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One Direction Defends Harry Styles Against Taylor Swift's "Lame" VMA Jab

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taylor swift harry styles vma 2013 jab

Oh, Haylor… the ship continues to sink!

Despite taking a cordial-appearing photo with Harry Styles, VMA viewers still got the impression that Taylor Swift isn't quite over her break-up with the One Direction babe.

Not only did she seem to mouth 'shut the f*ck up' during 1D's time on stage, she then went on to call out the ex who inspired I Knew You Were Trouble in her acceptance speech for Best Female Video.

While many had previously thought said song was about Jake Gyllenhaal, others began wondering if she could have written it about Hazza and their first fling from earlier in 2012.

Either way, her actions were addressed by Harry's fellow band-mates on the red carpet of their New York premiere for This Is Us.

When asked of their thoughts on Swifty's reaction to their stage presence, Louis Tomlinson said:

"We were a bit confused. We thought she was actually calling out Niall so the whole thing's a bit confusing."

As for future underwear model and actor (in our fantasies) Liam Payne, well, he wasn't havin' it! Not only did he confirm that he thought her behavior was 'lame,' he told reporters:

"I just thought it was a bit not needed. I mean, you just won an award, it's like, concentrate on yourself!"

Whew! Looks like the lines have been drawn and crossed!

We wouldn't bet on a charmed third-time for Haylor, readers. This ship may still be sinking, but it's rotten to the core. That's for sure!

We'd still love to see pieces of it in museums, though. LOLz!

[Image via TRY CW/WENN.]

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162 comments to “One Direction Defends Harry Styles Against Taylor Swift's "Lame" VMA Jab”

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  1. patty says – reply to this


    Taylor just thanked the person who inspired her to write that song. I do not see any problem

  2. Dani says – reply to this


    This 1D guys need to follow harry example and shut the hell up.

  3. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Taylor really needs to grow up. I'm starting to get sick of her behavior.

  4. paula says – reply to this


    This song was written before Haylor. taylor has never directly spoken about harry before, but 1d has spoken directly about taylor many times.

  5. 5

    Ugh. I'm over her too.

  6. Whoop says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift is one nasty immature skank who gives us everyday a reason to hate and despise her. Ain't Harry younger than her too? Wow, what a bully.

  7. 7

    Harry has been a total gentleman throughout this whole breakup mess. I think there is a lot more they could and want to say but they take the high road. She, on the other hand, is a spoiled, vindictive diva who can't accept something that did not go her way. As Liam said, she got the award so why throw shade? Time to fold this up, put it in the drawer and leave it there. On the plus side, she did manage to give 1D a little attention didn't she? Not that they need it, but with the movie opening, it was perfect timing.

  8. shelby says – reply to this


    Taylor thanked the person who inspired her to write the song, which was NOT Harry styles since IKYWT was written before she went out with Harry. So how was she dissing Harry in her acceptance speech?

  9. Meh says – reply to this


    Loooooolllll! Are you people stupid? That comment Louis made is soooo his humour. He said he thought it was about Niall lol. Whenever one of them gets asked personal questions they ALWAYS help each other out. They have each others back. Like lately they keep asking Zayn abotu his engagement and the boys always make jokes like about Niall being pregnant and stuff to get the attention off Zayn coz he doesn't like it.
    Taylor needs to grow the fuck up. For fucks sake they dated for a few months literally half a year ago and she's still not over talking crap. Harry hasn't said one bad thing about her ever. He's 4 years younger than her but 20 years more mature! Taylor acts as if she's a bunny boiler!

  10. danalex says – reply to this


    Like really? Are Liam and Louis that stupid? Mind your own business jerks.

  11. Whatever says – reply to this


    To the people who keep saying the song isn't about Harry, newsflash, it is. Haylor became "official" in Nov/Dec but they also had thing in March/April of last year after meeting at the KCA's. If you read her messages she writes in her lyrics in her album booklet, it spells out "when you saw me dancing". She was seen dancing to 1D when they were performing at the KCA's. Therefore, I'm 90% sure IKYWT is about Harry. Plus, she pretty much confirmed it in an interview…

  12. nessy says – reply to this


    she's such a bitch with capital letters

  13. jojo says – reply to this


    as what i can remember even kelly clarkson thanked her ex for winning the grammy … it has been such a long time the media doesn't have any story to tell or pick about taylor & now they are starting again … every time during an award shows there will always be lots of dramas

  14. tie says – reply to this


    as if the media were not enough, they still have to put more fire? They have changed so much, I'm hating this new personality of them. Harry is the only one who still worth something in that group, the rest just became pretentious and full of themselves. I LOVE Liam too, I never thought I'd say this about him someday.

