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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Enjoy Their Love In Hawaiian PDA Heaven

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chris brown karrueche tran hawaii

After a ROCKy start, it looks like Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran love affair is going smoother than fine china!

Chris brought his lady love to the tropical shores of Hawaii for a romantic vacay in between filming his music video on Saturday.

It seemed like Chris ONLY had eyes for Karrueche as the two snuggle and giggled together on his breaks even though there was a flock of bikini-clad ladies on set.

Even with all the stress of his legal dramz, Karrueche knows how to make Breezy smile. Could their on-again, off-again relationship turn into a forever kind of love??!

[Image via Instagram.]

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27 comments to “Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Enjoy Their Love In Hawaiian PDA Heaven”

  1. 1

    Omg! That woman looks like an Asian drag queen friend of mine Miss Kama!
    I was about to say what the hell is she doing with Chris Brown?!

  2. Pikachuuu says – reply to this


    Typical Asian chick, she is where the money is, she doesnt care how awful of a person he is… as long as he has the $$$$$$$

  3. bigdawg says – reply to this


    She is beautiful.. and more so then skanky Rihanna..

  4. brenda says – reply to this


    I am so glad he is happy with K. Tran. Hopefully this will keep him away from my girl, Rihanna.

  5. Ava says – reply to this


    She is so gorg! Natural beauty!

  6. ava says – reply to this


    she is so gorgeous! Natural beauty

  7. I says – reply to this


    He is so beating her behind closed doors.

  8. December says – reply to this


    I think she is GORGEOUS. She doesn't need make-up or anything. She's just naturally beautiful.

  9. 9

    thug needs to die.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    He always looks like he's in a good place with her. Both look chill. She cooks for him.

  11. 88@g says – reply to this


    odia still pushing this? nope, as much as we dislike it, cb still unfinished with ri - shoe insignif; but the other hawaiian-asian he took pic with/the black cammy & big smile - now that's a model; chris, make some honest decisions; it will do a lot for your dignity & sales; & get on with the music or we'll get older sooner just waiting on you; & you still can be a power couple; but nah not with ling - oversized hands…

  12. 12

    The Karrueche girl is pretty, but she is certainly not gorgeous! She looks really Greasy in the pic above and she has really Weird Big Black eyes like marbles or something. Pretty, yes,but unfortunately, never heard of a short person being referred to as gorgeous, by the fashion world, media, blogs or anyone of significance. Just doesn't go with the territory! It doesn't matter what the fans feel, as most fans are bias and worship these celebs, their opinion is not the world's opinion, its how those with editorial power view you that solidifies your image in the world! Gorgeous is more or less associated with the entire package deal, tall long leggy look, fab dresser, beautiful face, beautiful eyes etc. Whatever you may or may not like about Rihanna, the girl is considered Gorgeous, Beautiful, and some pics absolutely Stunning! Rihanna also has very beautiful eyes. You don't have to agree, hate on Rihanna if you want, but It Is What It Is! Rihanna, Beyoncé, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys among others are on the list of the 50 most Beautiful Female Celebs in America!

  13. 13

    Re: brenda – I don't know, the don't look all that close in the pic. He's not huggng her, doesn't have his arm around her or anything. Where is the love and affection??? She seems to be more leaning toward Chris with her hand on his shoulder. If anything, Chris Brown's own arms and hands are folded in his lap. Have not seen one picture of the Karruech girl and Chris Brown holding hands, hugging, kissing or anything as opposed to the pics taken when Chris and Rihanna were together! No sure what's going on with this picture. Chris Brown is Winking at he camera with his left eye. Why is he winking at the camera. Is Chris trying to say something with that wink??

  14. Relief says – reply to this


    Why the wink though??? Be bored to tears and hope Rihanna cares.

  15. 15

    So what island did they go to? I am betting on stereotypical Maui.
    My personal favorite is Kauai, followed by the Big Island (Hawaii) but I like peace and quiet, not looking for nightlife.

