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Miley Cyrus Gets Down And Dirty With A Foam Finger At The VMAs! Fill In The Blank!

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Only Miley Cyrus can make the entire audience at the Barclays Center look like they've seen a ghost!

And that's exactly what she did tonight!

Miley put on one of the more twerk-tastic performances of the evening that left some members of the audience speechless!

"_______________!" she said, as she stuck out her tongue and got a little naughty with her customized foam finger!

Hey! It's her foam finger, she can do what she wants to!

[Image via AP Images.]

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51 comments to “Miley Cyrus Gets Down And Dirty With A Foam Finger At The VMAs! Fill In The Blank!”

  1. 1

    I tell you what if Miley Cyrus is trying to alienate all of the fans she once had in the country music world she's doing a fabulous job with this VMA performance.

    I bet her father Billy Ray Cyrus is embarrassed as hell. I would be if I was him. Nothing like seeing your daughter getting raunchy on stage grinding, slapping women's asses, touching herself and using that foam finger like a sex toy onstage. It was way more weird than it was sexy.

  2. 2

    Is that Steve-O?

  3. Jenn says – reply to this


    Her performance was a shame :/

  4. anonymous says – reply to this


    apologies to britney spears (2007)

  5. Come On... says – reply to this


    She should probably just go on and take that engagement ring off now..

  6. wtf says – reply to this


    I felt embarrassed for her. she's twenty, how old is robin thicke? we get it, your not a virgin and your oh so edgy and free. trying way too hard I could tell some of the other (actual) artists in the audience were embarrassed and kept their heads down

  7. Jamie says – reply to this


    this had to be the worst performance in vma history, I had to send my kids out of the room. once my idol and i am so ashamed to admit it because she belongs with amanda bynes right now after this performance

  8. girl/girl says – reply to this


    Miley just brought down the class of this show… Would not want any young girls to have her as someone to look up to…. She needs to keep her mouth shut and learn something from Rhiana and others…

  9. Jenn says – reply to this


    She completely ruined the sexy bad girl rep she has been building for herself with this performance. That was complete chaos, and how can all those people who watched her rehearse acting like a child and dancing like a druggie not say something? She needs to change her team up, because she looked like a damn fool tonight

  10. happygurl says – reply to this


    Holy hell she looks like a clown… a scary clown

  11. 11

    BAD PRESS IS GOOD PRESS!!! EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT HER. A performance that everybody is talking about!!! LADY CACA WHO? what did she do??? ZZZzzzzzz next

  12. jt885 says – reply to this


    Wow. This is HORRIBLY BAD. I mean I was complaining about Britney Spear's performance. but this definitely wins for worst VMA performance. What is up with the slick tongue at the beginning of the scene. Her legs are very awkwardly spread like she's having a hard time closing it. She's trying to hard to be the next big thing. I like the song, but her new look is not something I could stand watching. Why not stay classy instead of whorish Miley

  13. Lisa says – reply to this


    I'm so embarrassed for her :( she's gonna regret this when she's older

  14. me says – reply to this


    Way to go Billy! You must be very proud. Get that girl some help before she ODs!

  15. 15

    Miley is self destructing her career. This is beyond bad press…it's downright embarrassing!

  16. 16

    this was so embarassing..

  17. Stupid says – reply to this


    "This'll DEFINITELY get me some publicity!!!" she said, as she stuck out her tongue and got a little naughty with her customized foam finger!

  18. Melissa says – reply to this


    did it bother anyone else that she had that damn finger on her hand the wrong way the whole time?

  19. Candice says – reply to this


    This is was so embarrassing. What the heck happened to this girl? So sad to see someone with genuine talent end up like this.

  20. Ry_91 says – reply to this


    Seriously, it was terrible. What's even worse is that everything she does is this way, now. I understand she wants to get away from her childhood Disney image, but she did that a few years ago, before she lost her mind. Now she's alienating fans and she's just gross.

  21. Dan says – reply to this


    "I'm totally stupid!" she said, as she stuck out her tongue and got a little naughty with her customized foam finger!

  22. Barcelona says – reply to this


    Wow from Hannah Montana to that no words to describe what she's turned out to be but give the girl a break she's not the only one look at Lindsay Lohan for example & etc! What has gotten into these so called young disney celebrities!

  23. girl/girl says – reply to this


    get some class girl! Gaga, Rhiana, Madonna, Katy…. more class in their little fingers!

  24. 24

    You a a fuc#ing idiot…I'm so damn serious. You have money…wtf are you trying to prove?

  25. A says – reply to this


    as a miley fan, this performance really saddened me a lot. she was trying extremely hard, way too hard I should say. Shaking her butt around, touching herself with a big foam finger, wagging her tongue around…she looked bad. Not even in an "edgy/cute" way, just really bad. No one enjoyed her performance, the audience was suffering from secondhand embarrassment the whole time. I feel for her dad, how much it must suck to see your daughter do that!