  15. leonard says – reply to this


    IKYWT isnt about Harry. she wrote this song before haylor and Selena just confirmed that Taylor said stfu to her because she kept saying " I'm not gonna win ". leave the girl alone

  16. ?!? says – reply to this


    Taylor doesnt give a fuck. that's why I love her

  17. oedan says – reply to this


    so taylor confimed ikywt in march its harry hum NO. its john or jake

  18. 18

    She needs to get over it. She acts like a bitter 8th grader at best.

  19. Brianna says – reply to this


    You know, I Knew You Were Trouble is about John Mayor. Watch the video. The guy has John Mayor's hair. And I thought it was rude for her to say, "F You."

  20. dna1215 says – reply to this


    Louis and liam are so immature!!! The funny thing is that they are not the ones who dated taylor to behave that way and say shit about her.

  21. CHERRYROXTAR says – reply to this


    that was in very poor taste for Taylor….let your songs do the talking…quit being bitter and grow up! Be like ALANIS….she has NEVER admitted who the song " You Oughta Know" is about even tho there has been speculation! Getting real tired of your immaturity Tay. You are freakin 23…act like it!

  22. dianna says – reply to this


    Taylor is a BITCH people stop defending her she is a bad person

  23. get over it people says – reply to this


    CHERRYROXTAR - she soesnt say who her songs are about too. Ok, just forever and always for joe… And we know dear john is about john mayer but she never talk about that. you should research before write

  24. ben says – reply to this


    no matter who she directed that comment in her acceptance speech, she always acts like "HA HA I WON, FUCK YOU, IM BETTER THAN YOU!" she needs to chill with the vengeful jabs, its unattractive towards any guy out there watching her, she isnt gonna get another boyfriend like that. and she wonders why guys get worried about her writing songs about them, is that shes spiteful once she gets awarded. major tun off. id rather hear her use swear words in songs about guys and be cool about it once she gets the award, not her acting like america's sweetheart in every song and then act like a bitch when shes awarded.

  25. kat says – reply to this


    Let's put this into perspective. Regardless if this song was penned for Harry Styles or not, Taylor KNEW the media would run with it. Harry's sitting in the audience, the camera's going to show him, the media will talk about it. She used this as a PR move. Yes, she thanked the "person" who inspired it; she has that right. Taylor knew what she was doing, she knew the media would assume it was about Harry. As far as the boys of One Direction, they're all friends. We would all defend our friend under the same circumstances. If the song is or isn't about Harry, she made the implication. Harry's friends are defending him. The question is; Is Taylor good for using Harry and One Direction for PR or is it a little childish?

  26. 1d ew says – reply to this


    these boys are so annoying. Who said the song is about harry? not taylor.

  27. Jenny says – reply to this


    At first I really liked Taylor no matter what, but now she really needs to STOP!

  28. joanna says – reply to this


    I cant understand. people are always saying taylor should thank her exes when she wins an award but when she does that you bash her?!? god! you guys are weird

  29. 29

    Everyone knows the song was written about Harry. For one Taylor has basically admitted it like three times, and four two, there were like a million hints in the song and video(The ship tattoo being the biggest). Harry and Taylor had a brief fling like a year before they actually dated and he kinda screwed her over, which is what she wrote "trouble" "Treacherous", and "girl at home" about.

  30. alexa says – reply to this


    one direction not only never says anything about how cruel their fans treat taylor but decide to add fuel to the flame and make unneeded comments o k

  31. Liz says – reply to this


    Guys!!Taylor said sorry for my arms not shut the F*ck up(Unless you were sitting next to Taylor at the Vma's you have no true proof that she actually said that) and she never mentioned Harry's name so we have no proof she was talking about him!She just said thank you to the person who inspired this song,now where do you see the name Harry Styles in all of this?Hmm?

  32. 32

    Be informed…

  33. 33

    Re: Liz

    be informed

  34. 34

    Re: Liz

    be informed… google search "taylor admits trouble is about harry" click on first article… TA DA!

