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Miley Cyrus & Kanye West Booty Poppin' In The Studio For 'Top Secret' Remix!

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miley kanye collaboration

We know now that at least one A-list stud is on Team Smiley Miley!!!

Miley Cyrus twerked up an uber controversial storm at Sunday's VMAs, but she wasn't even able to enjoy her nekkid success before making plans for her next questionable decision.

Miley was so amped up from shaking it on stage she opted out of her very own after party on Sunday to reportedly take her foam finger straight to the studio with Kanye West to record a "top secret" remix of Black Skinhead.

We're a little scared to see what these two rebellious artists will come up with together, but no doubt it'll be inneresting!

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the very end of this year to hear the sure-to-be unique final product.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Miley Cyrus & Kanye West Booty Poppin' In The Studio For 'Top Secret' Remix!”

  1. 1

    Put your tongue back in your mouth you idiot. That girl is so annoying. She is completely overexposed now. She will end up like Gaga in 2 years or less. I guess this is what people have to resort to in the music industry when they have average looks and very little talent.

  2. 2

    what…Kanye too. TAlk about going mainstream. Is this world going mad when the rappers turn to Miley Cyrus thinking she is the secret weapon in turning out a hit. I can't help but think that all miley represents is a desperate Disney star wanting to play grown up and these rappers are taking advantage of that. She isn't sexy and she really can't sing but hey, she has a bunch of tweens for fans and do these rappers want to harness those kids and make them their fans. This is beyond crazy. Miley hanging with the black rappers and she is gyrating and talkin ghetto and god knows what else she is willing to do to shake Hannah Montana. All I can say is nothing is going to work and I suppose Kanye will be the next set of balls Miley will grab on stage.

  3. 3

    well he hangs with the ultimate white family the Kardashians so no surprise here. He's a total sell out and has virtully no credibility left anyways. Nobody even mentioned his performance at the VMAs he's so fucking irrelevant. At this point he's just Kims babydaddy!

  4. half says – reply to this


    put your tongue away Miley!
    you look like some sort of large ungulate browsing for leaves to eat

  5. MichJB says – reply to this


    Two morons in a studio don't make an A Team.

  6. 6

    Re: frusciante – even gaga has the good sense not to spread her legs and bend over for every rap artist looking for a new audience. These rappers are trying to tap into the younger crowd and of all the ppl in the world they turn to Miley Cyrus and now look at her. she is a pig. SHe has no idea how dumb she looks as she tries to look sexy and provocative. I have no idea why this bothers me so much but it does. I don't know if its because I feel like I am watching men like Robin and Snoop dog molest a child or if its because Miley actually thinks that she can pass herself off as a sexual object. Its all getting to crazy.

  7. Jessica says – reply to this


    If Perez was correct in reporting that Kayne turned down the opportunity to be a judge for American Idol because he "didn't want to be mainstream" then this decision to work with Miley Cyrus really confuses me. Kanye..step back and look at that for a sec lol Being Kim's baby daddy + working with Miley Cyrus….you sir are officially mainstream haha

  8. Snotsie says – reply to this


    Nothing is going to help her. Nothing is going to help him.

  9. Raccoon Eyes says – reply to this


    Here's the reason

  10. Raccoon Eyes says – reply to this


    By Linda Cole

    Seeing a dog with their tongue sticking out is cute, especially when puppies do it. Most of the dogs we see competing in the World's Ugliest Dog competitions always seem to have their tongue hanging out between their teeth. However, a dog's tongue sticking out all the time could be a condition called hanging tongue syndrome, and it can cause the dog pain. Hanging tongue syndrome isn't life threatening in itself, but it could indicate something is wrong.

    A dog's tongue is quite remarkable when you think about it. They use it to drink water, help keep themselves cool and to clean their coat and feet. Plus, most dogs aren't shy when it comes to giving us a warm, sloppy kiss when they feel we need

  11. 11

    DUMB & DUMBER!!!!!!!!!!

  12. me says – reply to this


    Although mileys twerking and new 'im all hood aaand britney spears' attitude never appealed to me. I was excited to see what she was going to bring forth. I watched interviews where she called her own work highly anticipate as if people were calling it that and how she apparently had the credentials an experiences to say britney was the only one level with her. All that talk I expected her to reveal to us some amazing music. But her song wrecking ball isnt anything special her song with justin bieber 'twerk' is annoying after listening to it halfway. Her poor vma performance and the fact that all she probably wanted was to get people talking about it since thats all she is acknowledging basically means shes just a famewhore. And wearing trendy clothes and losing weight wont keep you in the limelight forever when all you are known for is being a pitchy skank

  13. Jen7334 says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – love your comment. You hit the nail right on the head. Kanye (if this is true) is using Ms Cyrus to sell more cds and also to attach himself to the Kardashian family to keep his name out there (even though he claims to hate all the exposure from the paps, if he didn't want any of this why be with and have a child with the biggest no talent, over exposed family around) and Mylie is using Kanye to prove she is relevant, she can hang with the big bad boys and be a player. I hope she gets it soon that people think she is a pathetic loser and are laughing at how hard she is trying to be provocative and sexy and gangsta. Hopefully this is just a stage she is going through and that she can fix her reputation before it is too late and she dissapears in the charts and also from public eye. Both seem very desperate to prove themselves. Mylie and Kanye are both hypocritical losers and should just admit for once that they truly do care what the public think of them. P.s. please Mylie put away your tongue b/c it doesn't make you look sexy or hard core, only makes u look like a joke. If u have to keep sticking it out, at least make sure ur tongue is clean and doesn't make u look like a dehydrated animal

  14. Terija says – reply to this


    What happened to Kanye "taking 6 months off music after baby is born". Dumped Kim at home AGAIN just like he did throughout pregnancy.

  15. 15

    She needs to stop sticking her stupid tongue out. I am not a fan or a hater on Kanye, so I will not comment on him other than to say, if you father a child you should marry the mother so your child does not get called a b-a-s-t-a-r-d in grade school. Kids can be incrediblly mean, and you should take this into account. It is not all about you now.

  16. 16

    I love how people discredit Kanye. He's one of the most talented rappers in the industry right now, and his last album had very decent chart success.

    People claim nothing can help Miley Cyrus but yet her latest single is on the top of the digital, streaming, and singles charts.

    So yes, if Kanye and Miley do something controversial, it will be a hit because here's a reality check, any publicity is good publicity in the world of music. GNR was a great band but they were iconic because they urinated in airplanes, beat up girlfriends, and got plastered and pissed off adults. And teens love musicians that adults hate.

  17. 17

    And the last thing Kanye should do is marry Kim Kardashian. if he's smart, he'll wait a year or two and trade her in for something new.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe all the black rappers think she puts out.
    Ok, I kid, but she walks the walk.