  26. JuliaE says – reply to this


    She is disgusting, skanky, and out of control. How any man would want to put anything in that twerking idiot is beyond me. She's a train wreck and I hope the entire world just lets her know that there is nothing sexy or remotely interesting about her tongue or her stick body. No more Miley. yuk!

  27. 27

    My Mom, Aunt and I were watching and got a laugh and thought she was awful. Miley no doubt wanted to do a performance that would be talked about, she accomplished that for sure. It was an expect fail though, instead of looking edgy it came off like she was a raunchy cartoon caricature. What she was selling I wasn't buying. Throughout Madonna's long career she's pulled off many a stunt that got people talking and it and it worked and was believable. Miley came off looking pathetic!

  28. 28

    This girl's tripping and having fun her way!

  29. 29

    Looked like a drugged out trailer trash whore.

    If she wanted the attention, she got it. I didn't think she could get anymore pathetic then she did on her video. Boy was I wrong.

    Now I will make a point to turn the channel every time she pops on, don't care for scum ball folks like that.

    A real sexy woman, keeps it in her own bedroom, because it makes it much more sensual. This idiot looked like she would hop in any car and well…you know.

    I'd of love to go up on that stage and yank her butt off of it,(keeping it clean) what a slap to the art of dancing.

    Yep, don't be surprised if she isn't the next to go, with all the drugs she is obviously doing. I won't.

  30. jess says – reply to this


    dad is so proud

  31. caitlyn says – reply to this


    Why must she stick her tongue out all the time!!! oh you're so rebellious… not! I once could tolerate her, now i think she's becoming really lame

  32. 32

    the chipmunk has gone rabid is all i can say .. too atrocious for words

    give back the RING

  33. omc says – reply to this


    That girl has no talent and is so homely she has to do this to get any attention! She is an ugly no talent mess!

  34. Lisa says – reply to this


    Embarassed for her, her family, her fiance, and all of those who thought she had some form of talent. I'm sure that Robin Thicke's wife was thrilled! Miley is everything young women shoud strive NOT to be. She gives meaning to the wore "SKANK!" Thank goodness classy acts, like Justin Timberlake, still exist.

  35. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber would be a cute couple. Maybe they can dance like that together on stage next time

  36. 36

    So so horrible! She was going for sexy and edgy clearly but fell around skanky and terrifying. It looked like someone planned this performance under a terrible drug trip or something. Edgy and sexy can't be forced, they need to come naturally and that's why Madonna was so good in her heyday…this was trying way too hard.

  37. Srishti says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – I completely agree with you..once upon a time i used to think of this psycho girl as my idol..i am her ashamed of her.REALLY

  38. Srishti says – reply to this


    this girl will die as a drug addict…! She must me sent to rehab right now.

  39. 39

    Her first outfit was a mess…but, not as much of a mess as herself. That was the worst act to ever hit that stage. She came out of the bear so weird…like…I can't stick my tongue out and walk down stairs at the same time. That was not talent or any kind of statement. That was trash plain and simple.

  40. Elke says – reply to this


    "My name is Miley Cyrus.. " she said, as she stuck out her tongue
    "and down there.. " and got a little naughty with her customized foam finger
    "is where I have a SMELLY VIRUS!"

  41. Bahhaa says – reply to this


    Does anyone not remember how "Edgy & Erotic" Madonna used to be? (before she got old anorexic & gross) She knew how to get people to talk about her, wanting to see what she was going to do next.. Miley isn't stupid.. she's a media manipulating genius who won't be going anywhere anytime soon! Sit back and enjoy the ride! :)

  42. ppac says – reply to this


    "…the direction that my career is headed after this performance!"


  43. Bob says – reply to this


    Looks like another Hollywood pig has been born.

  44. macalla2 says – reply to this


    "Started from Disney, now we're here."

  45. jc says – reply to this


    What the fuck happened to Miley Cyrus?.. And why did Robin Thicke (a married man) allow her to grind on him?? That entire performance was just plain weird!

  46. jc says – reply to this


    Re: jess – LOL

  47. MAMANELLE5 says – reply to this


    I thought Miley Cyrus put on the most vulgar performance I've ever seen at any show.
    There was nothing entertaining about it.

  48. MAMANELLE5 says – reply to this


    I don't want to leave out Robin Thicke. How he makes a living at singing, I'll never understand………………he has NO voice, and little falsetto thing he inserts is so stupid. He needs to find other work.

  49. 49

    I'm more concerned about those nasty pedobear things. It was a WTF? is that moment. Gross.

  50. Emmi says – reply to this


    She probably said fuck anyone respecting me and my career!

  51. 51

    At the "VMA" A thicke molly gas! go see the funny pic at Yapmouth c.o.m click Picture Gallery scroll down and click: FunnyPokers