  35. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: danalex – Mind their own business? Pretty sure they were asked directly, so they answered. No one said anything offensive. They were confused, and regardless of who she was talking about about, he's right. Move on and don't make a spectacle. It would be great if she would let the work speak for itself like she used to and move on. Like winning an award isn't enough? Now we've got to publicly shame someone? How is what she's doing okay? As far as we know, none of these guys did anything wrong at all. Just because they don't want to be with her doesn't make them bad people. You and everyone else are seriously ridiculous and probably (no, definitely) between the ages of 10 and 21. There's no way you would side with her childish ways if you were any older or understood what dating is all about. It's people like you who need to stop making her the victim.

  36. 36

    Aren't you a bit OLD to be focusing on these two immature jackasses and their very short-lived relationship? Don't you have better things to do than act like a prepubescent girl who's scandalized over a lot of nothing? Taylor Swift is a moody, vengeful skank, and Harry Styles is an unattractive, pasty dork. Neither one is that interesting. Go find something legitimately interesting to post instead of this kind of juvenile and questionable crap. No wonder you get so much negative feedback.

  37. TSfan says – reply to this


    I wish Taylor would stick up for herself more

  38. info says – reply to this


    ariellepuuri - LOL. she never said "this song is about HARRY". the song was written in March 2012. you can read articles that say the song is about jake, others say it's about john. Taylor always say she doesnt admit who her songs are about. she only admitted with joe.

  39. jules says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever – thank you.

  40. Sheri says – reply to this


    Its sad to say but I believe with the amount of awards Taylor is wining i believe its going to her head a bit. Everyone has an ex bf. BUT she has many. It seems she is using and abusing the ex thing to gain new writing material. Which is fine. But she needs to learn to live and let things lay. Her ex's aren't making a scene out of their relationships why is she. But maybe that's where age and maturity comes into effect!

  41. Haley says – reply to this



    1- I knew you were trouble is not about Harry, not at all. It was made before she even met him like damn!
    2- She said ”Sorry for my arm” to Selena because she accidentally elbowed her and there is no audio to prove she said ”STFU”
    3- Taylor, Ed and Harry would not have took pictures after the VMAS if Taylor was actually trying to take a jab. (though she can be sassy)
    4- Liam and Louis meant no harm so stop hating on them as well! They're just confused, and Liam wasn't even mean. -_-

  42. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Haley – Damn, I was a big Britney fan back in the day, but all you Swifter fans need to calm down. You do realize that you don't actually know her, right? My goodness. When you hit puberty, you'll laugh about how obsessed you were with her and probably be embarrassed by how creepy you are in defending her. Like, it's borderline stalkerish. Repeat after me: "I don't know Taylor Swift. I've never met her. I only know that I like her music and she's mildly attractive, but her gypsy dance moves are weird and she needs a sandwich." The. End.

  43. MIA80 says – reply to this


    Obsessed designer Marc Jacobs controls Miley and many other stars. He told her to act and dance like that at the VMA. Jacobs is a cruel manipulator who`s been torturing a talented young girl for 5 years. He stole her designs and harassed her. Read the shocking details on:

  44. Amanda says – reply to this


    To all you people, actually defending her behavior, you need to learn to grow up and accept the fact that what she did was completely wrong, you're so far up her ass you can't barely see how big the issue is. It doesn't matter if the song was written about harry, john, jake, the other dude, or the other. Bottom line is, she should not have done that in the first place. You keep coming up with all sorts of excuses, but her behavior was extremely childish and uncalled for. Harry has never, ever, said one bad thing about Taylor, he's stayed classy and has taken the high road throughout this whole situation. Yes taylor swift is very talented, and she's a beautiful girl, but she has the mentality of a high schooler, and she keeps embarrassing herself in front of millions bc she doesn't let it go already. First of all, that remark she made, was obviously directed towards Harry, John, Jake were not even there why would she throw shade at them. And as far as the "Shut the fuck up" goes.. she was not talking to selena, it was pretty obvious she was frustraited bc her ex boyfriend seems to have moved on and she's annoyed by the situation.

  45. dodgyend says – reply to this


    I choose talent (Taylor) over 1D twinks any day. Especially when people have come forward to say that Taylor is the sweetest person ever which 1D scumbags clearly are not.

