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EXCLUSIVE! Kate Gosselin Being Called Out For Filing BOGUS Lawsuit Against Ex-Hubby Jon!

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Come and get your popcorn!

Because this is starting to get inneresting!!!

Yesterday, we reported about Kate Gosselin's multi-million dollar lawsuit being filed against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. She claims he hacked into her computer and stole her identity in order to get info for a tell-all book about the mother of 8!

But we're hearing EXCLUSIVELY that Kate's case is all smoke and mirrors because she just doesn't want to see the book hit store shelves again!

Uh-oh. What doesn't she want us to know???

Kate's now being accused of filing a SLAPP suit, aimed at scaring Jon into shutting his mouth and avoiding the re-release of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, a book written by Jon's friend Robert Hoffman.

The publication first came out in 2012 but was pulled by most distributors after charges surfaced that the details in the book were obtained illegally.

Furthermore, our source says Kate's real reason for taking Jon to court now is to promote her own COOKBOOK!

Something's cooking alright!!!

Think Kate's secrets are safe? Or will Jon come out on top in court and allow this tell-all to go to print once and for all???

A judge will soon decide!

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14 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Kate Gosselin Being Called Out For Filing BOGUS Lawsuit Against Ex-Hubby Jon!”

  1. Mommy of so what says – reply to this


    If she duped the world, the world deserved it! They both got used to the money and are now trying to get more….so I just gotta say…So What?

  2. happygurl says – reply to this


    I really think the kids are going to have some serious mommy & daddy issues.

  3. angie says – reply to this


    He seriously needs to rethink trying to release the book again. That is the mother of his children. You would think they would want to keep things civil for the kids. They both need to grow up. So sad.

  4. Duderino says – reply to this


    What a pathetic, shallow woman.
    She continues to try and make a buck off the backs of her kids rather than allow them a childhood and fade away. She has no talent, unless giving birth after taking fertility drugs is some sort of talent. Go away bitch.

  5. 5

    I hope this book goes through. I would be first in line to buy it. I think theres a lot that we really don't know about this terrible woman. Come on Jon, get on with it!! Can't wait!!!

  6. Suzzanne says – reply to this


    I don't understand why Kate Gosselin continually pulls such boners in order to draw any kind of attention to herself. She is such a has been.
    Jon Gosselin has nothing to do with this book. Robert Hoffman wrote it. He was one of the reporters following K during the peak of the show. Here is the link to the book. The queen surrounded by her 8 pawns. So appropriate for Kate Gosselin, an abusive mother.

  7. Ilikecronutstoo says – reply to this


    A few tidbits from the book: Kate had an "alleged" abortion
    Kate beat some of the children with a wooden spoon "the Spanker" for pooping on the floor (they were 2 years old)
    Kate lifted a child by the hair out of anger
    Kate used "black market" fertility drugs in order to achieve the sextuplets
    Kate (and Jon) fooled the public into thinking they were struggling financially—they weren't they bought a million dollar home

  8. Suzzane says – reply to this


    Jon did not write a book. Jon has kept a very low profile. I like that he has taken the high road. Can you imagine what he could say about Kate the emasculator? Robert Hoffman wrote the book. I read his first one. It's all Kate's own words. She is the abusive one. Husband, children and the dogs. Abuse.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bogus? That stands to be determined. The book was pulled. There is some question as to how its info was acquired.

  10. Justwait says – reply to this


    Are we surprised? NO- the public has got Kate's number- just look at the thousands of negative comments from her PEOPLE interview. This is kate trying to right her wrongs. NOBODY wants her. NOBODY. Kate couldn't tell the truth if a coupon hit her between the eyes. She was/is and always be a snake. " I've made so many mistakes" Kate's quote ….. Well add one more. We don't need the journals to prove her abuse. We have seen that for ourselfs. Truthers????? You know who you are. I tip my hat to all of you!!

  11. ChimChiminy says – reply to this


    Kate Gosselin's eScores and QScores have been tested at ZERO for 3 years now.
    Both are professional industry tools measuring likeability of various celebrities.
    Kate refuses to accept that most people hate her or dislike her.
    She thinks people are jealous of her, when we just want her to go away.
    She is an untalented, unlikable, fake plastic woman without an ounce of originality in her body. Every bit of talent Kate had was all Jon's and that is why her career is dead in the water since he's been gone.

    Oh and her cookbook is all pig slop and her recipes don't work

  12. 12

    It is kind of interesting, the story about her and her children were what got me into reading the occasional celebrity gossip site. I have never watched her show though, did not get the channel.

  13. Shameful says – reply to this


    So sad :( Kate's still peddling children on their first day of school. Sues their father last week- what's next week? Kate is every child's nightmare. She sells them to strangers/ and she gets paid to do so. Shouldn't that be child abuse/neglect? She must be broke - that money she's earning via her website is filthy rotten money. How does she sleep at night?

  14. whatttt says – reply to this


    Re: Suzzanne – link did not show. please post again.