley, others don't need to rely on shock-factor and twerking. it's out-dated and lame. i actually liked her up until now, her song was catchy her transformation was rocking. but this is tips it over the edge.

    good luck to her because no one is ever going to take her seriously anymore. not even the fact she was a 'disney star' comes even close to this as a stain on her career.

  5. CD says – reply to this


    Miss Try Hard Cyrus should really consider investing in an Orabrush with all of that tongue action..

  6. guest says – reply to this


    why stay? who in the world wanted to talk to her? People couldn't even watch it was so embarrassing.

  7. 7

    Re: roo – I agree with everything you said except the sexual moves really did bother me. I cannot even believe she went that low. A tv commentator called her the train wreck of the night and it's so sad that she's come to this. I had to look away from the tv I was so in shock and appalled and Robin Thicke is as much as fault to have participated in this performance. Ugh! and yuck! doesn't even begin to cover it. God Help them both!

  8. 8

    She's a joke.

  9. 9

    Too bad she didn't decide to leave before she put on that horrible train wreck of a performance.

  10. 10

    miley please calm the fcuk down.

  11. 11

    She should have left early because she made an ass out of herself.

  12. aly says – reply to this


    I cant wait to see what happens with her fiance, no sane guy in the world would be proud to see his girlfriend act like that in public. That wasn't sexy, it was insane. She was vulgar and repulsive. I hope someone helps her out, she was clearly high.

  13. 13

    Miley Cyrus is a no-class pig.

  14. 14

    she is in some kind of regressive state. manic?

  15. Angela says – reply to this


    thoses men should be ashamed of them fucking selfs, what pigs….LOl but i guess a white girl whos new to the hood gets past around, next girls gonna be on drugs, you ppl cant be that surprised i mean REALLy

  16. 16

    I am sorry why is it the Miley Cyrus is vulgar but no one complains when Rihanna does it, or rappers grab their crotch but when the sweet innocent Disney white girl wants to twerk (which isn't a new dance just a new name, Jersey turnpike, droppin low its all the same shit) than EVERYONE has a problem. SMH STFU!!!!!

  17. Truth says – reply to this


    She was GREAT and the ONLY entertaining person on that stupid boring show.

  18. truth says – reply to this


    Re: Pink Poodle

    no one cares. she's rich and famous. look at yourself.

  19. stevie69 says – reply to this


    Re: Truth – You are insane! That was a trashy performance, if you can really call what she did a performance! Justin Timberlake was great, and put on a great show as always. She is so over, and I think she knows it, that's why she did her low-class stripper act.

  20. 20

    she left because she seen the looks on the audience faces during her ho performance. that's not winning. another case of too much too soon. now she is being a rebel and doing stupid sh*t. I feel bad for the family.

  21. Natalie says – reply to this


    Her singing was AWFUL! Like that was seriously one of the worst things I have ever listened to or watched. Not to mention she just looked cheap and pathetic like she was trying WAY too hard and being a poser…I hope she left early because she realized how much she just sucked in front of all of those amazing and respected artists in the audience. I hate that she got to perform over someone with actual talent. She is annoying and not worth putting in the media.

  22. Waqar Ali says – reply to this


    I loved it she was having fun and that was great she sounded amazing. I will admit at some points I was like noo miley stop I think she should have her hair like in We Can't Stop and her clothes similar style to things like in the Fire music video and not wore the bikini thing apart from that I loved it and she stole the show. It was amazing, loved the stage but I think she needs to calm it down a bit but I am still a smiler and hope this is a phase.

  23. 23

    she overshadowed the true talent and reunion show by acting like a nasty lil whore …

    give back the ring

  24. Ryah says – reply to this


    WELL Said–and Spot On !! The whole show was slobbered on by "Miley & her Tongue"!!

    While some are saying–"She got what she wanted–people TALKING ABOUT her", like it's a good thing… that's NOT always true !!
    **Just ask Mel Gibson, Anne Heche, Chris Brown, Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington, O.J. Simpson, Anthony Weiner, (aka Carlos Danger), General David Petraeus–to name a few. ALL were highly "Talked About" (negatively)— All literally committed "Career Suicide" !!

  25. 25

    I didn't get any of her portion of the show. the teddy bears ? what's with all the tongue action? The foam finger? I'm not judging anyone I'm just trying to see if there is a string tieing all the visuals together. I found myself paying more attention to those things than I was listening to the music. I'm not a big fan of current pop music nor am I familiar with her music but it just came across to me as one big confusing sloppy mess. And what performer hasn't had a night like that? She's very young, she'll get it together sooner or later.

  26. liam says – reply to this


    Molly Ratcher is a sicko self centered no talent narcissist. Has been so full of herself for so long. She said she would start a movement. She's right. A Bowel Movement. She left to finish and to surround herself with yes men that will say what they are paid to say. She played to children with all the teddy bear props and that made her actions truly demented. She is tryi g to sexualize young children. How do you spell pedophile? Cant dance. Cant sin g. Cant entertain. Cant give respect to real entertainers. She should stay home. Except when she leaves for mental health care. The ring is a joke just like Molly. Liam ain t goin near it.