  46. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: Haley

    Do you even speak english? she clearly said shut the fuck up. Come up with a different excuse, because that one is by far the most dishonest one.

  47. Sara says – reply to this


    The unnecessary hate she gets is a little pathetic. First of all, she didn't say "Shut the fuck up". Slow down when she supposedly says it. She says "Sorry for my arm" and proceeds to move her arm. Secondly, I Knew You Were Trouble isn't even about Harry. While no one can pinpoint who EXACTLY it's about there's no way its' about Harry Styles because she wrote it before dating him. One Direction needs to get over it.

  48. dodgyend says – reply to this


    The disrespect 1D showed when Taylor won and Niall making faces to Taylor are of course so very mature? Fuck off with your delusion directioners.

    Kevin Hart and Selena already came forward to defend Taylor. I believe them.

  49. copy says – reply to this


    isint it funny how everyone makes fun of taylor swift for dating “so many boys” and tells her she has like 576 ex boyfriends (even if she did who cares you go girl)

    yet she vaguely referenced a boy (a boy being key here as no names were used) who inspired a song and suddenly its like 568% confirmed she was calling out a certain boy bander

    isnt that just fucking hilarious

  50. Sussie says – reply to this


    Taylor Swift should get professional help. She also needs to grow up. She keeps embarassing herself. I feel sorry for her though, it must be horrible to never ever ever get over your ex ;)

  51. 51

    If anybody needs to STFU it's Taylor Swift. Really, just STFU. You're not doing yourself any favors by looking like such a bitter mean girl.

  52. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: dodgyend – Obviously 1D are NOT scum bags. I agree with everything else though. *louis and liam are out of fucking place* (ooh I said a bad word kill me perez just try to.)

  53. bye earth says – reply to this


    I might as well move to Venus with Lena Dunham.

  54. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda – You disgust me Amanda. I'm defending her behavior because she did nothing wrong! she was clearly talking to Selena, and she removed her arm right when she said ”Sorry for my arm” she CLEARLY did not say shut the fu** up and if she did most 23 year olds curse a LOT worse then that so get over it. As for the diss she did on stage, who cares what boyfriend it was for! It wasn't for Harry and it wasn't for anybody AT the award show she wouldn't be immature and mean like that. All she did was thank who inspired her to write the song its not like she called out his name. Your nobody to judge as I'm sure you've said the same words if not worse and the only difference is your clearly not famous Amanda! And HARRY hasn't ever said anything bad about Taylor, other members of 1D have and if she's upset still that's probably why. At least she isn't self harming like most people these days! seriously. I like how you pointed out how she's pretty and talented though so I don't 100% hate you. but you are uneducated!

  55. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: ariellepuuri – This is your BIGGEST problem. You obviously go by articles. Listen to Taylors ACTUAL voice and ACTUAL words in interviews. TA DA!

  56. Gary T Burnaska says – reply to this


    Taylor has a immature streak, according to those who live in the rest of the USA. She does not live in our world , she lives in the insulated the celebrity community. Which is basically High School on steroids and cocaine. This is an industry that suffers from a form of juvenile dementia, with people who get rich and famous at an early age which stunts their emotional development. Taylor has not had to face many of the tough times that many of us do, she did not spend a year n Iraq dodging IEDs or live in a house racked by domestic violence. If I could get all that fame and money at 18 an avoid all the misery I had to deal with. I'd trade it in just to be a vindictive immature twat. Sure to us she seems immature and petty but compared to others in her peer group, she is a beacon of class and maturity.

  57. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – and its people like YOU miss Sam, that need to stop making her the bad person. You don't know her. and you don't know one direction. I love One direction, so thank you for standing up for them, but what you said about Taylor is very wrong.

    Obviously none of this hate has done anything bad for her what so ever cause she's still going strong.

  58. Linnéa says – reply to this


    Wise words from Liam there. Concentrate on yourself and the fans that got the song that popular. Whoever she talked about in that speach, Harry or John or any of the other guys, the jab was unnecessary. But, if she wants to live in the past, let her. Harry didn´t seem to bothered by the thing, he clapped and smirked. He doesn´t give a shit. Plus, of course his bandmates are going to stick up for him. All the rumors about him, that very few of are actually true, isn´t fair to him. He just brushes them off, but I understand why they stick up for him, I would do the same for my friends when I would get fed up by them getting trashed in the media all the time.

