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24 comments to “facebook-twins”

  1. lou says – reply to this


    Que bello es muneco. DIOS LO BENDIGA.

  2. 2

    Yes. You're both ugly. His is a young ugly, which will become worse with time. Yours is an established ugly, and you have the face of a baboon's ass. It goes perfectly with your rotten personality, which your ugly kid will also no doubt have. Is that something to be proud of? No. Your selfies are as pathetic as they are nauseating. Just stop.

  3. Max says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – I usually hate reading mean comments but this one made me laugh

  4. gena says – reply to this


    I never comment but your little one is too cute! Sweet, sweet, baby smile. <3

  5. Laura says – reply to this


    You both look so much alike here! Health, happy. Just look at those lustrous locks.

  6. silent sAm says – reply to this


    if i ever see you or that baby in the streets i will grab that baby by the hair and repeatedly slam his little body on the pavement till his brains spill all over the sidewalk

  7. 7

    Perez does your baby have a visual impairment , i notices this in a lot of pictures , just wondering he is a cutie though

  8. Stacy Varnes says – reply to this


    Absolutely perezcious!! Children are our greatest blessing. love love love

  9. sheena says – reply to this


    Dont you read those messages??? Why are you exposing an innocent child to this??? Everyone sees his face and will recognise him in the streets… the minute youll piss someone off… this kid will not be safe! ??? If you love that child, stop posting his face up all over the web! Or maybe ur just a bad parent that dosent give a f***

  10. 10

    Absolutely adorable. 2 gorgeous boys.
    Do you have a boyfriend, dear?
    Tell him I hate him! (just kidding)

    (Haters, go off and attend your anger management classes
    with your unpopular insults)

  11. itsmylife says – reply to this


    yikes!! i am no fan of yours but i don't encourage violence at all especially when directed at an innocent child. perhaps for the safety of your son you should consider keeping your private life private! People don't come to this website to hear about you, people want to hear about celebrities. the majority of people actually have a strong dislike for you so why burden your child by exposing it to this kind of attention. its really bizarre and would make anyone question your morals if they already haven't. For the safety of your child please don't plaster images of him on this website!!

  12. silent sAm says – reply to this


    will throw gasoline on that baby and seriously fuck you up if i see u in the streets

  13. 13

    Re: itsmylife – i agree… Well said

  14. ladydi says – reply to this


    1) Stop with the Gaga vendetta. It makes you look unprofessional. It IS unprofessional.
    2) Your son is adorable.
    3) Thank you for not pointing arrows at male naughty bits. We ALL know that we ALL have body parts. No need for the arrows. And we all know you're gay so there is no need to press that point either.
    4) Ignore horrible people who will ill on your baby son. Shame on them.
    5) I still think you are kind of a jerk…but I like you anyways.

  15. rebecca says – reply to this


    Leave perez and his beautiful child alone
    To ALL the hater's stop going on perez hiltons site if you hate him so much
    stay away because im sure he does not know who you are…Or Care

    perez you ROCK

  16. mocha2009 says – reply to this


    I absolutely LOVE this picture. I used to be a regular (several times a day) visitor to your site but stopped a couple of years ago. Apparently I missed a lot! He is absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. 17

    Twins of disgusting! Haven't you gotten the word yet that no one wants to see you or your baby?

  18. Timeless says – reply to this


    I see you're still treating your child like he's an accessory.
    "Like, oh my god guys! He matches my hairrrrr!!!!"


  19. 19

    Cute picture. The comments below are really disheartening. If you don't like Perez, then go somewhere else. It really shows your maturity to create a login and repeatedly threaten a grown man you don't know and his family.

  20. Lezzie says – reply to this


    Your son is just adorable and so happy! I was just curious what that tuft of hair is on your forearm? How come none above it? Very strange, lol. Do you just have hair on your lower arm and why is it so long? lol, just curious.

  21. jack says – reply to this


    OMG he is SO beautiful. That is the smile of an angel. Hope that New York is all that you want it to be. Sounds like a good move.

  22. 22


    You look like a monkey and he looks like a down syndrome poster child.

    How is that similar?

  23. ladydi says – reply to this


    What an incredibility mean thing to say about a baby. @the truthinator. Take a seat and STFU. This is an INFANT, fur crying out loud! What is wrong with you? Geesh.
    Truthinator my flat, bald, skinny butt.
    Jerk. Attacking a baby……SMH

  24. 24

    Cute baby and he is growing so fast.