  16. Shutyoface says – reply to this


    Re: Pikachuuu – lol, that's called a gold digger, honey. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Not saying she isn't, but I happen to be an Asian female– I own my own business (successful might I add started it when I was 21) and paid my own way through college.

  17. Mary Raymond says – reply to this


    big criminals very crazy chris brown and very cray karrueche tran. you two are very fake people. you two belong to the jail and you two should sleep in the jail. i have told you big criminal very crazy chris brown that i'm not in a relationship with you big criminal very crazy chris brown . i'm not you very crazy chris brown and very crazy karrueche tran and there is no place in my whole life for you two big criminals very crazy chris brown and very crazy karrueche tran to use me and make money your whole life.i reject all the lies you two put in my life. all the lies you two use on my name will not help you two very crazy chris brown and very crazy karrueche tran. you two are very big fools and may my GOD JESUS CHRIST destroy you very crazy chris brown and very crazy karrueche tran with everlasting destroysion.you two are very big criminals and very fake people and i hate you two forever in my whole life. you two big criminals should sleep in the jail very crazy chris brown and very crazy karrueche tran and you two belong to the jail.

  18. 18

    She is naturally gorgeous. He looks like a crackhead.

  19. Xislander says – reply to this


    Yet again another kmart pic generated by midget (in sponsored b-grade red dwess & omyg from the uglee spandex range urg). Buutt to be fair – she’d only do what cb allows. Case of Cb gaining more power back by trying to change someone’s life; the come up that he was on about…It’s the only way we can explain half the buckry that he’s generated. Whilst she’s his pawn for angering & getting a RIH-action; hers has become a vindictive case of trying too hard to prove they’re together…Here’s the thing tho: we now actually want Ri with an amazing warrior man who can step up, but CbRi not done yet…whether it manifests in an IGwar - bit*hes all out (case in point: midget’s publicist), the two icons will play this out… Speculation aside; good music is sacrificed

  20. hannah says – reply to this


    Rihanna + chris brown = soul mates!! fucking simple.

  21. Jasmine says – reply to this


    rihanna is the real deal…she the queen,princess and everything so dont trip haters. to be honest i dont really like breezy and K tran together becase there is no chemistry between them but who im i to judge huh?… but at the end of the day the day rihanna and chris brown will always love eacher other and hopefully things get right between her and chris brown. fingers crossed #rihannanavy!! <3

  22. Jasmine says – reply to this


    Re: hannah – lmaoo true say.

  23. HOLD ON TO DRAKE says – reply to this


    RIHnna you made us black women proud with your refusal to settle for less. rihanna you and drake are winners! reportedly a-listers! Riri you knew what you didn't want! Caribbean Queen you used your moral compass and stood up to the depraved, lowlife standards, fradulent, cheating, animalistic behavaior of Breezy.Riri hold on, treasure and love Drake he's good husband material! take it from this proud Black sistah for I am a living witness

  24. Hate Wont Pay The Bill says – reply to this


    On on every website link story about Chris Brown & Karruche.. are Rihannas big
    foreheaded fans… Chris Brown is free to choose who ever he likes, who are you to
    judge? at least Karruche looks at peace with herself,
    Rihanna looks like she at war with her self

  25. Oh Yeah!!! says – reply to this


    This is why Rihanna was soooo grumpy at the VMAS and looks so unhappy! She said Karru was Basic but Chris DUMPED RIhanna for her so RIha wat are you going to do now? Try to steal him from Karr again?

  26. Meow says – reply to this


    Karrueche "Diaper" Tran is a chronic crack user. Typical Asian woman gold digger.

  27. 27

    very crazy big criminals chris brown and karrueche tran i'm not you people and may my God Jesus Christ destrony you big criminal very crazy chris brown and karrueche tran and your surporters with everlasting destructons. you belong to the jail big criminal very crazy chris brown and you should sleep in the jail and karrueche tran.