  59. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – Sam.. really? I'm 15 I'm WELL into puberty! And Britney has always been a bad role model but Taylor has never done anything close to what Brittany does, so the fact that you added them both in the same message is kind of annoying. (really no offense)

    Actually we're SWIFTIES not SWIFTERS. And no, I and any other true Swiftie will love and respect Taylor forever and we'll make sure to tell our kids about her to. I know you don't understand and you shouldn't have to, but please don't judge us for living differently then you. We're dedicated not stalkers.

    I'm. repeting. nothing.

    AAANNDD.. I don't just love Taylor's music! Taylor has helped me in MANY things she is a great person!
    Your no better then her by judging.

  60. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Gary T Burnaska – all I can say is 'people throw rocks at things that shine.' .. Taylor swift. :)

  61. YAWN says – reply to this


    I swear taylor swifts whole career has been based of playing the innocent victim

  62. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: setincali – Oh yes she's just SO bitter for going to charity a lot more then any other celebrity. She's just SO bitter for pouring her heart blood and soul out into her songs.

    Get a life because BITCH? Your no better then Taylor. <3

  63. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Sussie – As if your any better? your griping at her for ”dissing” yet your DISSING HER? What the hell so your statement is IRRELEVANT.

  64. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Sheri – She is waiting for the right one! she's only dated Joe, Taylor, John, Jake, Connor and Harry that is only 6 in her whole 23 years.
    Its not going to her head I swear it really isn't! she only thanked the person who inspired the song, she didn't scream their name.
    just so you know, Taylor is way over John Mayer and he's still bitching at her about it.

  65. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: dianna – Yet your SO much better by dissing her yourself? pathetic.. Obviously the hate isn't doing anything for her image cause she gets more famous while your behind your computer/laptop/tablet what ever buying into rumors and being a gullible bitch. I DARE you to say that to her face. Go ahead! you don't have enough balls. (or ovaries damn)

  66. dodgyend says – reply to this


    Taylor did not foul mouth 1D or Harry Styles but if she did she would have every right to do so. Harry fucking Styles cheated on her but things like that do not even make news cause we are living in such male dominated society. Every little thing female does is open for shittalking while guys shrug their shoulders and move on whispering. Pretty fucked up.

    Another example of this is how 1D members were acting outright disgusting towards Taylor all night but this does not even fucking make the news?

    So wrong.

  67. Haley says – reply to this


    You idiots brain washed by the media saying ”she shouldn't diss ANYBODY what an immature bitch she should get mental help! *wink wink*” Um, didn't you just diss her YOURSELF? Yes I think you did so how do you think anybody is going to take your opinion seriously when you're contradicting yourself with every word that pours out of your undedicated mouth? tell me that!

  68. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: YAWN – and apparently your life is based on believing rumors that have no audio to prove whether she said ”shut the fuck up” or not. So heres from Taylor, to me to you.

  69. Haley says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever – apparently your going by articles.. *sigh* articles are rumors, don't believe them you'd be a LOT happier.

  70. UrRetarded says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – Dude, you don't even know her, your listening to what the media says about her which is untrue. She's not spoiled at all, stop listening to the media it's brainwashing retards like you, also. Okay, you wanna play the ignorant game, I'll say "Ogm2112!!! 1D isz like totaly2 spoiiled like i fk3m hate them and the so anoying1 ogm!"

    Shut the fuck up, you don't know her, you can't say shit about her, until you become a friend of hers, than you can make those "claims" true, get the fuck out and grow-up asshole, Harry didn't even care, it wasn't about Harry the VMA's made it look like it was.

  71. ceseg says – reply to this


    She is 23 and he is a 19 year old kid. Seriously she just came off like a vindictive, immature and petty little girl. Get over it diva.

  72. Shutupdumbass says – reply to this


    Re: Meh – Your a dumb-ass the only one who needs to grow-up is you, stop judging a person you haven't met she's a human to with emotions, pathetic, get out, learn to grow-up, your a pathetic teen and learn how to spell. Did you see the One Direction documentary by Channel 4? Grow the fuck up, because now looking back at it, I'm starting to think it's pretty damn true because ever since the VMA's you people are crazy assholes who can't get the horrible attention off Taylor when she didn't even aim or take a shot at Harry. I Knew You Were Trouble was written before "Haylor" was even started your to ignorant to know because your obsessed with them. I'm a One Direction fan I could care less about Taylor, but cut her some damn slack, I don't even want to be a "Directioner" anymore because why would I want to be in a group of teens who send death threats, chase the boys around like psychos and bully other people? That's straight up disgusting and embarrassing, get the fuck out of here. They were seen going out to dinner getting mocktails and taking pictures smiling, stfu.

  73. TheTruthKidOnceAGain says – reply to this


    Re: Whatever – And Jake and John Mayer saw her dancing to, dumb-fuck get your facts straight.

  74. MB says – reply to this


    Re: paula – Yeah well, I don't know why people keep saying this because it's a fact that they first "dated" long before the album came out. Album came out in late fall, they dated briefly in the spring. Not many people knew about it at the time, but they did. Long before the album came out. It doesn't take long to write a Taylor Swift song. It's far from rocket science. Really, really far from rocket science.

    The song very well could be about him.

  75. Facepalm says – reply to this


    Re: Sam

    I hope you do know that the boys are always bashing Taylor or bring her up or making fun of her during their concerts or mentioning her, they are the ones who haven't let it go, oh please. And Harry was the one who dated her and "cheated" on her, he got drunk, he kissed another girl and they had a huge argument, it was his fault, she was the one who got the criticism, crap, and the hate, while no one cared about what Harry did and just continued to love Harry, give the girl a break, she's been hated for so long, I'm surprised she hasn't even had a Britney breakdown, I would've if I was Taylor because this is bs, what people do is disgusting.

  76. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Country Music and join your friend Miley beacuse you act just alike.

  77. pow says – reply to this


    ..done with this gurl…where's kanye to shut her up when you need him…

  78. 78

    Either she wrote it and recorded it overnight or it isn't about him. That song came out waaaaay too soon. I'm not on anyone's side over all this RUMOUR. For all we know, Selena Gomez was like, 'I miss Justin. I wonder what he's doing. ' and Taylor was like, 'shut the fuck up.'

  79. MB says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – Did you read my post? Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Do you play music, and can you "write" a song?

    They dated briefly, 6 months before the album came out. It was after that award show in early spring (I forget which one it was). Then they gave it another shot just after the album came out. And yes, of course she could write and record a "song" in 24 hrs if she wanted to. She also has people who can help her do it if she needs it. The song very well could be about Harry Styles. She may have even eluded to the fact that it IS about Harry Styles, at one time or another.

    I tend to believe it, and quite a few other songs off Red are in fact about Harry Styles. It's not John Mayer, that was too long ago. I don't believe Jake's all that bad to have shit flung at him in the form of a song, so all indications are that it is Styles.

  80. MB says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, it's not about Kennedy either.

  81. 81

    Re: Haley – You're 15. Calm down. You really shouldn't put this much anger and energy defending someone you have never met. I think one of the reasons Taylor has had so much backlash is because fans like you blindly defend her and insult anyone who doesn't agree with you. Trust me, a few years from now when you're in college and out in the real world, you'll look back at your 15 year old self and give yourself a big facepalm. I was a teenager during the Britney, Christina, *NSYNC days and I knew fans that are just as crazy for them as you are for Taylor. Now as adults they still like the artist but their lives no longer revolve around them.

  82. jay says – reply to this


    the guys from 1D should really take example from Selena. it's not Selena's place to comment on the stfu incident, it's Taylor's. If Taylor wants to clear the air, she will do it. But it's definitely not Selena's place to go around commenting on rumors and fueling the bullshit. And neither is 1D. I lost all the (little) respect I was starting to have for those boys today. They shouldn't have said anything about Taylor's speech cause it doesn't concern them at all.

  83. 83

    Re: Nic-Nak – edit *lifes

  84. swifty says – reply to this


    There's no excuse for Liam and Louis' comments. It is none of their business what happened between Taylor and Harry and it's not like Taylor said I want to thank Harry Styles for being a huge douchebag and inspiring this song. When it comes down to it though like Selena said Taylor doesn't care what people think of her.

  85. YAWN says – reply to this


    Re: Haley

    um are your lips surgically attached to taylor's anus or do you just enjoy being an ass lick?
    I never said anything about what she did or did not say about Harry styles all i said was that she milks the victim card

  86. *boom* says – reply to this


    Taylor needs a life

  87. 87

    Money breeds beasts sometimes. It was childish of her. She makes great music then ruins it with pathetic jabs.

  88. 88

    I don't understand how Louis and Liam were being rude? Louis didn't even address it he just made a joke, and all Liam said was that she should focus on herself, how is that totally uncalled for like some of you are claiming? By the way she clearly said "shut the fuck up" out of context though we don't really know why she said it. We don't know why they broke up, but its been such a long time, Harry has moved on, can Taylor please move on now?

  89. CB says – reply to this


    Honestly, I tried to see both sides of the situation for a long time considering I was such a huge fan of Taylor and 1D, and the song may not be about Harry, but I think she directed the comment towards him at the VMA's just for the sake of being vindictive and immature. I used to have a lot of respect for her, but it's hard when she continues to act like such a bitch. She may never call him out directly, but she has made PLENTY of comments and it's not difficult to read between the lines. Harry, on the other hand, has never fully addressed the situation and refuses to bad mouth her regardless of what she does/ says. Hmmm, maybe she needs to start acting like her 23 years of age because Harry acts a whole hell of a lot older than her and he's only 19. Just my opinion though, feel free to disagree :)

  90. Andrea says – reply to this


    Re: Haley – Okay Haley? You need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN and go take your meds or something because you're seriously acting CRAZY! Like come on, chill! Look at you! You're attacking and bullying everyone here who states an opinion that you don't like! You say you're 15? Then act like it! My sister is the same age and I can tell you right now that I would be ashamed if I caught her being as immature as you're being right now. As much as you hate it, you really don't personally know Taylor Swift. We don't know who she is or what's she's like, she may or may not have done these things but there's no need to lash out like this! Just move on! Jesus Christ!

  91. pp says – reply to this


    freaking boys of 1d create their own drama. they like stir their fans up and i can't believe im just realizing this, im embarrassed to have ever been their fans. its harry's business for 1 thing and they don't need to bring her up they're JUST creating drama. JB didn't have that great of media training now look at him and 1d is heading that way

  92. jasmin says – reply to this


    They did get booed but everyone seems to have forgotten, people dont care about 1D, they care about taylor and want drama with her

  93. sorry not sorry says – reply to this


    Biggest disappointment of the year: One Direction.

  94. copy says – reply to this


    Well as JLo said and taylor sang "I'm in control and loving it, Rumors got me laughing, kid" Girl knows what she is doing.

  95. leo says – reply to this


    Maybe IKYWT is about Paul O’ Grady because she wore the shirt on his show!!!!

  96. taylorswiftisanangel says – reply to this


    i dont think Taylor Swift wrote the song about Harry and whoever she thanked mustve been one of her MANY exes.i find her super annoying and she behaves like shes the queen of whatever!she should be so thankful to Kanye cuz had Kanye not interrupted her she wouldnt have been as big as she is now.she earned alot of sympathy votes and fans cuz of Kanye .

  97. you go gurl! says – reply to this


    i think its great that taylor never once said harry's name with this whole mess. the power of taylor to cause people to get their panties in a bunch with a few simple words

  98. laia says – reply to this


    Ok, eight. So she calls out someone who inspired her and people immediatly accuse her of dissing Harry. You people gossip without any proof. Taylor whispers a few words to her friend, and she is the rudest person on this Earth. Come on guys, seriously? Shut the hell up. And this message is destinated to y'all asshole haters and to 1D band members who need to calm their fucking nerves and care about their own business. Go on, keep on hating on Taylor, but meanwhile you guys criticize, she keeps on her walk to the top. Have a nice day.

  99. 99

    she goes out a week and hates a year god help who she marries she seems like shell be a black widow many times with this attitude.. the praying mantis kills after mating .. what really gets me about this gal is how beautiful she is yet so venomous if she channeled all that beauty into being nice she wouldnt need the venom ..who could forget the sad gal going home alone on the barge omg poor thing.. tragic ..on the other hand harry deserves the shade…he ruined her vacation with his boozing

  100. ºo says – reply to this


    They obviously never payed any attention to the lyrics of the song. She's calling John a douche in the song and Harry thinks or likes to think its about him then that kind of speaks to his ego.

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